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  • Paperback
  • Playing with Fire (Portwood Brothers, #3)
  • Emily Robertson
  • English
  • 11 October 2016

10 thoughts on “Playing with Fire (Portwood Brothers, #3)

  1. Nicole Nicole says:

    I laughed right long with the characters and cried Jackson thought he was in love with his twin brother's girlfriend after a kiss so he spent nine months pining over her and not even deployment could have helped those feelings Upon his return state side he still had those feelings He met Emma who is a friend of his twin brother and they decided to have sexual relationship with no strings attached because Jackson wasn't emotionally available and Emma wasn't looking for a relationship because of what she had been through from a previous relationship Their union was earth shattering hedonistic and sybartic The time that the two spent together Jackson realized that Emma had become his anchor she keeps him grounded Their story was filled with HH discovering things about their love life that they stop denying drama push and pull rollercoaster ride funny emotional all discovery that they give a real shot relationship It was an amazing story with wonderful secondary characters and a relatable story line I was pulled in from the first page and stayed up until the next morning reading My only problem with this book is the epilogue is suppose to be a Jackson and Emma to tie all up But instead it was about Addison so that was a little bit of a let down for me because I don't want what to Jackson did make it back home from the war? Did they get they HEA ?I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

  2. Mulan Mulan says:

    I just LOVE this Portwood Brothers series They are so well written and manage to convey so much emotion In this story Jackson and Emma have so much chemistry together that it si enough to melt your panties off I was so excited to find out that Jax has now figured out his feeling for Peyton and what he now has with Emma And I can’t believe this story has now ended on a cliffhanger so I can’t wait until the next book is outI received a free advanced review copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a fair and honest review

  3. Allison Michaels Allison Michaels says:

    Jackson Portwood returns home from a military deployment to fight a different kind of battle This one pits his head and heart on opposite sides as they wage war over his inappropriate feelings for his twin brother’s girlfriend He thought nine months away from Payton would lessen his desire for her but neither time nor distance have suashed his interest His first impression of Emma Stevens isn’t favorable Jackson thinks she’s a uirky loose cannon—the opposite of his ideal woman Despite his initial dislike something he can’t put his finger on about the feisty and fiery redhead appeals to him Emma learned to not follow her heart years ago when someone broke it with a deep and callous betrayal She lives in the moment now and strongly believes in fun and spontaneity When she realizes that Jackson’s relationship goals are nearly identical to hers agreeing to a no strings physical arrangement with the hunky soldier is a no brainerEach interaction with Emma helps Jackson conuer his crush on Payton He then struggles to rein in his growing attraction and feelings for the woman who’s only supposed to temporarily scratch an itch Jax knows it’s only a matter of time until his next assignment Although he’s excited to join his fellow soldiers on a new deployment he’s reluctant and sad to leave Emma behind after how close they’ve become He has to dig deep and search the depths of his soul to decide if there’s enough room in his heart for honor duty and love After closing herself off to the possibility of love for so long Emma struggles with her unexpected affection for Jackson She repeatedly tries to convince herself that his job is his one true love and that she’ll never rate higher than a pleasant distraction in his book But as the clock ticks down to his scheduled departure date she can no longer deny her love for the man who could irreparably destroy her heart if he fails to safely complete his overseas tour She must determine if the love she and Jackson share can bridge the distance that will soon separate themEmily Robertson once again delivered a story that put me through an emotional wringer I bounced from tears to laughter to frustration and then repeated the cycle numerous times as the chapters progressed As with her first novel the characters are remarkably lifelike in terms of their mannerisms and dialogue I once again jumped into the pages and watched each scene unfold in front of me This is definitely a book worth reading I’m now eager to get my hands on the next installment of this series as soon as possible to learn about the details of Bryce and Addison’s story while catching up with the rest of the gang

