Christmas Wish Hope Falls #125 PDF/EPUB Ì Hope Falls

Christmas Wish Hope Falls #125 PDF/EPUB Ì Hope Falls

Christmas Wish Hope Falls #125 ❮PDF❯ ✅ Christmas Wish Hope Falls #125 Author Melanie Shawn – Bright lightsFameWealth Kyle Austen Reed had it all and his devilishly handsome good looks were known to steal hearts on and off the screen FiredEvictedCaring for a special needs child Aurora Rose’s Bright lightsFameWealth Kyle Austen Reed Hope Falls MOBI ò had it all and his devilishly handsome good looks were known to steal hearts on and off the screen Christmas Wish PDF \ FiredEvictedCaring for a special needs child Aurora Rose’s life wasn’t a Lifetime movie For the courageous and beautiful single mother this was her reality When Wish Hope Falls PDF ´ a meet and greet with an adoring young fan changes both of their worlds Kyle will have to prove that there’s to him than meets the eye and Aurora will need to have faith that after years of just scraping by she is deserving of than just a temporary reprieve from her daily struggle For the movie star and the single mom will a Christmas Wish become their new reality Can be read as a standalone No cliffhanger.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 150 pages
  • Christmas Wish Hope Falls #125
  • Melanie Shawn
  • English
  • 20 August 2014

About the Author: Melanie Shawn

NEW YORK TIMES USA Hope Falls MOBI ò TODAY bestselling author Melanie Shawn is the writing team of sister duo Melanie and Shawna Originally from Northern California Christmas Wish PDF \ they now make their home in So CalGrowing up Melanie constantly had her head in a book and was always working on short stories manuscripts Wish Hope Falls PDF ´ plays and poetry Shawna always loved romance in any form movie song or literary If it was a love stor.

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  1. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    Paige's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews45 starsI love the love at first site that was described in this Christmas novella Just like Aurora and Angel I too fell for Kyle I found Kyle to be demanding yet kind bossy but caring I liked his take charge attitude through this book Auroras and Angel have been on their own for years While this mother daughter have been through many challenges together it's nice to see them both being able to count on support from Kyle and his friends and family This is a sweet Christmas read that will put you into the holiday spirit

  2. Heather Heather says:

    I was provided an ARC by the author for an honest review What a wonderful holiday surprisea novella about none other than Kyle Austen Reed It’s always so great to go back to Hope Falls to visit with all of our old friends but I wasn’t sure if Kyle would ever get his happily ever after or not I’m so happy that he did As Kyle Austen Reed is traveling back to Hope Falls for some downtime around the holidays he makes a stop at a hospital where one of his biggest fans a young lady who is a paraplegic is recovering from a minor medical procedure she’s undergone He is not only taken by the talented girl who has her own YouTube following and can tell him everything and anything about all of the movies he’s been in but he is also captivated by her mother Aurora Rose focuses on nothing in her life but her young daughter She lost her husband seven years earlier in the car accident that also left her daughter permanently in a wheelchair When she finds out that megastar Kyle Austen Reed is coming to visit her daughter she just hopes he doesn’t let her down or end up causing a medical issue by Angel getting overexcited When she feels a spark between herself and the handsome actor she doesn’t believe it could be true nor does she let herself focus on it She has far too many other things to be worried about least of all herself When Kyle comes back to the hospital to see Angel before he leaves town for his trip to Hope Falls he finds a devastated Aurora who has just learned she’s lost her job and been evicted Kyle immediately jumps into action and makes plans to take Aurora and Angel with him to Hope Falls Will he be able to convince Aurora that she belongs with him and that he wants to be a permanent fixture in the lives of her and her daughter? Or will her deep seeded fears of leaning on someone else win out in the end? I couldn’t have loved this story if I tried I’ve always liked Kyle as a character and I felt like this story was a perfect fit for him as were Aurora and Angel Thanks to Melanie Shawn for such an awesome holiday surpriseit sure made my holiday a lot brighter

