Original Fast Foods eBook Á Original Fast PDF/EPUB

Original Fast Foods eBook Á Original Fast PDF/EPUB

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  1. Brynn Brynn says:

    This is an excellent book It has changed the course of my life forever It has changed the way I think about food and nutrition and provided delicious recipes to help me implement the principles of the book This book doesn't say you should be a vegetarian just that 10% of less of your calories each day should come from animal products drawing on the results of scientific research not just opinion I NEVER thought I would be anything close to a vegetarian many vegetarians I have known appear pale and sickly Now I realize it's possible to be a vegetarian who eats really poorly you could be a vegetarian and eat nothing but potato chips all day every day As a result of this book I'm now an almost vegetarian or flexitarian I eat meat when I go out to eat or eat at someone else's house And I cook it occasionally an average of once every month or two probably not counting eggs And I feel great I thought I would miss meat and especially cheese cow's milk and butter but I really don'tOne critiue of the book is that the recipes leave out a lot of details They will say something like bake until tender without giving a temperature or estimate on how long it will take 10 min??? 1 hour??? Also some help on unfamiliar ingredients would be useful I had never cooked with coconut milk and a lot of their recipes call for it At first I was using the stuff in the milk section instead of the canned stuff in the Asian food section

  2. Deanna Deanna says:

    I've reread this several times I love what it has to say but my family HATES the recipesThis book reconfirmed many of the things I've read in other places only adding some religious perspective as well Now that I've read it I'm doing a heavy study into the scriptures to understand even further Many things have been opened up to me as I've learned clearly what some scriptures are sayingMy life reuires so many changes for this I feel somewhat overwhelmed but not without hope I will continue to study and learn how to apply this in my life I have realized one of my biggest problems is that I seek to be entertained by my food way to much I need to enjoy food because it is whole and nutritious not because there are multiple flavors and textures I need to recognize food as a life source not as something to entertain me with Why have I allowed myself to be so entertained by everything in life?I will conuer

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    I had this book for a couple of years but just now am I ready for it this approach to eating feels so much better to me and will solve many problems in our family health picture The authors have a large healthy family are neighbors of my sister and she has long admired them As I have traveled throughout the world I can see how a plant based diet is so much better for our minds bodies and spirit and the environment Children on plant based diets don't have acne ADD diabetes obesity etc Now if I can just get them to buy into this way of eatingand find the gumption and time for the preparation I'll let you know how it goes It will be worth it just to avoid the hundreds of fluscolds we get every year

  4. Ginger Ginger says:

    I read the 2008 edition As with me James Simmons became extrememly ill almost over night or so it seemed Going from doctor to doctor Mr Simmons found no relief from conventional medicine Through much study fasting and prayer God taught him to learn how to eat like Danielof the Old Testament He and his wife worked diligently over eight years or so to develope these recipes and techniues for great health It's an easy read packed with plenty of scientific studies personal observations religious perspectives and so much

  5. Sidney Sidney says:

    This is another of those books that if you do what it says will be of incredible value I keep telling myself that I am going to fit my family diet around it but haven't done it yet It makes sense works with the word of wisdom A good friend of mine is following it with her family for the last few months and they feel so GOOD

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    Truly great nutrition and health information and facts Very useful and insightful They have a lot of recipes in the back some good some not so good Not a big fan so far of most of them but I've only made about 5 or 6 of them But the information and facts on health are great Worth the read

  7. Kelly Kelly says:

    this is one man's personal story of how he cured his 10 year illness by researching healthy eating practices 6 months after switching to a plant based diet he was well again the book has recipes that his family uses regularly and is well worth looking into if you have any health issues you'd like to correct this book was a motivating factor in my decision to move toward a mostly vegan diet

  8. Misty Misty says:

    This is a wonderful introduction to whole foods eating Many of the recipes are on the heavy side they have a large family of boys so I understand that but for me with mostly girls we prefer a bit lighter fareMy favorite book on the whys and hows of beginning a healthier wiser diet for the entire family

  9. Debbie Noorlander Debbie Noorlander says:

    I learned that fruits vegies legumes and grains if used as the bulk of the diet can make about anyone well I also learned it can be done simply and taste delicious Actually I learned so much that I think everyone should read it You can order it from wwworiginalfastfoodscom

  10. Eliece Eliece says:

    I am a big fan of the super green smoothie Daniel's salad and the homemade granola Lots of good ideas to improve your eating in this book You can add a few into your diet or go hog wild and become a full fledged vegetarian

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