  4. Naomi Connor Naomi Connor says:

    ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Naomi Scandalous Book BlogI am seriously hooked on these brother Emily's writing is captivating and I couldn't put this book down For me this book was realThis book screamed true love to me everyone has a story to tell but the way their story was told was breathtakingly beautiful and emotional to say the leastI loved the insight into how military life works and how it effect not only the person leaving but everyone who has been left behind Jackson was struggling with his feelings for his twin brother girl Payton One kiss was all it took for him to fall for her He thought being away for a 9 mth tour would help him over come them however Payton became a bigger part of his life sending care packages emails and even skyping him Now he is due to return home a home he shares with his brother Josh and the woman he lovesEmma comes from a big family whilst she loves them all and her friends she is reluctant to open her heart for true love She had already been down that road before and she lost than herself Once Jackson meet it becomes very clear there is chemistry between them Both of them are not looking for a relationship but they do decide to to have a little fun and end up Friends with Benefits For Jackson its a way to forget about Payton but soon he finds himself falling for Emma He now knows that what he though he felt for Payton doesn't even come close to love Unable to keep his feelings to himself any longer he opens up to Emma but that doesn't go down well and Emma starts to pull awayLeaving again for training is made harder when Emma tells him she needs the break 8 long weeks of silenceEmma knows exactly what she wants but she is scared and she has good reason to beJackson returns determined than ever to get his GirlCan this couple get a HEA?What has Emma running so scared?Will secrets destroy what they have?PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO ONE CLICK THIS BOOK

  5. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    I was very intrigued with Jax after the last book with the epilogue where we find he wants Peyton too I was looking forward to reading this and Emily Robertson didn't disapppoint When Jax and Emma meet they are attracted to each other and so they decide to start an affair after all one is in love with a woman he can't have and the other is determined not to get hurt again so it seems like a good deal I love how the interac with each other Jax is a total alpha male and very protective but Emma can stand her own and despite they didn't want a relationship they easily start a rutine and devolop a friendship that is beautiful Jax has someone to talk to and who understands him in a way the rest don't And I love reading how little pieces of Emma's wall broke down while Jax was there Their realtionship is fast and hot and I don't think these two could have gotten it any other way but every glimps we get of how much they care or how scare they were made really happy The depth the author gives not just to the story but the characters made the book great While the friends with benefits is very well used the story behind each character is great and makes it specialPlaying With Fire is a fast hot read with turns and little drama While you can read it as a stand alone the book is a lot better if you read the whole series

  6. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Jackson Portwood had never really had much direction in life and his older brother Bryce liked to rib him about it until the day he decided to go to West Point and train for the army He shocked his whole family with that decision but it was the making of him Being away on deployment was a good distraction from his twin brother's girlfriend He would never act on his feelings for Payton but it was awkward for him Especially now that they all lived in the same house That was until he met EmmaEmma like Jackson did not want a relationship She was happy to have fun with no strings an independent woman who had a teaching job she loved her own place and was happy with that She didn't need a man in her life to complicate things There was enough of that in her past This suited Jackson too of course it would until he realised he wanted and that shocked him Great story and well written which could be read as a stand alone book Would definitely recommend the full series

  7. Chantal Chantal says:

    Emily has wowed me with her second book in the Portwood brothers series She definitely broke out of her mold with this one It's Jackson's story and it also has bits of Josh and Payton in it showing you where they are This book will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions and have you wondering what is going to happen nextJackson is a Lieutenant for the Army and just returned back home from being in Afghanistan He is dealing with the fact he can't have what he really wants his brothers fiancée Jackson has developed some pretty hardcore feelings for her and knows he can not and will not act on them He needs to bring his attention to something or someone else to help him get over it uickly Emma is a teacher with Josh Jackson's twin They have become good friends and she has been hanging out with Payton and him She was recently in a really bad break up that forced her to uproot her life and move to Kansas City Emma has an extremely large family who all are very protective of her Emma has a heat of gold but a fiery temper Emma and Jackson first meet when she is out trying to run Then they see each other again at Jackson's welcome home party Emma uickly realizes that it was him see saw Payton Emma and Addison Bryce's wife go out for drinks one night and they get pretty drunk Jackson offers her a ride home One thing that Jackson is instantly attracted to Emma is her smart mouth and sass They uickly become Friends with Benefits The sole reason for each is because they aren't ready for relationships Emma is burned in the past badly and Jackson can't open his heart to someone else just yet Eventually Jackson will realize he is head over boots for Emma and wants Can Emma give him ? Does Jackson open up to her about that he was attracted to his twin brothers fiancée? Will Emma and Jackson survive if he gets deployed again? What's happening with Josh and Payton?This book rocked my world Literally I could not put it down because I had to know what was in store for Jackson and Emma The next and last book in the series is about Bryce the oldest brother and his wife Addison I am so excited for their story

