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No Jocks Don't Date Guys PDF/EPUB Ú No Jocks Epub /

No Jocks Don't Date Guys ❰Reading❯ ➿ No Jocks Don't Date Guys Author Wade Kelly – The JOCK Series Book Two What is a sexy soccer stud supposed to do when “following family tradition” falls 180 degrees opposite his closeted ideal From birth Chris Jackson has been schooled on how The JOCK Series Book Two Don't Date MOBI ☆ What is a sexy soccer stud supposed to do when “following family tradition” falls degrees opposite his closeted ideal From No Jocks Epub / birth Chris Jackson has been schooled on how to land a cheerleader After all his father married one and his father’s father before him Heck even his Jocks Don't Date PDF ´ older brother married a stereotypical cheerleader the summer before Chris went off to college For two years Chris dodges invasive uestions about relationships by blaming his lack of female companionship on grueling practices and heavy course loads But his lack of interest in girls should’ve given his family a clue It isn’t until Chris mentions meeting a boy that his father’s synapses short circuit Alonzo Martin is anything but a buxom blond From his black hair combat boots and trench coat to his nail polish and guyliner the mysterious introvert isn’t easily persuaded to date Alonzo’s insecurities keep Chris at arm’s length but Alonzo’s painful past might meet its match in the charismatic jock’s winning smile and sense of humor When opposites attract only cheerleaders and gummy bears can help overcome fear and family tradition.

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  1. ☆ Todd ☆ Todd says:

    I was hoping to enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed the first book in the series My Roommate's a Jock? Well Crap but that sadly didn't happen this time aroundI actually did like both main characters a lot but much of the book just felt really awkward for meChris is a 20 yo soccer team captain with a heart of gold I loved him right from the start He is strong without being strong willed toward others and when he set his mind on a certain young emo punk he never faltered in his commitment Major maturity points there for Chris Alonzo aka Lonnie is a snarky withdrawn 19 yo college freshman from Nebraska with baggage than Samsonite He's experienced some major trauma 3 years prior so he desperately holds onto his heart for the fragile thing that it has become This book is extremely slow burn and I love how Chris chips away at Alonzo's walls to work his way inside his heart Kudos for the inventive re purposing of gummy bears to help make that happen I loved that and laughed so hard during those scenes If the story had kept going in that same direction this one would have probably been a 5 star read for me but alasThe story went off track IMO when the whole cheerleader business came up The men in Chris' family have all married cheerleaders for nearly 100 years which Chris' father takes very seriously Way Too Seriously I found the whole cheerleader plot not only distracting but to be honest pretty mind numbingly irritating and vapid For all of Chris' maturity his father showed none of that Absolutely noneThe book also devoted chapters to points of view from Chris' best friend Doug and Alonzo's sister Stephanie WHY??? Other than to set Doug up for his own book I felt his perspective only took away from the book's focus and I found it to be of a detractorPlus at 294 pages the book felt unnecessarily long By the time I hit the halfway mark I was ready for the pacing to increase and the book to wrap it up I'm not adverse to longer books I've loved all of TJ Klune's page count friendly stories but this read just seemed to drag on and on Again I loved both Chris and Alonzo especially when they felt comfortable enough to become intimate because that was smoking HAWT but there were a ton of side plot points explored which made the book a bit unfocused when trying to proceed from point A meeting to point B the HEALastly I found a lot of phrases unrealistic for 20 yo Chris to be using For example Well hot diggity dog”“Holy man” Oh by gosh by golly If you can find anyone under 40 especially a young college student who talks like that I'll eat them LiterallyYes I did find much of the story enjoyable including following up on the lives of the recently married Ellis and Cole but I also found an eual number of niggles so this one clocks in at a little under 3 stars for me My copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair unbiased review

