Eternal Mercury eBook Ú

Eternal Mercury eBook Ú

Eternal Mercury ✅ Eternal Mercury PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Elaine Pinter – Can true love survive the boundaries of deathChelsee Taylor has been in love with her boyfriend Max since they started kindergarten together She has no idea that high school graduation will be the las Can true love survive the boundaries of deathChelsee Taylor has been in love with her boyfriend Max since they started kindergarten together She has no idea that high school graduation will be the last perfect day of her life After a tragic car accident she refuses to accept Max's death because she can still feel his presence No one believes her and she is completely alone But all of that changes the moment she meets Blake Andersen It's not just that he believes her or even just that he's so understanding but why is Max's presence so strong when she's with BlakeEternal Mercury is two intertwined books in one Book one follows Chelsee's bittersweet journey and book two uncovers Blake's story of redemption In the end it is Max who will inspire them both to trust fate live life and finish well.

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  1. Jonel Jonel says:

    This novel definitely takes you through an emotional wringer It didn’t just bring tears to my eyes but actually made me cry repeatedly Pinter tackled some very tough topics in a very tactful yet approachable manner that lets you really see them for what they are When all is said and done I want to say that I couldn’t put this novel down but that isn’t entirely true I read part 1 Chelsea’s story in a single sitting and was so emotionally wrung out that I had to force myself to put it down That didn’t last long however and then I was diving headlong into part 2 which I again couldn’t put down If Chelsea’s story broke my heart Blake’s shattered it and then put the pieces back together again This was such a bitter sweet story that you can’t help but for the characters Pinter allows such realism to shine through her story that you can’t help but feel connected to it The contrast between the two parts is phenomenal and highlights how different two sides of a coin can be The author paints brilliant images with her descriptions I uite enjoyed how she replayed the same scenes from each character’s perspective The differences in their views really shines through in the minute differences in the way that they see the world around them By melding their two lives into a single story Pinter really develops the world around these characters There was also a seamless overlap between the two parts of the story There were no discrepancies other than differences in the characters’ perspectives The characters in this novel were also brilliant The main characters were fantastically developed Because the reader gets to know them as they get to know each other they are developed in a natural manner They also grow and change into mature individuals throughout the course of the stories in conjunction with the issues that they must overcome and recover from These two characters are complete opposites yet perfect for each other The supporting cast rounds out this novel well Through Pinter’s development you can really see how they are a family whether or not they are related by blood Overall this novel made me really think about how life can change so completely in the blink of an eye It was an amazing life altering story Even though it was bitter sweet I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone and I am dying to read from this brilliant author Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review

  2. Katie W Katie W says:

    I loved the cover because it was very fitting I was completely blown away by this story because it took me off guard I wasn't expecting to connect to the characters as much as I did I also wasn't expecting to feel so much emotion I hate to cry Oh well some things are worth shedding tears for Chelsee is such a strong and resourceful girl When everything in her world turned upside down she found a way to battle through and come out on top I don't know that I would be that strong She knew what she felt and was very creative in her ways to deal with it even though it broke my heart I said I was blown away by the story when really there were two stories in this book Isn't that always the case two sides to every story? Ha I loved seeing things through Blake's eyes It was such a different perspective yet just as moving Blake changed so much through his unexpected journey and it really did seem like Fate was dealing him a hand A lot of Blake's story was a repeat of Chelsee's but his thoughts were different I didn't mind it because I loved the story so muchThere was one thing that really took me by surprise I don't want to give things away but this donor condition is really real Real life people have experience with it I thought it was just some fictional thing but no It's real I was shocked by that when I googled it and read stories of others experiences I loved the way things all came together PerfectContent Technically clean aside from a car wreck scene and some language especially in Blake's story Hey he is a rock star

