Talking Turkeys Plus PDF Ë Talking Turkeys PDF \

Talking Turkeys Plus PDF Ë Talking Turkeys PDF \

Talking Turkeys Plus ➶ [Reading] ➸ Talking Turkeys Plus By Benjamin Zephaniah ➫ – One of the coolest poets for children Benjamin Zephaniah's Talking Turkeys has something to say Talking Turkeys is the very first ground breaking children's poetry collection from street poet Benjamin One of the coolest poets for children Benjamin Zephaniah's Talking Turkeys has something to say Talking Turkeys is the very first ground breaking children's poetry collection from street poet Benjamin Talking Turkeys PDF \ Zephaniah Playful clever and provocative this is performance poetry on the page at its very best.

  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • Talking Turkeys Plus
  • Benjamin Zephaniah
  • English
  • 11 March 2014

About the Author: Benjamin Zephaniah

A British Jamaican writer dub poet and Rastafari He was included in The Times list of Britain's top post war writers in .

10 thoughts on “Talking Turkeys Plus

  1. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    'Talking Turkeys' Poetry by Benjamin Zephaniah Benjamin Zephaniah was born in Birmingham in 1958 At a young age he went through several schools before being permanently excluded at the age of 13 He showed great promise as a poet reading his poetry in local churches becoming well known among the local black Caribbean community His time in prison proved to be a turning point in his life At the age of 22 shortly after being released from prison he published his first collection of poetry specifically designed for children called ‘Talking Turkeys’ It is this collection of poems that I will be reviewing Throughout the poems Zephaniah connects with young people using conversational language and introduces topics that can be easily understood by children with a wide variety of interests Topics include a visit to Buckingham Palace friends family sweets heroes and animals This has the effect of making poetry fun and accessible to a wide range of age groups at KS1 and KS2 Children naturally enjoy playground jingles and rhymes but can become daunted at the idea of ‘poetry’ so this collection of poems is fun and enjoyable helping to stimulate a child’s imagination and interest whilst building confidence in poetry The words are simple and appropriate for both the KS1 and KS2 reader A uniue feature about his poetry is the way in which he writes collouially or ‘street’ For example instead of using the word ‘there’ he replaces it with ‘dere’ Informal made up words such as ‘guzzard’s’ add humour and fun His poems generally have an uplifting heart warming moral at the end as in the poem ‘Heroes’ where the last line states ‘I say we’re all heroes if we do our little bit’ This positive message and the associated visual imagery would be an excellent project title for an extended piece of writing The structures of the poems are not complex but are effective In ‘Friends’ the structure is very simple using four lines to describe each animal in turn using well known characteristics of that specific animal When talking about a snake he writes ‘I am known to slip and slide’ This poem provides visual stimulation and makes the ideas in the poem easily understood for children of a young age This is strengthened by the inclusion of a wide variety of illustrations Pictures designs and photographs are creatively embedded within the poems The layout of the words in the poem often supports the image Images consist of collage pen and ink and photographic studies which add humour and make the poems less daunting to read In his poem entitled ‘Drivosaurus Rex’ he uses an image of a T Rex driving a car which would grab the attention of the young reader In other poems the illustrations provide the lay out of the poem in a fun and imaginative way allowing for the text to be broken up Zephaniah connects with modern issues and introduces new perspectives to a young audience The effective imagery and informal language work well together and open up a world of possibilities for classroom activities I thoroughly enjoyed reading the poems again and would certainly use them as an excellent teaching resource and recommend this book to both children and adults I now intend to read of his work in the near future

  2. Zaid Zaid says:

    This book is ‘Dedicated to the earth and the children who care’ Zephaniah B p5 Let’s get this straight There are some poems here that don’t promote correct punctuation and grammar as the words are often phrased in Jamaican Patois It’s also unconventional strange and confusing in parts That said this collection strange as it is; is uite charming and clever very humorous and does have a tendency to make you want to turn the page to see what’s coming next The collection has a range of poems including the gentle but humorous ‘Little Sister’ on p20; the self titled ‘Talking Turkeys’ p88 who are cool have a love for reggae and hip hop and would make great guests alive at Christmas apparently; and the anti grammatical ‘According to my mood ‘on p24 ‘I have poetic licence I WriTe thE way I want I drop my full stops where I like ‘ gives you an idea of what I meanThis is a great read aloud book suited to KS2 children and has some really uniue illustrations and photographs that bring each page to life Would I recommend it? Of course I would If only to see read and believe it for yourself Enjoy

  3. Sandra Gerrits Sandra Gerrits says:

    The only reason I didn't give the book 5 stars is that there are a few poems 'I don't get' Luckily there are only two or three of them so I can live with it The other poems I love I read and reread them over and over again and i still think they're brilliant So 5 stars for most2 stars for a few

