An Angel in Disguise eBook ↠ An Angel ePUB Ò

An Angel in Disguise eBook ↠ An Angel ePUB Ò

An Angel in Disguise ✯ [PDF] ❤ An Angel in Disguise By T.S. Arthur ✼ – An Angel in Disguise by TS Arthur An Angel in Disguise by TS Arthur.

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  1. Srujan Srujan says:

    As his arms held the sick child to his breast a sphere of tenderness went out from her and penetrated his feeling Wow This is a very beautiful story which brings emotion to the people who read it It shows people's way of thinking An Angel in Disguise with its strong vocabulary complex sentences realistic setting and vivid point of views stresses on the importance of love and care in one’s life; how love drives out even the darkest and deepest bitterness out of a person The story revolves around a small poor and a bedridden girl named Maggie who is been abandoned by the villagers after her mother's death who died of excessive consumption of alcohol and idlenessMaggie's siblings are taken by other villager but she is left alone because of her conditions It is then when Joe Thompson a poor wheelwright of the village takes her at his home for a night and they rest you all can read for it is so amazing and pureThe author has shown the reality of our society in a stark light; it’s evilness cruelty the judgmental eyes and reproachful towards literally everything Each character strikes a chord in your heart with either it’s downright cruelty or with its kindness and unconditional loveThe descriptions are so vivid that it you feel each and every bit of the storyIn all it is a must read

  2. Segen Zeray Segen Zeray says:

    The Absence of Love is What Plagues TS Arthur was often regarded as a literator of unrefined taste and lack of brilliance which was claimed to have been the reason why he was not as well known as most American authors during the 19th century However despite the derogatory assessment TS Arthur was also appraised for his realism simplicity and sentimentalmoral poignancy in his genre of nonfiction and fictional stories that many found reassuring All of these ualities mentioned are apparent in one of his demure yet enchanting works An Angel in Disguise An Angel in Disguise recounts one of the troubling times in America; set in a small village where life is made difficult Mr and Mrs Thompson who are the “heroes” in the short story rescue a young child by the name of Maggie who is ill bedridden and unable bodied Because no one else takes the initiative to help this young child Mr Thompson takes it upon himself to Mr Thompson is revered as an older uiet kind soul who resides with his wife who is introduced as one who holds a temper and a bitter attitude Maggie is the “angel in disguise” and is an ailing innocent young girl who yearns for love and acceptance The root problem that drives the story is the absence of love in both Maggie and Mr and Mrs Thompson's life In Maggie’s case it is the absence of love from a parental figure and in the Thompson’s situation it is the absence of love from a child that has plagued their relationship and their lives; with the passing of Maggie’s mother also comes the scattering of her siblings into other families and her foreboding loneliness the Thompson’s in turn are unable to bear children which stimulates the bitter and tempered demeanor of Mrs Thompson The gray town is overcome with pity for the children despite their scorn towards the children’s now deceased mother they pay their respects and some decide to care for the fending children However no one decided to care for Maggie the bed ridden ill borne; whispers of pity and charitable words were often uttered but none were taken into action That is until the heart of Mr Thompson went out to the young ailing girl who grabbed hold of it in her paling grip frightened of loneliness Mr Thompson returned home with Maggie and laid her to sleep at first his sullen wife did not approve of the harboring of such a child but after some time spent with her and the sudden unexpected rise of resistance from her husband she grew to care for the child and the hole in heart which propelled all the waves of bitter anger and pain of being infertile was filled with what their family so longed for a child And in seuence the child had what she had always so longed for someone to stay by her bedside Maggie was their “angel in disguise” This story was one that held promise of a somber tale but it delivered that somber sincere uality in a way that was bursting with tender affection The saying that love binds all things has never been legitimate after reading TS Arthur’s An Angel in Disguise The absence of such love truly did plague the lives of the Thompson's and Maggie Notwithstanding the negative comments against Arthur’s writing this story was pieced together with articulate brilliance and honest morale; a realistic depiction of the deprivation of love in the hearts of both the young Maggie and old Mr and Mrs Thompson A tale to remind us of the importance of love in everyone’s lives I would recommend this book to young adults because many in this day and age are oblivious to this very real concern and choose to ignore their family Reading this book has encouraged me to look for other stories that have a realistic simple and heart warming spirit The absence of love is what plagues the old and the young of us; love is the purest and strongest entity in its absence great pain is capable and in its presence great good is capable

  3. Shinjini Shinjini says:

    Love is a blessing only the luckiest receiveI had never heard TS Arthur's name before I chanced upon this beautiful story And now I'm going to try and read as many of his works as I can get my hands upon What he has done with this story has filled my heart with joyThe story opens with a tragedy that befalls the lives of three children Two of them are fit and capable of hard work The third is rendered a dependent after suffering from a spinal injury The other siblings are adopted into families that can put them to use but no one wants the third child There are such few people in the world who find enough kindness in their hearts to care for a sick and helpless child as is shown time and againBut a farmer finds the child and takes her back to his home His wife a woman described as 'vinegar tempered' is shocked to find her husband with the child But the power of love is immense This story is testament to the fact that Love can melt even the hardest of heartsWhat nature couldn't give to the farmer and his wife they found as fruit of a tragedy Love has the power to bring people together No wonder in recent years the lack of love is bringing so much trouble in the worldThe ending brought happy tears in my eyes Will definitely read again

  4. Diane Briones™ Diane Briones™ says:

    “An Angel in Disguise” is a fictional short story written by TS Arthur The main characters we meet in the story are John Katy Maggie Mrs Ellis farmer Jones Joe Thompson and his wife Jane Thompson The protagonist of the story is Maggie ‘an angel in disguise’ who changed the Thompsons’s life This short story was well written and I enjoyed it This story was good but it wasn’t my favourite I think the author did a good job it is well written but I usually don’t read this type of story I think the author should have gone into detail and maybe explained the characters and their thoughts Diane ™

  5. Bridget Bridget says:

    Was going to give this three stars but that ending is worth a fourth star

  6. Emma Emma says:

    I’m not really sure if I would recommend this or not I guess it depends on the person I have mixed feelings because they were aspects that I really enjoyed and there were aspects that I really did not care for One of the things I really enjoyed was how in the end of the story acknowledges that Maggie is than just her injury or illness She is not a burden she is a person a child who needs a lot of help yes but is so bright and strong for such a young child In Maggie’s short life she has had to deal with her injury her mother’s alcoholism being half starved her mother’s death losing her two siblings and being unwanted by the majority of the village people The fact that she can be so bright after going through so much really shows the strength Maggie has One of the aspects I really did not like was that Jane Thompson was written as if by being childless she was damaged Arthur wrote that because Jane had no child she was an angry and sad woman While I do believe that Maggie did bring light and happiness to the home I did not like that the one of the overall messages was that if women do not have children that are going to be bitter and mean as if they overall purpose is to have children She is written as if having children is the only way for her to have purpose and happiness in her life

  7. Amit Amit says:

    Wow It was a wonderful a great story to read I wonder why itt doesn't have any cover But I liked the way the author described about that physically ill and helhelpless little girl Maggie It feel really good when you know that there's still some people exist who do love to rescue or say to help the poor innocentGraeat short tale from me 5 out of 5

  8. Sassy C Sassy C says:

    Beautiful heart wrenching short story Love and compassion for others will nurture our hearts into being our best selves

  9. K. Anna Kraft K. Anna Kraft says:

    I have arranged my thoughts on this short story into a haiku Dispelling a lack Two negatives togetherMake something greater

  10. ally ally says:

    a heart warming read

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