Kindle Edition ☆ 3:46 a.m. Epub Ú

Kindle Edition ☆ 3:46 a.m. Epub Ú

3:46 a.m. (Henry Bins #5) [PDF / Epub] ☀ 3:46 a.m. (Henry Bins #5) Author Nick Pirog – WINNER 2015 BEST SERIESSaturday February 27th 2016300 am 400 amIt's the wedding that everyone has been waiting forWhat could possibly go wrong And introducing Archie the Kitten WINNER BEST SERIESSaturday February th am amIt's the wedding that everyone has been waiting forWhat could possibly go wrong And introducing Archie the Kitten.

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  1. Rizwan Rizwan says:

    The Henry Bins series is going on book five right now and its still almost as awesome as in the very beginning and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN After the big finale of the last one with all the mindbending events and revelations I for some reason thought this time it would just be a lot of fun games between Henry and his cat Lassie with all the hijinks involving Henry's upcoming wedding and nothing much Nope boy was I wrong Don't get me wrong there was still plenty of ever enjoyable fun games from those two idiots also joining the party is Lassie's son the cutest little kitten 'Archie' but the main mysterystory started from the second chapter and it was as epic as could be come by in this novella series Which did in fact involve the wedding I'm not spoiling it here but rest assured as with all the previous installments in this superb series the pages simply flown by themselves and before I could blink at least felt like it it was over And as always I was thoroughly enthralled and thoroughly entertained Although if I had to nitpick there was a couple of coincidences in the story which I was not a big fan of But I guess in real life coincidences do happen all the time and those coincidences were not that glaring Another thing is for the first time ever shifting the point of view of the storytelling from Henry to other people in alternate chapters It took away the central ongoing uniueness of the series where the main character can only be awake for an hour a day and had to solve impossible mysteries within that time limit by using it very creatively When you shift it to other normal people in normal time of the day then it just begin to turn into any other run of the mill mystery novel novella in this case But that's a tiny thing because in spite of that all the big twists and solutions came from Henry Bins himself and the climax was all him as well And to be fair when you have an incident this BIG you have to show what's happening all day long when Henry's asleep It was also refreshing to see from the POV of Ingrid for the first time which made her a rather relatable character to the reader beside Henry and now that they're married I'm guessing they both will be sharing the pages of the next books and I for one don't have any problem with that Not to mention it also made her character much fleshed out than in the previous books So in retrospect I think this point wasn't a nitpick after all Over all as I said previously relating the earlier stories of this series for such a short novella with only a hundred or so pages and a couple of hours of uick read you can't ask for a better piece of fulltoos fun entertainment The pace is blisteringly fast the plot is utterly engrossing precise placement of some very good twists when its needed all our favorite characters from Henry to Lassie to Henry's dad to Ingrid to Murdock the dog remain as endearing and likable as ever with a welcome addition of Archie the kitten and the amazing interactions between Henry and Lassie remains just as hilarious I was literally on the edge of my bed sitting upright during the pure nail biting suspense of the second half To me Henry Bins series is like the very definition of Absolute blissful fun read in one sitting for couple of hours I can't ask for anything And just like before damn you Nick Pirog for that cliffhanger at the very end As if I needed any reason to wait impatiently for the upcoming final two books in the series 353 am and finally 400 am

  2. সালমান হক সালমান হক says:

    The biggest adventure of Henry till date Hoping the last two books to be great as well

  3. Partha Pritom Partha Pritom says:

    This is a short read But sorry to say this was not as fascinating as the previous four Although this a short story i think this time writer extends it without any good reason And there are so many plotholes I hope which will be cleared by next two books I loved the wedding scene So get ready for last two henry bin adventure

  4. Pamela Pamela says:

    The story as usual moves uickly A snowstorm a wedding a kidnappingwho could ask for ? All I can say isthink twice before you invite the POTUS to your wedding

  5. *Suzy (ereaderuser)* *Suzy (ereaderuser)* says:

