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Reserved PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

Reserved (Love Story, #4) [BOOKS] ✭ Reserved (Love Story, #4) Author Tracy Ewens – If only life were as simple as making a reservationMakenna Rye Conroy was living the dream—amazing husband beautiful new baby daughter—when one night changed everything Almost six years after Adam If only life were as simple as making a reservationMakenna Rye Conroy was living the dream—amazing husband beautiful new baby daughter—when one night changed everything Almost six years after Adam’s death Makenna and her daughter Paige have built a solid happy life together Makenna manages her brother’s trendy restaurant The Yard and helps out at Ryeland Farms the family business all while trying to navigate the world of private school parenting Sure being a single mom has its challenges but she hardly has time to pack her daughter’s lunch in the morning let alone think about dating Travis McNulty the middle child and the biggest disappointment of the McNulty clan is a chef at his best friend’s new restaurant He gave up apologizing for not being the football hero his family wanted a long time ago In fact Travis apologizes for very little these days He loves creating great food it’s of a passion than any job and he lives life on his own terms with as little complication as possible For the past couple years Makenna and Travis have worked alongside each other at The Yard bickering teasing and never taking each other very seriously Until Makenna has her usual reoccurring dream but this time instead of her late husband as the featured man Travis stands in his place Travis may be attracted to his best friend’s sister but she’s a widow and a mother which tops the charts for complicated in his book As the game changes Makenna and Travis with a little help from Paige have to figure out what they are willing to risk to reserve a table for threeNote Each Love Story is a standalone There are some shared characters throughout the books siblings friends etc Closely related books are often distinguishable by the similar covers The book order so far is as follows Premiere Candidate Taste Reserved Stirred Vacancy Playbook Exposure Brew Smooth Tap Blow.

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  1. ☆☆Hannah☆☆ ☆☆Hannah☆☆ says:

    This was a good read Makenna is a single mom that is trying to raise her 5 year old daughter Travis is a man trying to prove to his family that he is happy with his life choices They start off as two people who work together but it leads to Of course there is drama but by the end they get their happy ending

  2. Leigh Kramer Leigh Kramer says:

    I really enjoy Ewens’s books but this one unfortunately didn’t work for me However I was unable to put it down and read it in one day Her characters and plots are super engaging despite the issues I had with this one I also love a good foodie romance and it’s always fun to go behind the scenes of restaurant life Although I found it odd that there weren’t any POC on staff at an LA area restaurantMakenna’s husband died 5 years ago when he was 26 and their daughter Paige was only 5 weeks old They were very much in love While it’s never specifically said how he died it seems as though it was unexpected and it’s understandably taken her a while to even think about dating again If not for a surprise appearance by her coworker Travis in a recurring dream that usually features her husband I’m not sure Makenna would really have thought about dating at all I thought it was an interesting exploration of grief particularly because of how it coupled with Kenna’s unresolved feelings about her mother leaving when she was only 5 years old I really liked Kenna and Travis together for the most part even if I didn’t always understand their actionsHowever there were a few plot decisions I struggled with and problematic content Travis is made out to be a manwhore though he resists this label and there’s slut shaming and disparaging remarks from Kenna and her best friend about the women Travis usually dates When he’s contacted by one of his hookups Trixie Kenna jokes that she has a stripper namewhich really? There’s no call for that much less for their general disdain over Trixie’s reaction that Travis isn’t interested in something In fact the female characters who aren’t related to or best friends with Kenna are generally treated with disdain They’re caricatures which was very disappointing to seeAt one point Kenna looked up Travis’s address in his employee file so she could go to his house unannounced which is a huge violation I don’t care that he’s okay with it It’s a violation all the same and I’d be horrified if anyone ever did that to me Paige is a bit of a plot moppet so your mileage may vary—I tend to prefer my romance be child free I also struggled with why Travis maintained any relationship with his toxic family They’re bullies end of story The ending is what really ruined things for me They’ve been broken up for four weeks and Travis is counseled to show up for Kenna And he does which was great to see and Kenna starts to soften Then they get back together on apple picking day at the farm which she didn’t invite him to attend with only a few pages to spare and barely any communication about what they’re going to do differently this time around The very next day he proposes to her I don’t care that they’ve known each other for a few years They barely dated and they’ve been broken up for a whole month They both need therapy and they both need time to actually date for a while and work through their issues together as a couple Yes I’m sure they’ll be fine in the long run but this engagement was way too prematureCW heroine’s husband died 5 years ago cause unclear grief panic attack parental abandonment hero’s girlfriend cheated on him with his brother toxic family gender based insults eg calling a man a psy fat shaming remarks use of “powwow” sexism slut shaming brief reference to side character’s uncle who died of a heart attack past knee injury side character announces pregnancy and briefly references past miscarriage

