Quiet in the Realm eBook Í Quiet in PDF \

Quiet in the Realm eBook Í Quiet in PDF \

Quiet in the Realm ❰Reading❯ ➿ Quiet in the Realm Author Joseph Sutton – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The realm is uiet In the capital idleness has corrupted mind and body alike following the longest peace in living memory but the threat of whispers are rising again in courtrooms and alehouses across The realm is uiet In the capital idleness has corrupted mind and body alike following the longest peace in living memory but the threat of whispers are rising again in courtrooms and alehouses across the land Rumours are spreading like some toxic wildfire leaving a trail Quiet in PDF \ of suspicion in their wake Some are brave enough to dig for answers but many schemers want to fill the hole in and keep their secrets buried deep Ever marriage pacts loom in such uncertain times and wedding bells chime almost nightly but reputations trail every nobleman and some are harrowing than others would believe Far from the mutter words and fancy pursuits of such highborns the villages are suffering Food is sparse and even the young have long grown hungry When stomachs churn and beggars go without the laws of any realm would be tested to the letter Far away across the Misty Sea a stranger sits Rich powerful but shrouded in mystery the city that few care to speak of could have a part to play But who if anyone will befriend this silent stranger The realm is uiet for now.

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  1. Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon says:

    3 Cranky Stars uiet in the Realm follows the trials and tribulations of many characters in a land full of evil deeds Told in multiple points of view the story centers on a land that is on the brinks of war The author allows the reader to see the truth in each class in this corrupt society The characters seem complex and the plot and realm created seem so real I enjoyed the saga style of story telling and also how it is grounded on the concept of good versus evil It is reminiscent of classic novels in its style of writing This is not for a very young reader as it has lots of violence and even some racy bits It does have an excellent use of high school plus vocabulary and gives explicit descriptions of the characters events and scenery in the storyThe main issues I had with this work is that it is very detailed in its descriptions leaving little to the imagination of the reader Alas I found myself skipping parts and skim reading because it dragged the story down rather than maintaining the paceThe author uses large words and complex sentences which are fine but the work is rather busy There are multiple characters and minutia of every day life combined with the language added a layer of complexity that the story could have done without While in hindsight the information and different points of view gave an insight into the society I do feel that condensing some aspects of the story would have helped drive the main plot I enjoy the red herrings and signals that information would be important later onThe author and story has enormous potential I look forward to future offeringsWith thanks to Lilac Reviewshttptwistedbookcurblogspotch201

  2. Zsofi Zsofi says:

    I was unable to finish this book The story is horribly boring it is full with spelling and editing mistakes and pointless swearing It is a total waste of money

  3. Matthew Matthew says:

    Review also available on my blog at you finish a book but you just don't know what to think That confusion is how I feel right now Because on one hand uiet in the Realm has a strong story but on the other it is so marred by its deficiencies that the story is hidden and hard to see To start as warned by the author there were uite a few grammatical errors but I think Sutton is in the process of editing his work Hopefully he can update this as soon as possible so as to save his future readers this grief and frustrationSecondly and this may be a preference matter but I think Sutton's work on the whole uses too many complex sentences He could do so well to take many of his sentences and break them up Are they technically correct Yes But are they pleasant to read when they are stacked one on top of the next over the course of pages Absolutely not I think this is a larger issue than the grammar by far Grammatical mistakes plague even the most renowned novelists But this is a style issue and is reflective of the author I would definitely recommend shortening a majority of the complex sentences within Four hundred pages are not long at all but this book dragged on and it was in part due to the sentence lengthI did like the story but I thought it would have done better without as many narrators I mean I get why there were so many but I think the story would've read better without as many Baka for instance I found myself dreading his chapters The descriptions were vivid and definitely well drawn out but they too suffered from the over complex sentences that plagued the work I do think that description was the main reason why the novel was laden with them And I know for a fact that cutting some of those descriptions would go a long way in bettering the work For instance every time we see a character we don't need to get a full fledged description of their whole appearance Follow the rule of threes Give them a description three times scattered through out the novel and your readers will have a solid description Don't continue to add though unless there is someone specific that needs to be known Anything over that is redundant On the whole I'd say that I did enjoy my time with Sutton's work but I think it could benefit from some heavy edits I don't think it was ready for publication in its current stateAlso this is a little odd and story based We heard absolutely nothing from this Polari race until they come out in the end of the novel and spoiler invoke what I can only imagine to be a Deus Ex Machina If we had heard of them before their first introduction perhaps it wouldn't appear so shoe horned inThree and a half dead brawlers out of fiveI received this book for free through Goodreads Firstreads

  4. Luisa Luisa says:

    i won a copy of this book in the good reads giveaway sadly i found this book difficult to get into at times i found myself re reading pages that i had just read as it was not going in to be fair i am not a big fan of historical books but fancied something a bit different i personally just found there was too many characters being switched between yet no ones story that really grabbed my attention there were some ok bits but nothing that really stood out for me sorry

  5. Smidie Broth Smidie Broth says:

    Give it a while to get going and let yourself get lost Once you do you'll be completely hookedI can definitely see the George RR Martin influence in there Can't think of a better option if you're forever waiting for him to bring out his next book

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