A Visitor for Bear Kindle À A Visitor PDF/EPUB or

A Visitor for Bear Kindle À A Visitor PDF/EPUB or

  • Hardcover
  • 56 pages
  • A Visitor for Bear
  • Bonny Becker
  • English
  • 13 June 2014
  • 9780763628079

10 thoughts on “A Visitor for Bear

  1. Betsy Betsy says:

    Cute is hard Picture book cute that is A lot of people might disagree with that but I'm going to make a case here There's a perception out there that if you slap a pair of big brown eyes and a furry tail on something badda bing Instant adorable Picture books however offer the greatest test any author or artist has to face Because cute isn't just a visual state It's reliant on a story that can be touching without becoming candy coated and saccharine It reuires a certain level of restraint on both the author and the illustrator's part Cute is hard to do and do well Like I say anyone can fake it and end up on a line of greeting cards but very few people can make cute count for something Bonny Becker can With her remarkable A Visitor for Bear Becker teams with top notch illustrator Kady MacDonald Denton to bring us a book that actually goes on beyond cute into something This is a book that warms the cold cockles of even the grumpiest heart People who cringe at the sight of Bambi and shudder at baby chicks will be instantly charmed by Becker and Denton's tale of a grump that learns that sometimes the right visitor is worth the vexation that comes with giving up your privacyBear's pretty good at keeping people away No one ever visits him and just in case one does he has a big sign in front that reads NO visitors allowed Just in case Everything is fine and dandy until one day a mouse small and gray and bright eyed knocks on the door Bear says in no uncertain terms that he is not keen on visitors The mouse seems to understand but when Bear attempts to get out a bowl for himself there sits the mouse asking for a spot of tea After throwing out the unwanted guest Bear tries to open his bread drawer next and there again is the mouse To Bear's increasing frustration the mouse is absolutely everywhere and no amount of stoppering or locking keeps him away At last Bear consents to having a bit of tea with the miniscule visitor and soon discovers that the mouse is attentive easily impressed and laughs at Bear's jokes And when it is time for the mouse to go Bear finds himself unceremoniously ripping down the NO visitors allowed sign After all he says that is a sign for salesmen Not for friendsThe book works because in the space of a mere 56 pages it establishes character and personality perfectly In a way this is a story of two fastidious creatures one open to new friends and one not It makes perfect sense to me that Bear and the mouse would get along Just look at how they are presented Bear lays out his single cup and single spoon with a delicacy at odds with his sheer mass The mouse similarly is taken to speaking in polite clipped tones Terribly sorry Now you see me; now you don't I am gone I imagine him being voiced by Basil Rathbone perhaps And Bear would be John HoustonMy boss read through this book and sighed with relief when he got to the end I was worried that at some point we'd see a large group of mice It actually never occurred to me that the mouse might be pulling off his appearances by being of a number greater than one And though that would have been a nice enough idea it's been done before with frogs apparently Also had the Bear discovered twenty or so mice hiding within the crawl spaces nooks and crannies of his home it would have taken away from his slow realization that maybe having someone over for tea isn't so bad Bear's change of heart isn't actually all that fast for a picture book It's only during the course of tea that he comes to see how nice it is to have someone around to laugh at your jokes and listen to your stories I also loved that the mouse brought along his own teacup He must have since it seems unlikely that Bear would have had a mouse sized cup sitting about is cupboardsAnd talk about a great readaloud As the bear gets increasingly vexed his words get and delicious Vamoose he says at one point Begone he cries at another This is impossible Intolerable Insufferable And as he says these things Bear's face turns the faintest shade of pink as blue lines almost emanate off of him And what does Bear say when at last he has been outwitted by the mouse's persistence? I am undone Picture books that read aloud well are not as common as you might think The advantage to Becker's story is that her characters are so distinct The mouse's mode of speaking is definitely different from Bear's allowing the reader to give them wonderful voices of their own As for the illustrator's pictures Kady MacDonald Denton's images telegraph well across a crowded room The size of the book is ideal for large groups of children and though the colors are soft and natural that is not to say that they don't pop off of the page with aplombI guess I'd never seen a book illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton before I say this because I think I would remember her style Denton is like the Bob Fosse of children's illustration Characters' movements often come down to the most delicate turns of their wrists or the way their feet stick up in just the right way The mouse is an adorable and delicate fellow He is indeed small and gray and bright eyed but it's really his single minded attentiveness that makes him such a sterling companion Bear on the other hand really does feel as if he has weight and bulk His belly sags believably and Denton has been very careful to make his weight fall in such a way that he never looks unbalanced unless of course he is flinging himself to the floor on purpose The delicate illustrations are done entirely in watercolor ink and gouache which is rather nice I was particularly taken with the choice of season This is a distinctly autumnal book The trees in the background are changing and there's always a spare leaf floating to the ground in one scene or another It is clear that Denton thought through Becker's story since why else would Bear create a roaring crackling fire in the fireplace unless it was a slightly chilly day outside? And the occasional illustrated word really made the book pop At the height of his frustration Bear roars a massive Begone that unlike every other word in the book is actually illustrated It only happens once but I like seeing an illustrator know how to ratchet up a story's build up and suspense through carefully chosen momentsOn the bookflap of this book Ms Becker says of herself I hesitate to admit how much Bear is in me but I'm grateful for every lovely mouse in my life Everyone has a little bit of Bear in them I think We've all had those days when we just want to sit and stew in our own solitary juices When the thought of sharing our space with another human being sounds like way too much work A Visitor for Bear is as much a fabulous picture book as it is a cautionary tale Sometimes it takes a mouse to get us moving Consider A Visitor for Bear a book with classic appeal Ages 3 8

