Blurred Lines PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Blurred Lines PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Blurred Lines [Download] ➵ Blurred Lines Author Jenika Snow – Landon came into Lyric’s life three years ago when his mother married her father Landon is hardened rough around the edges and has a chip on his shoulder He's a bad boy who boxes and seems to hate t Landon came into Lyric’s life three years ago when his mother married her father Landon is hardened rough around the edges and has a chip on his shoulder He's a bad boy who boxes and seems to hate the world But Lyric wants him Lyric doesn’t want to ignore what she feels for Landon but she can’t help but worry what others will say if they had a relationship wrong twisted disgusting But when a fellow classmate drunkenly assaults her it’s Landon who saves her It’s after this that her emotions morph into something stronger Landon has been called many things deviant destructive and an all around bad boy But he’s never cared what anyone thought not until Lyric It only takes opening up to her to see that she’s it for him But how can she possible want a guy like him Is Landon even capable of giving her everything she deserves Can he control himself and protect her when she’s attacked again.

10 thoughts on “Blurred Lines

  1. Talltree Talltree says:

    Hot low angst YA stepromance with likeable MCs I liked that both of the MCs talked everything through honestly and there was no miscommunication I also liked that the parents didn't create any drama The H was delicious a tatted moody bad boy oozing testosterone but kind of sweet underneath The sex scenes were hot Enjoyable and very likeable readSafe romanceview spoilerh had sex once so she wasn't a virgin H had a few hookups with boxing groupies but he wasn't a manho hide spoiler

  2. Maya Maya says:

    Now that's how I like my heroes from Jenika Snow Truth to be told I'm not a huge fan of her previous books but this one hit just the right spot for me I really enjoyed reading Landon and Lyric's story Landon is this brooding silent but super mysterious guy that everyone wants to have a piece of Of course no one dares to get too close to him since he just might explode on you It's safe to say he has a bit of a short temper but not with Lyric They have this crazy chemistry that simply makes them cross lines that shouldn't be crossed And I freaking loved thatThere's not too much drama no miscommunications thankfully and definitely a healthy dose of sexy times What could you want right? Also since this is a stebrotherstepsister story some of you might wonder what happens when their parents find out Well let just say they are very acceptable of the whole situation So really you have no reason not to read this book ; Safety gang Safe view spoiler Triggers might be attempted rape 2x and violence This is a stebrothersister story Also there is anal sex and one time without condoms Other than that no OW cheating hide spoiler

  3. Gi& Gi& says:

    425 StarsReview to come

  4. Deserie williams Deserie williams says:

    Spoilers 325 stars OK and short read I liked how hero and herione were totally honest wth each other no miscommunication not too much drama I believed they loved each other and love them togther safety hero has been with a few groupies girls he boxesbut he isn't a manwhore nothing mention about his sexual habits herione has had sex once that's all that is said I believe they used condoms before and did a few times with each other they do have anal sexthere is an attempted rape scene I'm kisses her neck tries to cup her breast but hero saves her and beats his ass another time this same guy corners her at school and tries to threaten her on what he is going to do to her Hero kicks his ass again Hero and heroine are stepsiblings since they were 15 they are now 18 this didn't bother me parents accepted it

  5. 100sweet 100sweet says:

    I really enjoyed this book The angst was low while the H was SUPER possessive protective and in love with the h The sex scenes were very very HOT I loved that the H was dangerous and tough; a manly man who only had eyes for the h It was also great that he wasn't a manwhore and there was no other woman in the story Wish there were books like this one

  6. Amy M. Amy M. says:

    This is the way I like my short and smuttywith a good dose of sweet If the author can write a romance where I can believe in their love in less than 90 pages I'm your fangirl

  7. Melissa Murray Quintanilla Melissa Murray Quintanilla says:

    Lyric and Landon are step siblings Landon isn't a nice guy he's a loaner and talks with his fists Lyric is a good girl that never gives her parents any problems On night when Lyric ran into some trouble Landon saved her After spending a little time together Landon started to open up They have never felt sisterly or brotherly towards each other Landon has wanted Lyric since the first time they met at 16 Lyric feels some kind of pull towards Landon When they finally acknowledged their feeling for each other they didn't care that it wasn't normal How will their parents react when they find out their kids love each other? You have to buy the book to find out I loved Landon and Lyric together Great book wouldn't mind seeing what happens to them as they get older

  8. Georgina Parkin Georgina Parkin says:

    It wasn't good No plot and unrealistic characters People who are 18 don't talk or think some of the poop these two did The boxing scenes also just felt like fillers because they added nothing

  9. T♡ T♡ says:

    °Non virgin MCs°Switching POVs°Both MCs are 18 yo°Stepbrotherstepsister view spoilerthey lived together for 3 years after their parents got married but they weren't close and did not have feelings for each other hide spoiler

  10. Julie Julie says:

    425 stars

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