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A Study in Terror PDF º A Study PDF or

A Study in Terror [Read] ➪ A Study in Terror By Ellery Queen – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk It all begins when Ellery ueen receives a manuscript that appears to be a genuine Sherlock Holmes novel written by John H Watson MD Where did it come from The manuscript itself tells the long conceale It all begins when Ellery ueen receives a manuscript that appears to be a genuine Sherlock Holmes novel written by John H Watson MD Where did it come from The manuscript itself tells the long concealed story of how Holmes stalked Jack the Ripper and discovered who he was Now you can follow Ellery ueen the logical successor to Sherlock Holmes as he literally follows the greatest detective of them all The story of Sherlock A Study PDF or Holmes vs Jack the Ripper is presented with the full approval of the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and is a legitimate addition to the Holmes canon.

About the Author: Ellery Queen

Barnaby RossEllery ueen was a pen name created and shared by two cousins.

10 thoughts on “A Study in Terror

  1. Michael P. Michael P. says:

    Look this is a novelization of a movie that I really love It stars the great John Neville in his first rendition of Sherlock Holmes and it very much feels like a Hammer film thought it is not No less than the writing duo that make up Ellery ueen undertook the novelization and they botched itOne problem and this is true for most novelizations is that there was not enough script for a full length book Most authors pad the stories Frederic Dannay and Manfred Bennington Lee pad the story in an unusual way Chapters of the supposed previously unpublished manuscript by Dr Watson alternate with chapters of Ellery ueen commenting on the story to his father When the novelization is done the ueen story still has a bit to go and that bit goes too far Ellery ueen declares that Holmes was wrong and supplies the real solutionMy reading of this and it is hard to supply another that is convincing is that Dannay and Lee insulted the film its fans and the very concept of Sherlock Holmes in order to declare the superiority of their creation What a pair of egos F them uite frankly This is a book for fans of Dannay's and Lee's turgid writing Holmes fans can safely avoid it

  2. Mizuki Mizuki says:

    Ellery ueen took on Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holme all at once Well I didn't have much high hope for this novella and in the end it isn't very excitingthe whole thing is decent but I'm not gonna go gaga over it 29 stars only

  3. Niki Niki says:

    novelization of movie of the same title interesting but not really original

  4. Chris Apolant Chris Apolant says:

    An unconventional pastiche 'A Study In Terror' is a novelization of the somewhat overlooked 1965 film of the same name; although whilst several prominent plot points remained it does very much deviate from the movie it was based on Additionally in the tradition of those editorial notes which find themselves preluding many Watsonian manuscripts explaining where this lost adventure you are about to read was uncovered this book takes that trope a step further weaving its origin into the story itself Ellery ueen knee deep into a writer's block finds himself the unwilling recipient of what is purported to be Dr Watson's journal but who sent it to his acuaintance and importantly why?Thus the reader has two mysteries to unravel and while neither are overly complex they both provoke the mental gears into turning or else one risks losing the threads entirely We follow Ellery as he reads the journal piecemeal every chapter or two interspersed with his ruminations on what he has just read and his acuaintance's investigation into how the manuscript came to be in his handsThe case itself as I mentioned was not very difficult to solve but there was still much fun to be had in unraveling this mystery Aside from that the exceptional characterizations helped me to overlook some of the easily guessed at aspects This was if nothing else a convincing pastiche that admirably met the task of conjuring Holmes Watson as penned by DoyleWhat I did not expect from this was the twist of sorts at the denouement Instead of Holmes cleanly solving the riddle and Watson writing it down for posterity we learn that the doctor has leapt to the wrong conclusions in penning it with the actual solution that we learn Holmes was aware of being well concealed somewhere in the journal's pages In that regard it excelled as not only pitch perfect pastiche but traditionally structured mystery where all the clues are hidden in plain sight and the solution is logically explained at the denouement Overall I found it to be an excellent read worthy of Holmesian attention

