The Time is Short PDF/EPUB ✓ The Time eBook ´

The Time is Short PDF/EPUB ✓ The Time eBook ´

The Time is Short ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Time is Short By Nerina Hilliard ⚣ – Love comes swiftly at first meeting There is an attraction that grows undeniably stronger until it is a fire inside You do not believe in love like that Morgana Carol never had been in love like that Love comes swiftly at first meeting There is an attraction that grows undeniably stronger until it is a fire inside You do not believe in love like that Morgana Carol never had been in love like that and hearing Felipe's words she knew that now she never could be that even if such a love did come her way she must somehow find the strength to withstand it A lovely tropical island provides the background to this poignant story of a nurse who knowing that the future could not give her the same things The Time eBook ´ as it did to others found herself in the very situation she wished to avoid.

  • Hardcover
  • The Time is Short
  • Nerina Hilliard
  • English
  • 27 October 2014

About the Author: Nerina Hilliard

Norma Kathleen Hemming was born on September in Ilford Essex England UK she migrated to Australia in She wrote for local pulp magazine Thrills Incorporated and enthusiastically participated in the Australian fan scene She was a founding member of the femme fan group Vertical Horizons and wrote and acted for the SF theatrical group The Arcturian Players She returned to internation.

10 thoughts on “The Time is Short

  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    This was an interesting plot There are summaries below so I won't give a blow by blow description I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy a story where the heroine had only months to live but she was so busy traveling to a remote idyllic island fighting her attraction to the hero learning to fall out of love with her ex and delving into the secret sorrow of the Swiss doctor who was practicing on the island that she didn't have time to broodFortunately it was a convenient malady that caused the heroine to only have one blackout incident and while the hero was there to shatter his indifference Very satisfyingThe story wraps up uickly after the blackout The blackmailing ex had to leave the island The good doctor got his confidence back after successfully operating on the heroine The hero finally confesses his love HEAThis was fun old school story The plot momentum did sag in places and the heroine was a little too defensive around the hero but all in all it was an enjoyable read

  2. Naksed Naksed says:

    You've got your regular run of the mill Harleuin cheese and then you've got your Royale with Cheese This book was the latter

  3. Kay Kay says:

    4 Stars After receiving a letter from her fiance jilting her a few days before their marriage Morgana decides to return his engagement ring She's in a daze when she leaves the post office and doesn't see where she is going only hearing the screech of brakes Having survived the accident Morgana learns that she hasn't really survived at all as the brain injury she has sustained will eventually kill her She returns to her work as a nurse and that's where she meets Festa an English woman who normally lives on a tropical Portuguese island Festa suffers from pneumonia and a broken leg and as she mends she wants to return to her home Knowing Morgana's circumstances she invites her to accompany her to Juamasa as her private nurse where no one except Festa shall know of her circumstancesJuamasa is under the benevolent rule of the Maruez de Alviro Rialta a man Morgana takes an instant dislike to finding him to be arrogant and overbearing In return Felipe finds Morgana to be annoying and far too independent in her thoughts and deeds Both are easily irritated and uick to temper when they are together which leads to some fiesty sparring Morgana does her best to just ignore Felipe but she finds that when she's busy thinking about him she's not dwelling on how uickly the weeks are passing To complicate her time left her ex fiance Phillip is on the island working as an engineer and he wants to renew their relationship This is Ms Hilliard's very first book and though it took me awhile to get used to her style of writing once done I found myself completely engaged in Morgana's plight While sad in places as Morgana or Festa reflects on what will soon happen this story was not morbid in any way Written in the late 50's the traditional culture of the Portuguese is portrayed with Felipe having strong opinions on the roles of women Though he battles with Morgana over her independent nature it's this very independence that attracts him Of course as this is Harleyland Morgana experiences a miracle and she and Felipe have their HEA

  4. LLC LLC says:

    This is truly an Old Skool classic Harleuin Originally published in 1960 as Nurse Carols Secret This is probably the original angst filled melodrama that became the mainstay of HP's in the 1980'sI don't know how to dscribe this book with out giving spoilers so I will just say that this one is worth a read if you like real old harleuins

  5. Claire Claire says:

    Morgana is dying from a brain injury resulting from an accident She had been jilted and as she was stepping out of the post office after mailing her engagement ring she didn't see the car that hit herNot wanting to wallow in any self pity she accompanies a friend to an island to work as a nursecompanion while she awaits her final days She keeps her illness secret She meets the lord of the island Felipe and forms an uneasy relationship with him but they have a misunderstanding about the ex fiance who like a bad penny turns up in the island His parting words are ominous he's going to avoid the island until she's returned to England Her sickness progresses until one day when she's in severe pain she thinks that she's hallucinating and imagining Felipe She solemnly tells the hallucination not to worry because he need not put up with her presence for long as she is dyingDrumroll please Of course this is a MillsBoon so they do get a happy ending They find the one and only brain surgeon able to perform the operation conveniently staying in the island as wellI recommend this book to anybody liking the Song of the Waves by Anne Hampson and For His Little Girl by Lucy Gordon

  6. SallyB SallyB says:

    This is like a really bad 1950's movie The amount of bragging up the hero was starting to get on my nerves halfway through His so called charm was barely in view but was widely talked about the whole book through It was like hooking up with grandpa a bit of a prig The storyline was very good though If only it had a better delivery

  7. Fiona Marsden Fiona Marsden says:

    I've read this story several times once as Nurse Carol's Secret and under the later title of The Time is ShortThis is a very angsty read about Morgana a young woman with a brain injury that will kill her in a matter of months To escape the pity of her hospital work mates she takes a private nursing position with a kind woman who is returning to the Portuguese Island of Juamasa ruled by the Maruez de Alviro Rialta Felipe and Morgana strike sparks off each other immediately but of course we all know what that meansI very much enjoyed seeing our Portuguese alpha male brought to his knees especially when he learns of her illness

  8. MissKitty MissKitty says:

    This is a wonderful earlier book Although it was written before 1960 the story stands the test of time It’s a sad story about a lovely young nurse who has just a few months to live She goes to a tropical island to attend to her patient while at the same time live out her last monthsThe Hero is a Marues whose family runs the island The relationship between the main characters is mostly contentious but they are fighting an attraction to each other There is the added complication of the heroine’s ex fiancé who had jilted her months before It is because of this incident that the heroine in her distress gets into an accident and although she survives now has an inoperable brain injury which will cause her to die in a few monthsThe ex is merely a complication and doesn’t have too much story time in the book The main story kept me riveted and I was anxiously waiting for the time the Hero would find out that the heroine was dyingBut then this is a Harley so of course the heroine gets cured after a heroic effort by the Hero to procure the drugs she needs Now the whole island knows that he is in love with her and they get their happy ever after

  9. Lynn Smith Lynn Smith says:

    Also known as The Time is Short this is One of my earliest favourites and remains a keeper to this day I loved Morgana and Felipe and the development of her secret which was she believed she was facing death This was one of my mum's MB books she had collected and I found and loved I have read this many times since

  10. Areej Fawzy Areej Fawzy says:


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