Match Point Sports of the Seasons #1 MOBI Æ Point

Match Point Sports of the Seasons #1 MOBI Æ Point

Match Point Sports of the Seasons #1 ❮Ebook❯ ➧ Match Point Sports of the Seasons #1 Author Leigh Carman – Match Point Beach Volleyball SummerTwo stubborn menOne is a rude jerk The other the life of the partyIt was hate at first sightWhen rival pro beach volleyball players Dexter Savage and Finn Callahan a Match Point Beach Volleyball Sports of eBook ☆ SummerTwo stubborn menOne is a rude jerk The other the life of the partyIt was hate at first sightWhen rival pro beach volleyball players Dexter Savage and Finn Callahan are forced to Match Point PDF \ team up the two men must bury their differences on and off the court This book contains hot sweaty beach volleyball players lots of shirtless scenes and men too stubborn to see the truth This is a Point Sports of PDF Í STANDALONE book in a book series However characters do make cameos in other books and it may add to the experience to read in orderRelease date is up in the air as Match Point will be Point Sports of the Seasons PDF or published by Dreamspinner Press.

  • Paperback
  • 260 pages
  • Match Point Sports of the Seasons #1
  • Leigh Carman
  • English
  • 05 May 2016

About the Author: Leigh Carman

Leigh Carman is the Sports of eBook ☆ pen name for the MM romances written by bestselling Contemporary romance writer Heather C LeighShe lives outside Houston TX with her husband kids and snorty French bulldog named ShelbyShe has left Match Point PDF \ explicit directions in her will reuiring her friends to discreetly scatter her ashes around Fenway Park Then they can sit back watch the Sox with a beer and a Fenway fran.

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  1. Vallie Vallie says:

    15 starsSeeing the current average rating on GR for this book makes me think I read a different story than everyone else Don’t hate on me folks but I had many issues with this one The premise is good I love sports themed stories and I don’t believe I’ve read one about volleyball players before I enjoyed all aspects of the sport though it did not dominate the story as such Practice the adrenaline of a tournament won celebrating after –it all worked well Plus I’m a big fan of enemies to lovers so I was hoping the animosity verging on outright hatred between Finn and Dexter would pull me right in ButWhen we are first introduced to the characters Dexter is single but Finn is engaged secretly to his teammate Tristan Not only are they engaged but they are truly presented as the perfect couple Finn often refers to Tristan as the love of his life and Tristan is the ideal partner This was all very cute and all but I was very aware of the fact that the main couple in this story was supposed to be Tristan and Dex so imagine my confusion at reading about this super amazing straight out of a fairy tale relationship that Finn had with someone else Yes the operative word here is hadI personally did not appreciate the transition of Finn in a relationship to Finn being single and available to move on to Dex There was a uick summary of what went down when I felt like considerable page time should have been devoted to that section Further after we’re rushed along 11 months later Finn is suddenly crushing on Dex his eternal enemy with no real reason being given whatsoever Dex showed some sympathy to Finn’s personal circumstances and break from the sport but other than that nothing was really different to before when they hated each other This crush was uickly upgraded to insane attraction with other OTT descriptors that turned me off completely The enemies bit was so extreme with Finn and Dex getting in physical fights all the time that half the time I thought these two should have been forcibly and immediately separated from one another And we’re not talking a heated disagreement leading to make up sex or anything like that –I don’t approve of that either but I read it a lot in books and sometimes it works No no no no Split lips bruised jaws and punches meant to cause damage are the typical fight between Dex and Finn And they happened a lot Talk about dysfunction They should have remained enemies Verdict? This pushed all the wrong buttons for me I was so frustrated that I couldn’t really appreciate anything positive after a certain point like the steam or the flirting or the lovely HEA they got Talking about steam there was no build up to their first sexual encounter It was almost clinical the way they got to the fucking and not in a hot “ can’t keep our hands to ourselves” way either Justreally not for me It might be for you if the above doesn’t bother you as much as it did me ARC provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review