  2. Debra Debra says:

    Review originally posted at SinfullyThis was another good entry in the Jocks series The main couple in this story is Chris the closeted jock who is expected to marry a cheerleader and Alonzo the uiet gothemo who keeps showing up to watch Chris’s soccer team practice For fans of the first book Cole and Ellis are back in this story as wellI just want to get this part of the review out of the way and say that the whole dad obsessing on the cheerleader thing really made me uncomfortable; “suicked me out” would be a good way of putting it I guess in theory it is no different than a parent obsessing on a child following in his footsteps over a college or career choice but this one really was over the top Even the characters find it weird so I guess that’s what Wade Kelly was going for and succeeded Even though it was explained as him being into family history and steeped in tradition it turned me off every time it was mentioned Luckily it didn’t overshadow this story and Chris’s mom’s attitude and acceptance makes up for it His character’s slavish devotion to this “family tradition” doesn’t change but Alonzo does manage to outsmart him in the end It may not have been the resolution I wanted to see but I did like it in a strangely subversive wayChris is popular handsome and a leader on the soccer field He isn’t perfect though He can be rude and I thought he failed at being a good friend when his best friend and roommate Doug was obviously going through some things The fact that he never realizes what he has done and waits for Doug to apologize to him still makes me angry That flawed part of his personality though is balanced with his protectiveness caring and loyalty to Alonzo It is clear that he is crazy in love and would do anything to help him even if he doesn’t always start off on the right track I had a mixed feelings about Chris’s actions throughout the book but overall his devotion to Alonzo made me like him in the endMy favorite character hands down was Alonzo Wade Kelly did a lovely job with his growth through the book with the help of Chris and his newfound friends He had a horrible experience growing up in a small town where he couldn’t be out The conseuences were devastating and he carries the physical and emotional scars He has been working for years on healing but he still suffers and has a lot of anxiety self doubt and fear While he has some setbacks in the story he worked hard to overcome them and he blossomed I loved watching him gain new confidence and strength while finding a new family of friends and people he could be himself withWade Kelly always does a good job writing youngnew adult characters that have a good balance between acting like an adult and acting like a teen This is definitely on the lighter side of her writing but there are still plenty of emotions that come through without putting you through the wringer The dual points of view with a couple chapters told from secondary characters’ POV as well really helped to gain a good understanding of both men It was great catching up with Ellis and Cole and Doug was an interesting secondary character I’m glad we’ll get to see him again as the main character in the next book as he seems to have a lot he needs to work through Recommended for both fans of the series and anyone who enjoys an emotional coming of age story

  3. .Lili. .Lili. says:

    No Jocks Don't Date Guys by Wade Kelly is the follow up story to Crap My Roommate's A Jock I knew I wanted to read it as it has the same trope as its predecessor opposites attract I greatly enjoyed this seuel; it had some high points and some low points I'll start off with the negatives firstThe multiple POV changes I am not a fan of having other POVs besides the main characters in a romance book I feel that it disrupts the story flow and adds unnecessary content to a story In this story it happened twice once with Chris's best friend Doug and Alonzo's sister Stephanie Both times it caught me off guard and I found myself wishing she had scrapped that Chris's dad's obsession with cheerleaders I just didn't get it It seemed so silly and shallow to me Every time it came up I tried to ignore it but when the conflict between Chris and his dad came up I almost couldn't take it seriously Here's an excerpt I never said I didn't love my son but I can't simply let go of our family history in the span of two weeks What I can't do Charlotte Alonzo Chris he eyed each of them is move past my disappointment You might be a great guy Alonzo and my son might very well love you but you're not a cheerleaderAnd then the resolution it's a big spoiler so I wouldn't read it if you plan on reading this book view spoilerAlonzo gets the brilliant idea to perform with the cheerleaders during Chris's soccer game He wants Chris's dad to accept their relationship After Chris's dad sees Alonzo cheering everything is all okay Son He turned his enthusiasm my way hands held high and grabbed me to him He whispered in my ear You never mentioned he was a cheerleader He released me and smiled at me with pride in his eyes than I'd seen in months hide spoiler