  3. Char (1RadReader59) Char (1RadReader59) says:

    Your young off at college and meet the man of your dreams You finish college but oh yeah you run off to Vegas first and get married Then the next thing you know you are pregnant Makenna Rye Conroy and he her husband Adam were young and in love but scared but excited too Five weeks after giving birth Adam passes away Makenna is left to raise Paige as a single mother It was a good thing she had the family she did and the family business to keep her busy too You see she’d already had been living at the farm so she just continued Her brother Garrett was running the farm with her father so that helped Jason lived in Seattle with his best friend Travis McNulty As for her mother she ran out on them with some rich dude when she was five Her brother had decided to open a restaurant using fresh items from the farm and there at the restaurant where they had a garden He asked Travis to be a part of it Being that Jason and Travis are great chefs in their own right you can see how it can only stand to reason the success of their restaurant The first time Travis meets Kenna he feels a connection but then he thinks it’s due to knowing her brother and her situation But then it happens every time he’s around her Travis doesn’t do complications due to his family dynamics He’s a kiss and run kind of guy but he is up front Kenna is friendly with her brother’s best friend ribs him like her brother’s and Travis likes it until she stops and she won’t make eye contact And all he can do is think about her On top of that Paige her daughter had already found a place in his heart was now creating a creator You see a couple times that they were at the restaurant she forgot her lunch pail The next morning when she picked it up in a rush it was filled with a homemade lunch all Travis Now though at 5 she was sending “My Travis” as she called notes with XOXO and happy faces and reuests for lunch Yup he was a goner But Kenna also knows Travis is a player And When she once again has what she thought would be the same dream she had been having since Adam died should be it isn’t its Travis That freaks her out That can’t be because although he’s nice he is a manwhore It’s due to family issues he’s running from what he feels for both Kenna and Paige One part that’s major is that his ex married his brother Yup So against marriage and family in general not at all for him for sure I can get when that when it happens to you Okay but it’s time to forgive or move on As time moves on Travis continues to bonds with Paige and with Kenna When Kenna stops talking it all of a sudden becomes a huge problem I love Makenna’s daughter Paige She is so sweet and pure in spirit She is such an open little thing She brings a life and laughter to this story There is a lot of emotional issues from their past they need to walk through Kenna was the one that runs in this book which was interesting so you will have a good time seeing this through as to how the work it out to get their HEA I give this 5 stars Provided by netgalleycom Follow us at www1rad readerreviewscom

