Omega Craved / Omega Wanted / Omega Loved MOBI ✓ /

Omega Craved / Omega Wanted / Omega Loved MOBI ✓ /

Omega Craved / Omega Wanted / Omega Loved ➶ [Reading] ➸ Omega Craved / Omega Wanted / Omega Loved By Reese Corgan ➫ – Sweet omega Colin is all alone in the world living in a hostel and doing what he can to survive in a city full of predatory wolfkin When Colin comes across the tall muscular alpha named Blaine in a gy Sweet omega Colin is all / Omega PDF/EPUB ½ alone in the world living in a hostel and doing what he can to survive in a city full of predatory wolfkin When Colin comes across the tall muscular alpha named Blaine in a gym locker room his life turns upside down The alpha senses something in Colin that no one else can yet the omega fears the rumors he hears about alphas They all want one thing to knot and breed Omega Craved ePUB Ò a helpless omega like him The thought of receiving an alpha’s seed has Colin’s heart racing and mind pulling him toward a world that both terrifies and thrills him However Colin craves Blaine the danger he faces Omega Craved The Complete MPreg Trilogy contains all parts to form a full length page standalone novel This collection contains sexually explicit scenes between a strong demanding yet understanding alpha and his tender sweet omega Contains action and adventure Craved / Omega ePUB ´ unprotected sex with male breeding knotting and male pregnancy or mpreg The story concludes with a satisfying HEA ending NO CLIFFHANGERS.

10 thoughts on “Omega Craved / Omega Wanted / Omega Loved

  1. Rick Rick says:

    My first book by Reese the story was decent but grammar stunk Do Authors of shifter books not believe in proof readers??? It really sucks for us readers that spend money thinking we'll get a great book and we end up with a story riddled with errors I just can't believe some people gave it 4 or 5 stars REALLY?????

  2. K. Kira K. Kira says:

    MehI can't really say this is a great book and feel good about it Granted it is meant as a short story but I felt there was no real development between the characters before they began the relationship There were so many typos and even a number where it didn't make sense It's something to read though just wouldn't be my first suggestion

  3. Steph ☀️ Steph ☀️ says:

    Seriously needs an editorThis really could be a great book with an editor or serval really good prof readers I like the conceptstory for the most part it could be a little cheesyrushed at times and I like the MC's in the story as well I hope this book will be revised or at the very least all future writings by this author will be seriously combed through

  4. Mimi Mimi says:

    Left me wanting a little The complete Mpreg series was just okay I was looking for Spelling errors POV confusing and the story could have been stronger There are a lot of Omega romance stories out there and if you want to go further try something fresher and a little different

  5. jess crazy Book lady jess crazy Book lady says:

    The first half was good but then I just got bored

  6. Amanda Kern Amanda Kern says:

    Good bookThis is a good book I read in about two hours It was an enjoyable read though I will look up books by this author

  7. Cyrious Cyrious says:

    Nice story but needs major editingI liked the characters but the poor editing was rather distracting Also character development would be better in my opinion

  8. Steph Steph says:

    I always say this before a negative review but god I hate giving them I doubt I could ever write a short story much less a full novel and so have the highest respect for those who do Even if they fall a little flatAnd that's what this story was for me a little flat I agree with other reviewers that this needs a good editor or proofreaders Actually it needs both One of the reasons why I never read many shifter stories is because they're typically not that well written and are liberally scattered with errors I can deal with errors if it's an interesting plot and an author who writes great characters can literally get away with murder as far as I'm concerned Unfortunately neither was the case hereI will say Colin was an absolute sweetheart and Tomm was definitely a show stealer with his over the top antics that made me laugh every time But in the first part Blaine was a bit mental and I thought his abrupt 180 was bewildering The third part was the best entry and that's simply because it was the sweetest even though I'm not one to swoon over a baby However with some polishing and proofing I do think this would be a nice addition to the OmegaMPREG genre

  9. Dana Dana says:

    OkayNeeds to be gone over by an editor There are way to many places where I had to stop and reread a sentence or paragraph just so I could try to understand what the author was saying it just makes the story less enjoyable for me

  10. Amber Amber says:

    Great StoryEnjoyed this story a lot Only downfall was the editing definitely needs to b revised But I would still buy it and read it again

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