Dawn Over Dayfield PDF Ë Dawn Over PDF \ Ebook

Dawn Over Dayfield PDF Ë Dawn Over PDF \ Ebook

  • ebook
  • 200 pages
  • Dawn Over Dayfield
  • Karenna Colcroft
  • 04 November 2016
  • 9781634764667

8 thoughts on “Dawn Over Dayfield

  1. Otila Otila says:

    This book took me awhile to get through I found the writing very repetitive and mystery slow paced I also found that some of the characters’ actions made no sense at allAndy Forrest is adopted and he goes to the town of Dayfield to find out about his birth parents He goes to the Historical Society where he meets historian Weston This is my first problem Andy insists that he doesn’t want to meet his parents and that the only reason he’s even looking into his biological family is because his adoptive father convinced him he needed to find out about any genetic medical conditions I’m not sure why Andy would think that the Historical Society would be a good place to find out about his biological family’s medical historyAnyway as Andy starts to dig through his family history he starts to uncover things that the town’s residents would rather stayed buried This is when things get hostileand also repetitive Whenever Andy or Weston discovered something new they had a recap of everything they’d uncovered before Soon I was skimming over parts because I was just reading the same facts over and over againWeston’s father was another character that I could not make any sense out of his actions Secrets that he had kept for thirty years are just spilled out over pizza with very little prompting Things that they probably never would have been able to prove I don’t understand why he would risk everything just to give Andy closure?Overall this was disappointing read Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  2. CrabbyPatty CrabbyPatty says:

    425 stars Dawn Over Dayfield centers on two sets of mysterious deaths in the Massachusetts town of Dayfield – one in 1892 and the second in 1985 Andy Forrest comes to town to learn about his biological father Vardon Chaffee and with the help of town historian Weston Thiebault discovers he died in a suspicious car accident shortly after Andy was born and placed up for adoption Why did Jason Thibeault Weston’s uncle and Vardon’s friend leave town shortly afterwards? Oliver Chaffee and Larry Thibeault died in the 1892 factory fire trapped in a room due to a sabotaged fire door Why were they together in the factory after hours?The strength of this well written book is the tight plot that keeps your attention as Andy and Weston learn about the deaths and the extent to which townsfolk will go to keep their secrets Their fledgling romantic relationship is secondary to the mystery with just a few scenes but their bond is strong Colcroft keeps all the various subplots – past and present – moving together without feeling too rushed or convoluted but I would have liked a bit time spent on the relationship between Weston and his father A very enjoyable read with a strong mystery plot I received an ARC from DSP Publications via GayBook Reviews in exchange for an honest reviewReview also posted at GayBook Reviews

  3. Ije the Devourer of Books Ije the Devourer of Books says:

    Andy Forrest travels to the small town of Dayfield to find out about his birth family He doesn't feel he has missed out in life because he was brought up by loving adoptive parents but the loss of his adoptive mother awakens a curiosity in him and a need to explore his rootsBut the town of Dayfield is not what he thought it would be He meets hostility and unfriendliness from the townspeople because his birth family owned the local factory and with the closing of the factory many livelihoods were lost The town has never recovered and the resentment has festered over the yearsAndy finds a reliable source of town history in the library and is helped by the librarian who focuses on the local historical society Weston Thiebault is keen to assist Andy in his search for his roots but Weston is also well aware of the rancour that exists in the town and the hatred towards Andy's birth familyAndy refuses to allow the hostility to distract him from his task He just wants to know about his birth father but as he begins to read through reports and articles he realises that there was to his father's death than has been publicly acknowledged and his father's death may have been murder and not an accident There is also another murder in the town history which may have been covered up and there are even secrets surrounding the death of his birth motherWith Weston's help Andy begins to dig further and ask uestions in order to uncover the truth but the small town of Dayfield seethes with resentment and this is a resentment that may place both Andy and Weston in DangerI thought this story was ok It wasn't too dramatic and it was a rather easy to solve mystery but it wasn't boring just rather mild By that I mean that it isn't a really complex or convoluted plot and it didn't have a real feeling of suspense I began to guess the reasons for the murders when I was only half way through the story As Andy and Weston push for the truth there is an expectation that something will happen to them but the expectation didn't set my heart racing It felt very matter of fact with little tension It is a good story for anyone who wants a simple mystery with the beginnings of a romance and a frisson of dangerBut for me it lack the hard edge that I like in my mystery novels I wasn't particularly enthused by the main characters either On the one hand Andy wants to know about his birth parents but he isn't interested in meeting his birth grandmother who is still alive He is determined to get to the bottom of things but at the same time regrets stirring up trouble for Weston Weston faces the shocking realisation that his family members may have been involved in murder but he doesn't bother to report this to the authorities even though police do investigate historic crimes Although it was a nice enough story I was left feeling something was missingA nice enough story and mystery but not a real favourite with me Copy provided by DSP Publications via NetGalley in exchange for a review