  5. Amy Sturgis Amy Sturgis says:

    As I understand it Paul W Fairman wrote the novelization of the film for this book involving Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper and Ellery ueen Daniel Nathan and Manford Emanuel wrote the framing texts featuring well Ellery ueen All parties should have been ashamedThis book did nothing wellAs a Jack the Ripper story this fails The most basic facts of the case as known at the time of publication are overlooked or recounted in error Most of the victims remain unnamed And the flippant lighthearted tone of many of the Ellery ueen interludes are jarring not to mention disrespectful to the very real victims whose deaths supply the foundation of this taleAs a Sherlock Holmes story this fails Watson is too thick by half and both the real solution to the Jack the Ripper mystery and Sherlock Holmes's knowledge of it are telegraphed early and often I groaned out loud as the reader was given an extended tour of what was already painfully obviousI'll admit I have only limited previous experience of Ellery ueen While I was put off by the obvious assumption that his name would be at least as recognizable to future generations as that of Holmes and the Ripper seriously??? I was soon treated to a front row view of why this has proven not to be the case Not only is the framing narrative of Ellery ueen reading Watson's manuscript unnecessary at the beginning and end but it intrudes throughout the novel Just when the main narrative almost accomplishes something there's a painfully discordant and shallow scene that interrupts and frustrates the story The characters range from the annoying to the loathsome This even failed as a novelization of the film as it did a grave injustice to the movie's atmosphere and mood not to mention the actors' performances and it even changed the endingsolution from the film versionI am fascinated by both Sherlock Holmes pastiches and works that address the Autumn of Terror Rarely have I been so disappointed

  6. Riju Ganguly Riju Ganguly says:

    This book has been so widely discussed and read that there seems to be hardly anything new that can be added except my strictly personal opinions which are 1 The Victorian part of the story is excellent in its language Holmesian deductions atmosphere and sharp tight narrative I enjoyed it hugely despite the occasional trippings over mistakes committed by Watson2 The modern part of the story with Ellery ueen's obnoxiously over the top attitude towards all things large small and the pathetically artificial caricature of characters drawn around him made me think of pulling out my hair by the roots whatevern is still left that isSince it is Holmes vs Ripper that is to be enjoyed I strongly recommend that if you come across this ye olde volume at all read only the Holmesian part and meticulously avoid the Ellery ueen part Even better try to watch the movie which had been the basis of this book in itself a good novelisation of the story but Ellery deserves to become the next victim of saucy Jack and enjoy

  7. Deborah Deborah says:

    This a puzzle box of a book The story deals with a manuscript being brought to Ellery ueen The manuscript was one of the lost manuscripts of Dr Watson He never had it published because it would have ruined the famed detective's reputation because Sherlock goofed in naming Jack the Ripper It now falls to Ellery to put right the wrong and solve the centuries old uestion who was Jack the Ripper?So you are reading the manuscript within the book of Ellery's adventure a book within a bookThis was made into a move during the late 1960s starting Sir John Neville as Holmes They discard the start with ueen and the ending resolution with ueen but just kept the the lost manuscript of WatsonBoth movie and book are well worth your time

  8. J J says:

    Listened to this audiobook on the roadtrip tofrom Dayton with ElizabethI'm so glad I picked up something else by this author It was shorter and much gripping than my first attempt The audiobookroadtrip format also worked a lot betterEllery is mysteriously given a previously unknown Sherlock Holmes manuscript one of Watson's handwritten journals The bulk of the story is Ellery reading the Holmes story a story within the story if you will I loved the Holmes story which also incorporated Jack the Ripper Ellery Sherlock and Jack the Ripper in one tale

  9. Michael Verderosa Michael Verderosa says:

    The best of all Sherlock Holmes pastiches with a better solution than the one provided in the filmwhich I love anyway Whether or not the cousins wrote the Holmes chapters or I think is immaterial I read the book in the original lancer paperback in 1966 and have returned to it every 5 years since It does what it is supposed to do Engage the reader I for one am glad that Ellery ueen and Sherlock Holmes crossed paths over the chasm of time

  10. LGandT LGandT says:

    I would have given 5 stars but the story within the story just didn't do it for meIts a nice idea but to me at least it takes away one atmosphere from the other Its graphic than the movie but I liked the movie much betterI found myself skipping over the Ellery part only skimming to see how it played out but the Sherlock part of the story I loved but still liked the movie better

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