Mated with the Cyborg Cy Ops #2 ePUB Ç Mated with

Mated with the Cyborg Cy Ops #2 ePUB Ç Mated with

  • ebook
  • 141 pages
  • Mated with the Cyborg Cy Ops #2
  • Cara Bristol
  • English
  • 10 July 2015

10 thoughts on “Mated with the Cyborg Cy Ops #2

  1. Marta Cox Marta Cox says:

    I enjoy cyborg stories now and then and uite frankly just love being taken away from my normal reality so when I saw this title I thought I'd give it a go Now I've seen this authors name recommended but until now had not read any of her work I should point out this is the second book in this series but I had no trouble understanding what was going onSo we have Kai a Terran cyborg disguised as an android to infiltrate an enemy space station No one previously has managed to get close to the terrorist forces so his mission to get information is crucial His cover is that of a bodyguard for Mariska the daughter of the General but when Kai learns that Mariska is about to come to a very sticky end his conscience won't let him ignore her plightMariska knows that she is ugly because after all no one can bear to look at her Hiding her hideous face behind a veil she wishes only to serve and perhaps one day be a credit to her father Her chance to serve the greater good comes when she is sent to be a concubine as part of a deal her cruel father has made What Mariska hadn't expected though is to be virtually kidnapped by what she thought was an android Mariska is about to learn so much about the world she was hidden from and even about herselfIt's impossible not to like Mariska as her life has been truly abysmal and yet she valiantly puts herself out there The race that have raised Mariska are misogynistic in the extreme and females are little than chattels and yet still Mariska remains loyal and obedient Mariska had thought that her android was perhaps malfunctioning occasionally and had no idea of the truth he hid What follows is revelation after revelation as Kai saves Mariska from a gruesome fate only to discover that sometimes what you believe isn't actually the truthI've unfortunately read something recently that had a very similar plot to this but I thought Ms Bristol made real effort to create a different world that felt both futuristic and believable We mainly learn about things outside Mariskas narrow world through Kai and his fellow cyborgs This is sexy sci fi with an innocent heroine and a protective hero and I wasn't too sure that I liked Mariskas sudden advances towards Kai However when I thought about it and realised that for Mariska to finally be seen as a woman and not a pariah the chance to experience a closeness that's been denied previously was something she needed to experience Hey Kai is totally onboard with that idea yes he finds Mariska very attractive but than that he simply wants her to know what it's like to be truly adored What elevates the romance between this couple is the unintended challenging of Mariskas beliefs and the time they spend together the Mariska uestions her own indoctrination I would happily read by this author and although it is a hot storyline it wasn't as totally focused on the sex scenes as others of this ilk Interesting supporting characters although admittedly we didn't learn much about them here but the banter and wit added greatly to my enjoyment This works very well as a standalone but at times I wasn't too keen on certain word choices eg staffer which I presumed meant staff but minor niggles aside the author brought drama action and romance together oh and of course my favourite a happy ending I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review