  3. Melanie Melanie says:

    Chelsee Taylor's life is perfect She is graduating from high school has great family and friends and a fantastic boyfriend Max A tragic car accident changes everything Max dies and she has to find a way to live life without him She still feels his presence which helps her but nobody wants to hear about that; they just want her to move on She meets Blake Andersen and is finally able to find a way to healThis story is fantastic It's really two books in one The first book tells Chelsee's story and the second one tells Blake's I loved getting both sides of the story Chelsee's life was so lonely and difficult after the accident She met Blake a rock star who was the opposite of Max who was a track star but they had one major thing in common I liked learning what that was and how it helped Chelsee and Blake's relationship developWe got clues throughout Chelsee's story of the kind of guy Blake had been in the past so it was interesting to get the same story through his perspective I loved getting Blake's thoughts on some of the conversations they had so I felt like I got a complete story by the end I was also glad to get to know him first through Chelsee because I would have had a harder time with him in the beginning if I didn't already know how much he had changed There are sad events in this book which did make me cry but it's also filled with a lot of hope It's a powerful love story as well as a story about the strength of family and friends and redemption A central theme is the importance of organ donation and how that affects the lives of others I enjoyed this book and it will stay with me for a whileI received a copy of this book via I Am a Reader for an honest review My opinion is 100% my ownMel's Shelves

  4. Kathy Heare Watts Kathy Heare Watts says:

    I won a copy of this book during a Goodreads giveaway I am under no obligation to leave a review or rating and do so voluntarily So that others may also enjoy this book I am paying it forward by donating it to my local library

  5. Natalie Natalie says:

    I received this book for free from the author in exchange for my honest opinion Once I am done bawling like a baby and can think clearly I will write my review for this For now I have this to say This was an AMAZING book But why couldn't he have accepted the heart transplant at the end of the book? My heart is breaking and it's not even a true story Okay okay I know it's been MONTHS since my first part of this reviewI just couldn't handle writing my review I STILL cry sometimes when I think about this book I also still can barely hear Sweet Child Of Mine without wanting to bawl my eyes outsigh The book is divided into two parts The first part is told from Chelsee's point of view and the second part is from Blake's point of view Chelsee is in a car accident right at the beginning of the book; she and her first and only boyfriend ever Max are on their way up to a camp site to meet with their other friends to celebrate the fact that they just graduated from high school Max sees that Chelsee will die in the car accident so he swerves the car so that she survives and he is the one to die Before he dies though his organs are taken out to donate a fact that Chelsee is not aware of for a long time Chelsee is completely lost without Max She becomes very depressed and is in a daze However she begins to feel Max this feeling that she only ever had around him She begins to spend every waking moment trying to find out Eventually she finds it is strongest when she is with a new guy she meets Blake She thirsts for this feeling and so she begins to spend a lot of time with Blake He also helps her and she does begin to like him Lo and beholdthe reason her Max feeling is so strong around Blake is because he has Max's heart When she sees his scar from his open heart surgery she puts the pieces together in her head and goes to confront Max's parents Their blessing as well as her parents' blessing are given for the two to date It is after all a uniue situation Before you know it the two are getting married Blake after all does not have a normal length of life ahead of him due to his heart transplant When we switch over to Blake we see him from right before his heart transplant Let's just say he is not the most innocent boy ever After his heart transplant though he decides to live a better life in honor of thanking Max for his heart He also experiences cellular memory and begins to dream about Chelsee He knows that he has to find her although at first he does not believe her to be real not only for Max's sake but also because he falls in love with her as well We are told the same story but how he sees it for a while but then we are treated to a little Well I use the term treated loosely because the ending is what absolutely devastated me We get to see Chelsee Blake and their family down the road when he is in the hospital about to die They got extra time out of Max's heart than they expected but still not enough in my opinion When I messaged Elaine Pinter and told her my feelings on this my pain she was a wonderful listener and explained why it had to happen this way I encourage anyone who reads this book to discuss it with her She helped me handle the pain I felt from the book although I still wish that he had lived She tells a beautiful story in this book and it is just one of the most amazing things to be able to discuss that with the author I absolutely loved all of the characters The fact that Max's family loved Chelsee just as much as her own family did was just incredible They even accepted Blake as her boyfriendfiancehusband despite the fact that THEIR SON her boyfriend had just died a few months earlier How many people would be okay with that? A lot of people would feel that Chelsee was betraying Max But like I said this was a truly uniue situation It was wonderful to see all three sets of parents Chelsee's Max's and Blake's become one big happy family It is amazing what a near death experience can do to a person I hated to see Blake as a bad boy at the beginning of part 2 after having seen him as such a wonderful and loving person in part 1 But it was really something to see him transform from bad to good when he got a new chance at life One thing that really stuck with me was Blake's broken laptop When he thought he was going to die he threw it and it cracked His family had TONS of money so he could have very easily replaced it afterwards However he kept the cracked laptop I guess it was a reminder to him about how delicate and precious life is That really touched me Okay NOW GO READ IT You will NOT regret it although good luck listening to Sweet Child Of Mine again

