The Maid and The Cook PDF Ú The Maid Epub / and The

The Maid and The Cook PDF Ú The Maid Epub / and The

10 thoughts on “The Maid and The Cook (The Skull Crossbone Romances, #3)

  1. Isabella. R Isabella. R says:

    4 Are Ye Tempting Me Stars ⭐Don't ask me what I was thinking because this is well far from what I'd normally read Yet this author impressed me once before so why not pirates This was a lusty tale of a newly appointed Sculley maid and a pirate slash cook who takes her under his wing and into to his bed So if you're in the mood for a saucy little adventure with a dash of humour and plenty of steam this was goodCare to show me what you’re hiding ‘neath these skirts pretty girlJack Bone yep he has a peg leg and all ahoy me matey sorry I couldn't resist is a mountain of a man Older worldy and emotionally experienced he knows the rewards in pleasing a woman especially one he wants to keep Such cheek He tried to be serious while blue eyes twinkled His forefinger caught her under the chin and tilted her jaw that he might claim another kiss Ought to have ye over my knee he said between distracted bites at her lower lip The good one no lessBrigit is a lowly maid sold off by her family who chose to eat over keeping their daughter Believing that she's no real beauty she's used to not expecting much from anyone Although adept at looking out for herself she can't be sure of Bone and his endearments after finding herself stranded aboard The Devil's LuckThis man wanted things from her Things Brigit admitted she might even be willing to give but her insides tightened with panic all the sameThis author took a cliche prose but dished it up with two worthy characters that were standout Two damaged people who saw beyond superficial beauty thus deserving true happiness in my opinion Where Bone was a gentleman I loved how he allowed and encouraged Brigit to embrace her wantonness You gotta love a woman comfortable in her sexualityThis how you’ll have it girl Something told him she’d like the lewd words and with a growl he fed them to her along with his jutting pride On yer knees choking on a man servicing a filthy pirate

  2. alluring B ❄︎ alluring B ❄︎ says:

    oh man did i enjoy this this was my first exposure to pirate historical romance and it was exactly what i needed after finishing my tests i loved every single page of it it was short and literally so sweet bit insta lovey but who cares it’s the 1700s what do u expect Anyways for a 2015 romance the smut was really sumn huh 👀 fans myselfThe age gap and big guysmall gal trope didn’t hurt either ✌🏻😗 “He took the hand she held to her lips and caught the pads of her fingers up between his teeth nipping at her She wriggled closer to him in the dim light and he stole an arm around her waistFor some unbelievable amount of time they did nothing than stare at each otherBrigit’s fingertips flirted over his mouth and the side of his face moved to have a playful tug at the braids of his beard He couldn’t help but smile at her She said nothing but her hand moved over his shoulder and then down to sueeze at his arm as though confirming for herself he was real” 🥺

  3. Lana Reads Lana Reads says:

    45 starsOh it was lovelyEven if some situations were hygienically veeery uestionable the book was wonderfully written with likeable and relatable characters yes even if some of them were pirates and great chemistry Brigit was a fun adventurous and curious young girl; while John was a caring gentle and hot hulk of a man Together They explodedBrigit O’Creagh felt right in his arms She had a filthy mouth And apparently she was dangerous I think I’m in love That's John The Devil’s Luck And maybe now Brigit’s luck as well I’m in love with a pirate That's Brigit The throwing knife competition at the end Best moment of the book ha I'm gonna read the first one as well because now I'm curious about that throuplePS Okay so I've read the first book and here are my thoughts about it The Devil's Luck if you are interested

  4. Serial Romance Librarian Serial Romance Librarian says:

    I love everything I’ve ever read by Eris Adderly She is one of my favorite authors This book was endearing because the characters aren’t “perfect” human specimens they’re just people surviving in a harsh world and they’re making the absolute best of it This pirate world that Eris dreamed up reminds me somewhat of the setting of the Starz show Black Sails

  5. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  6. Birdie Birdie says:

    This one was a little different than I usually read but I loved John Brigit together Not interested in reading the other books in this series because I'm just not that into pirates and poor hygiene but I am glad I gave this one a shot I enjoyed that both characters aren't perfect physically but were genuinely into each other and had really good chemistry That made the couple feel really authentic No roguishly handsome wealthy pirates or innocent virginal beauties here For those interested older mandon't rememberdidn't sayyounger woman23 no virgins anal sex small voyeurism one of the other deck hands catches them in the act they know it and don't stop no epilogue HFN ending I believe this is a standalone in an ongoing series