  2. CrabbyPatty CrabbyPatty says:

    Hello my name is Crabbypatty and oh this is hard for me to blurt out but I'm shallow When I saw that gorgeous cover and read the blurb I was in I mean two hot professional beach volleyball players? Yes oh please yes Okay I like the premise of this book Dex and Finn have known and hated each other since college and find themselves on opposite sides of the net in the professional beach volleyball world Dex is the great guy with lots of sponsors and a winning smile Finn? So he's not Mr Friendly or personable or charming but he and his partner Tristan are a winning team both on and off the beach When an almost unbearable tragedy devastates Finn he finds his way back from grief by teaming up with Dex on the PBVA tour The sexual tension between Dex and Finn is fierce and intense but the same can be said of their animosity for one another Dex and Finn alternate between fighting their attraction for one another and fighting as in knock down drag out fights spats dust ups etc Both are fond of storming off after a fight and freuently Dex or Finn grab their keys and drive off only to find themselves pounding on the other's door later to make up or waiting in the parking lot Personally I felt this really slowed down the pace of the story as it happened again and again and again Finally without going into too much detail view spoiler while Dex's backstory was very unsettling it felt almost too unrealistic The same could be said of Finn's family argument assault situation Given the length of the book I needed a few scenes handling these issues rather than another round or two of Dex and Finn arguing hide spoiler

  3. Melissa Mendoza Melissa Mendoza says:

    Title Match PointAuthor Leigh CarmanSeries Sports of the Seasons Book 1Publisher Dreamspinner PressReviewer MelissaRelease Date July 20 2016Genres MM Sports RomancePage Count 200Heat Level 4 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5BlurbTwo stubborn menOne is a rude jerk The other the life of the partyIt was hate at first sightPro beach volleyball players Finn Callahan and Dexter Savage have been rivals since college While Finn always comes out on top on the court Dexter’s carefree and fun loving personality earns him scores of adoring men and women And as much as Finn fights to deny it there’s another reason for the tension he feels when Dex is around Hate wasn’t the only thing he felt when he first laid eyes on his opponentWhen they’re forced to team up the two men must bury their differences—on and off the court—if either of them is going to succeed professionally Review“He presses his hard body against my back forcing me into the room Before I can object I”m spun around pinned to the wall by six feet plus of sexy Finn Callahan”5 million stars Beach volleyball has never looked hotter I need Finn and Dexter have made it no secret that they don’t care for each other and haven’t since college Which makes things difficult since they are both pro beach volleyball players and they play in the same circuit Finn the ace player the guy on top and he has the attitude to prove it While Dexter is the sweet fun happy go lucky guy which means he has adoring fans both men and women Finn tries to deny how he feels about Dexter but he knows he can’t fight his feelings for this man much longer And when these two are paired up to be a team that’s when things really start to heat up But Can Finn and Dexter really make it work professionally and romantically?Seriously I would give this book than 5 stars if I could I really fell into this book by accident but I’m so glad I did It’s full of angst heat and all around romance I loved the lovehate relationship between Dexter and Finn And the storyline was fun and uniue which made me love it even I’m hooked on this series and I can’t wait to see where it goes nextARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Reviewed by Melissa from Alpha Book Club