  6. Daniela Daniela says:

    Eternal Mercury by Elaine Pinter is based on a teen romance This book started out perfect when Chelsee Taylor was graduating with her boyfriend Max Sadly the next day she got into a car crash with Max and wakes up to the news that Max passed away Chelsee however refuses to believe this because she still feels his presence This all changes when she meets Blake Anderson Somehow Chelsee's Max feeling as she calls it is stronger when she is with Blake Then again Blake understands her an anyone but why is this? Eternal Mercury is two books in one The first story is Chelsee's story which is moving and then there is Blake's storing which is understanding Once your read Blake's side of the story everything makes sense Eternal mercury was released in 2013 The reason I chose to read this book was because it was recommended by my teacher Ms Diana I'm glad she did because I just fell in love with this book that took me through strong emotions I'm also glad I read the first book of a new author named Elaine Pinter She has an amazing talent with her writing and making readers feel what the characters feel My favorite scene was on Blake's side of the story I liked it because it showed how Blake had feelings too not only Chelsee In the book it says I didn't have to hear my dream girl walk up behind me because I could feel her This makes you wonder how he felt her How did he tell she was behind him without hearing her foot steps Then he also said that she wasn't the only one at could feel things What this text meant to me was that Chelsee was judging Blake without even knowing how the things happened Then he had the chance to explain everything and we're all good again From that point forward everything changed between them My favorite actor was actually the main character Chelsee Taylor The reason I chose her as my favorite character was because she felt the most pain She went through a lot of things starting with Max's death She had all sorts of feelings thought this book In the book it states that Chelsee didn't eat or jog go out with her friends She felt sad and unhappy as if the world ended I felt her pain too When she tried looking around for Max's feeling she felt happy that she felt him but sad when that feeling left I thought she was going crazy because of that She felt confused and she was loosing it but she also felt great those days she made progress Another example would be when she found out Blake's secret Chelsee felt sad angry and confused and I understand that Chelsee's character felt pain from anyone besides Blake and though those words she made me feel that pain too The progress she made to forget Max and try to be happy again was very long and went through a lot of mixed feelings The ending of the book was the most moving part in Blake's story The ending would leave you in tears How Blake ended his story showed me he was a warrior in life of love and the things he received as well He was the hero of the book because he thought Chelsee's not to judge someone without knowing what has happened in reality Like this uote once said They may know my name not my story It's honestly the best uote what can be related to this book What I mean by this is that Chelsee's knew Blake as a friend like typical but never really got to listen to his side until she found out the secret and left but returned to clear things out The story states that she went back to talk to him and he felt her coming I think it was destiny for them to be together This book deserves five stars because of the good writing in it The passion of the characters was shown well throughout the book The author makes you feel the things the character feels What made it deserve five stars is that the structure of the book was written very well I know it may be the beginning if a new author but she was real talent as an author I thought this book was amazing In conclusion this book is worth reading in so many ways To all those teen romance book lovers I would recommend this and to anyone who has lost someone special and loving I would really recommend this book too This is how the oute I said earlier really comes in This book makes you think about so many things Think about how Blake and Chelsee's felt it wasn't easy for niether of them and it wouldn't be easy to anyone else if there story is just like theirs

  7. Katie O& Katie O& says:

    I won a copy of this book in an online giveawayThis is a YA romance with a uniue twist to it and just a dash of paranormal I’ve read several contemporary YA books lately that begin with kind of dark premises Like teens dying from cancer as in THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green and A TAYLOR MADE LIFE by Kary Rader This is the first YA book I’ve read that deals with car accidents death and what survives after death I’ve never read a YA that deals in detail with hospitals and organ transplants that isn’t totally dystopianThe Reviewer running the contest loved the book so despite a slow start I kept going And I’m glad that I did So if you decide to pick up a copy don’t give up after the first chapter or two It gets way better Tears and ripping at your heartstrings and smiling through the tears at the end betterThe book is broken into two parts Part One being from Chelsee’s POV and Part Two being from Blake’s POV There’s no head hopping; you need to read all of her perspective and then basically start the story over from his perspective which is totally interesting as their stories don’t even intersect much until the middle of each section – which sounds like it makes no sense but it does Trust meChelsee’s story starts with her high school graduation and her sweet perfect life and true love with her long time boyfriend Max who is also dare I say? perfect He’s an athlete and all around great guy a track star headed to University on scholarship Sounds a little boring to me but I don’t read a lot of contemporary YA romance I stick with mostly books that have paranormal twists Which this one does a little bit but in a grounded sort of wayA deadly car accident erases all of the perfect from Chelsee’s life including taking Max and leaves her feeling like an empty shell But lying in her hospital bed she can still feel Max’s presence And it gets strongest when she meets Blake Their romance progresses through the first part and ties up so nicely at the end that you can really stop there and be satisfied but then there’s the second part and it’s almost like a whole second book that twines together with what you already know from reading the first part which was such a cool concept that I have to applaud the authorIn Blake’s section of the book the writing is even stronger than the first but he starts as such an unredeeming character that I probably would’ve punted the book if I hadn’t read the first part I really loved the second section and the character’s attitude and arcIf you’re looking for a tear jerker for catharsis during the hectic holidays I would totally recommend this book It’s an engaging and sweet love story a fairly fast read and has some good messages and thought provoking parts without being preachy All in all a satisfying read