  4. Marc | Rainbow Gold Reviews Marc | Rainbow Gold Reviews says:

    375 starsBig Wade Kelly Giveaway is a romance story between two super sweet sexy guys I really like Chris's happiness and optimism and Alonzo stole my heart Alonzo is so vulnerable; and yet he opens his heart to let Chris in He has been through a terrible ordeal that is slowly revealed with each new page but behind the trauma of his past is a confident and vibrant young man hidden awayWhile I really like Chris in many ways he is not as perfect as he seems in the beginning He is the soccer captain and incredibly driven and talented He looks hot is popular but always takes the time to be friendly to everyone He is smart and is easily enraptured by strange things A guy can't be uite that perfect right? Well I uickly realized he wasn't and I struggled with my feelings for himHonestly I'm glad that he has flaws Because let's be honest who wants a Ken doll without faults and personality? Mistakes and faults make characters seem human and easy to relate Chris has many awesome ualities to him from the very beginning that made me like himHowever he seems to feel a moral superiority at times that rubbed me the wrong way I really enjoyed the book though and had a big smile on my face while reading it Still I like when characters apologize when they have messed up and it made me sad that Chris never seems to realize when he judges others in a harsh and unfair wayIt is beautiful how Chris and Alonzo feel and drawn to each other and get closer and closer to each other However he is so infatuated that he ignores his best friend completely He has known Doug for years and they were inseparable He just drops him like a hot stone when he falls for a guy I understand that a new 'relationship' takes most of one's attention but Doug tries so hard to overcome his internalized homophobia to be the best friend he wants to be for Chris He struggles and even asks for help but Chris leaves him alone with all those feelings to figure it out without help chews him out whenever Doug fails his friend's expectations and generally is not as much a friend to Doug as I expectedDoug is the first and only person Chris tells about being gay and he supports him even though readers discover uickly that he has his own homophobia issues and it is not easy for him to overcome that repression It becomes difficult when Chris finds a boyfriend making his sexuality than just words and tries to find a way back to an euilibrium in their friendship He tries to find back to the open friendship they had and even though it clearly makes him uncomfortable asks about things like sex stuff they always used to talk about Chris gets incredibly offended by that even though he asked the same kind of uestions about Doug's girlfriends and just spent a lot of time telling his straight friend how he jerked off again and again in the shower imagining his boyfriend even though Doug is obviously struggling with things Everyone has a right to privacy but Chris shares much than I would be comfortable in sharing with any of my straight friends especially if they were struggling with my sexuality and is then offended by an innocent uestion As they have a history about talking openly about straight sex I actually thought it was really cool of Doug to push through his own discomfort and try to continue as before Instead of asking about Chris's girlfriends he asks about his boyfriend nowOf course when Doug has very strong negative reactions to the gay issue it makes sense that Chris has a problem with bringing Alonzo to his room I probably wouldn't want to expose a new relationship to that But it broke my heart that Chris ignores his best friend and does not help him in working out his confusion about his own sexuality If my best friend wold struggle like that and ask for my help to figure everything out I would help in any way I could and I think Alonzo would have understoodIn any case I'm super glad that Doug is the main character in Jock 3 because he was such a fascinating character in this book for me and I NEED to find out about himI think a lot of the problems I have with Chris are things he got from his father I strongly disliked his father though Chris' mom was awesome His father knows a lot of fancy words because his parents wanted him to be smart and he passed that on to his son I thought that was really cool However he sees that as being smarter than others who don't know those fancy words and only wants to deal with 'smart' people Unless they are cheerleaders then he is obsessed with them I thought his obsession with cheerleaders young women was kind of creepy and I disliked the way the personality and everything about the cheerleaders is dismissed This whole cheerleader obsession plot point was very hard to take serious because it made no sense to me personally and I cringed whenever it was mentionedChris has picked up that 'I'm smarter than you' mentality to some extent and it made me slightly uncomfortable how he saw the girls who he hangs out with as vapid superficial and stupid Personally I loved that they stood by him when he comes out as gay People can be so incredibly mean become bullies try to hurt and ostracize someone just for being gay but these girls don't They have been his friends and want to continue supporting him I don't think they ever had much contact with gay people and there are some stereotypes in their heads that lead them to make some unfortunate comments Chris could have just told them that he remains the same guy he was before and did not change into a stereotype just because they now know he is gay He could tell them when they ask or say things he is not comfortable talking about I loved how everyone had his back and considering how everything could have turned out he was incredibly luckyHe's lucky especially in regards to Alonzo and he behaves like a total gentleman He is patient with him and takes care of him He draws him out of his shell and makes him live again It is a beautiful transformation and Chris has everything to do with it He risks it all to be with Alonzo even though he only knows him for a short time and has never been in a gay relationship He trusts his own feelings and makes Alonzo his one big priority As much as I might not agree with the way he interacted with his friends I admire the courage and love he shows in his blossoming relationship He is completely in love and it is a wonderful and cute thing to behold He and Alonzo are beautiful togetherHonestly I love all the ways Chris supports Alonzo and shows him how much he cares for him As Alonzo's wounds slowly heal and his confident personality breaks through and he also starts to take care of Chris and what he does for him in the end is a beautiful sign of his love They are not just sweet together their sex scenes were hot and intimateIt was also great to have cameos of the guys from book one I missed them a lot and it was wonderful to see how their story continuedJock 2 is a super sweet and sexy book The main protagonists have an instant connection and are drawn to each other and together they try to overcome Alonzo's traumatic past While it could not match the sarcastic wit of book one for me and I had a much easier time to identify with Ellis and Cole I really enjoyed this seuel and can't wait for the follow up I can encourage any fan of book one to check this seuel out for themselves

  5. Calila Calila says:

    So I enjoyed this book mostly The MCs were great and great together I really loved watching them fall in love Chris is okay with being gay and loving Lonnie He has a lot of great romantic moments My heart broke for Lonniehis past was tragic and really highlights the non issue of Chris's angst The problems come from the side characters Basically all the female characters were rude ditzy bimbos with big boobs Except the moms of course Lonnie's sister was horrible in her own way But then I hate pushy invasive characters I really hate that she broke confidence and told Lonnie's business It wasn't her place It didn't even ultimately help the situation I think the inclusion of Lance and his boyfriend was a little forced And rushed They went from barely being acuaintances to Lonnie moving in with them and being BFFs For what I expected to be my biggest issue going in the ridiculous premise of we only marry cheerleaders it turned out the be relatively unimportant It provided minimal angst But I hate how it was resolved Instead of forcing the creepy old man who leers and makes gross comments about barely legal girls to realize you can't control your children in the name of tradition the characters placate his unreasonable immature selfish desires I do appreciate that the issue was non cheerleader rather than in love with a man though RIDICULOUS And not in a fun way However it is saved by the main characters not being majorly impacted by it Aside from the obvious conclusion that anyone can figure out if they've ever seen a teen romcom So basically it all boils down to the couple being better than the premise So if you can let that go and ignore it and read for just the relationship I think you'll enjoy this