  7. E.J. Frost E.J. Frost says:

    This is a bookend to Book 1 in the series the same events but from the perspective of the heroine's maid from Book 1 and the ship's cookDefinitely insta love but very cute with it I loved the disabled hero and that the heroine was disfigured but found her own beauty in her lover's eyesLots to like here and I'm looking forward to by this author

  8. Netanella Netanella says:

    I read The Devil's Luck several years ago and remember enjoying it tremendously A prim widow and her maid are tricked onto a pirate ship and the widow becomes the playmate of the ship's captain and his first mate A menage which I don't necessarily relate to but a well written one where the heroes are not necessarily heroic and the setting not necessarily glamorous So when I saw that there was a companion novel written about the budding romance between the ship's cook and the widow's maid who's assigned to him as his assistant I knew I had to read it Eris Adderly does not let down in this steamy yet tender hearted erotic romance of two people who've been cast off by society a middle aged one legged cook with a heart of gold and a pock marked eldest daughter who's been sold off by her dad into a practical indentured servitude I found the characters to be amazingly written realistic and charming and practical all rolled into a delicious bundle In addition this simply is a story about the couple meeting and discovering each other and turning a most bizarre circumstance into a magical experience Very recommended

  9. Catherine Catherine says:

    I had already been completely taken in by The Devil's Luck and it took me a while to adjust to the idea of reading about the pirate ship from the point of view of a different set of people I had fallen in love with Black Edmund and Benjamin Till so that it felt almost like anathema to do so However already the absence of the seuel was making me impatient to read and so I gave in to this novella and was so glad I had It's a charmingly tender story between two people who felt themselves given up on love due to their physical attributes but find that physical attraction is than what simply passes before the eyesThere was absolutely no reason why this was not a 5 star read for me except for my overwhelming feeling that nothing can or should beat the original story of The Devil's Luck

  10. Meleeta Meleeta says:

    World building at it's best involving the high seas and a hapless maidHe is the cook with a peg leg what need does he have for a woman under his feet She followed her lady onto a ship imagine their surprise when it turns out to be a pirate ship and not the merchant ship they were suppose to be on The maid is sent to the Valley to work with the cook Read to find out how they get along and if she can handle being on the ship I read it without stopping

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The Maid and The Cook (The Skull Crossbone Romances, #3) [Reading] ➸ The Maid and The Cook (The Skull Crossbone Romances, #3) By Eris Adderly – Love isn't just for the pretty people Cutthroats and thieves ply their nefarious trade aboard The Devil’s Luck slashing a path of piracy and swearing back and forth across the Atlantic On a ship pac Love isn't just for and The MOBI õ the pretty people Cutthroats and thieves ply their nefarious trade aboard The Devil’s Luck slashing a path of piracy and swearing back and forth across the Atlantic On a ship packed hull to hull with scoundrels romance blossoms about as often as dead men tell tales Brigit O’Creagh The Maid Epub / knows her place A complexion riddled with scars wards off desirable men An eager father hires her out as a lady’s maid for a purse full of silver—without consulting her of course Her new widow employer makes icebergs look downright tropical The maid from Cork expects very little from life and that’s usually Maid and The PDF Å just what she gets John Bone spends his days working to feed the ravenous crew of The Devil’s Luck An accident seven years past cost him part of a leg but earned him a promotion to Cook His memories of brawling and boarding collect dust right along with his days of pining for gentler company And what woman would want him now He wasn’t even a whole man But now with a young woman’s easy laugh filling his galley John finds dormant desires waking up tempting him to make a fool of himself Brigit however struggles to believe the sincerity behind his pretty words and kind gestures She knows what she looks like and men never bother wasting that sort of talk on the likes of her Most grand romances overflow with silken skin and chiseled jawlines but Eris Adderly takes you below decks to mingle with a rougher crowd Bawdy songs color the air dangerous wagers change hands and love may not be totally blind but it definitely wears an eye patch This lusty pirate romance novella is a spin off from the events of The Devil’s Luck But fear not The Maid and The Cook stands on its own—you can enjoy all the salt and scallywags without feeling like you’re missing part of the plot Note This story contains dirty pirates peg legs and explicit descriptions of sexual acts It is intended for mature readers only.