  4. Jay Jay says:

    4 stars – Sports romances are probably my favorite subgenre of all so when the opportunity came up to read and review Match Point the first release in Leigh Carman’s Sports of the Seasons series of course I said yes Now that I’ve read it if I were forced to use only three words to describe the novel they would be drama drama and drama Okay I exaggerate slightly because words like hot certainly apply but drama is definitely the driving force in this storyDexter Savage is one of the most popular players in professional beach volleyball but his rival since college Finn Callahan is the one man who always stands between him and being the best in the game Their rivalry has always been bitter; Finn is and always has been a rude and cocky jerk to Dex Even then Dex has always been adored by his fans but what he doesn’t know is that Finn also wanted him The only way Finn could deal with crushing on the hot straight guy was to hate him When separate accidents leave Dex and Finn without volleyball partners joining up makes sense but proximity brings their true feelings to the surface things that could destroy not only their professional partnership but any chance at something personal as wellDrama In addition to the rivalry they started in college both Finn and Dex have major issues in their pasts that shade their interactions with each other The loss of Finn’s volleyball partner the man who was also Finn’s fiancé a fact that no one else knew devastates him to the point where he not only leaves the pro tour but essentially shuts himself away After Dex convinces him to come back Finn is forced again to fight his attraction to Dex While we learn near the beginning of the story that Dex’s driving motivation stems from a past of living on the street the reason for this is revealed much later Without going into spoiler territory the events with Dex’s family also caused him to uash his sexual desires As a result when he begins to realize his attraction to Dex he cannot deal with it Add to that the fact that Finn’s family isn’t full of perfect acceptance either and there’s plenty of ways to cue up the angstMore drama As if their issues weren’t bad enough both men suffer from a major case of stubbornness So any time they interact about something either professional or personal they may start with the best of intentions but all it takes is one wrong step and they both revert to fight or flight mode Let’s just say they misstep a lot No really a LOT I have to admit that there were several instances as the story progressed where I found myself rolling my eyes at just how over the top the drama level was during their interactions Can you say drama ueens? That’s a funny mental image considering how sexy the descriptions of these two are On the plus side though all this dramatic stubborn manliness made for delicious sexual tension between the two Will they or won’t they always works for me As such when they finally do get together it’s not only intense and hot but it’s emotional as wellSo yeah I loved these two However the book wasn’t without flaws The biggest of these is recurring problems with the point of view POV Throughout the novel the feelings these two have regarding the other are usually about the same as those the other has—for example they are often frustrated with each other at the same time—so unless a reference is made to something specific to one of the characters it is easy to forget whose POV is being used during their interactions with one another The author labels whose POV is being used at the start of the chapter and when it changes mid chapter but because their interactions often deal with things they have in common and their personalities are in many ways similar I found myself wishing the author had made a better effort for clarity Another conseuence of the freuency with which the author shifted between the two POVs is the fact that the storytelling sometimes felt jumpy In fact it often felt like I was reading a novella But at least that was the only similarity to novellas I felt—none of that annoying skipping over parts of a romance that I love seeing in order to fit it in such a short length This one hit all the important things and it did so in a satisfying manner overallWhile I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m a sports junkie I do love watching nearly any sport And I do know a lot about several sports so I find myself being a little critical of how the sports aspect is portrayed in this subgenre of romance My knowledge of volleyball though is limited to when I had to play it in gym class or at the rare family reunion type event so I can’t really pass judgment on how well the author portrayed it in the book If you’re a stickler for this sort of thing it’s not much of an issue anyway since there are only a handful of places where the story tells what’s happening in a game or practice and these instances are very short She uses the right terminology so as far as I’m concerned the author did fine hereAs a whole I enjoyed Match Point And I think you will too especially if you like stubborn men who are afraid to confront their feelings so that they deal with it by being belligerent toward each other even though in this case the drama struck me as slightly over the top But that isn’t enough to keep me from looking forward to and reading the remaining books when they are released The author generously provided me a complimentary copy of Match Point in exchange for this fair and honest reviewFollow Me Reviews by Tammy Kim | Facebook | Twitter

