Unlocking Of Secrets PDF Ì Unlocking Of PDF \

Unlocking Of Secrets PDF Ì Unlocking Of PDF \

Unlocking Of Secrets (The Untold, #1) [PDF / Epub] ☆ Unlocking Of Secrets (The Untold, #1) Author James Jean-Pierre – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk “In an alternate reality I would probably be a murderer and I feel no shame in saying I would be happy” The voice inside my headJames was the Gullible child who practically grew up without a mothe “In an alternate reality I would probably be a murderer and I feel no shame in saying I would be happy” The voice inside my headJames was the Gullible child who practically grew up without a Unlocking Of PDF \ mother or father letting his curiosity guide himObsessed and hooked on sex by the age of eight before knowing what it wasHe received no affection from his father who left Haiti before he was born or his mother whom he lived with but never took the time to know him It's no wonder he let his curiosity guide him at least he got answers when he had uestions even if they weren't always rightAs he got older his smile became his greatest weapon No one would ever think to accuse him of having something to hide if he could fake a smile better than a real oneThe Untold is an unusual and entertaining story to remember Penetrating deep into the darkest and most disturbing corners of the Mind James takes you inside the head of a boy who plays the role of his own father and mother and shows you what the outcome of finding things out on his own lead to.

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  1. Kathleen Pooler Kathleen Pooler says:

    The Untold Unlocking of Secrets is gripping story of a young man’s coming of age at a very early age in his native Haiti The topics of childhood abandonment sexual addiction and suicidal thoughts are addressed in a raw and honest manner The author does an excellent job of pulling the reader into his story through the voice of his younger self The reality of his life is raw and difficult to face His writing is clear and engaging and I definitely got the picture of what his coming of age was like The cultural aspects were very interesting and added to the intrigue of the storyAs a reader I had some difficulty with the repetitive sexually explicit details and felt there should have been warning about that In his defense I do think he wanted to tell his story as authentically as possible and in that vein he did accomplish this authenticityThe main issue I had related to his story structure I believe a memoir has to show redemption and leave the reader with a sense of satisfaction that the hero has overcome the obstacles While he paints a very vivid picture of the obstacles the ending fell flat and abruptly for me I knew he had survived but I wanted to know a little about that experience This story is important in shedding light on the impact of childhood abandonment and is well written I have to give it 3 stars due to multiple typos and what I felt as a reader to have an incomplete narrative arc I would read other works by this author as I feel he possesses the ability to engage his reader and makes them want to know

  2. Rabid Readers Reviews Rabid Readers Reviews says:

    The author gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review“The Untold Unlocking of Secrets” is uncomfortable to read Told in a very matter of fact style the narrator doesn’t gloss over the worst of the young subjects experiences Jean Pierre paints a landscape view of growing up in Haiti with a mother that raises her children with a mostly brutal hand and an absentee father who descends from his home in the US like a celebrity raining US 1Some of the anecdotal stories are really interesting Jean Pierre paints a solid picture of the Haitian superstition while underlining the practical nature The narrator’s father is visiting when they hear an unexplained scratching The father swears it’s a vampire but when he swings his machete in panic it turns out to have been a cat The purpose of the cat once dispatched is as food for the family though to add a new tally mark to the narrator’s list of sins he consumes the meat before it can be sharedThe narration style is inelegant but effective Readers looking for a solid ending will be disappointed There will clearly be future instalments in the telling of the narrator’s journey There are things people never talk about and usually for good reason Jean Pierre manages to bring those things forward giving them an explanation of sorts if never an excuse If you like tales of authentic human lives check this one out

  3. Julie Gedeon Julie Gedeon says:

    The untold unlocking of secrets was a very intriguing book The depths and contents of this book spoke to me it showed its utter naked truth The complete rawness of this book left me flabbergasted It was simply explicit I feel the author executed every single chapter with such truths My only critiue would be the lack of emotions with the relationship with samone it could have been expressed in detail to show their profound love for one another


    The Untold Unlocking Of Secrets is uite interestingly written with a good amount of twists and turns The best part is that it doesn't take us to any fairy land rather it enlighten us to some bare truths of life The hardships and pains what people feel The book cover is very attractive and strong it perfectly suits the title and the blurb The Untold is a usual and entertaining story to remember penetrating deep into the darkest and most disturbing corners of the mind James takes you inside the head of a boy who plays the role of his own father and mother and shows you what the outcome of finding things out on his own leads to It is a must read for all real story lovers

  5. PeG PeG says:

    EhIt was easily readable but no real meat to the story And it ended really abruptly without resolution Can’t say I’d recommend

  6. Theresa Read Theresa Read says:

    While it was an interesting view of this person growing up and very much made the point of kids needing actual adults to guide them growing up I can't say it was fun to read Not that the material was difficult to stomach or anything but the flow of language was like how people talk which I find rough to follow in print

  7. Dutchess of Earl Dutchess of Earl says:

    I found some parts of the story disturbing Actually uite disturbing

  8. Wendy Wendy says:

    In Unlocking Of Secrets the first book in a uniue and gripping series that I won through Goodreads Giveaways James Jean Pierre paints the portrait of a Haitian boy abandoned by his father before birth and raised by an unaffectionate mother who grows up with no positive influence or moral compass in his life Considered a troublemaker and hooked on sex at eight he moves with his mother to the United States and painfully comes of age facing his parents separation being sexually exploited intimidated and threatened by his mother's boyfriend only to find betrayal and heartbreak with the girlfriend he lovesWith anecdotal stories the author brings to life a boy raised in the Haitian culture where there's no sex education except through curiosity and experimentation and childhood stories of voodoo and unnatural deaths lead to the killing of a cat thought to be a vampire James Jean Pierre's style of writing is unconventional as he draws the reader into memories that are raw gritty and often sexually explicit The mood is darkly oppressive as he explores themes of abandonment abuse sexual addiction betrayal and suicidal thoughts which strangely make you root for the young man who sees only futility in his life and future Yet perhaps the memoir is cathartic in nature and in future stories help will be found to heal this emotionally depleted and vulnerable soul Unlocking Of Secrets is short unusual but entertaining as a boy unfettered by conventional morality abandoned and betrayed searches for his identity a place in the world and even love only to flounder and look to death as a way out of his heartache Without a definitive ending the story goes on and it will be interesting to see if James eventually finds love and hope with Samone the only person willing to throw him a life preserver in the rough water of his life

  9. Meghan Meghan says:

    The Untold Unlocking of Secrets is gritty grimy and all too real which is exactly what makes it enjoyable James the protagonist is a character that you'll root for root against and than likely root for once again But what's a good book without some character conflict? So give The Untold Unlocking of Secrets a try Its brutal honesty may not sit well with everyone but any fan of real storytelling and supporter of a first time self published author will see this novel for what it is a gem

  10. Nancy Timmerman Nancy Timmerman says:

    `this was a goodreads giveaway winner bookI read this book in one day This book was very sad disturbing and a uncomfortable book to read but I had to finish hoping it would get better If you don't like detailed images of sexual content this book is not for you It is sad this little boy from Haiti was not cared for or had guidance from his parents or his family

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