Invasion MOBI Ú Paperback

Invasion MOBI Ú Paperback

Invasion ❰Reading❯ ➷ Invasion Author Luke Rhinehart – Super intelligent furry aliens suddenly appear from another universe And they’ve come to earth to have fun “Louie” follows fisherman Billy Morton home one day and he and his family come uickly t Super intelligent furry aliens suddenly appear from another universe And they’ve come to earth to have fun “Louie” follows fisherman Billy Morton home one day and he and his family come uickly to love the playful alien But when Louie starts using their computer to hack into government and corporate networks and steal millions from banks to give to others they realize that Louie and his friends mean trouble Billy his wife and two sons begin a roller coaster ride of fame fortune jail death resurrection and a distinguished ranking high on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” List The Government soon decides that all these aliens are terrorists They must be eliminated The aliens are playing games they hope will help humans to see the insanity of the American political economic and military systems But the Powers that Be don’t play games they make war.

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  1. Tgv Tgv says:

    Too shallow too slowThe premise of the book is fun and it starts out as an action packed story The idea of making it composed of different sources describing the same events is also goodUnfortunately both fall flat The different sources concurrent news papers diaries and reports and a book written afterwards are all very similar in style and don't break the chronology and hardly change the viewpoint It's all the sameThe plot turns out to be a pretext by the author to lecture his audience He looks down upon humanity through the hyperintelligent aliens' continuous stream of remarks that are irrelevant to the story the greenhouse effect capitalism discrimination warfare everything is briefly sneered at by beings with Is way off the scale who then only manage come off as carefree Buddhists that like to virtue signal A lot And we know it's the author because he repeats it when changing point of view Unfortunately the author's I is not 660 for then he would have known how boring all this getsThe action and style also get boring The author has tried to put in as many elements he dislikes as he could and that means we've got to read about bankers journalists cable tv FBI CIA NSA US politicians ISIL and and in order to name them in context the plot has been sacrificed The reader has to witness pointless excursions and actions that have been written in such a haste that it would leave a child wondering about the why and how Eg at one point the protagonist and his family are chased by some three letter agency the next moment they are in their home for two weeks without anything happening And they all including the small child magically can scuba dive without making a noiseAll that makes this book nothing like the cover blurb promises It is not fresh nor smart and certainly not very very funny Yes it has some good one liners but there comes a point where witticisms become a nuisance For this book that is around midway Had the author cut 50% it might have been fun but like this it's only suitable for people that need their convictions confirmed by cartoon characters

  2. Alan Alan says:

    For a novel about invading aliens whose expressed goal is to help human beings have fun Invasion is well not that much fun Its heart is in the right place granted—I too cannot think of a bigger roadblock to humanity's collective fun than our metastasizing military industrial complex the term made famous by a 20th Century US President about whom Invasion claims All that is now remembered of him is that his name was Ike p378 Anti corporate; anti militaristic; pro fun—I'm on board with Luke Rhinehart at least that far However after the first few chapters sink in this particular countercultural tale is almost devoid of the element of surprise that's so essential to humor—it's just not much fun to force a laugh at the punchline you already knew was comingIn a word Invasion lacks subtlety—and that was disappointing Perhaps I shouldn't have finished reading it on 911 either—that was a little too on the noseI was initially attracted to this book by its cover image with its bold primary colors blue over red—hey and its sly resemblance to an illustration from some high school biology textbook but that picture turns out to be the most subtle thing about the book Inside we get bits like thisITEM IN THE NEWSDEMOCRATIC CONGRESSMAN INTRODUCESLEGISLATION OUTLAWING THINKINGWashington DCIn what most observers consider a political masterstroke Rep Jon John D MN today introduced legislation making thinking for Democrats illegalWe Americans believe in a level playing field the congressman said And this legislation will do just that For the last decade we Democrats have been operating at a severe political disadvantage gathering facts and thinking about our nation's problems while Republicans have been proceeding totally without facts and thought and have thus gained an enormous political advantage—p279Despite its heavy handedness I did rather enjoy the narrative portions of Invasion Luke Rhinehart does tell a good yarn when he's not telling us what to think and Billy Morton the cantankerous old Mainer who brings the first Protean invader home on his fishing boat is a welcome change from the callow taciturn action heroes who so freuently populate SF Billy's voice ties the book together despite freuent interruptions and helps lend it most of its humor I could see Billy being played by the great Harry Dean Stanton who—sadly—passed away while I was writing this reviewThe other characters don't fare so well though The Proteans are even the book admits difficult to tell apart if you're not right in the room with them Billy's wife Carlita gets put onto a pedestal early on and never seems uite able to climb back off Billy and Lita's young sons Lucas and Johnny are endearing and their parents actually listen to them now and then which is a plus but ultimately interchangeable Karen Bell a gorgeous athletic blonde in her twenties winds up with the Protean Molière who says of their match in a way that's totally not creepy at allI've looked at tens of thousands of humans since I first landed here he says and I knew what I wanted and I found her—p223The action shifts uickly after that disturbing confession which is probably for the bestBut then and then after revealing and about the Proteans and how we react to them and after escalating the stakes in the war between Fun and Profit for four hundred pages Invasion just stopsWho builds half a bridge?There is it would appear a continuation in the works to be entitled The Hairy Balls and the End of Civilization forsooth but I'm not sure I want to know what's in it