  3. Anne OK Anne OK says:

    The magic of the Christmas season truly lives inside the pages of this spicy sweet and tender holiday novella that is a part of the Hope Falls Series but I had no difficulty in reading it as a standalone The message is a reminder to all of us that the rewards of giving are far better than receiving In this story Aurora a single mom who has hit rock bottom is doing everything in her power to take care of her 10 year old daughter Angel who sustained paralyzing injuries in a car accident that also took the life of her husband and the child’s father Before returning to Hope Falls for a break over the Christmas holiday movie star Kyle Austin Reed plans on surprising Angel who is his biggest fan with a visit to her in the hospital Needless to say it leads to a bagful of surprises for all three There’s plenty of holiday cheer some big time romancing and lots of unforgettable moments There are dreams to make come true and wishes to grant and Kyle is the perfect Santa to deliver them all plus some surprises of his ownFor a warm and cozy holiday feel this one does the trick

  4. Jamie Rhodes Jamie Rhodes says:

    Welcome back to Hope Falls for all of you who love this series This could be read as a stand alone but I suggest that you read the series because it is so good This uaint little town will pull you in This story is about Kyle a movie star and Aurora a single mother of a special needs child From the beginning you just want to pull Aurora into a big hug and make everything better for her She has struggled so much in her past Kyle instantly is attracted to her and he sets out to get what he wants He is such a sweetie This is a short story of life and love Dual point of view No cliffhangerI received an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  5. Lynn Smith Lynn Smith says:

    Christmas WishAnother fantastic Hope Falls book Aurora was used to being the strong one As sole caregiver to a special needs daughter she could only depend on herself Kyle an A list actor never thought visiting a young girl in the hospital would change his life Sweet and sexy

  6. Abby Abby says:

    Received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest reviewChristmas Wish is written by Melanie Shawn and it's part of the Hope Fall series It can be read as a stand alone novella It features Kyle Austen Reed and Aurora RoseKyle is a popular famous actor He's about to have some downtime for the holiday season in Hope Falls But he has one stop a meet and greet at a hospital with one of his young fans What he didn't realize was that this meet and greet will change his life forever Aurora's daughter Angel is a well articulated happy budding movie reviewer He's charmed by her but at the same time he's drawn to Aurora It was love at first sight for him He wants to get to know both of them Aurora is a single mother She loves Angel and is always there for her She's been missing work to take care of Angel The problem? The same day Aurora got good news that Angel can be released from the hospital she gets fired from her job and finds out they got evicted What is she going to do?Kyle learns Angel got released so he uickly visits her and Aurora But he sees a sight that upsets him Aurora crying and looking helpless When he finds out what happened to Aurora and Angel he uickly remedies the situation and brings them to stay with him in Hope FallsThis is where the story begins Aurora might see this visit to Hope Falls and staying with Kyle as temporary but Kyle wants otherwise He wants permanence and he does everything to show them that Christmas Wish was a wonderful uick read for me I'm picky with novellas due to the shortness of the story and the possibility of having too many characters and a rushed storyline but Melanie and Shawna had a perfect balance I absolutely adored Kyle Aurora and Angel And of course a Hope Falls story wouldn't be complete without a cameo from some of our favorite characters Everyone needs to read this novella

  7. Books and Spoons Books and Spoons says:

    Mon Dieu I love this story And I needed that reminder of Christmas magic abundance of love kindness and generosity that is part of itHope Falls have been since the book one my 'happy place' 'safe place' what ever you want to call it where you escape when life gets too much The people are successful and 'most famous' this and that but really at Hope Falls everyone is just a person a neighbor a friend They are genuine solid honorable honest and kind Just a place where anyone would want to build their lives inI admit I wasn't a fan of Kyle Austin Reed in the previous books I thought he was pretentious and full of himself But as I get to know Kyle the person I love him His big heart kindness generosity honesty and love towards Angel and Aurora took my breath awayAurora is so tough strong and incredible mom I love how she puts Angel first always Even putting her own pride aside for the sake of her child The struggle to let go of the control and let Angel fly free be independent had me in tears How hard it must have been to give Angel that freedom and not guard her every moment to keep her safe The connection between Aurora and Kyle is magical From the first moment it is palpable and it just grows from there The passion is steaming hot beautiful and excited But the caring is even deeper the desire to make the other happy the main goal Angel says at one point that she doesn't believe in Santa well this story was pure magic filled with all the good things that Christmas is all about love sacrifice kindness generosity It made me believe in the magic of Christmas once again I hope you will open up your heart this season and take an emotional and magical ride to Hope Falls with Kyle Aurora and Angel and the rest of the friends from the town Five Spoons

