Dragons Mate PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Dragons Mate PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Dragons Mate ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Dragons Mate Author Reese Corgan – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk For hundreds of years Gavin has searched the world for the perfect mate As a musclebound dragon shifter Gavin’s mate would be his complete opposite a pure soul Since a young age Evan was taught to f For hundreds of years Gavin has searched the world for the perfect mate As a musclebound dragon shifter Gavin’s mate would be his complete opposite a pure soul Since a young age Evan was taught to fear the dragons that lived deep in the woods Having never seen one himself he was skeptical though he feared his father’s wrath for disobeying However when Evan stumbles upon the town’s new prisoner a muscular dragon shifter Evan finds himself drawn While Gavin’s face is devastatingly handsome and his body perfection Evan knows to keep his distance He’s not allowed to consort with dragons if he did it could end in death Still no matter the conseuence something inside of Evan draws him closer to Gavin’s fire Dragon’s Mate is a full length page standalone novel This collection contains sexually explicit scenes involving a strong dragon shifter destined to mate with a sweet willing man Contains action and adventure unprotected sex with male breeding and male pregnancy or mpreg This science fiction and fantasy story concludes with a satisfying HEA ending NO CLIFFHANGERS.

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  1. Sierra Sierra says:

    I think if you are willing to overlook a lot of things then this story could be very entertaining for you; I was just too distracted by the above flawsThe storyline is very romantic with dramaticsuspenseful moment and the dragon bits are interesting The story concept was decent but the execution was lacking I like mpreg but this is just the strangest one I've seen ugh that birth There were several slips in the editing like the sister Elsie being called Ellie and Evan taking bread out of a pocket in his dress but then later having a shirt and shorts on There were also many proofreading errors that got irritating The language and style alternated between formal and fairytale like with no contractions to swearing and modern speech Some things seemed to make no sense or be a strange device like the cat Again if you don't care about the details and just want a dramatic love story with some narrow escapes and a cool dragon man then you will probably enjoy this read