    I'm totally hooked on this series And this book didn't disappoint Filled with amazing characters humor and suspense Couldn't ask for anything I have a new favorite author

  6. Pep Pep says:

    Sigh Henry Bins uick edit for spelling errors in three placesnothing else changedHenry Bins has a condition that only allows him one waking hour per 24 hours There are plenty of reviews that talk about the story how Nick balances action emotion and humor in a book you will not be able to put downI would like to talk about two other things One is kinda silly and onenot so muchFor the silly In the first book Henry was adopted by a sassy cat he named Lassie Lassie is a character in his own right There are even two Lassie books out now Henry can talk to Lassie I don't know if he does or just pretends he does But I'd like to think Yes he doesThose conversations are some of the highlights of the book In the last book Lassie met a lovely marmalade female cat and now we have the kitten Archie to add to the cast of delight On to Murdock a huge English Mastiff who is Lassie's best friend outside of Henry that is Lassie rides around on Murdock's back like a pony uite often and they exist to BE To live in the present To live every day like it is precious and never to be taken for granted In a way that ties into my second pointWe take our time for granted Imagine living your life one hour only You schedule your shower to 2 minutes You run for 8 You weight train while watching 10 min of game of thrones You've only seen 27 movies in your entire life You read 4 pages a day of a book You drink all the time during that hour and eat high energy and protein food as you have weaned your body off the need to have IVs You have only precious minutes to communicate with your family Can you have a relationship? A family? Imagine how it must be to know you only have 60 minutes from 300 am to 4am daily to be conscious Now Henry is exceptionally bright and works as a day night trader so he is comfortably weathly and can afford a cleanercook and PA Someone who understands and even puts the tooth paste on the tooth brush for him to save that extra few seconds He has all his food prepared to reheat in a few minutes He Lives He Thrives I had to evaluate my day He accomplishes in 60 seconds than I do in 17 hours I know he is fictional But the lesson is real We take time for granted Henry doesn't And that is what makes this book something unlike anything out there I love Thomas Prescott but he will never top Henry BinsHenry gets married in this one no spolier the subtitle is The Wedding And I couldn't be happier for him and Ingrid Two books are planned and I can't wait And hopefully there will be Lassie Murdock Archie and the two little hamsters that will steal your heart I would definitely wake up at 300 am and have a game of chess with Henry once a week He lives in 60 seconds than most of us do in a full waking day And that is worth remembering Learn from the past plan for the future but LIVE in the now

  7. Salman Mahmud Rasel Salman Mahmud Rasel says:

    Eagerly waiting for the next one Hurry up

  8. Sabrina Afreen Sabrina Afreen says:

    well I finished this book like in just one breath I was hooked couldn't put it down even for a second until i finished reading but now I am doomed Because dont know how long I'll have to wait for the next book Anyway I really hope it'll be out soon

  9. Liz Etnyre Liz Etnyre says:

    I have now read the first 5 volumes according to the author at least two to be written of Henry Bins which I have as a single anthology ebook Really really good Would be great if the guy knew cats Lassie is still a hoot just not very cat like not even extraordinary cat like too many doggie ualities that suck away his catness and I have cats who fetch and that like their bellies rubbed I also know cats that walk on lead but Nick needs to learn cat and not just project his idea of catness based on his experience with dogs while only observing cats from afar I just think of Lassie as an alien life form masuerading as a cat 'cause that's pretty much how he's writtenThe overall premise of these stories is interesting and uniue the characters are mostly likeable and reasonably believable even if some of the situations are a bit over the top I look forward to revelations in future episodes

  10. ReneE ReneE says:

    Really liked this book and read it uickly Loved the wedding most of it anyway ; Henry's father is such a sweetheart Sometimes there's a tad too much of the cat and dog for me This was an exciting book and the reveal at the end was an interesting shocker Can't wait for book 6 I think there's one after that

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