Salsa for Fidel ePUB ☆ Salsa for MOBI :Ú

Salsa for Fidel ePUB ☆ Salsa for MOBI :Ú

Salsa for Fidel [Download] ➹ Salsa for Fidel ➾ Tom Crosshill – Rick Gutierrez is the Cat King of Havana A cat video tycoon turned salsa dancer extraordinaire he’ll take Cuba by storm romance the girl of his dreams and ignite a lolcat revolutionAt least that’s Rick Gutierrez is the Cat King of Havana A cat video tycoon turned salsa dancer extraordinaire he’ll take Cuba by storm romance the girl of his dreams and ignite a lolcat revolutionAt least that’s the planIt all starts when his Salsa for MOBI :Ú girlfriend dumps Rick on his sixteenth birthday for uploading cat videos from his bedroom when he should be out experiencing the real world Known as “That Cat Guy” at school Rick isn’t cool and he knows it He realizes it’s time for a changeRick decides joining a salsa class is the answer because of a girl of course Ana Cabrera is smart friendly and smooth on the dance floor Rick might be half Cuban but he dances like a drunk hippo Desperate to impress Ana he invites her to spend the summer in Havana The official reason learning to dance The hidden agenda romance under the palm treesExcept Cuba isn’t all sun salsa and music There’s a darker side to the island As Rick and Ana meet his family and investigate the reason why his mother left Cuba decades ago they learn that politics isn’t just something that happens to other people And when they find romance it’s got sharp edges.

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  1. Lekeisha The Booknerd Lekeisha The Booknerd says:

    Originally posted over at Lekeisha the Booknerd Stop by and enter the giveaway US onlyThe Cat King of Havana is full of fun dance culture and love I love the characters and the settings of New York and Cuba just added so much to the story Rick is one of the coolest geekiest teens I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about His love for cat videos is just the icing on the cake He starts out with the plan of getting the girl but he learns so much about his mother’s history and the politics that shapes the lives of the people that he hardly knows anything aboutTrying to keep his deceased mother’s memory alive Rick now runs one of the most successful cat video websites around He’s content with his introverted ways and doesn’t think about anything else Once his girlfriend dumps him because he is always in front of his computer he thinks that maybe he does need to get out Of course this comes after he mopes around the house and his dad suggests that he find something else to do with his time He takes a gig with a local band playing for a dance group There he sees Ana for the first time What does he decide to do? Take dance lessons to get close enough to talk to Ana When he tells his dad about his dancing he also says he wants to know about his Cuban mother’s history And so the story takes off as Ana and Rick dance away; all the way to CubaGrief comes in many forms so I can’t judge Rick’s dad for his distant behavior I’m sure the loss of his wife was heartbreaking Rick tries to remember her by looking at cat videos; something his mother loved before she died They coped in their own ways and I can respect that The salsa dancing is something I haven’t come across in YA books maybe I need to up my game but it was a nice touch I love the rhythm of the story as the characters danced to the music The Spanish slang throughout made the dancing and music much real so it was easy to picture these characters going through the motionsThe Havana setting was so needed here It wasn’t just about a half Cuban teen trying to impress a girl It was about the history of Cuba and its culture I think the author did an amazing job of exploring this side of Rick’s family I love even how it ended despite what transpired this tale in the first placeOverall an enjoyable read filled with laughs dancing music and culture I definitely recommend this one to fans who want something different in their young adult contemporary reading The love family and friendships in this book are very well done and I can’t wait to read from this author

  2. Bridget Hodder Bridget Hodder says:

    A nonstop celebration of life love family Cubaand danceI read this uirky hilarious moving and perceptive book on an ARC tour and now I find that I'm extremely reluctant to send the book to the next person on the list I just don't want to let it go I want to delve again and again into its pages to re read my favorite scenes Some of them made me laugh so hard I had to read them aloud to my amused and probably annoyed family Others were chilling Still others made me stop and think deeplyProtagonist Rick Gutierrez is a hero with such a wry view of the world and of himself the reader can't help rooting for him as he gets knocked down by challenges big and small His mother died not too long ago and his skills at maintaining a popular cat video website aren't enough to earn him respect at school or success in romance He stumbles into dance via an unreuited crush on a young woman who's an accomplished salsa dancer Somehow the two of them end up traveling to Havana together to find out the truth about Rick's mother's family in Cuba and why she left for the US alone many years agoWhat they discover down there will test not only their courage and compassion but their dancing mojo and their friendship They will explore the gap between sugarcoated fantasy and bitter reality that can be deep enough to swallow up a relationshipor even an entire countryThe author is clearly a dancer himself as the entire book is permeated by the rhythms and vibrancy of Salsa in all its expressive forms But you don't have to be a dancer to appreciate it; the spirit of it lifts you up and teaches you something truly special by the endThis is an unusual smart satisfying wonder of a book I can't recommend it highly enough