  2. La Coccinelle La Coccinelle says:

    So that's how they met I've read two other books in this series but never this first one where Bear meets MouseMouse is certainly persistent All Bear wants to do is have his breakfast in peace He doesn't like people er animals and prefers to do things on his own So when a friendly mouse shows up at his door wanting to have a nice tea with him Bear does everything he can to get rid of the bothersome guest Eventually though he relents and grudgingly makes tea only to find that maybe an attentive friend isn't the worst thing in the worldI don't think this is my favourite book in the series but it's still pretty strong The illustrations are amusing as usual While I'm not always a fan of Bear and his attitude I kind of love Mouse He's the sort of friend everyone should haveI'm glad I finally got to read this first book and see how the friendship beganuotable moment

  3. Mary Mary says:

    AhhhhI dare you NOT to give the mouse a British accent if you read this aloud I just DARE you Go ahead try It's not possibleThis is a lovely book sweet without being sappy or annoying There are also some great opportunities for learning some new vocabulary words VAMOOSE INSUFFERABLE which are easily explained in context Perhaps a bit long page wise for preschool storytime but I'm going to try it out with some kids tomorrow and see how it goes Perhaps the story'll hook them enough that they'll not get suirmy

  4. Lisa Vegan Lisa Vegan says:

    This is a wonderful book for reading aloud There are many opportunities for voice inflection FunThe illustrations are very appealing and bear’s expressiveness is hilarious at times Bear’s house looks so cozy and bear and mouse are both very cuteThis new friendship story is very sweet although in real life I suspect mouse would annoy me; my friends know to call or email ahead if they’re going to visit though as I child I enjoyed it when a playmate knocked on the door or rang the doorbell hoping I’d want to do something with them A bit of an introvert but enjoying time with friends and making new friends I identified with bear

  5. Kelli Kelli says:

    Bear having never had a visitor decides he doesn't like visitors Mouse pops up all over the place as mice tend to do reuesting tea cheese and a cozy fire A bear with an excellent vocabulary and a mouse who demands a British accent make this a pleasure to read A favorite for it's beautiful illustrations and adorable story

  6. Shannon (Giraffe Days) Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:

    I read this to the kids during afternoon tea time and they were so into it they were hardly eating Bear doesn't like visitors and in fact he has a sign on his door saying No visitors allowed One day as he's about to get his breakfast ready a mouse knocks on his door Bear tells him to go away and closes the door in his face But every time he goes to get an item for his breakfast a cup an egg etc there's the mouse How did he get in? No matter how many times Bear keeps throwing the mouse out he keeps turning up Until Bear gives in and lets Mouse join him for breakfast They have a wonderful time and Bear wants the mouse to stay but the mouse promised he would leave after eating and so he goes Bear practically begs him to stay and mouse points at his sign Bear tears it up and says that's for salesmen not for friends And thus Bear makes his first unlikely friendIt's a great story to read aloud with lots of inflection and intonation and emphasising the different voices and the pictures are lovely complements and it's fun to try and spot the mouse hiding in the kitchen

  7. Zoe& Zoe& says:

    In A Visitor for Bear a mouse insistently intrudes upon a bear despite the bear's clearly placed No Visitors sign I'm ambivalent about this story On the one hand it is uite well written and has charming art It's funny and fun to read out loud On the other books are part of how we teach children what is and isn't socially acceptable behavior In this one a mouse is rewarded for repeatedly refusing to respect the clearly defined boundaries of the bear It is a classic and unfortunate narrative which is found in all media that elevates persistence above respect for personal autonomyFor me this means that this book is relegated to the land of books that should be read to kids by an adult who's ready to have a conversation with them in this case specifically about boundaries As funny as this picture book is I certainly won't be using it for story time because I'm definitely not initiating that conversation with a room full of other people and their preschoolers