  2. Sophia Sophia says:

    My blogging partner read the first book in this series and it put the author and series on my radar I love a good cyborg romance with a strong amount of action and intrigue I took the chance that I could jump in with book two and it ended up working out with brief references to the hero from book oneThe story starts out with Kai Andros a Terran cyborg deeply embedded in a shadow ops mission on the space station of an alien terrorist race He is thought to be the bodyguard android of the general's youngest daughter Mariska It is the best chance anyone has gotten so far to infiltrate and gain intel on the terrorists that will hopefully lead to gaining the location of the race's enigmatic and powerful leader So far his mission hasn't produced any significant information The girl is just a mission until he learns what her evil father plans for herMariska is a pariah amongst her people and an embarrassment to her own father Her physical deformities are kept hidden behind head scarves and she is hidden away Her lonely existence changes when her father calls her to him and tells her that he is sending her to another race as a concubine in exchange for the possibility of establishing a base in the other race's territory Mariska is excited to finally have the chance to make her father proud and maybe be accepted so she eagerly embraces her new circumstancesKai knows that the mission is critical and that one woman's life against the potential of many lives saved shouldn't be considered But knowing the fate of this innocent young woman weighs on him particularly since her own father is the one sending her to her painful death Kai may be cyborg but he is still also very human He chooses to defy his orders and save Mariska He will now be hunted by friend and foe But as he gets to know Mariska he knows it is worth itAlright so this is fairly typical of its type sexy cyborg soldier vulnerable woman a mission exciting battles the rescue the forbidden passion and romance yep all good I eat this stuff up But that said the author took the time to develop the world around this pair and give them backstories with depth Kai has knocked around the galaxy and seen it all He stays pretty open minded about stuff until he encounters a race that aren't just narrow minded but insist it is their way or else Mariska totally drank the Kool Aid about her own race and culture even if it's oppressive and many suffer under the regime She isn't cruel and hasn't harmed anyone but she believes that she deserves no better Honestly the situation was something going on in our world right now religious extremists terrorism opposing idealsring a bell? And this does play a strong role in the storyMariska is a bit of an innocent because of being kept ignorant and sheltered but the one piece of education she does get? Seduction and pleasure Oh yeah Kai wasn't disappointed by how well she learned those lessonsAnd Kai he's an honorable soldier and loves what he does but he has a crisis of conscience when he must choose between his mission and Mariska's certain death He is exciting and passionate the total hero who will take the conseuences for his actions protect the innocent and fight hard He is good for Mariska because he challenges her thinking without being intentionally cruel He has great camaraderie with his fellow cyborg soldiers Incidentally I would love to get Dale's storySo I was well pleased by this cyborg romance and would definitely read of the series Those who enjoy encountering alien races strong sexy cyborg soldiers and passion amongst the stars should give this one a goI received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

  3. Merry Merry says:

    I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Ahhh Kai and Mariska A precious bond that was just meant to be no matter what All the to feel so invested in these two characters Kai is on a vital mission but he doesn't hesitate to ignore orders to prevent a fate worse than death befalling Mariska the daughter of the evil and cruel General Obido who inexplicably at first means her harmJust like the first book in the series this story once again delivers with edge of the seat action and excitement where we're drawn into Kai and Mariska's dangerous predicament first by hope and then by dire circumstances where there seems no way out Kai is the perfect man machine He's a dedicated and deadly soldier but also a tender and considerate lover His responses to Mariska's innocence and inner strength are dazzling Despite leading a very sheltered life Mariska is no shrinking violet instead showing foresight and pragmatism in the face of the myriad threats thrown at her There's also humour Pick me hearty comradeship enter Dale and red hot steaminess to counter the unspeakable actions of the General and his cohorts I love spaceships too especially those euipped with amazing and secret capabilities so this book was a double winner cyborgs of course being the main attraction A heartwarming HEA for Kai and Mariska as well as Mariska's reunion with a precious long lost relative heaps the icing on this delicious cakeI was so pleased to see Cara's comment on another review that Dale's story will be next I can't wait Janai would be a most worthy mate but in any case I do hope we get to see of herFive galaxy sized stars for the perfect Science Fiction Romance

  4. Book Snob Sue Book Snob Sue says:

    Loved this book Kai is an undercover Cyborg trying to bring down Mariska’s evil “father” Mariska is treated horribly by her father all his minions wives and kids Her father is getting read to send her to a viscous society where they tear up maim rape and possibly kill their womencharmingpfft so not When Kai hears this he’s torn between going with her to save her or stay and keep his cover for the Cy Ops What will he do???? Lol I couldn’t resist that one he helps save her of courseI wouldn’t keep you hanging like that Mariska is thrown into and gets to see so many new things they head to a friends chop shop to get a new ship then head to a pleasure resort I bet you can guess what happens thereand yes they have some steamy action between the two of them But then her evil “father” finds them and some real action begins Mariska gets answers on her mother her death and a little sibling bondingThis was a great book love a great Cyborg series with a lot of action This was a safe read with a kick ass alpha cyborg and an eually brave female lead a virgin marriage and a honeymoon I would have liked to see an epilogue a little further into the future but I at least got to see some of the honeymoon I am off to read the next oneit’s Dales bookyay my excitement is so real my reading peeps