  4. Mathew Mathew says:

    First published in 1994 Zephaniah's poems are as fresh and relevant as they were back then With topics ranging from veganism to protecting the planet and all life on it this collection of poems provides a wonderful blend of performance poetry that can be enjoyed by all He provokes conversations on the monarchy he was ALWAYS going to refuse that OBE it's clear in his words right here and he has some strong yet affecting thoughts on consumerism and preservation of our wonderful planet I loved it

  5. Sophie Sophie says:

    “Talking Turkeys” – Benjamin Zepheniah“Talking Turkeys” is a collection of short poems that do not reuire prior knowledge and are accessible to many readers recommended for mid upper KS2 Zepheniah’s style is uniue and engaging for readers and the poems can be read singularly or as an anthology The collouial and informal tone of the poems lends themselves to being an alternative choice for fulfilling the NC task of learning a text by heart and reciting performing it“Greet Tings”The poem consists of greetings in 28 different languages The poem could therefore be displayed in the classroom to encourage children to greet each other or answer the register in a different language The poem also increases awareness of other languages and identifies a similarity across cultures greetings“According To My Mood”Highlights creativity in writing and the ability to use poetry to ‘break the rules’ Could facilitate discussion around having a creative outlet in writing and being able to express yourself and your emotions“Who’s Who”This poem is only 7 lines long but powerfully challenges stereotypes about who can pursue certain careers The poem could be used in literacy lessons with children writing their own poems about something they’ve changed beliefs about but could also be used in PSHE discussions surrounding gender race stereotypes“I”This poem is very short and raises the discussion of boys showing emotion and crying The poem would be a useful tool in a PSHE discussion surrounding managing emotions and supporting others

  6. Jane Scholey Jane Scholey says:

    Love these poems

  7. Tamsin Tamsin says:

    This is a great read and will put a smile on your face You can really feel the rhythm of each poem running through and that is what I enjoyed most about this collection of poetry Although there were some poems that I couldn't connect with I feel that with this collection the poems are meant to be read aloud instead of read Some of my favourites included'Little Sister' Sweet and clever poem 'Vegan Delight' I loved the rhythm in this one and how all the words just rolling off one another'Who's Who' a fun simple poem about the traditional views of gender and roles

  8. Chloe Stephenson Chloe Stephenson says:

    Talking Turkeys is a collection of poetry by Zephaniah who is a Jamaican children’s poet The front cover of the book is highly engaging and colourful Zephaniah is depicted with his arm around a turkey who is wearing Jamaican accessories This wacky image with engage and stimulate children to want to read the book allowing them to gain confidence with this non standard form of poetry Zephaniah uses lots of informal and conversational language which is not usually what you typically expect to find in traditional poetry Zephaniah’s incorporate his Jamaican patois breaks standard rules of grammar for example ‘there’ is written ‘dere’ and includes a variety of bold lettering and large font The style is collouial and informal which reflects how children speak to other another outside the classroom when in the playground for example Children enjoy rhymes songs and texts which have a rhythm all of which are catered for in this poetry book This approach will allow children to get excited about poetry and engage them at a young age This collection of poems could be used both with KS1 and 2 as it covers a wide variety of topics which children will have experience with for example little sister dinosaurs sweets and heroes

  9. Eloise Battey Eloise Battey says:

    I absolutely love poetry and this love was sparked when I discovered Benjamin Zephaniah and his work I actually have my own signed copy of this book as I use to always attend live performances of Zephaniah performing his work in which I would also bring my pile of his poetry books to The poem in this book ‘talking turkeys’ may be my favourite Zephaniah poem as it is so fun to read and I love the way in which Zephaniah manages to throw his voice into the book by the way in which he writes and words that he uses ‘Be nice to yu turkeys dis Christmas’ The types of poems that Zephaniah writes are so different and I think this demonstrates to children that poems should allow you to write about absolutely anything that you want to This book in particular also tells the reader a lot about Zephaniah and his personal life which I think is really nice for children and helps them to feel connected to the author

  10. Carli Vallance Carli Vallance says:

    A vibrant compendium of rhythmic poetry this book is a fun read Zephaniah writes with a jovial Jamaican twang and illustrates with a creative typeface and playful images Politics veganism and animals are prominent themes touched upon with varying weight and humour Zephaniah’s words provoke and invoke; he challenges the reader to uestion societal ideals but also encourages compassion and euality I think Talking Turkeys would be a brilliant book to use in KS2 classrooms with the focus on reading out aloud and creative writing ‘Beyond de bell’ is a brilliant poem about bullying and ‘A day in the life of Danny the cat’ inspires imagination Although the collouialisms ‘dere waz’ make this book accessible to children and enjoyable to read care should be taken addressing the potentially confusing grammar and punctuation

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