  6. namericanwordcat namericanwordcat says:

    35 StarsDespite the light hearted title this New Adult romance does some heavy emotionial lifting Chris is a sunny extrovert hero who is kind and while not out yet is very much out to himself Lonnie is an introvert who we slowly open himself to Chris and a circle of friends that show him it is okay to be his full self in a a safe placeThe love story and healing of Lonnie is really well done and Chris is someone anyone would fall in love with in his steadfast attentive and brave waysThe cheerleader side story is just awful creepy disjointed and weird and almost ruins to the book I elected to ignore it

  7. Anke Anke says:

    Ok another one for the DNF shelf yes I'm having a run of back luck But honestly I don't like Chris the way he talks what he talks and the writing style telling us all that stuff is getting on my nerves I'm on vacation with lots of fun things to do so I don't want to take time to work through a book I don't like

  8. Barb ~rede-2-read~ Barb ~rede-2-read~ says:

    Have to DNF this one The I read the less I like It's become of a chore to finish and since I read for pleasure why torture myself?

  9. multitaskingmomma multitaskingmomma says:

    Original Post Review No Jocks Don't Date Guys Jock #2 by Wade KellyReview by multitaskingmommaMy Rating 5 of 5 StarsNo Jocks Don't Date Guys is the second of the Jock books which surprisingly became a series The first hint was the book Oh Crap This Jock's Getting Married Jock #15 offered to attendees to GRL and released to the public right after There we see the futures of our beloved characters Cole and Ellis They have graduated and life is not giving them the break they need financially At the end of that story we caught a glimpse of this second installmentThis book opens where 15 closed of a jock Chris who catches a glimpse of a hooded figure watching his team practice Ellis comes in as the coach and strikes up a friendship with Chris who learns to trust his coach and depend on him as a friend Alonzo's history is not to be spilled you have to read it to know why he is acting the way he is dressed the way he is and most of all looks with longing at the field and ball Oh yes the player Chris is eye candy so he enhances the experience When Chris strikes a friendship with him via gummy bears of all things he discovers that Chris is not as 'jocky' as he acts note did I mispell that? Not only does Chris prove to be persistent he also speaks the dictionary As the two young men get to know each other they also learn their faults and weaknesses Surprisingly both stick it out through thick and thin and become than boyfriends They become best friendsThen there are the strangeness of the characters who are weird in a really weird way like Chris' father who has this thing for cheerleaders It's a confusing obsession but recalling that I know of even weirder ones he comes out tame But weird He's funny illogical and lovable at the same timeI love Ms Wade's style of presenting this read There is a shift in POV which made it easier for this reader to 'read' into the mind of each young man and discover the whys of their behavior and actions There is also a peek into the minds of some of the side characters who play important roles for Chris and Alonzo's relationship The shifting is surprisingly free of confusion and just made it a interesting readCheck out Wade Kelly's Guest Post Here She's got #Giveaways

  10. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    Family traditions are all fine and can be supportive and comforting but if they become restrictive directives instead pain and unnecessary upset follow Chris has known for a while that his father’s idea of “all Jackson men marry a cheerleader” conflicts with what will make Chris happy Chris is gay and the last thing on his mind is finding a nice cheerleader to settle down with When he finds an intriguing guy instead and falls for him faster than he ever expected Chris knows he is in trouble His own dreams and his father’s ideal are on a collision course and Chris has no idea how to deal with it Chris loves to play soccer and he does well academically so he has used both as an excuse for not having any time to date His older brother has already married – a cheerleader of course – and Chris can feel the pressure increase every time he goes home So far he has dodged the issue and since he is not romantically involved at all the issue has never really come up for him All that changes when he meets Alonzo and Chris knows it is only a matter of time until he’ll have to bite the bullet and come out to his family Alonzo is withdrawn shy and has deep emotional issues that only emerge gradually as the story develops He is certainly not a cheerleader but he is fascinating to Chris Alonzo has no idea why Chris is so interested and constantly fears that his issues will drive Chis away But no matter how much he opens up about his past Chris is undeterredIf you like stories that perfectly illustrate the fact that opposites attract if a jock falling for a shy gothemopunk guy is your thing and if you’re looking for a read full of youthful discoveries self realization and finding the courage to overcome obstacles of all kinds then you will probably like this novel It’s a great story and an excellent follow up to the first book in the series And yes Cole and Ellis make a few appearances which made me very happy NOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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