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Dawn and Dusk PDF/EPUB Ð Dawn and Kindle -

Dawn and Dusk (Day and Night, #3) ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ Dawn and Dusk (Day and Night, #3) By Dirk Greyson ❅ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk For Scorpion agents Day and Knight their relationship is slow to develop and trust is hard to build Then Day’s brother Stephen goes missing and Day finds out about him than he ever dreamed Day’s f For Scorpion agents Day and Knight their relationship is slow to develop and trust is hard to build Then Day’s brother Stephen Dawn and Kindle - goes missing and Day finds out about him than he ever dreamed Day’s first reaction to Stephen’s disappearance is to try to get to him as fast as possibleKnight initially holds him back so they can attempt to find out what they’re walking into But when Knight sees Day’s desperation he steps in to help and tries to calm the man he’s growing to care about even though the trail is cold and clues are scarceWhen Day witnesses his brother being shot live on television he loses the last of his control Despite the lack of answers Day is determined than ever to find out what happened Stephen was all the family he had leftBone deep fear and adversity threaten to tear Day and Knight apart but facing unimaginable hardship together might finally cement the bond between them.

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  1. Karen Karen says:

    I think the sun's might be setting on this one for me 'Dawn and Dusk' is the 3rd installment in Dirk Greyson's read Andrew Grey's 'Day and Knight' series and while the story was ok and had a fairly solid plot carrying it I just wasn't enad of the characters I've given this one a solid try and truthfully it's just not getting better I did enjoy the mystery that was happening in this one Day and Knight are back from their latest adventure and Day's feeling like they've stalledit would seem that what happened on the assignmentstays on the assignment and while Day would prefer something that was moving forward than anything he just wants to know where things are at He's not ready to be anyone's 'dirty little secret' but if that's all Knight wants than they need to work that out When Day's brother turns up missing though he realizes he's got important things to deal with like getting to where his brother is and finding out what's happened to him Knight wants to help him but not at the risk of Day rushing in with no plan and no back up when he's got no idea what's happeningthere's just too many 'no's' in that euation for his likingAs Knight steps up to support day and help him look for answers to find out what's happened to his brother both men are also forced to examine their relationshipwhere it's at and where they want it to goOnce again Andrew McFerrin is the narrator for this story and he's definitely on the plus side of things for me with this one One of if not the biggest pet peeve I have with an audio book series that has the same MCs throughout is when the narrator changes from book to book It's not a matter of good or bad but I just find that no two narrators interpret the characters the same way and as a result how a character sounds changes from narrator to narrator and I just can't get into the story But Andrew McFerrin has narrated all 3 of these books and even though this may not be my favorite series it's one that I've enjoyed because of this and truly chances are at some point in the future when I want to hear something different but I don't feel like scrolling through screen after screen of book titles I'll take another shot at this and who knows I may feel the sameI may enjoy it just a little bit only time will tellThis is another series that's left me torn as to whether or not I'll continue listening to it I think it's going to depend on where things are going for this pair and how strongly the next book catches my attention I know there are a lot of reviewsratings out there for people who have really liked this one so it's definitely a case of to each their own but be fair check them all out because what works for one person doesn't always work for every one and vice versaAn audio book of 'Dawn and Dusk' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  2. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    Scorpion agents Dayton and Knight are always good for a spine tingling make me breathless adventure and this third book in the series is no exception The focus this time is on family Technical specialist Day’s brother Stephen has gone missing gets shot on national TV and Day refuses to believe that’s the end of his family Former Marine Knight continues to be a supportive partner while they’re on the job but still struggles with guilt over the loss of his wife and son two years earlier – preventing him from letting Day any closer than he has already gotten And that isn’t very close at all Between all the action and never ending danger Day and Knight face as they go looking for Stephen and find far than they bargained for they are also dealing with their personal issues The combination made this an exciting intense and very rewarding read for me Day has come so far from “just” being a technical analyst what with proving himself in Mexico then during their hunt for lost art in Eastern Europe – that his previous job doesn’t get mentioned much any Day has turned into a capable field agent and Knight goes so far as to say he wants him at his back A high honor indeed coming from the picky former Marine As they unravel the mystery of Stephen’s disappearance Day’s ability to see patterns and notice things nobody else does turn out to be as important as his knowledge of how Stephen thinks There isn’t much tracing and tracking and tech stuff to do during this self appointed mission but Day never hesitates and his value to the team is never in doubt He has come far indeed Knight has fully accepted Day as his work partner And while he still struggles with allowing Day closer on a personal level he is perceptive enough to know what support Day needs Losing his family is something Knight has experienced himself and he does everything he can to make things easier for Day as they look for Stephen What he still has trouble with is admitting and discussing his growing feelings for Day and it leads to than one explosive confrontation as Day tries to get him to face the truth But Knight is at least as stubborn as Day and it takes almost losing Day – again – for Knight to finally face how much Day means to him – and accept the conseuencesIf you like stories about tough macho men who are trying to deal with their feelings for each other if you believe fear can be a powerful motivator and if you’re looking for an intense mystery around human trafficking and scumbag international criminals then you will probably like this novel as much as I did I look forward to seeing how Day and Knight deal with their newly admitted emotional statusNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  3. Daniel Mitton Daniel Mitton says:

    Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the publisher author for an honest review Rated 45 out of 50 starsI’m really enjoying this series Mr Greyson brings us the third installment in the saga of “Day” and “Knight” For those of you who aren’t familiar with the characters I’m going to tell you that you should beWe first met the two men in Day and Knight where we got to know the characters and learned they were both employeesagents of Scorpion an ultra secret government agency In that first book they met when they were assigned as partners on a gay cruise to Mexico to investigate something funny happening in the Yucatan You would think that would be the best of the storiesbut I honestly can’t say if I liked Day and Knight or book two Sun and Shadow or now book three Dawn and Dusk the best All three of them have been great reads and very different from the author’s other pen nameSo let’s talk about Dawn and Dusk We are back with our familiar characters and they are just as uncommunicative with each other as in the previous books Neither wants to say too much and mess up their partnership but it is obvious that both have feelings for each other Now to add to the problem Day’s brother has sent him a mysterious note and disappeared Day isn’t willing to sit around and wonder where his brother is and before you know it both Day and Knight are off to solve the disappearanceAlong the way they will find out that Day’s brother is a much different person than Day thought What is up with the dual identities Then a video surfaces on the news of a man being shot execution style in the desert of Arizona It is obvious from the video that it is Day’s brotherThe guys are drawn into a mystery Lots of different agencies seem to be involved What is up And is Day’s brother deadI really enjoyed this one I highly recommend it and its predecessors to anyone You probably don’t have to read them in order but I would so that you understand the entire backstory And all three as I said above are enjoyable reads Why not start them today

  4. Lisa The Novel Approach Lisa The Novel Approach says:

    Dayton Ingram’s only family is his brother Stephen He appreciates Stephen to no end for the love and care he gave to him after their parents’ death Stephen put his life on hold to raise Day and they always keep in touch with each other no matter whatNow Day is going crazy He’s lost total communication with Stephen When Knight sees the state that Day is in he recalls how it felt not hearing from his wife When a cryptic letter is discovered Day’s ready to hop the first flight to Phoenix to find his brother but Knight stops him He wants Day to use his investigative skills before jumping to any other conclusions When he finds Stephen has another identity Knight calls Dimato and eventually Day and Knight are headed to Arizona to find Stephen Day finds himself confused afraid and grieving but Knight consoles him Even though Knight comes across as tough and irritating he’s determined not to let Day fall apart Day and Knight still have chemistry but they struggle with feelings and loss in their own wayKnight has an ex Marine buddy Colt Holsten who’s than willing to join Knight and Day on their venture into the desert to the last spot Stephen was known to be alive I liked the addition of Colt He became a support system for both Day and Knight Dawn and Dusk also reflects a special love of two brothers friendship and just maybe a fresh start of a new relationshipOut of the three books in the Day and Knight series I absolutely like Dawn and Dusk the best It’s packed with suspense intrigue action danger and the ongoing and edgy connection between Day and Knight Dirk Greyson brings us murder drugs human trafficking and a dangerous criminal in this well plotted thriller Day and Knight also have to be careful who to trust—Homeland Security or the police The puzzles and clues that Stephen leaves are so creative it keeps you moving to find the next one Stephen becomes an even solid character as we get to learn about himReviewed by Maryann for The Novel Approach Reviewshttpwwwthenovelapproachreviewsco