  3. Stuart Stuart says:

    Billy Morton does not realise how much his life will change when he takes a hairy gelatinous and spherical being home with him to meet his family The creature or 'Louie' as the family names him is all about playing and having fun he does not speak but he can mould himself into many different forms and Billy's boys Lucas and Jimmy have a great time with him Billy's concerns only begin when Louie starts reading talking and using the computer to hack government entities like the NSA to steal money Protective of his new alien friend Billy and his family try to hide him as best as they can but sightings in the community of a 'hairy beach ball' shaped being as well as other sightings of similar creatures around the world bring the government to Greenport Long Island to meet the Morton's and their new 'pet'Once the 'cat' is out of the bag so to speak events elevate to a whole other level with Louie and other 'Protean' friends taking to the media and speaking out against capitalism war and all the other problems that the common human faces everyday Billy and his family are taken along for the ride and it is a chaotic one for sure With an agenda packed full of hacking sexual innuendo huge parties espionage sold out theatre shows inter universe sex and nuclear disarmament to name a few Invasion is a hilariousworrying series of events and scenarios that highlight everything that is wrong with the world and what we can do about it Invasion is a uniue and refreshing take on the arrival of a extraterrestrial beings that manages to side step most of the cliches we see in an invasion scenario GenreWriting Style Invasion is a mash up of many genres Though focusing highly on the comedy adventure and political side of things throughout most of the book there are also elements of thriller action romance and other popular genres The book takes the idea of an alien invasion to a new place instead of picturing oppression and obliteration Luke Rhinehart brings us a story of revolution and euality Invasion definitely stands out from other books in its field I cannot really put my finger on a definitive audience for this book as there is a lot of fun play and light amusement here but there is also lots of foul language sexual references and outright violence so be wary when picking this book up The story in Invasion is told from several different view points across multiple formats so it is prevented from being too stale though my main criticism of this book is its length I found the stroy to become slightly repetitive and bizarre in the middle of the book and felt it could have been somewhat shaved down Mainly I was amused by this book at times I was scared for humanity and occasionally I was uninterested by the escapades of the hairy aliens and their fisherman friendCharacters First off Billy Morton is a great character he has a certain way of looking at life and though he is in his early 70s he still embraces the new and tolerates the odd I found his perspective to be inspiring and his satire to be hilarious I hope I see things his way when I am that age The other standout character here is Louie the leader of the 'Proteans' These aliens are bizarre unpredictable and super intelligent but mainly they just want the human race to stop seeking riches and building weapons and just chill out and have some fun Louie leads this charge and we get to see him evolve and lead his people through the events in this story The enemy in the book is the government Luke Rhinehart has made them paranoid brutal and devious which is really much different from reality The lengths that all the American government entities and politicians go to fight the aliens that just want to help is insanely intense but makes for such a good back and forth storyline between both sides The 'Proteans' just want humans to see what they are doing to themselves and their planet and they start to make headway but it is left on a cliffhanger Whether to let us determine what happened next or to set up another book in the series there is a message at the end that states there will be another book but I am not sure I can take it seriously due to the name of the seuel DSetting The story starts so small in a little fishing town in the USA and it just grows and grows until it envelops the whole world Yes it is focused on America for its storyline and politics but it does take into the consideration all countries states of mind and people The Morton's are taken all over the world they are harassed imprisoned blown up resurrected and many other crazy scenarios Luke Rhinehart obviously had a great time writing this story but by the end of it you may just have to hang your head in shame This is a hilarious and concerning insight into our existence as humans and the fact that an alien invasion may shake things up for the better

  4. Nesdy Nesdy says:

    This took me a long time to finish because I didn't like any of it It's supposed to be satire but I didn't find it humorous or funny in any way Some of the messages the author wants to transmit I find absurd and disagree with completely There's not much of a plot The messages don't come from the storythe humour the author stops the narration to tell you directly everything that he thinks I don't think this is a well written book at all

