Heart Strike Delta Force #2 PDF/EPUB × Heart Strike

Heart Strike Delta Force #2 PDF/EPUB × Heart Strike

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  1. Maria Rose Maria Rose says:

    Heart Strike is the second book in ML Buchman’s Delta Force series but the first of his that I’ve read When I’m not reading romances I’m a big fan of espionage thrillers the Tom Clancy Robert Ludlum variety and so I was intrigued to see how a male writer would take those kinds of scenarios and add in a definitely romantic subplot to the story Also I wondered if I would be able to tell the difference between a female and male writer of romantic suspense spoiler alert– I couldn’t While Mr Buchman’s novel spent time dealing with team dynamics than I’ve seen in other stories it definitely delivers on the romance and the action parts and is a well researched and interesting look at an undercover operation working to hamper the cocaine tradeMelissa Moore is only the second woman to graduate from a uniue special forces training program Five years earlier she’d been a museum curator with a penchant for adventurous hobbies On a mountain climb with her brother bad weather and a slip into a crevasse had ended her brother’s life and resulted in her being rescued by a Delta Force operative From then on she’d been focused on becoming like her rescuer joining the US military and working her way up to the elite task force Post graduation her first assignment is to join a Delta Force team working in South America to debilitate the thriving drug tradeRichie Goldman is the resident geek of his Delta force team He’s got the nickname of ‘’ like the gadget wizard in James Bond for his enthusiasm over technical details But he’s also a highly trained physically effective warrior When Melissa joins their team he’s awestruck by not only her beauty but her skills as well As the other pilot on the team they uickly become partners in training for their mission and it soon leads to a bedroom partnership too Deep undercover in the Columbian jungle their team must find a way to take down a notorious drug dealer and his cocaine laboratory With the clock ticking they’ll have to use all their wits to survive if they want to consider a future togetherMelissa is an interesting female heroine She ends up on this career path due to a tragedy but she clearly belongs here She’s smart savvy and strong both physically and mentally Dropped into an already established team means she’s going to have to work harder to fit in One of her teammates Carla is the first woman to have graduated from the program She’s clearly a kickass no nonsense woman as well and so while they initially clash due to both being such strong women they strike up an understanding and a friendship fairly uickly Melissa is clearly different though; even tempered and able to assess a situation and see what is missing or what is wrong But her acceptance by the male members is a bit challenging Her attraction to Richie which is mutual is obvious to the rest of the guys and they are suspicious none so than Chad who makes no bones about his displeasure at her joining their team He worries about her either taking over the team captain position currently held by Kyle or about her hurting the somewhat naïve Richie The friction between the two of them and subseuently between Richie and Chad adds to the tension in the storyRichie has a bit of split personality On the one hand he’s definitely fully capable of his job as a covert operative He’s skilled in all manner of combat and with his knowledge of several languages can easily blend in with the natives on any undercover assignment But when he’s not in fighting mode he’s a tech geek a very enthusiastic man who seems somewhat immature He doesn’t have a lot of experience with women and it shows in his awe around Melissa Where the other guys on the team are uick to find willing women to sleep with while on assignment that isn’t the way Richie operates But he finds the courage to approach Melissa and when she reciprocates his attentions they end up having some pretty steamy scenes together Since two members of their team Carla and Kyle are already a couple from the first book in the series Target Engaged there isn’t a lot of discussion about whether or not it’s a good idea for them to hook up It does happen fairly uickly and the insta lust leads to insta love In high stress situations like Richie and Melissa are in it’s not surprising that an emotional connection is established so fast However in this scenario a happy for now ending without a declaration of love would have been perfectly acceptable and believableThe strength of this story comes in two places The first is the training that Melissa and Richie undergo before they take part in the big undercover operation they’ve been assigned It’s clear that the author knows about different kinds of small planes and there are some fun scenes with Richie and Melissa learning how to fly all sorts of them in preparation for what they might encounter on their mission The second is the exciting and action packed latter half of the story where the mission is underway There is lots of attention to detail in terms of the location setting characters and the cocaine trade that make up for the slower first half of the story The focus on team dynamics for the first half had me wondering whether the story would pick up or not and it definitely does In the end Heart Strike is a solid romantic suspense story with some interesting and genuinely likable characters and I look forward to reading of this seriesThis review is also posted at All About Romance a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review