  5. Becky Condit Becky Condit says:

    Day and Knight are being revealed to us slowly as the series progresses The first book was a set up of the series as an action adventure and the second book took us into the mysteries surrounding the two characters Now in the third book we are peeling back the layers that make up the backstory of both men Day is relaxed than the reckless Knight but when Day’s brother goes missing Day unravels a bit Using technology and secretive contacts in their search they are off on a uest to find Stephen regardless of the threats on their lives When Day sees Stephen killed on live TV he is not convinced that it isn’t a staged attack and continues his investigationKnight shows his need for Day in his life than he did in Book 2 Sun and Shadow But now Day’s attention is elsewhere so will he return Knight’s attempts to develop a relationship or have they hit a dead end in that department Knight has had a big loss in his life that left him adrift and alone Until he gets to the bottom of what happened he will never recover fully This part of the book was sad and hard to read but essential to the storyThe search for Stephen is suspenseful and there are a number of red herrings thrown in the reader’s path along the way Dirk Greyson writes great tension and fear in his stories and this is a great example of thatI would suggest that this book not be read as a stand alone although you probably could Without the backstory that develops slowly in books 1 and 2 you will not get the full motivation of either man and the story may flatten out for you This is a well layered series and you really need to know the context in which each man operates Another tense mystery from Dirk Greyson and one I highly recommend

  6. RE Reader RE Reader says:

    Well this was okay but not great I'd probably give it 25 but round up just because I hate to give lower than 3 if I read the entire book I discovered by reading another review that Dirk Greyson is a pseudonym for Andrew Grey and that makes a lot of senseI've only read a couple of AG books and I usually love the characters and the premisebut the execution often falls short for me I've only read one other Dirk Greyson and I actually really liked it and the execution didn't detract from the storyHere however it just didn't work for me What I liked The premise as always The secret organization I love things like that tooWhat didn't work for me The almost complete lack of emotional narrativeit felt to me like neither guy could even admit to himself his feelings especially Knight Day was open but even there it was so abrupt and short livedI guess I just wanted depth there The mysteryplot I liked how the guys didn't hesitate to help Day's brother but man there were a ton of pacing issues for me Plus a ton of coincidental aspects where it felt like the guys figured things out either way too uickly or something from their past kicked in all in all I found myself rushing through the plot knowing how it would end and just wanting to get there view spoilerThe romance I mean really It's taken 2 books before this one and the two aren't even a real couple hide spoiler

  7. Debra Guyette Debra Guyette says:

    Scorpion agents Day and Knight are slowly developing a relationship and the trust to go with it All that is tested when Day’s brother disappears Day wants to run down to Phoenix and try to find him but Knight suggests gathering some intel first When Day sees his brother shot live on television he is determined to find out what happened to him Stephen is all Day has left of his family With few clues and a trail that is cold Day and Knight hunt for Stephen and find out things that neither man ever suspected about his brother These two are intriguing together They argue fight and insult each other but would never leave the other hanging When Day needed to go and find his brother Knight went along Their relationship has developed slowly through the three books in the series and we see Knight now ready to acknowledge he wants They are on the verge of finding themselves in a loving caring relationship If you followed them through this book and the books prior you cannot help but notice the development of that love I hope they have adventures on tap These two are wonderfully flawed heroes for us to love and appreciate

  8. Cathy Brockman Cathy Brockman says:

    Day and Knight are still having issues with their relationship Knight is still having a hard time letting go of is past and day doesn't want to hide or just be a bedwarmer when they are on missionsDay puts his argument on hold when he finds his brother may be missing and decides to go looking for him Things take a big twist when they find out that things are not what they seemed at all and Knight and day find themselves in danger once againI absolutely love this series To me it is like a gay Miami vice I love both characters and there was some cool and also evil ones in this book I think this one was my favorite in the series so far i think i say that each book LOL I also loved Stephen and hope he too gets is own books The story line is extremely fast paced page turning nail biting and twisty You wont want to stop once you start the sex is hot tooAndrew McFerrin does a great job with action adventure books He is great at the pacing and the characters are distinguishable though I haven't read the books I thin the narration probably adds a lot and I recommend it

  9. Darlene Darlene says:

    I thought this was another great book by Dirk Greyson Day and Knight has another dangerous mission except it's not for the company it's personal for Day Day's brother Stephen had gone missing and then Day's sees his brother shot on TV; a shot that would have killed himDay is close to insanity wondering if his brother really died or if there was a possibility he's alive and he'll stop at nothing to save his brother You get to see how green Day is when it comes to something that involves family; the only family Day hasWe also see Knight sticking by his partners side and when it finally stikes him what Day means to him But Day gets into his own set of trouble with people in Mexico and Knight comes to the rescueI just really loved the book and the series I would have loved to have a fourth book to see how their relationship continued but it wasn't a bad ending they end up with their happy ending

  10. Melanie Melanie says:

    A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words ReviewRating 5 stars out of 5For the full review visit that review I have to say that Dawn and Dusk Day and Knight #3 by Dirk Greyson is my favorite and best story of the series so far  Tightly told high on suspense and mystery it still never forgets that the readers wants agents Dayton Day Ingram and Knighton Knight to deepen their personal relationship letting that aspect shine hereFor all our reviews visit

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