  5. Paranormal Kiss Paranormal Kiss says:

    25 StarsMated with the Cyborg is the 2nd book in the Cy Ops series but Cara Bristol This can easily be read as a stand alone novel I haven’t read the first book but I had no problems following along For me Mated with the Cyborg was just an okay read It kept losing my interest and I was glad when it was over The story just never grabbed my attentionMated with the Cyborg is centered around an enemy race called the Lamis Odg Not a pleasant group of beings to say the least The hero Kai is a cyborg sent in the infiltrate the inner circle of the Lamis Odg Unfortunately he doesn’t get very far in his uest before he has to make of choice of saving the heroine Mariska or proceeding with his missionThis sci fi romance is evenly paced with romance action and danger ARC Advanced Review Copy received from the Author via NetGalley

  6. Emily Lindsey Emily Lindsey says:

    Addictive and exciting this book is An amazing story this book was hard to put down I actually read it in one sitting I just couldn't stop The plot is full of depth emotion and action and the story unfolds so naturally that you just can't leave it alone The characters are easily some of the easiest to connect with as they deal with the evil general that is leading the terrorists of the galaxy He hates his daughter and helps to ostracize her among their people by continually remarking on her ugliness They live in a violently misogynistic society and she's just happy for any scrap of attention that she can get Then there's the cyborg spy and when I thought the climax of the story happened it was really just leading up to all the cool action and deepening of the story I have to say that this book was one that I overlooked but am so glad that I happened onto it in my kindle and I remember now how much I loved the book that came before it Now I am actively looking for the next one to read next and I am highly recommending that you read this one too Although they are part of a series they each read well independently too

