Kindle Edition ✓ Chasing Perfect PDF Ú

Kindle Edition ✓ Chasing Perfect PDF Ú

Chasing Perfect (Someday, #4) ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Chasing Perfect (Someday, #4) By Melanie Shawn ➺ – They’d been best friends since elementary school knew each other’s secrets and supported each other in times of needSandy Cooper and Hunter Blakely were there for each other no matter whatuntil on They’d been best friends since elementary school knew each other’s secrets and supported each other in times of needSandy Cooper and Hunter Blakely were there for each other no matter whatuntil one epic graduation night changed everything For Sandy her sexy best friend knew too much of the life she wanted to get away from She wanted to start fresh but also keep the one constant in her life; his unwavering friendship and support And she was willing to push her growing feelings for him down in order to protect their special friendship Hunter always knew that the gorgeous blonde was all he wanted and even though her rejection hurt he was willing to do whatever it took to prove to her that they belonged together in every way When it comes to Chasing Perfect sometimes you don’t have to travel very far.

About the Author: Melanie Shawn

NEW YORK TIMES USA TODAY bestselling author Melanie Shawn is the writing team of sister duo Melanie and Shawna Originally from Northern California they now make their home in So CalGrowing up Melanie constantly had her head in a book and was always working on short stories manuscripts plays and poetry Shawna always loved romance in any form movie song or literary If it was a love stor.

10 thoughts on “Chasing Perfect (Someday, #4)

  1. Wendy Moore Wendy Moore says:

    A great addition to the Someday series Hunterwhat is not to love Sandy was great once she started to deal with her fears Hunter Gatherer were amazing togetherand I love the twist at the end

  2. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  3. Carol Carol says:

    Sadly I thought this book was a yawn fest In the first 3 books of this series Sandy is portrayed as a happy go lucky kind of girl You never hear anything about her or her sister past Now all of a sudden you find out she comes from a home where her mother is an alcoholic and her father committed suicide The only thing you know about Hunter is his father and mother's occupation and he is going to college Not sure what for it was never saidHe has been in love with Sandy since he was 3 years old okay I don't know about you but I don't remember a whole lot when I was 3Sandy thinks of Hunter as just a friend They meet someone while on Spring break and it was nice of Sandy to think she could have a thing with a guy and have her friend Hunter on the side Because she wants a man with money who can take her on adventures A slip a fall and a bump on the head makes her see the light and she declares her love for Hunter The surprise at the end really wasn't that surprising

  4. Heather Heather says:

    I received an ARC from the author for an honest reviewSometimes you have a picture painted in your mind of what your future is supposed to look like when in reality your future is staring you right in the face This was definitely the case for Sandy Cooper Sandy and Hunter Blakely had been best friends since grade school They'd done everything and nothing together They had seen one another through the best and worst of times And on the night they graduated from high school they crossed the line that she swore they never would and slept together After freaking out and bolting Sandy didn't hear from Hunter for months even though she tried every way she could to reach out to him Had she ruined the best friendship she'd ever had?When she and her twin were supposed to take a spring break trip the plans got derailed when Sandy's twin was suddenly unable to go Having shown up to try to make amends Hunter offers to go on the trip with Sandy Will the besties be able to get back to where they had once been or will the feelings that Hunter knows he has for Sandy be too much for either of them to deal with?I absolutely love Melanie Shawn's writing and this was no exception The characters are always so real and the stories are engaging and heartwarming I would highly recommend this book as well as the rest of the series I can't wait for the next installment in the series

  5. Miri Miri says:

    Well what should I say? Cute story highly unbelievable thoughSandy and Hunter are both around 19 years old just started college and have never been outside of their little town in California BUT they know everything about endless love and loving someone forever Bullshit of you ask me Both of them know nothing of the world and probably still haven't fully figured themselves out Still both characters are acting waaaay to grown up Yes they go to parties and get drunk over the day But they are still collected and too mature to be true Personally I don't know any 19 year olds who act like that and I don't want to say that there are no teens like that anywhere there probably are some somewhereAdditionally the author tried to add a level of suspense by giving Sandy a shady past which in fact doesn't really affect her whatsoever She is described multiple times as thebrightest person one can know and as overly happy and positive Even her worries are overcome pretty easily All in all it was an easy and uick read I probably wouldn't read it for a second time