  4. Tiina Tiina says:

    I received this novel as a freely accessible e ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinionDawn Over Dayfield by Karenna Colcroft features Andy Forrest who visits the town of Dayfield to find out about his birth father While researching the historical records he meets the local History Society archivist Weston Thibeault Together they attempt to unearth secrets the town wants to keep buried The novel is part mystery part romance and the latter part I really did enjoy despite the fact it developed kind of fast However considering the events it is actually sort of believable Very refreshingThe writing style was fairly decent and for the majority of the book I was engrossed in the plotline Unfortunately there was a lot of repetition about the townsfolk absolutely hating Andy’s family which is the main premise of the novel A contributing factor to this hatred was that the factory which had always been extremely important to the town had been owned and bankrupted by Andy's birth father's family Although it is understandable that this would have a huge impact on the town it just didn't make sense why the residents' hatred of the owners would extend to a son who was adopted and had never even visited the area before Especially since there was a living member of the family the protagonist’s biological grandmother but she was left completely alone and then swiftly forgotten about in the narrative If a person is really interested in the family history then visiting the actual grandmother would make the most sense no? Then again maybe I missed an explanation about why that wasn’t done I also felt that the last third of the book was just too rushed and things didn’t make sense any The mystery aspect was really the biggest weakness perhaps Everything seemed to be very predictable and obvious – and I’m not even that seasoned of a mystery reader The big “showdown” towards the end just felt extremely random and I got the sense that all the build up didn’t lead anywhere Some loose ends were then suddenly mentioned and tied up in the last chapter so I was left dazed and confused as to the aim of the aforementioned climactic scene Having read plenty of Nora Roberts I know that suspense in romance books can be done extremely well which is where this novel fell slightly short in my opinionAll in all even though I was interested in the events of the novel until the very end I just felt that this particular mystery left a lot to be desired I do no regret reading it but the novel itself was average hence the three stars However I would definitely be interested in trying out the author’s other gay romances

  5. Lisa The Novel Approach Lisa The Novel Approach says:

    45 Stars I had passed this book up several times—I don’t know if it was the title or what—but then I decided to take a chance and Karenna Colcroft has got me hooked Dawn Over Dayfield is in the MysterySuspense category but it’s also dark and disturbing The plot has so many twists and turns it just kept me rivetedRight away as Andy Forrest drives into Dayfield he already has a bad feeling about things All he wants to do is find one simple answer about his biological parents’ health issues just to ease his adopted father’s mind He has no interest in meeting his birth parents though because he was given up thirty years ago and is comfortable with who he isHe meets Weston Thibeault who works at the library as the historian and they start to uncover some horrific facts about the Chaffee and Thibeault family connection which stems back to the 1800s The secrets that are uncovered the Weston and Andy find themselves in dangerWeston’s character was the one that I really felt bad for He put his life and education on hold to stay and help his mother take care of his ailing father I think the secrets and lies that his father harbored were part of his illness and they eventually destroyed what family relationship existedAndy and Weston’s relationship is not exactly a HEA Both have to struggle with what happened in Dayfield but they both are willing to try and work out things with the support and love of each otherDawn Over Dayfield is a good story about a small town and the people who were destroying themselves because of fear desperation bigotry and secrets It is well written with suspense and tension filled moments and there were uite a few characters that made the story creepy The only thing I found that got a little repetitive were the clues but it still was a page turner for meReviewed by Maryann for The Novel Approach Reviews

