Lightning ePUB Ú

Lightning ePUB Ú

Lightning [PDF / Epub] ☃ Lightning By Sandi Lynn – “He shoots and he scores Lightning Logan strikes again”That was me Lightning Logan Jackson because I was as fast as lightning on the ice Playing in the NHL and for the New York Rangers had been my “He shoots and he scores Lightning Logan strikes again”That was me Lightning Logan Jackson because I was as fast as Lightning on the ice Playing in the NHL and for the New York Rangers had been my dream since I was six years old when my dad took me to my first game Hockey was my life It consumed me It was the one thing in life that I could commit to Relationships were a no Sex with beautiful women and no strings attached were a yes I was a bachelor—happy and living the dream Then the accident happened and the doctors told me I’d never play hockey again My life went to shit in the blink of an eye All hope and the will to live was gone until Brooke Alexander walked into my lifeI was hired to help Logan Jackson get back on the ice I had rules Rules he needed to follow if he was going to play hockey again He was stubborn defiant and nothing I couldn’t handle Rehabilitation was going to be difficult and pure hell I had to break him in order to help him I knew what it was like to have your dreams taken away and I was determined to give him his dream back even if it meant losing him.

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  1. Jenny Jenny says:

    DNF 15% I'm surprised I even made it past 5%Logan the H is kind douchebag A childish douchebag I don't think I've been this disgusted by a H in a while The banter between him and his boys was ludicrous Nauseating Let me share some samples Take off your bra and show me your titsAnd the same broad he so nicely asked for a view replied after taking off his pants Nice dick Then this sexy not imagery Pulling a condom from my wallet I slipped it on and crammed myself inside of her Then when he tries to steer his best friend to lay off going out for one night and come have pizza and beer with him back at his place his best friend responds Sure Sounds good but I was hoping to get laid tonightThen after a win our H communicated Come on; let's get out of here go get drunk and find some hot chicks to fuck My dick is screaming for a little attention Oh and when an accident happens view spoiler he's distraught over the end of his career rather than the fact that his best friend got killed in the accident and his dumb ass survived hide spoiler

  2. Pea Pea says:

    This was surprisingly a light read even though from the blurb I expected it to be a lot depressing If you like sports romance books believe in alternative medicine and miracles than this is a book for youIt is rare that I like the heroine than the hero but that happened here You’re afraid people won’t accept you any because you can’t play hockey But what you don’t seem to understand is that people won’t forget you This accident changes nothing It doesn’t the change the man you are inside; the person you were before you played hockey It’s time to get back out in the world Logan “Am I a bunch of bullshit? Modern medicine failed me when I was fourteen years old Modern medicine gave up on me Yet here I stand today in front of all of you when I was never supposed to get out of a wheelchair So you can take your false hope and shove it up your ass” While reading I thought the whole time that this would be a good book for a movie D

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    So I picked this book up after reading a darker romance and a book that had cheating in it so I really was looking for a sweet and easy romance Something to shake off the last reads and allow me to hit a reset button Sadly this was not the book to do that I found myself wanting to put it down within the first 5% I pushed through I did see it through to the end but that was out of stubborn will than anything else I have loved prior books from this author but something just felt off about this whole book A few examplesview spoilerChapter one – next opponent is show as LA Kings a few pages later in chapter two and no other game took place they are suddenly playing the Washington Capitals This bothered me from the start I could not shake this Bar sex “You sure know how to satisfy a woman” this scene consisted of six sentences of grunts and moans It was not sexy or hot I doubt it was satisfying to the random bar chick hide spoiler

  4. The Book Lover The Book Lover says:

    I loved loved loved this book this author needs to write books about hockey players because she checked it to the board I loved this story from cover to cover and totally recommend it yes its not your typical love story where everything goes smoothly but the slow build up makes it worth it

  5. Kodie Mackay Kodie Mackay says:

    35 stars Not my favourite from this author but definetly not as bad as some reviews made me believe Just and easy read that I could give or take

  6. ♡ Jeri& ♡ Jeri& says:

    This was such a surprising and refreshing read that I enjoyed from the first to the last page And coming from me a person normally not into sports novels that stands for something I loved the developing relationship and the intriguing plotspin that I so did not see comingTherefore I would love to recommend this book to you it just about missed the 5 stars with me═══ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE LIKE FOLLOW US ════ FB Page

  7. Kim Kim says:

    Omg this story was amazing

  8. Alex ♈ Alex ♈ says:

    All stars ONLY for the heroine

  9. Swasha Swasha says:

    I listen toread 3 4 books per week They range in uality from wonderful to boringOTT ridiculous but most are just average interesting enjoyable stories I’ve been a goodreads member for years but this is the first time I’ve written a review That should tell you a little something about how strongly this book affected me It was AWFUL The premise didn’t bother me at all selfish man whore of a hockey hunk meets the most amazing woman ever yadda yadda yadda and I was actually sort of enjoying the story until the Welcome Back Dinner when they returned from California That’s when the story started to go south and just kept spiraling from there It seriously never got betterview spoilerBrooke sees Logan talking to a woman Lena and feels jealous Logan’s brother confirms to Brooke that there had been a prior intimacy between Logan and Lena Logan then introduces Brooke to Lena as his physical therapist instead of as his girlfriend WTF? After the party Logan walks Lena to her car where Brooke sees them kissing Brooke feels hurt in that moment and then all but forgets about it Brooke never once brings it up to Logan or even to his brothers She loves Logan and just knows he loves her too Again WTF? Who sees the man they are falling in love with kiss another woman and after going to bed feeling hurt wakes up and it never crosses their mind again? That must’ve been one hell of a good night’s sleep And I don’t care that Logan later tells his brothers Lena kissed him but he didn’t kiss her back Brooke didn’t know that As an aside how did the “hot little barmaid” and “good family friend” Lena get her lips to align with the great big hockey hunk’s lips without his knowledge or consent? Did she taking a running leap at him and their mouths just met? And he was so stunned that he didn’t immediately push her away thereby giving Brooke the opportunity to witness it? RidiculousThen there’s not only the absurdity of how Brooke has to make Logan hate her to get him to optimal hockey performance eye rolling hard here but also the nonsense spewed between the two of them to bring about said hatred Then we go from that bit of stupidity straight to the happiest of Happily Ever Afters to have ever been conceived all within a couple of chapters hide spoiler

  10. Kris Duplisea Kris Duplisea says:

    Logan is living his dream at being a professional hockey player He has it all Fame Girls You name it He has it That is until an accident takes away his dream and now he has to learn how to fight back to get his dream again Brooke knows what it’s like to start over and she is the perfect person to help him get where he needs to goSandi Lynn is a great author at creating characters that you want to root for And this is no exception Logan from the start yeah he’s a jerk a good 20% of the beginning but he slowly starts to change to be a better man for himself and his family I loved seeing his transformation from angry person to being a better version of himselfBrooke is sassy take no nonsense from Logan and I love that when the female characters don’t just give in to whatever the male wants and she sticks up for herself Sure there were times when Logan probably shot her down but it was on her terms I really enjoyed this uick read probably 1 2 sittings and highly recommended if you are in between books

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