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10 thoughts on “Filtered

  1. Mark Bordner Mark Bordner says:

    Filtered struck me immediately with its power to pull me into a world that has become smothered under a deceitful and oppressive government The author exhibits an uncanny ability to project what the characters are experiencing so much so that I found myself feeling empathy with the central character to the point that I had to read the book in increments to stave off the depression and desperation to help her break free of the mental and emotional bondage that her society had grown to accept as the normThe story itself is told from a first person perspective well paced and rich with the environmental descriptions necessary to keep you connected with the characters who are themselves deeply developedGerald Lamb's extensive background makes itself known in the way he builds the antagonist and social system that has refined its control over a populace with skilled propaganda and threatening undertones It speaks strongly of a world we might recognize as 1938 where fear brings the welcoming of government control that will eventually turn on the very ones who asked for itA good read for certain

  2. Paisley Green Paisley Green says:

    I like the dystopian elements of this novel; because it's not couched in made up ridiculous terms cough Maze Runner cough the Great Society feels like a real sinister totalitarian state that could exist and has existed before Unlike other dystopian YA novels Evelyn isn't caught in a love triangle or really any romantic arc at all which is definitely a benefit Although the dialogue can switch from being realistic to ultra formal eg Enough platitudes and hollow words Evelyn feels like a well developed character and I particularly like the moment that catalyzes her to uestion the Great Society and the potential dangers underneath the veneer of propaganda violence and surveillance I'm excited to know as the plot unravels in future books there are many uestions and few answers about the government besides an interesting flashback to its beginnings

  3. Buttercupp77 Buttercupp77 says:

    This was overall a solid start to a series Owing to the fact that this is the first novel in a planned trilogy my expectation from the outset was to have some plot threads unresolved The world building is well done The world is seemingly heavily polluted with a respirator being reuired when outside In addition there is a perpetual ash fall A totalitarian government which seems to promote rampant consumerism in the upper echelons of society is in power There were definite elements in the world building that I felt were lacking Partly since the story is told from the perspective of Evelyn a 17 year old this is due to the limits of her knowledge base Still I think the reading experience would have been richer with a clearer understanding of the setting For example I am really not certain where the city is geographically There are linguistic hints that it is set in Britain parliament WC etc but other clues point to an American locale I suspect the author may have been going for Anywhere Anycountry but my personal opinion is that generic settings don't resonate as clearlyAnother world building element that I felt could have been stronger and may be in reserve for the next installment as Evelyn learns was the history of the Great Society I was disappointed that the philosophical underpinnings were never explored If a movement is able to seize and retain power there is usually some sort of an underlying philosophy that some swath of the population supports Again I think this would have enriched the fictional worldThe story progressed at a good pace with description interspersed throughout and not hijacking the action seuences I thought this was particularly well executedThe character development is also good While I found Evelyn to be a bit annoying and inconsistent I have also been a 17 year old girl so I recognise that's part and parcel of the age Her split desire between doing what she believes is right and wanting to retreat to the safety of her known experiences rang true I was disappointed that her relationship with her parents remained so vague and amorphous There are also missing elements of Evelyn's past that I suspect may come to light later in the storyAside from some minor mistakes homonym confusion the weird use of the parliament rather than Parliament etc the prose was well editedFor me the difference between this being a 4 star and a 5 star book was in the amount of coincidencessynchronicity that were reuired in order for the plot to move forward It really stretched credulity even for me and my life is one big synchronicity that so many things would just align for EvelynAll in all this is definitely a worthwhile read and I would definitely be interested in reading from this authorI received a copy of this book through Voracious Readers Only

  4. Joanne Troughton Joanne Troughton says:

    I really enjoyed this book It took me a while to get into it but once I did I couldn’t put it down I

  5. Vicky Quenault Vicky Quenault says:

    This story just didn’t work for me The characters are cardboard the plot is unrealistic with everything being way too coincidentalWhat were the original revolutionaries fighting for the ones that formed The Great Society? Other than having to wear air filters what does the society stand for? What are the core beliefs? What are the new revolutionaries fighting to change? Why does Evelyn get migraines when trying to remember her past? There are millions of uestions but no answersI received a complimentary copy from VRO in return for an honest review

  6. Mel Mel says:

    I enjoyed the worldbuilding As a reader you can picture uite well the great society that is covered with soot and ash Some aspects of the book reminded me a bit of the Hunger Games and Divergent series but at the same time this book is very different from them and is uniue Some chapters were slow paced and others were action packed By the end of the book l was saddened but hooked and hopeful for what's in store next for the charactersI recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading YA dystopian novels with multiple plot twists I received a complimentary copy of the book from the author via Voracious Readers Only

  7. Tina Fritchley Tina Fritchley says:

    At first I thought this book was going to be too much like George Orwell's 1984 and whilst there are early similarities it very uickly shifts to become very differentEvelyn is 17 years old and starting to uestion her world her society They are told that the air is poison and they must wear a mask at all times when outside but as Evelyn starts to find evidence to the contrary she starts to push back against the regime the Great Society that is controlling her worldThis feels like a tale that could one day become all too real I look forward to reading book 2 in the series

  8. Rebecca Davison Rebecca Davison says:

    A hidden gemI've read this book twice now it's that great You will too if you give it a chance I'm very heart broken that theirs not wand book That's a huge negative in my opinion bc the story has just begun at the end So please write your reviews to encourage Lambs to finish this series

  9. Susan Susan says:

    Fast moving action keeps you guessingFrom the first page the author has you asking uestions and flipping pages uickly as you follow the action and look for answers Just when you think you have some of those uestions answered you realize that not only were you wrong but you suddenly have even uestions The book ended with so many possibilities I can't wait for the seuel to come out so I can find out if my thoughts of where things go from here are even close Looking forward to running into old characters and meeting new ones when the seuel comes outhopefully it won't be too long of a wait

  10. Kendra Emery Kendra Emery says:

    Fantastic first book for GK Lamb I can't wait for the rest of the trilogy to come out If you like dystopian novels this is a great find for you If you are sick of weak and wimpy heroines this is a great book for you Highly recommend this

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Filtered ❰Reading❯ ➿ Filtered Author G.K. Lamb – Wear Your Mask—in the smog choked city of Einsam it’s not just a good idea it’s the law Every aspect of life in the Great Society is regulated your every action observed The only thoughts you ca Wear Your Mask—in the smog choked city of Einsam it’s not just a good idea it’s the law Every aspect of life in the Great Society is regulated your every action observed The only thoughts you can trust are your ownSeventeen years of oppression boil in Evelyn’s mind and she’s desperate for a way outIn an act of defiance Evelyn breaks from routine and discovers a world of radicals and dissidents Beliefs she thought immutable crumble away like ashStanding on the threshold between the world she’s always known and an uncertain path toward freedom Evelyn must decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice to learn the truth about the Great Society.