  8. Abigail Abigail says:

    The first of four stories to feature this ursinemurine duo subseuent titles include A Birthday for Bear A Bedtime for Bear and the forthcoming The Sniffles for Bear this charming picture book follows the slightly less than hospitable Bear who does not want guests under any circumstances and his dealings with a small and gray and bright eyed mouse visitor who doesn't know how to take a hint Who will win out in their contest of wills the irritable bear or the insouciant mouse?A Visitor for Bear was an unexpected delight on my train ride into the city this morning Mouse's antics in persistently popping up and Bear's increasingly incredulous frustration had me giggling The heart warming ending while perhaps not so surprising was uite satisfying and the watercolor ink and gouache illustrations were just adorable All in all a sweet little book about an odd couple who wind up friends one I recommend to unhappy little bears and overly persistent mice as well as to children who like to read about them

  9. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    Disliked the beginning loved the end It's the usual story of a curmudgeon's armor being worn away by a persistent and charming soon to be friend However at first I just felt the mouse was annoying Who was he to keep ignoring bear's reuests to be left alone just because he mouse wanted some food and a play to stay? After all some creatures really do just want some solitude By the end it is clear that bear was unhappy in his solitude and we may hopeinsinuate that mouse knew this and had altruistic motives all along Even so I cannot uite give this one the glowing reviews so many others have and it's a NY Times Bestseller Maybe I am just too much of a curmudgeon myself ;

  10. Ezekiel Ezekiel says:

    This teaches some pretty creepy lessons to children Like seriously something that should never be read to kids creepyBear doesn't like visitors apparently he hasn't had any and as such has decided he doesn't like them Mouse shows up one day and knocks on the door Bear tells him to go away The next ten pages or so are of Bear starting to make his solitary tea only to be interrupted by the fact that Mouse has apparently broken into the house and is stashed wherever Bear is going to go next the refrigerator for an egg the tea pot for the water the cupboard for the bread etc Each time Bear tells Mouse to leave and Mouse says of course of course I'm going paraphrase Only each time Mouse has returned So Mouse is lying Finally Bear is overwhelmed by the onslaught and agrees to Mouse's demands Mouse says ze just wants a little tea to share with Bear Bear then goes around the house and undoes EVERY bit of security that he had put up making himself vulnerable again all because Mouse is still in the house and basically demands it ze wants the chimney unstopped so they can have a fireSo up till now we have lying coercion and ignoring another person's expressed boundaries Then we find out that as the tea commences Bear becomes friendly towards Mouse because Mouse is willing to pay attention to him and look at his headstands and comment on the loveliness of the fire Then Mouse manipulates Bear into taking down his sign saying No Visitors because ze goes to leave and says I promised I'd leave even though Bear starts to beg zir to stay So now we have Further coercion and then the writer showing that Bear secretly wanted someone to ignore his boundaries and force him to engage in conversation so much so that he falls to the ground trying to stop Mouse from leaving Bear then further proves this by tearing up his sign and saying it doesn't countYou see where I'm going with this? This is like the EXACT narrative of a rape culture Keep pushing and pushing and pushing and the RIGHT response from your victim potential friend is to finally acuiesce to your demands Then It shows that secretly your victim friend WANTED YOU to force them into it That's right Seriously FUCKED UP

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A Visitor for Bear❴KINDLE❵ ❄ A Visitor for Bear Author Bonny Becker – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Cheery persistence wears down a curmudgeonly bear in a wry comedy of manners that ends in a most unlikely friendshipBear is uite sure he doesn't like visitors He even has a sign So when a mouse taps o Cheery persistence wears down a curmudgeonly bear in a wry comedy of manners that ends in a most unlikely friendshipBear is uite sure he doesn't like visitors He even has a sign So when a mouse taps on his door one day Bear tells him to leave But when Bear goes to the cupboard to get a bowl there is A Visitor PDF/EPUB or the mouse small and gray and bright eyed In this slapstick tale that begs to be read aloud all Bear wants is to eat his breakfast in peace but the mouse who keeps popping up in the most unexpected places just won't go away.

About the Author: Bonny Becker

Bonny Becker is the author of a number of award winning picture books and middle grade novels She lives in Seattle.