  5. Steve Erickson Steve Erickson says:

    I uit this around the 200 page mark It's like being lectured by a Democratic Socialists of America member who thinks he's incredibly witty but is actually massively smug patronizing and annoying Douglas Adams must be turning over in his grave at this attempt at witty sci fi I agree with the politics but the way they're expressed got on my last nerve I almost never put down books without finishing them

  6. Tina Tina says:

    Invasion is funny and profound in my opinions I enjoyed it

  7. Elizabeth Fisher Elizabeth Fisher says:

    How wonderfully fun funny and insightful Now I've got to out there and do something just for the hell of it every daySeriously read this book

  8. Robin Robin says:

    This is a hilarious but at times politically obnoxious fantasy about the effect on a Long Island family's lifestyle when they become bosom friends with a race of extraterrestrial beings variously called FFs furry fish Proteans Ickies or in government parlance Alien Terrorists The FFs just want to play and their message to the world is that people should take life less seriously and spend time doing things for the hell of it The Powers That Be couldn't disagree strongly The conflict reaches the intensity of literally a nuclear explosion but even that isn't the end of itI was 38 percent entertained by this book about an alien invasion of the present day world by sentient hairy beach balls from another universe I was 62 percent put off by its shrill over the top left wing politics It was about two fifths funny weird thought provoking fun and three fifths Social Justice Warrior bull hockey tinged with an unmistakable hatred for everything historically American that in my opinion demands a blind acceptance of a lot of disinformation and a blithe dismissal of many facts about the flip side I'm not going to go into for instances here I do not want this to become a space for hammering out political arguments I'm just saying what I felt about the book which is that it kept me just amused enough to pick it up again after repeatedly provoking me to slam it down in disgustI've been up front about the negatives but the positives all have to do with the characters in the story and their adventures I could even enjoy reading about them when their political views didn't align with mine I think the parts of the book that turned me off were when the author dropped the pretense of telling a story brushed the characters and their situation aside and went full throttle political In my opinion his failing as an author in this instance arose from a lack of discipline and trust in his readers to draw their own connections to real world politics and make up their own minds I think it would have been a better book if it had stayed focused on the adventures of Billy Lita their two boys and their super intelligent shape changing furry friends from Ickieland or whatever their homeworld is called Good people against a corrupt system is a story shape that has worked in many contexts and this particular rendition of it really had me in its grip But Rhinehart unfortunately kept loosening that grip to scratch his own peculiar itchLuke Rhinehart aka George Cockcroft is the author of The Dice Man The Book of est The Book of Die Naked Before the World Jesus Invades George and at least four other novels plus the play The Dice House and several screenplays based on his own books There is a rumor that a seuel to this book is coming titled The Hairy Balls and the End of Civilization

  9. Marie Marie says:

    35 stars An entertaining wild and provocative read The first hundred pages or so are mostly fun sci fi focusing on developing this furry alien species As the book progresses it becomes political I'm not sure if I agree with the full extremeness of what the FFs aliens are suggesting but I certainly see their point The critiue of current day politics societal values and segregation of class by income and race is done in a way that is sarcastic and light hearted Yet at its core there's a lot of content to reflect on The plot gets wilder and outrageous as it goes on Even without the presence of aliens the events continue to become extreme and at times ridiculous There's a dry ironic sense of humour in nearly every sentence The style was a bit different than my usual type of book but I enjoyed reading this one It was lots of fun and interesting I was also unable to predict the plot which I appreciate in a book A brief non spoiler note on the ending It was somewhat conclusive yet definitely open ended I wouldn't say it was a cliffhanger which usually drives me nuts but it certainly leaves to be explored in the seuel It can be nice to know that beforehand

  10. Deadbeatnik Deadbeatnik says:

    Hilarious rip roaring yarn about a bunch of anarchic aliens landing on Earth to give humanity a massive and long overdue kick in its self righteous arseRhinehart true to form slates and deconstructs the human systems enslaving us whilst giving the pompous bunch of idiots enforcing them a well deserved wedgieInvasion picks up where The Dice Man left off with Rhinehart calling out gun nuts corrupt politicians evil corporations big brother style surveillance the sensationalist mass media and everything else holding us back on a daily basisTo my mind Luke Rhinehart's one of the finest satirists alive not merely because he makes me laugh but because he does so with such grace and such compassion that however biting the wit however fierce the polemic he always draws me back into the curious and open mindset of a child wanting the world to be right again wanting us all to get along and wanting to make the most of this short spark we call a life

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