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book I like that there wasn't a lot of overtly sexual behavior between the lead characters Their actions were almost innocent in nature Their relationship centered around how they were feeling toward each other and not because they were sexually frustratedalthough they probably were I like how the author created three generations of intermingling between Andy and Weston's family I liked the story overall I wish there would have been details about the previous generations their interactions and explanations for their behavior I'd like to imagine that Weston and Andy stayed together I'd love to read a second book a preuel so to speak from the POV of the previous generations because there has to be to the story and I really want someone to beat up old man Chaffee He's a jerk

  7. Daniel Mitton Daniel Mitton says:

    Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the author publisher for an honest reviewI picked this book up because of the Massachusetts angle As a native New Englander I’m always a sucker for a book set in the region where I’m from I’m glad I got to read and review this one It was a nice change from some of the heavier fantasy type books that I’ve been reading lately I’m not saying it was fluff though so don’t get me wrong Dawn Over Dayfield is in my opinion a mystery with an mm story line added in as an aside not the whole subject of the book If you’re looking for a straight on romance this one isn’t it But if you’re like me and like a story outside the romance you’ll enjoy itAndy Forrest was adopted days after his birth nearly 30 years ago His adopted mother has just died of a genetically passed issue that no one knew she had so Andy’s adopted Dad has encouraged Andy to find out about his biological Father and birth Mother All he has is their names and where they were from at the time of his birthWhen Andy arrives in Dayfield Massachusetts he is greeted warmly by Weston Thibeault the town’s only openly gay man who also happens to be the one in charge of the local Historical SocietyThrough Weston’s help he will discover than he expected to about his family history Along the way he will run into stiff opposition from the rest of the small town He is the spitting image of his father and small towns have long memoriesand they protect their ownWeston will also learn things he never knew about his own family and how they’ve helped keep secrets for the last 125 yearsI highly recommend this book I enjoyed it The pieces fit together as the story went along though I will say I guessed a good portion of the mystery pieces before they were reached in the story I think the story is well written the characters were well fleshed out and it was an interesting read The only negativeI really think the total recluse Grandmother would have added a lot to the story but she was never visited Regardless pick up the book if you’re into a small town mystery type story I’m sure you’ll enjoy it

  8. Theodora IK Theodora IK says:

    Unrelated but worth mentioning I loved the cover and that's why I bought this book Unfortunately the cover does not show in my kindle In fact a lot of the books I send to kindle do not show cover Weird I liked the mystery element and the creepy town But there was a sense of dissatisfaction at the ending because sure the MCs knew the who how and why but there was nothing to be done and no one to punish It doesn't seem fair It just feels a little too much like real life

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Dawn Over Dayfield[Epub] ➝ Dawn Over Dayfield By Karenna Colcroft – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk After the death of his adoptive mother Andy Forrest decides to track down his biological family The search leads him to the struggling central Massachusetts town of Dayfield—and local historian West After the death of his adoptive mother Andy Forrest decides to track down his biological family The search leads him to the struggling central Massachusetts town of Dayfield—and local historian Weston Thibeault the town’s only other openly gay man With the help of Weston Andy uncovers secrets about his birth father the youngest son of the Dawn Over PDF \ Chaffees the family that once owned Dayfield’s largest employer a furniture factory that closed thirty years earlier As Andy and Weston work together they find a connection to a scandal that rocked the Chaffee family over years ago But small towns like to bury their secrets and many of the older residents of Dayfield will do anything to stop Andy and Weston from discovering the truth about the town and its inhabitants.

About the Author: Karenna Colcroft

Karenna Colcroft is a mother wife and former teacher who began writing romance and erotic romance in and hasn’t stopped since She is multi published in the romance genre and also is published in other genres under a different name In her spare time Oh wait Karenna has no spare time She lives in the Dawn Over PDF \ northeastern United States with her two daughters her real life romance hero husband.