  7. Jody Jody says:

    When it comes to good sci fi it's all about the vividly depicted world so very different from our own and those uniue individuals that inhabit it With her Cy Ops Sci Fi series Ms Bristol has crafted books that nicely blend colorful worlds and uniue gadgetry with memorable characters with thought provoking ideals amidst fast paced action seuencesMariska's been living a life of loneliness reviled for her facial deformity but kept safe from death by a beauty mark believed to be of importance Her only companionship throughout her life has been cyborgs who were to keep her safe but also to make sure she remained under her father's control Her recent cyborg guards though have been acting and human which is just the first of many changes in her life After being mostly ignored by her father she's happy to finally feel important when he chooses to send her to a far away planet to become a concubine to a savage race he wants to curry favor with to further his terroristic agenda With certain death awaiting her the truth about her cyborg her bloodline and her father takes her life in an unexpected direction as vast possibilities are finally within her reach if she can just stay alive Mariska's a sweet young woman who's always been made fun of for what her people see as a deformity of face isolated and kept ignorant of life except for matters relating to sex as is befitting women of her race Her beliefs are strong as is her loyalty which at first makes it difficult for her to accept the truth of her father's vileness and cruelty All she's ever wanted though was to feel loved and have a family of her own which has her burgeoning feelings for Kai throwing all her previously held beliefs in disarray As she grows closer to the man determined to keep her safe she'll find out about herself and find an inner strength she never thought herself capable of It's delightful seeing Mariska come out of her shell and become a bit of a badass as she's earned the right to let loose after a lifetime of oppression Even delightful are the steamy interludes excitingly juggled with edge of your seat action filled momentsKai became a cyborg after becoming disabled from a mission gone awry but swore to protect and serve which had him willing to mechanize his body to become the perfect soldier Kai's always been devoted to the missions given to him and to his fellow cyborg operatives He's never wanted to connect to anyone other than his brethren for fear that those feelings would distract and weaken him After seeing the kind heart Mariska has he knows he can't let her die though and will defy his mission and his future to keep her safe To keep her safe he must earn her trust and while doing so he earns her heart He puts his life on the line repeatedly to keep her safe as he sees her as weak and sheltered but together their strength will get them through every dangerous and pulse pounding moment Kai's immensely sexy but has the tendency to stick his foot in his mouth and isn't exactly a ladies man He's a good man though loyal and with loyal friends willing to jeopardize their jobs for him He's super strong with the brain of a computer and Ms Bristol vividly depicted his cyborg abilities while retaining his humanity At the end of the day he's good looking and charming and just wants to be a hero His connection to Mariska brings out a sweet and playful side to him in a relationship that starts out with him playing the protector but ultimately becoming a mate on eual footing with the woman that awakened his heartThis was an exciting story with unexpected reveals all playing out in a vividly depicted world where the creatures are colorful and the beliefs intriguing The main characters are memorable and become larger than life as their relationship evolves Being together brings out a softer side to the battle ready Kai and turns the uiet and easily moldable Mariska into a feisty woman hungry for knowledge willing to jump head first into every new experience The romance between them does move fast but with danger constantly chasing them it's perfectly believable and adds extra steam for all their desperation in trying to stay alive Surrounding this compelling couple is an intriguing cast of secondary characters whose glimpses we received have me longing to know The loyal friend Brock with his tech knowledge to the pseudo thief Dale who's full of charm are just two whose mysterious pasts need to be told Though this is the second installment in this series it can definitely stand on its own as the overall story arc is just a tiny piece of this epic read Fans of sci fi will enjoy this fast paced read with action packed seuences that kept me furiously turning the pages Lovers of romance will appreciate the sweet and steamy coupling that gives Mariska the chance to be in control and is the first step into making a life of her own choosing Overall this is a book that I highly recommend as it balanced many of my favorite elements into a memorable read with characters I felt fully invested in and that has me excited to return to this cleverly crafted world

  8. Paraphrodite Paraphrodite says:

    35 starsThis is the second book of the series and I really enjoyed it mainly due to the characters of the Hh The world is also expanding with lots of parallels to today's politicalracialreligious climate It'll be interesting to see where the author takes this

  9. Deanna from Deanna& Deanna from Deanna& says:

    I'm going to start off by saying I enjoyed this installment of the series I think it's a series much than the first book Stranded with the Cyborg The characters were much likable and the story was much satisfyingOne thing which really struck me in this story is the focus on Lamis Odg the terrorist organization ? planet ? which is going around terrorizing of course denizens of other planets because they do not subscribe to their beliefs and are considered infidels and therefore need to be destroyed It drew a lot of parallels for me to what we are experiencing today with the extremist groups one in particular who are terrorizing our world on many fronts I found the parallels interesting to ponder and wondered if Ms Bristol did that intentionally she did I certainly enjoyed reading about them and relating them back to our lives todayWith the terrorist group being such a focus of the story I'm really glad they had cyborgs to help fight the fight I kinda wish we had cyborgs too which we would be able to send in to fight and get rid of the threat Of course I had to ask Ms Bristol to give me the recipe for a perfect cyborg I'd like to make one for myselfI loved Kai as a cyborg Of course I didn't know he was masuerading as an android to start and my introduction to him was uite a surprise a lovely one for sure He's everything Ms Bristol said a cyborg needs to be tough strong determined and sexy as heck I'm so fascinated by Ms Bristol's cyborgs I want to know so much about them I was happy to learn about the cyborg technology along the way in this story tooMariska is adorable She's such a down trodden heroine and it's Kai's first reaction to her when he sees her without the veil which captures my attention As I learned about her I had my suspicions about her origin and it was fun to speculate As a heroine though I loved her She was beaten marginalized illiterate and basically kept ignorant of everything around her again much like the women in the society of the extremists in our world where Ms Bristol has drawn her parallels After she is rescued by Kai she starts to emerge from her very sheltered shell Mariska is brave loyal and intelligent only she was never given the opportunity to learn and discover the world the way other women who have not been oppressed have With Kai she finds acceptance respect and also love It was a wonderful thing to watch her blossom as a personThis is a great addition to the series and in my opinion a much better book too I'm excited to see Ms Bristol improving as a storyteller and look forward to the next cyborg I'd like a dozen of them please