  4. ButtonsMom2003 ButtonsMom2003 says:

    A wonderful love story and so much I am an idiot Why? Because I’ve had this book in my library for several months and just now got around to reading it I read books 2 and 3 in this series and enjoyed them; they were both 4 star reads for me But this one raised the bar and I can’t stop thinking about it; I will have a book hangover for a while The story has all of my favorite elements rolled into one romance – friends to lovers second chances a brother’s best friend redemption of a man whore family relationships – and it’s not at all overdoneEach book in this series stands alone no cliffhangers but the characters from other stories make an appearance and there are family relationships between the main characters of each storyMakenna’s husband died 5 years ago and she has to be a rock for the sake of her 5 year old daughter She’s organized and keeps things running smoothly at her brother’s restaurant The YardTravis is a chef at The Yard and her brother’s best friend He’ll never measure up in his family’s eyes – they think he’s just a cook – so he stopped trying a long time ago After a bad breakup he decided that playing the field was safer – until MakennaThese two MCs main characters have been dancing around each other for a couple of years Makenna is afraid to upset the balance she has found in her life since her husband died and Travis doesn’t want to suffer the pain of another failed relationship But things between the two of them are changingMs Ewen’s storytelling in this book was captivating Her writing is rich and descriptive and flowed wonderfully – I didn’t want to put it down I know some people don’t like to read books that make you cry but I do and this one had me balling my eyes out in places Reserved is a perfect example that a book doesn’t have to be full of explicit sex and coarse language to be great That’s not to say that there are no curse words at all – the f bomb is there 5 times but the book is nearly 300 pages long so I consider that minor I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this story to just about anyone unless they are totally out of touch with modern times I should note that I have nothing against books with explicit sex and coarse language – I read a lot of them – but I know some people do and that’s why I mention that this one is pretty cleanBravo to Ms Ewen for penning a wonderful story I look forward to reading the next book in this seriesARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my review

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    Rating 35I received a free ecopy from the author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewMinor spoilersSeveral years after her husband's passing Makenna Rye thinks she's ready to get back into the dating world She knows that she needs only the best of men for her daughter Paige and won't settle for anything less Kenna works at her brother's restaurant The Yard and her and one of the chefs Travis have always had a fun teasing relationship Travis and Kenna both realize that maybe there's some sort of deeper attraction there but neither uite know how to deal with it Travis doesn't think he's worth of Kenna's love but he wants her so badly However he knows that he loves both Kenna and Paige and is willing to give it a shot After one kiss things heat up uickly for the new couple but as with all couples things don't exactly stay perfect for long and they need to figure things out for themselves before they can be with each other one hundred percentWhen I saw this book in an email from Netgalley I immediately reuested it I had read another of Ewens's novels Taste and liked it well enough that I decided to give this book a try I had already met all the characters in this book from Taste and I was interested in getting to see Makenna have her happily ever after since she was one of my favourite characters from Taste I liked her the same in this book and especially enjoyed reading about her daughter Paige since she's just so cute and such a smart child I also liked getting into Travis's mind since I was curious about him in Taste and we get of a backstory for him hereI uite liked the pace the story was going at but around three uarters of the way through it slowed down and only picked back up towards the very end The end was uite cute and I had to suppress my smile because I was with my family and didn't want them all uestioning what I was reading However I expected to be a bit emotional but I wasn'tOverall I think I enjoyed this one than Taste I liked reading from Makenna and Travis's point of view and I'm hoping that the next book in the series will be available on Netgalley Even though this series hasn't gotten super high ratings from me I'm still excited to see what's next This can be read as a standalone if you wish so if you're looking to read this book you can reuest it from Netgalley here

  6. Connie N. Connie N. says:

    Thank you to NetGalley for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review#4 in the Love Story romance seriesI'd rate this 45 stars if I could This was definitely a feel good book Makenna and Travis the main characters were great strong and warm and amusing but they had definite issues that made them human Plus Makenna's 5 year old daughter Paige was adorably precocious although I wonder if that age child can really read and understand at the level she was supposedly studying about wild animals etc And the owner of the restaurant Logan is Travis's best friend and Makenna's brother Add in her father and other brother and this group of people is very close loving and totally intertwined I loved the whole bunch of them Travis has the reputation of a player and he's messed up by his family's dedication to sports and disrespect for his career Makenna is a young widow who is used to making it on her own Despite the obvious close friendship they share she is gunshy about starting again especially with someone who is so out of her league But they can't help their feelings and the reader is definitely rooting for them to succeed I found it interesting to see a little bit behind the scenes in the restaurant business too I haven't read any books by this author before but there was no trouble keeping the characters straight and understanding which ones had been the stars of previous books I will definitely look for the other books so I can fill in the blanks and continue with this entertaining series