  6. Nate Brightman Nate Brightman says:

    In the fourth book in Melanie and Shawna’s Someday Series Chasing Perfect we get a much closer look at Sandy who has been a regular secondary character as one of Cat’s dorm mates since the first book I’ve always loved the Sandy character from the moment she enters the first book welcoming the shy insecure Cat with open arms taking her under her wing Sandy has an irrepressible larger than life personality She and her identical twin sister Brandy are Malibu Barbie gorgeous but Brandy is pragmatic and far less spontaneous Sandy is a party waiting to happen And she’ll make sure it does There is one brief moment in the first book where Sandy hints that her relationship with her mother is less than perfect but until this book we never discover any about that This book opens on Sandy’s and Hunter’s her BFF since first grade high school graduation night Hunter has always had a crush on Sandy which she’s well aware of but she’s always kept him at arms length because she knows Hunter’s dream is to graduate college come home to Arcata find a job settle down and start a family Sandy’s dream is to graduate college and explore the world and hopefully find a man who has the experience and ability to open doors to a world she’s only ever dreamed about living in Sandy’s mother is an abusive alcoholic and her father committed suicide when she was only 4 years old She’s grown up poor and ashamed on the wrong side of the tracks and can’t wait to leave the town and her past behind her for a fresh start with somebody who doesn’t know her sad background But that night after a few beers at a local secluded watering hole Sandy seduces the now hunky Hunter Spoiler AlertUnbeknownst to both of them they give each other’s virginity to one another The way the scene is written you’d never know based upon their mutual lack of inhibition and sexual performance that either was a virgin Which I’m certain was the authors intent since that fact isn’t revealed to either of them or the readers until a much later poignant moment in the story But honestly one of the few criticisms I have with this story was the way whenever these two get together for a love scene you’d swear instead of a couple of 18 year olds having just recently cashed in their V cards they perform like long time very experienced lovers Makes for some sizzling sex scenes but it just didn’t feel realistic So anyway as soon as they recover from their multiple orgasm encounter Hunter has his heart crushed when Sandy trying to reset their relationship to just BFFs tells him “You know it the sex doesn’t mean anything right” Hunter without another word between them takes Sandy home and leaves that very night for an early start to college and refuses to respond to Sandy’s repeated attempts to contact him Sandy is heartbroken herself at the loss of Hunter’s friendship as he like her sister has always been her rock and partner in crime Fast forward nine months to Spring Break of their freshman year and Hunter returns home with the intention of working his way back into Sandy’s good graces knowing he’s hurt her As it happens Sandy and Brandy had been planning and saving for years to go to Myrtle Beach on Spring Break but suddenly just as Hunter appears Brandy announces she can’t go without any real explanation as to why This gives Hunter the opportunity to fill her spot and at least renew his friendship with Sandy if not convince her that they’re meant to be together Now here’s the other part of this story that just didn’t make sense to me Why would a couple of college kids from Northern California fly across country to Myrtle Beach for Spring Break? Sure all the kids from the Northeast and Midwest head south to the beaches of Myrtle Beach and Florida but wouldn’t’ kids from Northern California just head south to So Cal or Mexico? At any rate while the rest of the story is well written and entertaining it’s also very predictable as Hunter stoically tries to return to the role of Sandy’s BFF and protector at the same time dreaming of being so much to her while Sandy continues to try and ignore her feelings for Hunter and the explosive sexual chemistry they share Unless you’ve never read a modern romance book you can guess how well that all works outI was disappointed to discover that there’s a minor surprise cliff hanger at the end of this book why Brandy backed out of the trip which was supposed to be resolved in Brandy’s book Embracing Reckless the next full book in the series But that book was supposed to be released in 2017 It’s now as I write this review almost 2019 and the only other book in the series was 45 the novella Her Book Boyfriend So apparently the authors never released the fifth book Brandy’s story or that of Evelynn the other of the four roommates Not that this was a great series by any means but it was entertaining and after 4 books I did get sort of vested in the characters and would have enjoyed seeing Brandy and Evelynn get their stories told while keeping tabs on Cat Jace Sandy and Hunter