  2. Melissa Melissa says:

    I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis review contains spoilers not many – I thinkThis book was hard to connect with I give the author a lot of credit for writing and finishing a book; it's hard to do But there were several things missing that would have made this story perfect The plot was a good one young boy Evan becomes enad with a man Gavin who is also a shifter dragon The town’s people want to kill the dragon and the boy saves him and they go live in the woods together and create a family – Evan becomes pregnant I thought that part was cool It's a good idea for a book however the dialogue between the characters was not very realistic or their responses were not correct or too repetitive I see was used a lot It got old The pace of the book and the transitioning from one part to another was very choppy and didn't flow well There were several opportunities the author could have taken advantage of to flesh out a scene or a scene with the characters It just wasn't well executedTo start I was first given the impression this story was taking place in older times like medieval or something The I read I learned this could not be the case as they were talking about modern guns and cities mobile park and grocery stores cashier It was hard to imagine the town because it wasn't clearly identified as to what reality this was A simple way to fix this would have been to start the first chapter off with year 2014 or whatever the year the land of Shishu or whatever something to help the reader establish this is supposed to be current time but in an alternate type of reality well yeah cuz there's dragons but you know what I meanSomething else I wasn't prepared for was the apparent acceptance of homosexuality I really expected that to be a problem but it's not even addressed It has been my experience that regardless of the world the people live in there is usually at least one person who has trouble accepting gay men This seems to be not the case in this story because the Evan mentions his father wanting him to marry a man from town to get him out of his house Shocker But I did appreciate that too It was a nice change to see a world that didn't hate different There were several confusing sentencesthoughts Evan had and here is an example It wasn’t until I reached home that I could forget my worry The night wouldn’t get better for me My parents would wonder where I’d been Even now as an adult they’d try to make me feel terrible Worst of all I wouldn’t have any berries for dessert to comfort my sister and me That whole sentence is justoff He could forget his worries when he got home? Really? He sounds like he’s going to worry about his parents fighting belittling him and about his sister I read this whole story with a frown trying to understand what was really going on Here’s another sentence that didn’t make any sense “We didn’t look anything alike which made me sometimes wonder if he in fact was my biological father It’s not that my mother would cheat on him” Okay so if she wouldn’t cheat how could he not be his biological father? Rape? The father allowed another man to impregnate his wife? Immaculate Conception? My point isn’t whether the man is or isn’t bio dad but the statement that his mother wouldn’t cheat yet the MC wonder’s if he’s is bio dad “All at once I was half mast It was a reaction my body had never felt for a man but always longed to” Okay then; how does he know he’s gay if he’s never gotten an erection for a man? Wouldn’t that be a key indicator that you’re attracted to someone – a physiological reaction? I can imagine he’d never had that attraction to anyone in his town because they appear to all be sleazy mean and kinda dirty but he never once had a reaction to anyone man?We learn the mandragon has lived for 400 years And Evan’s reaction is simply “I’ve never met someone four hundred years old” Wow talk about being calm Evan never believed the stories about dragons but he takes this news really well Gavin’s age is never addressed and at the ending where they ride off into the sunset I keep thinking – the dragon is going to live beyond Evan does that not bother any of them? When Evan and Gavin have sex for the first time Evan virgin there is no prep just a little lube and they’re off But no pain I didn’t buy it I did enjoy the afterglow cuddle moment after the sex It was sweet and lovelyIt’s mentioned earlier in the story that the dragon’s bullet wounds from the town’s men hunting him and put him in prison were healing uickly yet months later he is still in pain and healing It’s these types of inconsistencies that bothered meThe beginning of the story depicts Evan as weak and not brave to stand up to his father or to his almost rapist forget his name But he finds his strength in the end to stand up to his dad and tell him he better treat his mother and sister well or else he will sick the dragonGavin on him Well that’ll teach him Seriously it is a good threat but I totally didn’t get the point or feel that Evan’s strength had grown so much that he could do that We’re given the impression the father is sufficiently scared and will be good but why not just take the sister and mother away and live with them? What’s the father going to do?The premise to this story was good but poorly executed It needed a lot of flushing out and I noted several instances while reading where the abruptness to the shifts was jarring I can’t say I would recommend this book in its current state If the author decides to work on this story some and add depth and some background into the characters and world I think it could be a great read

  3. Rachel Emily Rachel Emily says:

    The hardest thing for me to figure out is where and when this book was supposed to take place Like there are jeans and v neck tshirts but they have gas lamps and trade to get tents? Love me some dragon stories I can always read dragon shifter romances

  4. Tanu Gill Tanu Gill says:

    It was kind of a cliché and it needs to be edited But good enough for passing time

  5. Denise GremoryKohta Denise GremoryKohta says:

    I liked it A dark and sexy read Sad they were isolated though I would of liked them to have a small country town or mountain village where they could have others like them I got this free in exchange for a review

  6. MagnusLR MagnusLR says:

    Simple nice readingIt's a basic romance short story it can be read in less than an hour It doesn't have much of development no background story But is not horribly drafted and it's nice for a light reading

  7. Katherine Katherine says:

    Goodreads save me from such terrible booksI tend to check Goodreads for reviews on new and untested books before I buy them Then occasionally I think Hey you used to get books without goodreads It'll be fine Then this happens No timing No characterization No plot No editing So so bad Not worth my time but I finished it so you don't have to There is so much out there worth your time Avoid this

  8. Andrea D Andrea D says:

    Hmm the idea of the book is nice the execution not soSo the idea is like the only thing I like about this bookThe writing wasn't boring but it was blunt and rather void of emotionsAlmost no background information who are theese characters?Sometimes it was unintentionely funny like the birth?

  9. mirian navedo mirian navedo says:

    BeautifulI love romance novel I live in that world when I want to escape I also like fiction that merchants me

  10. Shannon Shannon says:

    Ok storyWeak storyline The story itself felt very rushed with minimal character development and almost no plot In desperate need of editing

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