What She Wished for...a Cautionary Tale eBook ✓

What She Wished for...a Cautionary Tale eBook ✓

What She Wished for...a Cautionary Tale [Ebook] ➤ What She Wished for...a Cautionary Tale By Ellen L. Ekstrom – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk All Violet Ellison wanted was to see her hard to pay off and perhaps one of her dreams to come true Little did she know it would happen the moment she found the chess piece lying on the sidewalk Who k All Violet Ellison wanted was to see her Wished for...a ePUB ´ hard to pay off and perhaps one of her dreams to come true Little did she know it would happen the moment she found the What She PDF or chess piece lying on the sidewalk Who knew that a 'Cinderella' moment would put that knight on horseback in play Be careful what you wish forEllen L Ekstrom's award winning novel A Knight on She Wished for...a PDF ↠ Horseback is now available as a trade paperback and digital download from Whyte Rose Violet Scribes with new artwork and title.

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  1. Cocktails and Books Cocktails and Books says:

    This book was so much FUN I have never read anything by Ellen Ekstrom but after reading this I absolutely MUST read It begins with Violet a hard working mom stuck in a mundane routine of everyday life with a husband who isn’t really around much She is bored and feeling a need for something different in her life And what happens next is a whirlwind of excitement right out of a historical fantasy I will not divulge any details as it would completely ruin your reading experience And trust me it’s well worth the read Violet and the entire cast of characters in this story are just fun Their personalities exude excitement and keep you engaged throughout The author’s ability to incorporate history into the plot is intriguing leaving you wishing that you yourself could experience a fantasy similar to that of Violet It was impossible to put this book down as I read it from beginning to end in one sitting Full of romance humor and A LOT of fun this brilliantly created world is one of a kind Ms Ekstrom you have found yourself another huge fanReviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books

  2. Farmers Wife Farmers Wife says:

    I LOVE this story I don't want to spoil it but when you get into you'll know what I'm talking about when I say The way he spoke to her looked at her loved her made my heart flutter constantly If you love romance any form of romance you will love this storyI also love the difficulty of the dynamics involved The obstacles that existed and the new ones that continued to present themselves through the story And I love the passion though often externally stifled while waning internally that comes from the MC And I love that she loves to write I'm personally not a history buff yet her affection for it is infectingDon't we all want to find our knight in shining armor? Is it possible? Or is it an untrue unattainable unreanights after all knights on horseback are renaissance from history books and they weren't often so shiny and glamourous Just as we fantasize about our life and our future only to grow up and find ourselves locked in a though full and important mundane routineI cannot say other thanWonderful read

  3. Molly Ringle Molly Ringle says:

    Ellen Ekstrom has this wonderful way of telling what is technically a story grounded in the real world but making it feel like magic is happening After all for most of us meeting that rock star we've had a crush on since we were teens and having him fall in love with us that's got to be magic Oof good thing Robert Smith of The Cure never fell in love with me Would've been exciting for a while but I bet it wouldn't have ended prettyThing is the life of our protagonist Violet is not set up conveniently for a new love with a rock star She's married and she has kids and a time intensive job or two or three Ellen doesn't flinch at showing us the thorniness of entering upon an affair when one has all these existing attachments It hurts and it makes you wonder how in the world you'd handle it yourself Violet like most of us but so in her case deserves happiness She has put up with a lot notably in the form of her philandering careless husband But even him Ellen draws with human sympathy; I did pity him from time to time Still yeah Violet's better off without the guy Christian ah what a romantic hero British accent rock 'n roll lifestyle voice and guitar skills fame and fortune can I stay in one of his castle like homes in England please?? and the knack for giving a woman exactly the relationship pacing and wildly romantic gifts she needs It's easy to see why Violet is swept off her feet but also easy to see why with her kids and other commitments she goes through some serious torture while trying to decide what to do about it Luckily she finds along the way that her family and friends all have loved her all this time much than she realizedBonus points for descriptions of London and Yorkshire locales that made me long to buy a plane ticket Final random thought I feel like dear George still has some secrets and demons to divulgemaybe a spinoff someday?