  2. RachelW (BamaGal) RachelW (BamaGal) says:

    35 Stars GR really needs 12 stars I hate to go town to a 3; but the story is just not 4 star uality read Melissa Moore is fresh from the latest class of Delta Force training and the second woman graduate of Delta training She is sent to South America to join the Delta Unit team from the first book of the series Target Engaged She is in Colombia for less than 24 hours before she and the unit tech geek Richie Goldman are whisked away to brush up on their skills in piloting small planes They are there to prepare for a new drug smuggling op that the team is about to take onNice enough read but I enjoyed the first book Target Engaged

  3. Catherine (The Sassy Bookster) Catherine (The Sassy Bookster) says:

    Adorable warrior geek and movie references? What's not to love about that? M L Buchman's writing is addictive and every book is exciting and engrossing in its own way while building on the familiar I always enjoy how he perfectly balances the technical data with the actual action and romanceRichie Goldman is the geek of his Delta team and aptly nicknamed '' for the Bond movies tech wizard but he's also a highly trained warrior a fact that is sometimes overshadowed by his big brain And he's got no game when it comes to the ladies so it's understandable when he falls all over the new addition to the team But she's as skilled as she's gorgeous and they find a rhythm that he's never found with anyone else on or off the jobIn her previous life Melissa Moore was a museum curator and an extreme sports enthusiast Until she lost her brother on a mountain climb and was rescued by a military officer and the course of her life was changed Now she is only the second woman in Delta but she is determined to be the best For a woman whose life was originally on a different track she fit in with the rest of the operators very well She's smart and both mentally and physically strong and her strength lies in her ability to make split second assessments of situations and people a skill that would be highly needed on their assignment The team has been tasked with taking down a South American drug lord and his operation and as the only two pilots on the team Richie and Melissa find themselves spending a lot time together as they brush up on their skill in prep for their assignment The immediate connection between Melissa and Richie does not sit so well with the rest of the team for many reasons With the only two women in Delta on the same team there is the understandable friction between them until they reach an understanding For the rest of the team concern for Richie is a driving factor and Melissa's skills pose a threat to their structure Their resentment of her puts pressure on the team dynamics but they'll need each other and their wits to survive the Colombian jungleThe first half of this book was slow going as it focused on team building and the training Melissa and Richie underwent but it was balanced out by the action packed second half of the story Melissa's even temperament made her a major asset to the team due to the circumstances of this particular assignment and she brought out the best in Richie with the effortless way she understood him challenged him and encouraged him to be his best I liked how Richie embraced both the geek and warrior sides of him and grew into his potentialHEART STRIKE lacks the fireworks of the first book but it was a solid and satisfying read and the main characters were just as lovable M L Buchman is an auto read for me and I'm looking forward to from himDisclaimer I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book All opinions stated are solely mineWant ? Subscribe to my Newsletter on The Sassy BooksterFollow me on Twitter | Tumblr | Bloglovin’ Like my page on Facebook

  4. Darcy Darcy says:

    This one was fun to read mostly due to Melissa I liked her personality loved how she didn't suffer from a lack of confidence and let it show especially when she was added to a new Delta team I absolutely loved how Melissa didn't give Chad the time of day instead was smitten of the team geek Richie who seemed a bit dumbstruck by Melissa Melissa and Richie were great together especially when for a great time they were alone it allowed them to be themselves It was great to see Richie let Melissa do her thing to help advance the teams goal Although I did hate it when Chad allowed Richie to doubt things and create conflict between them So I was glad when Richie smartened up and put Chad in his place to back Melissa The action at the end was a bit crazy but nothing this group of Deltas couldn't handle

