A Van Full of Girls PDF Î A Van PDF \ Full of

A Van Full of Girls PDF Î A Van PDF \ Full of

A Van Full of Girls ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ A Van Full of Girls By Michael Murray ✎ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Have you ever been in a van full of girls All the girls are alive and they're happy You're all heading off to do something whimsical and flirty and maybe a little bit drunk You're going to see a Beach Have you ever Full of PDF/EPUB ¶ been in A Van Full of Girls A Van PDF \ All the girls are alive and they're happy You're all heading Van Full of PDF/EPUB Â off to do something whimsical and flirty and maybe a little bit drunk You're going to see a Beach Boys tribute band You're going to the casino to bet it all on red You're going to a seance that you just know is going to end in skinny dipping Something like that A Van Full of Girls is a collection of short dizzy funny things It's zippy and unpredictable like a mongoose but it's dead sexy You will want to take Polaroids of each precious little missive contained within and then tape each one to your fridge You will want to give this book to somebody you need to love you.

7 thoughts on “A Van Full of Girls

  1. Mel Mel says:

    I mean I always think it's a little bit insulting to compare somebody's work to somebody else's work For one thing what if he fargin' hates that guy? and then for another the good Lord willing you're not like somebody else and somebody else isn't like you you're free to be you and he and neither of you is a derivative jackholeBut that said this read to me a lot like a modern day Robert Benchley a writer I love a really really lot Canadian modern day Robert Benchley who maybe fixates on Jennifer Lawrence than he rightfully should Maybe I can't decide Joy was pretty terrible and so was Serena but that's not her faultAnywayThe other thing I wanted to say about this collection is this I'm often frustrated by writers who overwork a piece stretching its premise to the point of transparency and eually frustrated by writers who don't take their premise nearly far enough as if just stating it baldly and then typing THE END? is than you ever could've hoped forIt's true that this isn't a long book but even so there's not one piece in the whole collection that I felt should've been shorter or longer than it was Somehow every single one of them is exactly right and that is wizardry mamajama I'm here to tell you and want to say

  2. Wendy Wendy says:

    A Van Full of Girls which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is a uniue and clever collection of funny uirky and often perceptive observations Using an innovative structure that includes texts letters anecdotes and even an advice column Michael Murray encapsulates his thoughts analysis and daydreams critiuing some very sensitive subjects which he handles with aplomb and humor I enjoyed the witty sarcasm of Gun Appreciation Day with its perception of gun control his challenges with cycling in Toronto in Ryan Gosling and the uirky blog by Michael's miniature dachshund Heidi This is a uick and entertaining read with underlying messages you can soak in or ignore

  3. Paul Childs Paul Childs says:

    Full disclosure I am a FB friend of Mr Murray and at one point were participants in a FB goof around page called 'The Box Factory' Now that that's out there; this is an excellent book It's alternately funny wistful and delightfully absurd I imagine dire conseuences if one of his hilarious celebrity e mails gets taken out of context The one sided text exchanges with his SO Rachelle an incredibly patient woman if ever there was one are eually funny Do yourself a favor and get this book then read it several times Then start reading his blog and other material You will be glad you did

  4. Figgy Figgy says:

    Short and thoroughly delightful Heidi's entries are particularly hilarious

  5. Eva Eva says:

    Michael Murray has written an enjoyable collection of short stories Thank you GoodReads for the book

  6. Louella Lester Louella Lester says:

    Loved it

  7. Noelle Walsh Noelle Walsh says:

    This book was really fun to read uirky amusing and genuinely enjoyable this book is something many can enjoy A worthwhile reading experiencewon as a GoodReads Giveaway

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