  10. Book Gannet Book Gannet says:

    35 stars When I read that this was an erotic sci fi romance I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting much than a sexy space romp – but I was wrong In actual fact not only is there a plot here it’s actually a pretty good one There is sex too before you get the wrong idea but it’s not the be all and end all of the book and although it’s pretty hot it’s not what I would deem erotic In other words this is a sexy sci fi adventure romance and very enjoyable it was tooKai is a cyborg spy used to going deep undercover on missions to eradicate galactic threats Including a terrorist alien species whose religious beliefs grant them superiority over the rest of the universe Kai infiltrates General Obido's space station and gets himself assigned to the General’s daughter in the hopes of learning their secretsBut Mariska doesn’t just know nothing about her father’s plans and plots she doesn’t really know anything about anything at all Isolated and reviled by her own people she’s eager to do her duty and travel across the galaxy to make a strategic marriage But of course nothing is that simple and even though it goes against his orders Kai is willing to step in and save herI liked Kai he’s a cyborg with a conscience – although to be honest his cyborg ness wasn’t all that obvious He’s hard to kill and has a computer in his brain but mostly he’s an alpha male out to protect the beautiful woman in need of his help He’s strong and capable and honourable too A decent heroMariska I found a little tougher to like At first she’s so very innocent and unaware of anything – this isn’t her fault and I could understand the way she tried to cling to the things she knew because admitting that everything she’d ever known was a lie was just too terrifying But aside from her sexual training she doesn’t know anything and I found her a touch too insipid However she definitely comes into her own towards the end She also develops and grows stronger throughout the tale but I was never uite won over by herSo overall this is good the plot is interesting and not afraid of fast action and peril while the characters have some nice chemistry and the sex is hot A little spirit from Mariska – and maybe a touch of curiosity – would have been nice but Kai is compelling enough to make the romance work If you’re looking for some sexy sci fi this definitely ticks the right boxesI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Mated with the Cyborg Cy Ops #2❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Mated with the Cyborg Cy Ops #2 By Cara Bristol ➝ – Kai Andros’s orders were simple Get in Gather the intel on the terrorist organization Get out Then he met her Mariska Beautiful Innocent Ignorant of her father’s atrocities And marked for death Hi Kai the Cyborg Cy Ops ePUB Ò Andros’s orders were simple Get the Cyborg PDF Ì in Gather the intel on the terrorist organization Get out Then he met her Mariska Beautiful Innocent Ignorant of her father’s atrocities And marked for death His orders said nothing about saving her But he did He went off missionCan a rogue cyborg outrun both Cyber Operations and the terrorists to save the woman he loves Mated with the Cyborg is an Mated with PDF \ action packed erotic sci fi romance between a man with a mission with the Cyborg Cy Ops Kindle - and a woman with a secret that jeopardizes their lives and the fate of the galaxy.

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USA the Cyborg Cy Ops ePUB Ò Today Bestselling Author Cara Bristol the Cyborg PDF Ì writes character driven science fiction romance with humor heart and heat She loves introducing new readers to science fiction romance and likes to say she writes sci fi for readers who don’t like sci fi When she’s not writing ha ha ha – she’s almost always writing she enjoys traveling to exotic destinations and chillaxin’ with her favorite reality.