  5. Sophia Sophia says:

    Carrying on after the explosive excitement of book one the spotlight shifts from Kyle and Carla to another member of the team Richie '' Goldman and the newest female Delta Melissa 'the Cat' Moore The elite tough members of the Delta team's story is told with detail passion and a rush of adrenaline This is book two in the Delta Force series and while it could be read out of order in a pinch it builds on the book that came before it and continues the series arc about the team and the previous story of Kyle and CarlaMelissa Moore has finished her training She has achieved the impossible by becoming Delta and a member of The Unit She has come a long way from the young girl who lived on a houseboat in Washington State working in a museum and going on hiking adventures and flying lessons with her intrepid brother But one fateful climb leaves her bereft of a beloved brother and ready for a new life's calling She joins the army and pushes to become the best of the best like the amazing man who rescued her up on that mountain Now she is being shipped out to work with an existing team in South AmericaMelissa takes one look at her new team and wonders if there has been a mistake especially when half the team bristles at her appearance and all of them are far skilled than she is What can she possibly add to the euation and why is she here? Even after the CIA man tells them they have a new assignment that reuires flyers she is still off her game because of the unlikely boyish grin of Richie GoldmanRichie is the team's tech guy and resident genius but that doesn't make him any less a warrior and ualified to be there He watches Chad and envies him his ease with women since Richie stumbles all over himself and struggles to catch the nuances Thus he is as surprised as everyone else when he is as natural and relaxed as can be with Melissa Their rapport is instant even after he discovers she can appreciate his geek out moments and they share the love and ability to fly planes Adventures and situations arise as they are want to do for Delta team members but through it all the pair grow close and marvel at what is happening between them But then the doubts come Can this be real? Can they have something special in their line of work and on the same team? Things heat up and the mission takes over Both are determined to make it out alive and make sure the mission is successful so they can cash in on all the previous missed opportunitiesAlright this was an enjoyable read Like the first book it starts out slowly and then picks up speed as it goes I enjoy the author's careful attention to detail so that the back drop and characters the plot and development feel right for such a storyThe characters are tough gritty and live a life constantly on the edge Honed to a sharpness that the average person cannot even imagine they go about life love and work so differently I continue to enjoy the group introduced in the first book that now includes Melissa into the dynamics Melissa is a hard focused woman and most think she has walls around her as thick as a fort but from the first encounter Richie awakens the laughter and easy side Melissa has no idea how this many faceted guy does it and Richie is just being Richie Melissa is gifted at reading people and their motives though she doesn't realize just how crucial such a gift it is until she is on the team and part of the mission Instead she is uneasy and wonders what her place will be since she is moved from her newly graduated team to this already established one Chad is hostile and Carla starts out that way Duane takes a wait and see Kyle the team leader and Richie accept her without reservation Melissa is captivated by both the gentle geek and by the fierce warrior spirit that are both Richie Richie never thought he'd be the guy to get the girl and decides upfront that he wants something meaningful that will survive past one night He reads Melissa well and appreciates her strength without being intimidated so that he can let her take the lead with full trustThe romance is passionate but also develops at an even pace They are constantly together and in an intense situation so the relationship progresses uickly though not unbelievably This pair are caliente I loved the way Richie was with Melissa He keeps her guessing and has her wanting He's got a lightness to him and enjoys discovering new things and new facts but he is all male for Melissa The author gave them wonderful experiences whether it is underwater exploring a Caribbean reef and appreciating an island respite or sharing an intense coupling in a drug empires' lair They make sense together and are a fantastic team and part of the larger teamAll in all this was a fantastic story balanced well between the romance and the action suspense Only my third encounter with the author's works and I am prepared to read anything he writes and has written Those who enjoy military romantic suspense should definitely give this series a goMy thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review

  6. Marlene Marlene says:

    Originally published at Reading RealityHeart Strike continues the Delta Force series begun in Target Engaged and just like the first book in the series it makes for a pulse pounding military romance from beginning to endIn Target Engaged we saw both the formation of an elite suad within Delta Force and the hot as fire relationship between team leader Kyle Reeves and one of the members of his team the first woman in Delta Carla Anderson By the time the story ends Kyle and Carla are in a solid relationship and the team that formed around them in training has become the premier Delta team in South AmericaBut this wouldn’t be a romance if the other three men on the team didn’t get their chance at an HEA now that Carla is takenAnd that’s where Melissa Moore comes in Carla was the first woman to pass Delta training but she won’t be the last Melissa is second and there are days when it feels like her entire training consists of following in Carla’s footsteps and not uite measuring up Not that Melissa doesn’t measure up to Delta but that Carla seems to have set a mark that only perfection could possibly matchMelissa is good but she is far from perfect And part of her feeling that she isn’t uite everything Carla is boils down to Melissa not uite figuring out what she specializes at She very very good at so many of the skills that Delta operators need without being an expert in any one of them It’s hard for her to see that generalization is itself a skillColonel Michael Gibson the highest ranking field officer in Delta sends Melissa to join Kyle and Carla’s group in Colombia Generalist Melissa immediately hits it off with the suads ultimate specialist Richie Goldman Richie is the unit’s chief geek and technical wizard Everyone calls him “” after James Bond’s gizmomaster And just like “” in the Bond world Richie is than a bit tongue tied around women At least until Melissa lets her own nerd flag flyThey get each other at a level that goes beyond sense But one member of the team believes that Melissa is not what she claims to be or that her motives are less than pure or that Richie is her victim and not the man she hasn’t known she’s been looking for all of her lifeSo as the team pursues dangerous drug kingpins in the depths of the Colombian jungle the team has to sort out where whether and if they all belong Before they tear each other apartEscape Rating B I love this series almost as much as The Night Stalkers series it spawned from One of the terrific things about both sets is that this is military romance where the women are every bit as much soldiers as the men No one is weak no one needs to be rescued It’s all about joining strength to strength And that’s awesomeOne of the things that is similar in both series is the intense team building These people all have to rely on each other in every extreme Guarding each other’s backs is the only chance any of them have of making it out of each mission aliveOn the one hand the way that Chad distrusts and disrespects Melissa from the get go shows just how much of a problem it is when that mutual trust is breached On my other hand his reasons for his extreme reaction didn’t uite fit for this reader As deep and strong as his instant antipathy was and as many problems as it caused within the group the reasons that were given for it and the sudden reversal didn’t uite gel I was expecting some of the motives for his unreasonable reaction to be personal and when that personal connection wasn’t there his behavior didn’t make much senseOn my third hand consider me an alien the relationship between Richie and Melissa was smoking hot from the instant they met Just as with Kyle and Carla in Target Engaged their problem was resisting the attraction long enough to build an emotional connection before the physical and also to find a safe and private placeThey do have some of the worst and funniest luckBut if you love military romance this series in particular and ML Buchman’s books in general are always bullseye shots to the heart