  4. Charlotte Lynn Charlotte Lynn says:

    Looking after her family going to school to get her masters in history and working full time is wearing on Violet Ellison At a concert she meets her dream man a rock star she has had a crush on her whole life Christian Violet leaves her children husband and life to follow Christian to his home and to study her history She knows she has some tough choices to make and just needs the time and space to figure it outThis was a fun read I remember who my star teenage crush was and as I read I put myself in Violet’s shoes imagining how I would feel meeting and falling for that person now Although I know that I would not leave my children and husband I felt that was very selfish of Violet I did understand why she could leave herself absorbed cheating husband He was a horrible husband and fatherThe romance between Christian and Violet made my heart flutter The way he worshipped her with his actions and word was how love should be He even wrote songs for her and about their relationship The saying distance makes the heart grow fonder is proven in this love storyThis book is full of romance and some humor If you love reading about knights in shining armor check this out You will not be sorry

  5. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews says:

    I think every little girl at some point dreams of her knight in shining armor or knight on horseback to come galloping into her life and sweep her away Not literally obviously and not even necessarily in the sense that the little girl needs rescued Just in the sense that every little girl or woman dreams of meeting another soul that recognizes hers Unfortunately sometimes the circumstances are not always ideal when it happensViolet is a busy lady Not only does she work a full time job but she also goes to school takes care of her children and tries to find time each night to write Her passion is history so throughout the book we get snippets of the historical romance that she is working on and through that we get to see what it is that Violet yearns for She is ambitious but she is also kind and caring and always makes time for her childrenSam Violet’s husband was a jerk He didn’t really have any redeeming ualities to make him even slightly likable other than the fact that he could be charming when he wanted to be I just wanted to yank him off the page and smack him a good oneI enjoyed most of the secondary characters Ned Violet’s boss and long time friend was great as were the ladies that she works with I loved the in laws they were amazing The kids were also great The little ones were funny and the oldest was insightful and compassionate and reminded me a lot of my niece I just kept waiting for there to be one man in Violet’s life that wasn’t secretly in love with her I get that the idea I think was to portray that she is an extremely attractive woman that doesn’t know how lovely she is but wow it’s a good thing she didn’t know men than she did The only exception seemed to be men who were already married – they were apparently immune to her many charmsWith this being a re release I think it would have been a smoother read if the author had gone back and changed dates and things to make it current I kept finding myself doing the math in my head and realizing that the main characters of this story would be in their sixties With the author occasionally mentioning actual ages as in their forties or turning fifty etc and you do the math and realize that it would sixties or seventies instead it worked to take me out of the story rather than draw me in Also one of the first things you see Violet do is enter DOS commands into her computer which just made me laugh If the target audience is anyone below forty they probably wouldn’t even understand the referenceI understood that most of this book is about Violet finding her true self again realizing who she is as an individual away from her husband and family and growing into that person but I felt like on some level it glorified divorce and adultery Or perhaps not “glorified” it but made it acceptable and okay I felt like it would have been better if the seuence of events had been a little different It also made me lose a lot of respect for Violet to realize that she knew everything her husband had been doing for years and still stayed and put up with it not only allowing herself to continue to be treated that way but risking her children realizing it and thinking it was okayThe author is very skilled at description I could picture each scene vividly in my head regardless of where the characters were from restaurants hotel rooms or just walks along the sidewalk It was all very well written and not in the least bit overwhelming as some pages of description can be I also really liked the cover I’m not sure what it was about it but it is one that would draw my attention if I was browsing bookshelves It’s very relevant to the book and bright and colorfulThis book did an excellent job in holding my attention from start to finish It kept me up later than I really should have been up just so that I could see what happened next It was entertaining and there was a lot of realism to the plot It was fun to watch someone’s fantasy and dreams become real lifeOriginally posted at

  6. Darlene Foster Darlene Foster says:

    I’m a huge fan of Ms Eckstrom’s work and was not disappointed when I recently read this one of her earlier novels Many women can identify with Violette Ellison a woman stretched to the limits She is a working mom with a husband who ignores her a difficult boss and a demanding schedule; who has dreams of her own that have been put on the backburner as she looks after everyone else The uestion remains until the last page will Violette be brave enough to follow her dreams or let the past dictate the future? Will she eventually take control of her out of control life? Will she ever be a published author get a degree meet her knight on horseback be happy You will enjoy following Violette as she stumbles along her rocky path cry for her as she falls and cheer her on This is another great read from a notable author who never ceases to amaze me

  7. Wendy Hines Wendy Hines says:

    I read A Knight on Horseback in one sitting When I read the premise I knew it would probably contain some romance and maybe some historical facts; afterall the title of the book alludes to it But I had no inkling how much there was going to beI had so much fun reading this book I won't go into the details because it would ruin it for you Violet is a wonderfully developed character who I connected with immediately But some of the challenges she rises to are unforseen and how she handles herself also at times surprising All in all with spectacular writing a wonderful plot and strong characters A Knight on Horseback comes highly recommended from me I loved it

  8. Joan Mitchell Joan Mitchell says:

    A modern day fairy tale complete with a knight a castle and a suit of armour This was a poignant story of a working mom who had a dream and pursued it Actually she had than one dream three kids a full time job and wrote books on the side The story of how her life fell apart was revitaiized and fell apart again but she did get her happy ending I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to everyone I received this book from Goodreads for free

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