  8. Sheri Bishop Sheri Bishop says:

    Brother Jackson has wormed his way into my heart and nudged his brother Bryce out just a bit Jackson is by far the most serious of the Portwood brothers He's always felt like he didn't uite measure up to the others and thanks to a woman in his past he feels like no one will love him just the way he is But then along comes Emma This wild and crazy woman talks him into a no strings hot sex interlude but as time goes by feelings appear Unfortunately both Jackson and Emma have been destroyed by previous lovers and they're unsure if they can commit to a relationship between them As we all know the road to true love is never smoothEmily Robertson once again sucked me into this story and I couldn't put it down until I knew what happened between Jax and Emma She's so good at making us feel the feels Even when the characters are doing stupid things and you want to throw the book across the room you understand why they're doing it

  9. Amy Stephens Amy Stephens says:

    I am so in love with the Portwood Brothers Series I couldn't wait to read Playing with Fire because I needed to know Jackson's story And I have to say I think I enjoyed it than I did his twin brother's story in book oneThere was something about Jackson that just captured my heart Not only did he have a lot riding on him with his career in the military but I wanted to see him with Emma so bad He was the perfect gentleman and sexy as hell Emma definitely had her hands full and I'm glad she listened with her heart Emily Robertson's writing is superb and she has a way of making you feel so connected with her characters Family is definitely important to her and it shows through her characters I want to be friends with them all because their heads and hearts are in the right places

  10. Deb Diem Deb Diem says:

    Playing With Fire by Emily Robertson is a contemporary romance Ms Robertson has delivered an entertaining well written book Her characters are fantastic and perfect for this story Jax is in the military and has a thing for his brother's girlfriend Emma is a school teacher and works with Jax's brother Jax and Emma's story is touching and filled with drama humor and sizzle This book captured me at the first page and didn't turn me loose until the last I enjoyed this book but the only way I'd read from this author is if I knew ahead of time it wasn't a cliff hanger Playing With Fire is book 3 of the Portwood Brothers Series but can be read as a standalone This is NOT a complete story though it is a cliff hangerI voluntarily read a complimentary copy of this book that I received from Bookfunnel All thoughts and opinions are my own

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Playing with Fire (Portwood Brothers, #3)❰Ebook❯ ➨ Playing with Fire (Portwood Brothers, #3) Author Emily Robertson – Jackson wants the one thing he can’t have his brother’s girlfriend He tried to forget her but even spending nine months Afghanistan didn’t make him want her any less Now he was heading home a ho Jackson wants the one thing he can’t have his brother’s girlfriend He tried to forget her but even spending nine months Afghanistan didn’t make him want her any less Now he was heading home a home he shares with his brother and the woman they both wantEmma believed Playing with PDF or that you should never follow your heart She tried that once and she ended up alone and broken After she put the pieces back together she decided she’d rather forget about love and just have fun Who needed someone special anyway Certainly not her When both of them realize they are on the same page they embark in a hot no strings arrangement that satisfies their needs without getting their hearts involved But when you play with fire someone always gets burned.

About the Author: Emily Robertson

Emily Robertson’s creativity started early in life on stage Now instead of theatre she spends her time creating worlds on the page for others to enjoy As an avid reader she enjoys reading New Adult and Contemporary Romance as much as she does writing them When her dog Playing with PDF or isn’t keeping her company in her office she might be anywhere She’s recently learned all about baseball when her son took up.