  8. Wall-to-wall books - wendy Wall-to-wall books - wendy says:

    This was a very heartfelt story about loss and organ donation and healing and finding love again I always read the blurbs for books before I choose which ones I'm going to read and review but then usually so much time passes before I actually do my review that I forget what the book was supposed to be about That happened with this book I started reading it and thought that it felt like a paranormal type book which was fine with me because I like that kind of book But then it changed and I realized what was really happening Then I really started loving the book It was a little repetitive in the beginning it's not that it was slow because it wasn't but then about a third of the way through it got really good and kept up until the very endI like Chelsea a lot And I like to Blake too I really did Except he didn't feel real to me I know that supposedly he had changed after surgery but going from total bad boy to Mr perfect seemed a bit much He was super sweet to Chelsea and I was glad for that I just kept wondering if it was all real or if he was hiding somethingBut then once again I didn't remember that the book had two parts Half way through when I was thinking that it seemed like it was over and what could the author say The book changed into Blake's side of the story And I have to admit the author pulled a fast one on me I loved his side of the story even better That made him real I got it then I am so glad the author chose to do that It was perfectVery good story that's hmmm whats the word I want to use heart awakening really you will realize the pun when you read the story A feel good kind of book that has an original twist to it showing both sides of the same storyI voluntarily posted this review after receiving this book from the author Elaine Pinter Thank youRead my full review including a guest post by the author about organ donation

  9. Sheila Sheila says:

    In Boise Idaho a young man's 'flu turns suddenly serious and friends and family grieve A life of doing just what he wants seems meaningless and wasted now it might all end But what if there's to life than fun and to memories than just recollections of the past? And what if true love endures in than just the hearts of the living? Told in the voices of two very different protagonists Eternal Mercury invites readers into a grieving girl's heart gradually expanding her horizons to include a community wounded by tragedy The twin stories of recovery from grief and folly feel compellingly real lightened by love and deepened with some very practical and generous considerations Some beautiful scenes set in a hospital children's ward will linger long after the tale is doneIt's amazing how fate gives you exactly what you need at just the right moment muses one character as decisions are made and life goes on This teen love story holds much than just teen angst and romance Inviting readers to ponder life death and love in new and deeper ways it just might compel you to fill in that organ donation card too Meanwhile Trust fate live life finish well is a pretty good motto to grow byDisclosure I won a copy in a blog hop and I offer my honest review

  10. David L. David L. says:

    Eternal Mercury is a teen romance novel in reality two intertwined novels with a strong dose of the supernatural Ceecee is a young lady just out of high school who finds her life turned head over heels by a tragic accident She fights through her loss to discover a love that doesn't die and that redemption is uite possible even for the most dissolute I found the characters to be both strong and likable Ceecee is strong and sure of herselfi found myself rooting for her Blake at once charming and egotistical grows in positive ways throughout both books As a semi older person I found the use of text messaging to be intriguing; yes I have used texts at various times but am not in touch with the current culture that uses them so heavily I did not expect the last chapter but found it fit in with the rest of the story perfectlyThere is no swearing almost no violence any intimacy is hinted at rather than shown explicitlyperfect for a teen readerThis is Mrs Pinter's first novel and I think it shows great promiseKeep up the good workas a brief add on in reviewing my review i find that while i posted my review April 3 2013 this site is showing my review date as March 3 2013

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