Prelude to Dystopia Kindle · Prelude to MOBI :Ú

Prelude to Dystopia Kindle · Prelude to MOBI :Ú

Prelude to Dystopia [Download] ➵ Prelude to Dystopia Author John Lyman – Dystopia The opposite of utopia In a psychological dystopian thriller with Hitchcock like twists a young writer with some serious issues comes face to face with an enigmatic figure who's about to chan Dystopia The opposite of utopia In a psychological dystopian thriller with Hitchcock like twists a young writer with some serious issues comes face to face with an enigmatic figure who's about to change Prelude to MOBI :Ú the world forever Set in present day Atlanta aspiring author Ben Swain struggles with internal demons while he tries to lead a normal life behind the wall of glass in his high rise apartment until he meets the generalNot your typical dystopian tale Prelude to Dystopia zeros in on the days leading up to a world changing event and the lives of those who are transported from one reality to another in an instant From Atlanta to Jekyll Island From the coastal marshes of South Carolina to the Potomac The action spirals to a whole new level when Ben and the new woman in his life attempt to flee from what's coming only to learn the truth lies in the aftermath.

10 thoughts on “Prelude to Dystopia

  1. Thunder Road Thunder Road says:

    Definitely a read until you're done novelTruly enjoyed this Immersive storyline interesting characters When I finished I was left with wanting This is one I will probably revisit a few times

  2. pete john derdzinski pete john derdzinski says:

    Good story very interesting and a surprises all the way to the end of the book Very enjoyable read great fiction I would highly recommend this book if you enjoy a great story with unpredictable twists

  3. H H says:

    Not your typical ArmageddonThis is the second book I have read by this author and I can’t wait to read the next This one held several surprises for me I highly recommend it and Deep Green

  4. Jeanne Clement Jeanne Clement says:

    Loved itA good serious tale with a great sense of humor thrown in for those of us who love to laugh Feels like something I would write had I been given Mr Lyman's talent

  5. Robert Robert says:

    This is the sixth book by John Lyman that I have read His earlier books include four in the 'God's Lions' series The Secret Chapel The Dark Ruin House of Acerbi and Realm of Evil and 'The Deep Green' I have enjoyed all these books and recommend them 'God's Lions The Secret Chapel' is also being made into a film in 2016'Prelude to Dystopia' describes how a young writerreporter Ben Swain is assigned to interview a leading expert on cyber terrorism who turns out to be far than that In fact he represents an organisation concerned with pollution of the planet Earth the 2050 Group and he is a US Army General as well He persuades Ben to sign a non disclosure agreement and arranges to meet him again Ben learns about the concerns of the group that the General belongs to and decides to try to find out about him and the organisation he works for His efforts to do this lead to him going on the run accompanied by his agent's assistant Emily He eventually tacks down the General and learns what the 2050 group's aims really are He has to make an important decision whether to join them or not? The book describes the conseuences of his decision and what happens to the planet as a result of the 2050 Group's actionsI read this book in a few days and found it hard to put down It is both exciting and spine chillingly predictive in its discussion of what might happen to our planet if the use of fossil fuels continues unchecked Also reading it shortly after the UN Conference on Climate Change had taken place meant that the ideas discussed in the book were very much in my mind In short I recommend it

  6. Punkin Girl Punkin Girl says:

    Prelude to Dystopia is a thrill ride from start to finish It has us meet the character Ben who is a reporter with OCD He finds himself sucked into a world full of doomsday preppers except these guys have a plan and all of the power Ben is a well written character; he asks uestions in all of the right places pulling the reader in right along with him He takes charge of his own destiny when he needs to but also knows when to play along with the game It makes him smart and intriguing and someone people can easily root for Emily his girlfriend is another story While she is somewhat self sufficient I never really felt like I got to know who she was as a person and why she would choose to follow Ben around to the end of time literallyThe other nitpick I have is the connection between the General the head of the preppers and Ben seems a bit weak; I would have liked to see a stronger reason for Ben getting sucked into everything he didThat being said this book had me hooked in from start to finish I found myself up late and up early wanting to finish this story There were lots of exciting twists and turns and at times you didn't know who the good guys were and who the bad guys were It brings up a lot of uestions about the end of times global warming and possible extreme solutionsThis book is intense in all of the best possible ways

  7. Stacy Stacy says:

    John Lyman has done it yet again What a page turner I didn't want to put the book down and I sure didn't want the book to end and I hope he is thinking of a seuel Mr Lyman grabs your attention with great characters that you just want to love It really makes you think about what you would do in this situation After reading One Second After I couldn't go to the grocery store the same way I used toafter reading this I just want to live on the beach nowin case something happens I would rather live at the beach then in a big city Just an awesome book

  8. Melody Oakerson Melody Oakerson says:

    What a fun readI have to say this was a really strange novel format Every time you think you can predict where Mr Lyman is going with the story surprise he is off on a different tack

  9. Luz Rivera Luz Rivera says:

    Amazing ending amazing symbolism No need for further books its that satisfyingGreat time reading this Great symbolism great twist I urge you to read itIf you don't think it's your cup of tea I urge you to keep trudging on

  10. John John says:

    Great book John Lyman comes thru again It's exciting from start to finish A plausible plot that hopefully won't happen

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