  7. lf lf says:

    Single Mom and Perpetual BachelorReserved is a friends to lovers to story between Makenna and Travis They have known and worked with each other for years in her brother's restaurant She is a widow with a young daughter who has been trying to keep life simple and predictable so that she can manage it She also has stayed away from all relationships Travis works as the chef at the restaurant and is a bonafide bachelor He also knows that as Makenna is off limits because of her brother and his best friend but also because her life is just too complicated or at least according to him Makenna and Travis have of a brothersister relationship with the way they interact with each other But some things start shifting and as much as they each try to fight it they find themselves headed towards an actual relationship But there is Paige to be considered and what will she think This is a sweet story of two people who are right for each other but have only every looked at each other in one wayuntil that view starts to shift This is an easy story with no drama But to me it did read rather slowly and there could have been some editing as situations seemed to repeat themselves a few times at least in the general sense However I did enjoy reading Reserved by Tracy Ewens I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review My opinions are all my own

  8. Jennifer Olivas Jennifer Olivas says:

    Love is definitely on the menu at The Yard Makenna Rye is a woman who lost her husband around five years ago and now she is raising her daughter Paige on her own and managing her brother Logan’s restaurant The Yard She seems like she is content with being single until she starts having dreams about her brothers business partner Travis McNulty He and Logan are both highly talented chefs She won’t deny that Travis is attractive but he seems like a bit of a player which is something she needs to avoid She can’t deny he is a good person though He always makes a lunch for her daughter Paige without asking and that just makes her little girls day The problem is Makenna is having a hard time keeping him in the friend zone because she can’t deny the attraction she feels for him To make it worse she finds out that he has been attracted to her too for a long time Can she get over her past and his list of former trysts in order to give them a chance? Can Travis deal with all of his family drama and past hurts in order to bring 100% to the table and be the best man he can for Makenna and Paige? This was such a sweet slow burn romance I was totally rooting for them from the start This was a touching and heartwarming story Now I need to read the rest of the series I did receive a copy of this book from Hidden Gems and this is my honest review

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    McKenna Travis and Paige I loved this book This is my favourite of this series of love stories from Ms Ewens MaKenna has suffered loss in its worst form left a young widow with a very small baby she has to learn to live again whilst at the same time caring for her new little person Despite it all she and Paige have a great life Paige is delightful and a lot of fun with some great little one liners She is adored by all the members of her extended family and has her uncles wrapped around her little 6 year old finger Her ‘My Travis’ also has a huge place in her heartTravis has been on the sidelines since college He is happy running an up and coming restaurant with his best friend Logan Makenna’s brother Travis can’t imagine settling down he is always straight with any women no commitmentBut without noticing the 2 leading ladies in his life MaKenna and Paige have slipped under his radar and what he thought was a healthy respect for the single mum is turning into something completely out of his control Will his admiration from afar remain just that or will a recurring dream with a difference open Makenna’s eyes to new possibilities and a new love filled future for her and PaigeI received an arc from hidden gems and I am choosing to leave a review

  10. Lauren Lauren says:

    4 ARC Review – Another great Tracy Ewens StoryI enthusiastically reuested this ARC from Hidden Gems once I saw the author Through their ARC program I have become a big fan of this author This book did not disappoint This is the third book I have read by this author and I enjoyed it from beginning to end The style of her writing and her characters had me glued to the story This is the story of Travis and Makenna who work together in his best friend and her brother’s restaurant Their relationship is subtle at first and as they both see that it could be it grows Although Travis is a bit of a manwhore he decides to give up his prior ways to have a chance with Makenna She on the other hand is a single mother who was widowed early in her marriage and is looking to possibly start dating now that it has been five years Her daughter Paige is a great addition as a character and seems to be rooting for them as she refers to him as “My Travis”They are a great couple and it is an interesting story to how their relationship stumbles and how they work out their issues I really enjoy a story where both parties realize they need to work on themselves as well as the relationship This author does have a gift for writing characters that are relatable and interesting Another great story

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