  3. Kathleen Glasgow Kathleen Glasgow says:

    A saucy compelling altogether satisfying read that will appeal to teens and adults Rick is a cat video enthusiast who just can't seem to catch a break until he starts salsa dancing and meets Ana This is a fast paced often very funny book with dark undertones about politics grief and heartbreak

  4. Janet McNally Janet McNally says:

    Such a fun vivid and fresh novel I can honestly say that I never expected to read a novel about salsa dancing Cuba and funny cat videos and I didn't know how much I wanted that until I started reading My favorite books are the ones that blend humor and sadness and this book does that so skillfully This is a book that reads like a really great vacation with a few disasters and surprises along the way Highly recommended

  5. Caleb Roehrig Caleb Roehrig says:

    THE CAT KING OF HAVANA is a thoroughly charming funny and thoughtful coming of age novel With a uniue setting and a plot that takes a number of welcome and unexpected turns it reads like John Green meets Strictly Ballroom by way of Joseph Kanon a fascinating blend of self exploration the art of dance and even some political intrigue thrown in for good measure It's an ambitious array of themes and it's a credit to Tom Crosshill's talent that he is able to balance them so well in a read that goes by uicker than you'd thinkIn honest witty and self deprecating Rick Gutierrez Crosshill has created a narrator with a pitch perfect voice one that had me laughing out loud on every page Rick isn't perfect but his struggle to better himself and the frankness with which he confronts his own mistakes makes him a character you both love and root for throughout And the enthusiasm with which Crosshill describes salsa dance and music and the people and culture of Cuba is infectious; he clearly knows his stuff and the vibrant way these elements come to life on the page is enthralling Another thing I cannot praise enough is the way that the relationship between Rick and the girl he yearns for is handled view spoilerThe fact that they do not end up together in the end is so realistic and so refreshingly unusual that it's hard to put into words how nice it was to see in a YA title Ana was Just Not That Into Rick which she said from the beginning and the difficulty and complexity of Rick's journey to having to accept this is poignant and important hide spoiler

  6. Sarah Ahiers Sarah Ahiers says:

    Rick is good at one thing posting lolcats on the internetBut when his girlfriend breaks up with him he realizes that maybe he needs other things in his life Salsa dancing seems to be the solution even if maybe he came to that decision after meeting Ana and seeing her danceTo impress her he invites her to Cuba for the summer hoping he can get closer to her but also hoping he can learn about his late mother's family and why she left CubaBut getting close to Ana is as hard as prying free family secrets and Cuba has its dark edges as wellThis book will make you want to learn all about salsa dancing and Cuba In a good way Rick and Ana are so well developed and three dimensional Neither of them are perfect or always nice or even do the right things all the time but they feel so believable and you root for them the entire time whether they're dancing or doing something that could get them in a lot of international trouble if they're caughtI read the last 150 pages in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down I needed to know what was going to happen how they were going to get out of the messes they had created and whether they actually were going to become great dancers I was super invested in the outcomeI received this book as an arc from a goodreads giveaway

  7. Shirley Freeman Shirley Freeman says:

    This is a fun and timely YA novel NYC teenager Rick is the son of a German father and a deceased Cuban mother Rick is a geeky computer nerd who has made a bit of name and some money creating a website of cat videos Rick is challenged to try salsa dancing where he meets Ana another NY teen this one actually talented in the salsa department who also has a complicated life The two end up on a summer trip to Cuba to meet Rick's relatives and get better at salsa dancing The pair learn than they bargained for about themselves and about life in Cuba for better and for worse The author has spent than a year total in Cuba and he does a good job weaving the bad and good of both Cuba and the US into the story

  8. Joshua McCune Joshua McCune says:

    What a beautiful brilliant book about two things I knew very little about Cuba and Salsa and now know a little about While I think TCKOH may have tried to tackle a few too many things in its salsa brisk pages I think everything was handled with great grayness things that seemed black and white evolved into that true gray mess of politics and humanity but all that's secondary to the characters richly developed painfully human a beautiful romance that goes in a realistic less fairy tale way that I greatly appreciated A wonderful book about breaking out of comfort zones about growth and understanding about what it means to become aliveAnd very funny too

  9. Adriana Mather Adriana Mather says:

    Sixteen year old Rick Gutierrez joins a salsa class to impress his crush Ana Cabrera Even though she makes it clear that she has no romantic interest in her Rick plans a trip to Cuba with Ana ostensibly so that they can visit his family and experience 'authentic salsa' He is hoping to change her mind about him What Rick does not expect is that they would wind up embroiled in dangerous political machinations This enjoyable book is rich in cultural details and romantic entanglements Such fun

  10. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    FANTASTIC Diverse accurate inspiring funny holy crap A YA book about Cuban salsa This is needed Review to come next week

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