Sara Book 2 Solomon's Fine Featherless Friends Sara ePUB

Sara Book 2 Solomon's Fine Featherless Friends Sara ePUB

Sara Book 2 Solomon's Fine Featherless Friends Sara [PDF] ✪ Sara Book 2 Solomon's Fine Featherless Friends Sara By Esther Hicks – From that opening exclamation this second Sara novel rampages through chapter after chapter of fun and adventureSolomon the owl from the first book who “speaks without moving his lips” reappears a From that opening exclamation this second Sara novel 2 Solomon's eBook ✓ rampages through chapter after chapter of fun and adventureSolomon the owl from the first book who “speaks without moving his lips” reappears and gives Sara and her classmate Seth a fresh and enlightening perspective on life on this planetSimply put these two adventurous tree climbing friends dialogue with their ethereal feathered mentor regarding their varied and sometimes confusing experiences with parents teachers other students neighbors and property Sara Book PDF \ owners The clarity understanding and wisdom that Solomon gives them results in some surprisingly practical views on the rules of the game of life            This is a must read book for young people of all ages.

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  1. Robin Robin says:

    In book 2 of the Sara books introducing children to ways to use law of attraction to better their lives Sara meets Seth a new boy in school Seth has moved many times throughout his life as compared with Sara who has always lived in the same town His family has seen hard times and we see throughout the book that his father in particular is resigned to bad luck and difficulties and never considers the possibility that circumstances could become better Though he places many demands on Seth the boy is easy going and ignores the bad stuff preferring to talk about and focus on what he enjoys He befriends Sara who is at first reluctant to be close to anyone or to share her secrets As their friendship grows they find much in common not the least of which is a wise owl who teaches them about law of attractionCompared with the first book this book teaches by example than words and there is of a plot The children know that being happy is the way to get best results in life But what to do when they’re caught skipping school or when the secret treehouse that Seth built in a remote location is discovered and the landowner threatens to chop down the tree to keep the kids away? Solomon the owl gives the children advice on how to deal productively with these problems how to focus their minds on the good aspects of the situations and have faith in good resultsThis feel good book is appropriate for both children and adults It’s a lighthearted demonstration of law of attraction in action Anyone familiar with the Abraham Hicks teachings or who wants to learn the secret behind “The Secret” will enjoy this book

  2. Susan Susan says:

    I'm really liking this series of books Talking about the law of attraction for kids to understand it; in story form Sara meets a new friend Seth; and of course Solomon who helps them in the understanding of the law of attraction

  3. Luckaaa Luckaaa says:

    This book is funny lovely and just feels like home to me I loved meeting Seth will forever love Sarah and Solomon is someone I wish I'd have in my life too It's full of wisdom yet feels so easy to read

