Determined Kisses ePUB Ú Kindle Edition

Determined Kisses ePUB Ú Kindle Edition

Determined Kisses (Love in Sandy Beach, #4) ❴Read❵ ➪ Determined Kisses (Love in Sandy Beach, #4) Author Jessica Gray – Hazel Mendes arrives in Sandy Beach lonely and exhausted After having to bury her mother three months ago she left her hometown in the hopes to start over again A life without her mother but with the Hazel Mendes arrives in Sandy Beach lonely and exhausted After having to bury her mother three months ago she left her hometown in the hopes to start over again A life without her mother but with the burden of the debt incurred with paying for her medical billsEthan Paxton has recently returned from London to live in Sandy Beach and open up his own investing portal When he sees Hazel at the beach lost and depressed the only thing he wants is to take her into his armsHazel agrees to just one night with him One night to forget the misery of her life When she leaves him the next day she wishes she could stay Will Ethan be able to convince her to give them a chance Or will her dark secret destroy everythingThis is the fourth book in the LOVE IN SANDY BEACH series this book big family contemporary romance series continues where THE ARMSTRONGS left off And you’ll meet many off your beloved Armstrong heroes againIt features hunky strong and romantic males and independent empowered and sexy women They’re passionate funny and deeply caring but also have their flaws and hardshipsReaders who enjoy contemporary romance women’s fiction and new adult romance can relate to the Paxton siblings and their love interestsThe books contain steamy scenes and deep emotions Each of the books can be read as a stand alone novel but for enjoyment you might want to read them in order Characters from one book follow through to the next books Due to mature content recommended for readers aged .

5 thoughts on “Determined Kisses (Love in Sandy Beach, #4)

  1. K B K B says:

    4 starsI purchased a copy of Sandy Beach Kisses The Complete Collection 1 5 by Jessica Gray and this review was given freelyJessica Gray includes all of the Paxton children except Reese in this emotional entertaining heartwarming and thoroughly enjoyable series All the characters and their chosen significant others are vastly different but blend to form a strong caring and loving family The stories flow easily as Jessica Gray weaves love at first sight a little fighting and steamy love scenes together in this emotion packed series

  2. Ashley Ashley says:

    Not my typical go to type of book Slow to start but picked up very well The story line and characters were very well constructed

  3. Atlanta Whitlock Atlanta Whitlock says:

    This is the fourth book in this series and I knew that as soon as I had finished the first book I couldn't wait to read We start off with Hazel who has just recently moved to Sandy Shores to escape all of the memories of the fact that she has lost her mother which happened two months ago She is looking for a fresh start so she sold everything from where she was originally from and came down here it has taken three days for her to arrive and the first thing that she does in go to the beach This is where she first meets Ethan but also here is when we can see into Hazel's mind uite clearly you can tell that she is such a fragile person and that considering she is tempted on doing something completely crazy shows that she hasn't had it easy or fair to here in a whileEthan is completely blown away by Hazel when he first see's her he can't work out what it is but he instantly can feel the attraction for her He notices her as she in uite deep in the water but the fact that she is fully clothed and is standing there for a while he can't help but make sure that she is alright As he is speaking to her he notices that he feels like he should protect her because when she does finally turn around he can see that her face is full of pain and that she must have gone through a hell of a lot When he learns that she hasn't looked for anywhere to stop he invites her back to his place so that she can shower and get warm again He has no intention of sleeping with her even if she does decide to take up his offer of stopping with him until she finds somewhere to live Hazel is completely shocked and overwhelmed with everything that's happening but she honestly can't fight the attraction that's going on between them but there is a small part inside of her that knows that it can stay like this for long The next day Hazel has two job interview's and Ethan has to get on plane to go to some meetings so he won't be home for the next three days but lets her know that she is welcome to stay for as long as she likes Hazel is shocked by the offer because of how nice he is but there is a small part of her that knows as much as she would love to live in this fairy tale and not have to worry about the world she knows that she can't and must look for somewhere to live soon She heads to the hair salons and with the first one she doesn't exactly like it but ends up leaving there with someone vaguely promising to call her in the week but then when she gets to the second one she immediately feels welcomed and at home she gets offered the job but with the fact that she now only gets paid monthly and that she can take the tips she gets home each day she knows that it's still not enough to help her pay back her debtsOn her first day of working at the hair salon things are starting to go well she is liking her clients but then she overhears Ethan's name be mentioned amongst the other members of staff and she can't help but try and ignore it but she can't and she learns that he has slept with at least two of the other members of staff who she works with and that he is only a one time kind of guy When she hears this she can't help but walk away for a bit and then when she arrives back at Ethan's house that night she packs all her stuff up and attempts to leave Ethan's house but then as soon as she gets to the front door she can't bring herself to leave The next two days she thinks about what she should do with Ethan and comes to the conclusion that it's best if she stays away as she needs to get her life sorted before she even thinks of letting anything happen with anyone Will Ethan be able to have his chance with Hazel and be able to help her with everything or will he lose his chance before he has even began And will a famous person help her realise that life is too short to live or will she just continue to be in her head and not ask for help when neededThe only way you are going to find out is if you read it

  4. Scarlett Janeway-keck Scarlett Janeway-keck says:

    I enjoyed book about Ethan and Hazel she came to Sandy shore to forget about the loss of her mom and found romance It was a nice typical romance book with no mystery or twist and turns A bit mondane for my taste but I enjoyed it seeing a bit pieces of the Paxton family I received this book as an ARC gift for an honest review

  5. Margie Moran Margie Moran says:

    Cent Hazel Determined Kisses by Jessica GrayThese Sandy series are one of the best great author you will enjoy the series Ethan findlay fallsIn lo e but it not the easiest thing to conveen Hazel hard road and his reputAtion to over come you need to read the book you will enjoy it I did on of the best enjoy Margie Moran

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