  7. Claire Mackenzie-neville Claire Mackenzie-neville says:

    For the daughter of an alcoholic the mc drinks with abandon

  8. Amelie-tess Belisle Amelie-tess Belisle says:

    Although the characters were a little shallow and easily forgiven maybe too much felt a little unrealistic per moments it is still a nice light read The author Melanie Shawn was really good at describing scenes

  9. Dee Dee says:

    CHASING PERFECT by Melanie ShawnHONEST REVIEW FOR FREE ARCSandy and Hunter have been best friends since 1st grade Hunter had been Sandy's protector since they met He would protect her from her sick and abusive mother He would protect her when others said rude or hurtful things but Hunter's goal in life is to get a college education and come home and settle into Arcata Sandy wants to get out of Dodge as uickly as possible She wants a refined man who can show her the world and what it's like to live on the RIGHT side of the tracksThe night they graduated from high school Sandy and Hunter's relationship changed Sandy knew Hunter had always had feelings for her and suddenly she was feeling lusty for Hunter One the beach after a few beers the two did the deed As soon as it was over Sandy basically told Hunter that things between them wouldn't change That deeply wounded Hunter and he left that night for an internship at his college Sandy called texted and emailed Hunter several times but he wouldn't respond Now they both felt a huge hole that the other person had filledTen months later spring breakAt the last minute Sandy's twin Brandy decided she couldn't go on spring break with her Conveniently Hunter appeared at their door just as this conversation was taking place Hunter gallantly volunteered to go in Brandy's place and things snowballed from thereSince Sandy and Brandy were sharing a room and it was spring break at Myrtle Beach Sandy and Hunter had to share the room There was only one bed which made matters even tense Time proximity and uite a lot of alcohol worked against maybe for them and the chemistry was no longer in their control They tried to fight it tried to become interested in other folks but they both cavedI enjoyed the 1st person aspect of the chapters and the ladies did a wonderful job with the story There were a few instances when my logical side would say TSA wouldn't let that happen or Why didn't anyone comment on their ages when they were either being served or being checked out by the physician? but most readers most likely wouldn't be thinking about those things The story kept my interest and it was easy to feel the heat between Hunter and Sandy

  10. Sarina Smith Sarina Smith says:

    It was nice to dive back into the Someday series by Melanie Shawn I've read all the other series by this awesome writing duo and I must say the Someday series is a great addition It's different than the other series in that the characters are younger and risué It was nice catching up with Cat and Jace and the end of the book has a twist that will make for an excellent next installment which I can't wait to get my hands onThis book is about childhood friends Hunter and Sandy who realize that what they've been looking for has been there all alongHunter's been in love with Sandy since the first grade and Sandy's been in love with the idea of marrying an exotic wealthy man who will show her the world and help her escape the one she grew up inSandy is a strong beautiful young woman who was dealt a bad hand in life Her father committed suicide before she was born and her mother is an abusive alcoholic She grew up with the dream of finishing school and moving far far away from the town she grew up in Hunter on the other hand has dreamt of settling down in his hometown with his dream girl Because of this Sandy is convinced that they’re not right for each otherHunter has spent years protecting Sandy from her alcoholic mother and has been in love with her since the moment he saw her in first grade He's Sandy's anchor her rock and best friend He's hidden his feelings for her until their fateful graduation night when things change completely 10 months pass and they end up going on a trip together for spring break when everything in their relationship unfolds turns upside down and rights itself in the best possible wayThis story is romantic sweet sexy and witty and will keep you flipping the page to see what happens next I can't wait until he next installment and to catch up with Hunter and Sandy Cat and Jace and the rest of the gang There are some new characters that were introduced who will hopefully also get their own stories Do yourself a favor and pick this up it’s so worth the read and you won’t regret it

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