  4. Dustin Crazy little brown owl Dustin Crazy little brown owl says:

    Second story Sara Solomon Seth skipping school spelunking snakes A wise owl shares the wisdom of The Law of Attraction A book emphasizing Friendship Relationships TeamworkIn book one we met Sara and Solomon a reference to Esther and Abraham In book two a new character named Seth is introduced Here Jerry and Esther Hicks allude to the beginnings of their life changing experience after reading Seth Speaks The Eternal Validity of the SoulFavorite Passages He had decided it was just as well to leave this as one of the great mysteries of the UniverseThe circumstances somehow seemed to create a new feeling of clarity; and Seth jumped into action feeling alive and stimulated We are all birds of a feather you know Sara remembered Solomon's words Seth is an intense seeker a born uplifter and a true teacherSara smiled This is going to be very interesting she said out loudHe is one of those rare humans who has learned to live in the moment Rather than carrying forward the feeling form something that has happened before he is allowing himself to respond to the clarity of your moment togetherWhen two people get together and they both hold the same desire of feeling good great things always come from thatA large bird flushed up from the bushes and few up into the sky Hey Seth said that looks like an owl Sara do you think that's your owl?That's not himHow do you know? Seth asked How can you tell for sure that it's not the same owl?Because my owl's dead Sara blurtedAnd before long just as Seth had guessed the stream made a sharp turn and straight ahead lay the cemetery How many dead people are in there do you think? Seth askedI think all of them Sara kiddedSara Seth groanedSara giggle Well some old jokes are worth digging up over and over again don't you think?Seth groaned againSome jokes just seem to take on a life of their ownSara stop I'm begging youSome jokes just seem to live forever Sara laughedSara I'm dying here Please stopSara laughed Seth laughed tooThere's some real neat old headstones in there your day was a perfect match to the way you were feeling about it You felt both good about it and bad about it and the day was a perfect match to the way you were feelingWell Seth I think it's time for you to free yourself form the bondage of that cave and from the bondage of what other people think It's time for you to fly againThe most significant thing that Sara had noticed that had occurred in her life since meeting her friend Solomon was that she had a continuing sense of well being Solomon had helped Sara understand that no matter how things seem to appear in any moment in time the truth is that all really is well And while Sara struggled with that understanding at times even arguing with Solomon on occasion she had come to mostly know that this was true we're supposed to have spectacular livesThere is another much powerful law Much greater than the law of gravity It is the Law of Attraction And just as your law of gravity affects everything that exists upon your planet the Law of Attraction affects everything that exists in all of the Universe in all space and in all time and in all that is spaceless and timeless In fact this Law of Attraction is actually the basis of everything that existsSolomon had Seth's attention Seth leaned forward waiting for The Law of Attraction in simple terms says That which is like unto itself is drawn In complicated terms it means that everything in the Universe is emitting a vibrational signal and those signals that are the same come together magnetically Your signal has to do with what you are perceivingPerceiving?Yes what you are giving your attention to what you are focusing on For example when you are remembering you are offering your vibrational signal When you are observing or looking or thinking about something you are offering your signa When you are pondering or studying or examining or imagining you are offering your signalWhat about when I'm talking about something?Especially then because when you are speaking of something it usually has your full attentionGee Solomon it seems like we're offering our signal in just about everything we're doingGood Seth That is exactly right And since the Universe is constantly matching your signal with things that are like your signal it is very good when you are offering your signal on purpose most human Beings are dealing with vibrations all of the time; they just don't know that they are Everything about your physical world has a vibrational basis The reason your eyes see what they see is because your eyes understand vibration What you hear is because your ears understand vibration Even what you smell and taste and feel with your fingers is because your body is understanding vibrationEveryone does not smell the same scents just as everyone does not see the same Have you ever noticed that dogs are able to smell things that you cannot? Have you noticed that dogs can hear things that you can't hear? not only are all kinds of things offering all kinds of different vibrations but different receivers are receiving differentlyThere are no best experiences Flying is not better than swinging and swinging isn't better than walking Each experience has its own benefits It's the variation that makes life full and delicious and interestingFor me today the swing was a first time experience I have never before put my faith in the strength or trajectory of a rope hanging from a tree The thrill continues to be in the new discovery We are all continuing to expand We are eternally in a joyous state of becomingYou may do anything that you want to do I want to guide you to a recognition of the enormous value of where you now stand So many people are feeling dissatisfied with what is around them spending all of their time reaching for things that feel out of their grasp when there is so much pleasure and value for them if they were to look around right where they now standI do not want to guide you toward or away form anything I want you to know that your options are unlimited and that it is in the new experiences that your greatest joy will always come You are expanding Beings ever expanding Beings When you understand that and allow it and even encourage it you will always find your greatest joyIt's never too late Sara No matter what happens you still have control over the way you feel And since you still have control over the way you feel you can still change the outcome no matter how it seems nowI realize that it is always easier to stay connected to the Stream under good conditions but the most masterful creators remain connected to the Stream no matter what That's what makes them masterful creatorsYou see kids there are fair weather creators and all weather creators It's easy to be a fair weather creator being happy when everything is just the way you like it but when you are able to hold your vibration and feel good under all conditions that is when your true creative ability showsThat's one optimistic bird Seth said and laughed as Solomon flew awaySara laughed I want to be just like himYeah Seth said Me too

  5. Carrie Carrie says:

    I love the law of attraction First off I’m a 48 year old child I’ve read all the Abraham books but none of them resonated with me like the Sarah books do I feel in complete alignment with source when I read them I laugh out loud and tears of joy run down my face No matter how old you are these books will help you understand the Law of Attraction So what are you waiting for? Get to reading

  6. Laurie Laurie says:

    I love the Sara Series Great lessons to be learned for all ages What a wonderful way to teachlearn about the Universal Laws It was one of those reads that took me awhile since it was a book I would pick up when I needed a reminder maybe it was divine timing or I would put it down to contemplate the message Would have loved to have read this to my son when he was little

  7. C_GO C_GO says:

    Sara Book 2 was a continuation of Sara Book 1 However Sara now has a new friend Seth who just moved to town Seth has a very rough life at home but doesn't talk much about it with Sara Sara and Seth begin to realize that they have a lot in common Seth and Sara spend a ton of time in Thacker's Trail in a treehouse where they swing over the river Seth is very handy and he built the treehouseSolomon the wise owl continues to work with Sara He mentions to Sara that he will be working with Seth also now Sara was a little uncomfortable with sharing Solomon with Seth but she eventually is happy to do so Solomon teaches Seth and Sara about the Law of Attraction and how your thoughts have a direct effect on what happens in your life Sara and Seth get to experience this together and are very amazed at how well it works when they really apply it They almost lose their tree house because it's on someone else's property but they use the Law of Attraction to turn that around They are amazed that it worked Also in the end Seth is going to have to move away but they manage to practice the Law of Attraction for this and magically Seth's Dad gets a job and Seth's family stays in the little town Seth and Sara are so happy that they can continue to hang out and be best friendsMy favorite character was Solomon because he helps people learn stuff that people don't really learnWhat surprised me the most was that Solomon came back to lifeI would not change the ending because Seth's dad gets a job and will stay in the village

  8. Lola! Love Lola! Love says:

    Heart felt HeartwarmingI loved the 2nd book just as much as I loved the first book The Law of Attraction is brilliantly taught through the eyes experiences of 2 young people as they explore life with the help of a wise owl This is a work of genius I delightfully recommend not only this book but book 1 too

  9. Yazaid Ahmed Yazaid Ahmed says:

    FunThis is a fun continuation of sara 1 Although it is a kids story however it resembles perfectly the worries and fears that happen in our adult lives It is very comforting to know that all is well

  10. Anneke Vogelsang Anneke Vogelsang says:

    Food for thoughtAn amazing book well written and easy to read for the whole family You really learn a lot about what you think and feel can actually change your life

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