  8. Amalia Amalia says:

    THIS BOOK OMG I think I died a little and fell in love with Kyle This novella is about Kyle Austin Reed and Aurora Kyle is an adopted member of Hope Falls and hasn't been lucky in finding love until now Kyle is looking forward so much needed RR at Hope Falls this holiday season Right before he heads up to Hope Falls he makes a uick stop at a hospital in Sacramento to meet a fan The fan he meets happens to be a little girl named Angel who's a paraplegic and is a big YouTube and vlogger When Kyle meets Angel he is struck in awe of her single mother named Aurora He is smitten with her beauty and is finding a hard time to focus on AngelKyle doesn't want this meet and greet to end so tries to find a away to see them again soon Days past and Kyle is missing the woman and child whom have made feel so real and live Fate had a away to remedy that and bring them together Through the the book Aurora struggles being a single parent facing so many life blows and trying to accept the kindness of Kyle while waiting for the other shoe to drop Will Aurora accept Kyle and everything he has to offer or walk away from a fairy tale happy ending This book reminded me of a Pretty Woman minus the hole hooked thing and also of a real life Matt Damon love story about his wife I died from swooning so muchThis book had everything jammed back in a uick read Despite the fact it was uick read it answered everything and didn't leave you hanging I loved that This book can be read as a stand alone but I highly recommend the entire series It's getting harder to decide which is my favorite book I think this one is going on my list

  9. Sarina Smith Sarina Smith says:

    Christmas Wish was such a lovely romantic story and I was drawn in from the first page Hope Falls has a special place in my heart and it was so nice to see Kyle Austin Reed’s happily ever after It was also nice to see the rest of the gang and see what’s been going on in their lives Opening up a Melanie Shawn Hope Falls book is like going back into my favorite town and I’ll never tire of reading their great love storiesI always thought of Kyle Austin Reed as a celebrity wrapped up in his fame with no time to care about anyone else but himself I was so happy to be proven wrong I didn’t think he would have so much depth and be so caring affectionate generous and loving After seeing the type of character he truly is I was so happy that he was paired off with his perfect match Aurora Aurora is a beautiful protective mama bear to her amazing daughter Angel She not only lost her husband but Angel was also paralyzed with a list of medical issues that prevent her from living a normal life due to a car accident Her main focus has always been to take care of her daughter and the last thing she expects is to fall in loveAurora and Kyle seem like the most unlikely match at first but when you peel away their protective layers you realize they are truly meant to be They discover the gift of true love just in time for Christmas and they finally get to have the family they’ve always dreamed of Their story was so sweet compelling and often times left me in tears Melanie and Shawna truly capture your heart and the holiday spirit in this great addition to the Hope Falls Series

  10. Eileen Eileen says:

    Christmas Wish by Melanie Shawn a novella in the Hope Falls Series stars Kyle Austin Reed movie star extraordinaire At a meet and greet at a hospital with a young fan Angel Kyle is stunned by the beauty of the girl’s mother Aurora Since the accident that killed her husband and left her daughter a paraplegic Aurora has lived a difficult life barely scrapping by to make ends meet On the morning that Angel was to be released from the hospital Aurora was fired and evicted Enter our hero Kyle He happened to go to the hospital to check on them finds out the news and offers them a place to live for a while his home in Hope FallsThis is a love at first sight story Kyle wants to do anything he can for Aurora to make her life easier and provide a better uality of health care for Angel Aurora has taken care of herself and Angel for so long she is unsure of trusting what Kyle is offering Kyle has to figure out how to convince Aurora of his feelings and intent Without spoiling anything Aurora Kyle and Angel find their way to a happily ever after I enjoyed Christmas Wish and was pleased with the way Melanie Shawn found a true love for Hope Falls’ favorite movie star and the way the town adopted Aurora and Angel I highly recommend this book and am looking forward to reading the next story of the Hope Falls seriesI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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