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Cabin in the Woods PDF/EPUB ↠ Cabin in PDF or

Cabin in the Woods (A Broken Heart, #1) [EPUB] ✻ Cabin in the Woods (A Broken Heart, #1) By Michelle Maibelle – Eric Kerry doesn't know where to go with his life when he loses both his wife and daughter in the same day He is buried in guilt when he thinks about how he never loved them the way they deserved and Eric Kerry doesn't know where to go with his life when he loses both his wife and daughter in the same day He is buried in guilt when he thinks about how he never loved them the way they deserved and because of pressure from his parents he had been living a lie the whole time Wondering Cabin in PDF or what to do with himself he recounts memories of times past and remembers that there is a little slice of heaven out at the cabin his family owns in rural Washington It's old needs some loving attention from someone with time on their hands and he’s just the man to rebuild it While out hiking he meets a handsome man who is also an out of towner and a spring love grows into bloom.

10 thoughts on “Cabin in the Woods (A Broken Heart, #1)

  1. Alexis Woods Alexis Woods says:

    A mushy sickly sweet rendition of a gay man who denies himself for his parents marries and has a kid The first third of the story was the wife leaving and her and child's death Second third was Eric getting a grip on himself as a gay man and moving ahead with his life Third third was life in a remote cabin finding the black man Joseph of his dreams falling in love and coming out to his homophobic parentsWritten in first person POV Eric was supposed to be an emotional stunted man he says so himself However once he decides to go gay he wears his heart on his sleeve for every gay man to see Eric became uite the crybaby towards the end too Seriously he knew his parents were homophobic and he still thought when he came out to them the second time that they'd respond differently insert eye roll There were too many times I actually placed my palm over my face and said WTF kind of dialogue is this? That was in addition to the dozens of grammar errors Sorry but one good proofreader isn't too much to ask is it?

  2. Denise Denise says:

    After the deaths of his wife and daughter Eric is at a loss drowning in guilt and depression Years ago he let his parents bully him into living a lie leading him to repress his sexuality and marry a woman he couldn't ever love as he should have Unable to face the thought of going down that road again he takes the loss of his family as a wake up call choosing to stop denying himself While taking some time away from everything fixing up a remote cabin owned by his parents a chance meeting with a stranger in the woods has him falling truly in love for the first timeA uick read entertaining enough but with not much to offer in the way of surprises Owing to the short length I felt the whole thing developed rather too uickly and all the while I never really cared much for the protagonist whose self loathing and woe is me attitude got very tedious very uickly More of a 255

  3. Diane Dannenfeldt Diane Dannenfeldt says:

    I enjoyed this book even though at times it was very depressing At the beginning when his wife took their daughter decided to leave him it didn't really feel like he cared Even after they died he didn't seem like he cared Later in the book he does fine come to terms wtheir deaths and the fact that he losses his job all at the same time Once he finally decides to come out of the closet and be true to himself you really see him blossom When he meets Joseph you really can see the new man he becomes His parents are a total piece of work I can't wait to read the next book in the series

  4. Gavin Stephenson-Jackman Gavin Stephenson-Jackman says:

    An interesting story of the perils and pitfalls of not being true to yourself just to please those around you Sometimes like Eric we succumb to the pressures of family and work forgetting what is really important Eric looses so much so uickly that it is hard to comprehend but it forces him to be true to himself for the first time in a long time A good read if a little rough around the edges at times

  5. joani joani says:

    Just not for meI found this book to be really boring I struggled to stay awake through most of it I am not saying it wasn't written well cause objectively it was There were a lot of spelling errors but nothing that really made any impact on the story The book cover doesn't even portray either of the main characters which really does bother me Once you have a picture of someone in your head its hard to envision them as described in words

  6. Arlyn Arlyn says:

    This book starts off with uite a depressing scenario and embarks on a long rocky climb to greener pastures Skimming through other reviews I noted that this was the primary reason many disliked this book or found it mediocre at bestFor some reason I didn't mind the bleak beginnings It seemed like a plausible if dramatic opening to a story that culminates in a personal journey of courage self acceptance and a embracing a second chance at happiness even if it means enduring the overwhelming prejudice that accompanies such choicesI thought this was a worthwhile read if a bit maudlin

  7. Louan Louan says:

    Unfortunately the rest of this series is no longer available the blurbs sounded way exciting than this one It was just okay a tad choppy and the parents deserve to be kicked in the ass It’s one thing to not agreeing to your son coming out it’s another to totally sanitize their house of his exsistence

  8. Joshy Joshy says:

    Nice enough to try the next bookNot bad at all but at first it wasn't that good either Too much inside drama and not moving forward But overall nice enough to try the next book

  9. G Lawrence G Lawrence says:

    Throwing a disabled person in the mix brought out a cleverness I had not anticipated however gooey it might have made the story and please stop repeating the same erotica over and over

  10. Lorraine Lorraine says:

    This is a classic tale of finding oneself after apparently losing everythingEric's wife and child die in a plane crash just hours after his wife announces she is leaving him and going across country to live with her family Finding himself out of work he decides to go and live in and renovate a cabin his family have owned for years There he meets Joseph and they begin to form a relationship with one anotherBut all is not sweetness and light in the little isolated cabin Eric's grief and guilt family issues and bad weather all contribute to the plot but the story flows easily and as Eric begins to rediscover himself to choose the sort of man he wants to be I found myself both smiling with him and with tears in my eyes as he weptA really enjoyable book

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