  7. Reading In Pajamas Reading In Pajamas says:

    ✦Spotlight Review Guest Post Giveaway HEART STRIKE by M L Buchman Date August 2 2016Reviewed by Reading in Pajamas DonnaRated 45 Stars I enjoyed the romantic suspense of this book Nice hot sex and ever growing drama You add the Delta Force dynamics and it all euals a fast paced fun story It did get a little bogged down in technicalities with planes and such but that didn’t ruin the excitement Richie was the perfect geeky operative that waffled between sweet and hot I want one Melissa did women proud by showing she had what it takes to be an eual without being a bitch I liked it a lot Review copy provided by Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review  FAVORITE UOTE And that’s how they rode the waves their first time together A long slow almost agonizing descent that shattered any experience he’d ever had before ►Enter Rafflecopter 10 Copies of Target Engaged by ML Buchman ➢ Links ➢ Kindle | PBK Book 1 Target Engaged Delta Force Series by ML Buchman Kindle | REVIEW 5 Stars

  8. Ruthie Taylor Ruthie Taylor says:

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads I really enjoyed the first book in the series but may just have enjoyed this even I guess the team were all familiar to me so I knew their foibles and undoubtedly liked Richie a lot Newcomer Melissa also falls for his intelligence and finds his skills to be utterly charming As the chemistry envelopes them in an unexpected cocoon can they also deal with the danger that their careers provide?I loved the flying the danger the bravery and the subterfuge all adding together to bring a clever plot and exciting story to a great end And the romance was perfectly entangled in the action I am a very happy reader Hopefully Mr Buchman is busy creating the next in the series as there are still single men who have secrets and desires to be released and always baddies who need bringing down

  9. Cardyn Brooks Cardyn Brooks says:

    Melissa and Richie's story is streamlined in character focus and geographical story range which makes it read as less hectic than the first entry in this series Although the firmly established chemistry between Carla and Kyle and their team from the first Delta story may explain this precise sense of story and character development Melissa and Richie's interpersonal dynamic resembles Kee and Archie's without being recycled template Heart Strike also incorporates cheeky homages to James Bond and Casablanca which are cute while not being my favorite elements

  10. Taylor Taylor says:

    ARC provided by Netgalley Haven't read a military romantic suspense book in a long time but I really liked this book It is my first book by M L Buchanan and I think I will go back and read the first book in this series It was uite good and actually managed to throw me for a loop I also enjoyed the fast paced action of the book

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Heart Strike Delta Force #2 ➿ [Download] ➽ Heart Strike Delta Force #2 By M.L. Buchman ➵ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Richie Goldman is the team geek of Delta Force a warrior and a technical wizard but nothing is mysterious to him than women When a feisty new recruit joins the team just in time for a dangerous missio Richie Goldman Delta Force Kindle Ñ is the team geek of Delta Force a warrior and a technical wizard but nothing is mysterious to him than women When a feisty new recruit joins the team just in time for Heart Strike Kindle - a dangerous mission in the Colombian jungle he'll have to make it out alive if he ever wants to figure her outMelissa Moore is going to be the best woman in Delta Force Ready to do Strike Delta Force PDF Î battle her biggest challenge is avoiding Richie's sweet and sexy distractions She was prepared for combat but falling in love is an entirely different battlefield.