  5. Kim Kim says:

    Two champion pro volleyball players formerly fierce rivals are partnered up for a tour Let the games beginDex Savage is likable charming and everyone's friend But deep down he is lonely and anxious He has a need for security that stems from his past He is competitive and hates being second bestFinn Callahan is not well liked and is known to be a cocky jerk and hot head He is on top of his game plans on staying that way and loves gloating about it But a sudden change in his life sends him into a tailspin of grief depression and alcohol He needs something to motivate him out of his darknessHis arch enemy Dex appears to pull him out with a crazy idea to become a team despite their less than friendly interactions They've hated and taunted each other since college And both had their own reasons They are volatile and aggressive They can barely stand to be in the same room together without taunting torturing or getting mad But then surprisingly they are dealing with issues since Finn is closeted and gay and Dex is straight but is feeling all tingly around his new partner There is now a new current running between them and neither knows what to do with it Both are confused anxious and at times angry or fearful They have hot chemistry and a growing attraction that finally boils over Their usual strong reactions spill over into their intense intimate scenes In some ways they find happiness and passion together but they also both have personal issues insecurities and decisions to face There is plenty of angst and fight or flightand this case sometimes the fights are real fights with fists There is uite a bit of back and forth between themThis is a fast paced enemies to lovers story It is adversarial passionate and has some emotional situations As it went on it dug deeper into the characters and they had to tackle various problems It touched on the media and how hard it is to be an out and gay athlete It was about self awareness trust hope security and living life to the fullest It not only dealt with the importance of romantic love but also that of family It was told in dual points of view letting us get into both of these dynamic guys' heads I liked getting to know their motivations both past and presentI did have a few issues with the book itself The transitions seemed a bit choppy between chapters and scenes At times it would skip to a new chapter or scene but then go back and tell us what had come of the end of the scene before it Even though I liked the dual points of view I will admit that sometimes I would forget who was narrating that chapter or get the men confused in the middle of a sceneBut overall this was uick and hot MM read about a sport that is not written about as much And she packed a lot into it The author is planning on three stand alones focusing on football hockey and baseball with some crossover cameos That is such a fun idea and I will be interested to check them outI was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review Follow Me Reviews by Tammy Kim | Facebook | Twitter

  6. Stephanie GooglyEyes Stephanie GooglyEyes says:

    I have never read a book solely about volleyball players I'm kind of glad I've saved myself for this book because it was excellent Dexter Savage had a horrible upbringing forcing him to leave home and make his own way Having done so it has given him a few terrible complexes one being about money and having to live the way he did when he was younger no one knows of his past maybe except his foster parents and he'd always plan on keeping it that way He has many goals with sponsors and winning a championship Only one man who he loathes stands in his way of his dreams Finn Callahan is not openly gay as his partner had a terrible coming out and didn't want to feel that rejection from his teammates and fans so Finn happily stuck by his side in silence A terrible accident leaves Finn grieving and alone with absolutely no support system He dropped out of volleyball and basically cut off all contact with the world So he's a bit surprised when one Dex Savage shows up at his door Finn can't help but feel some sort of pull as he's been secretively crushing on Dex since their early college years but has kept it to himself seeing as Dex is straight In his curiosity he accepts Dex's offer to try out to see how they could work as a team Due to these feelings that neither of them knew the other has for each other the tension is super thick building a lusty crescendo You can't wait for it to finally explode and once it does you can't not be so extremely happy for them Although it takes another rather unfortunate event for Dex to wake up but the Dex left in its wake is a caring protective Dex and its so awesome to behold I will say I did get a bit of whiplash between the waring emotions and I wanted to shake them vigorously many times In the end though it all seems worth itThis is my first book by this author and her writing style is just wonderful I will definitely be picking up books by her I give this book 5 I absolutely loved itgiven as an arc for my honest review

  7. Calila Calila says:

    A copy of this book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a fine read I just had a hard time connecting to the characters I'm not sure if it's because of the lack of final formatting I have an ARC review copy or because of all the time jumps at the beginning but it feels very choppy I had a hard time keeping the characters separate in my head as I read There were a couple of differences in their history but personality wise they were too indistinct from each other I did enjoy a look at a newish sport I normally love a rivalry like the one in this books but there was no reason for it and there for nothing to overcome They were both just jerks to each other My heart did break for Finn Poor guy But it doesn't last because it's brushed aside fairly uickly This book stays surface too much for me But it was cute and the guys aren't bad

  8. Serena Yates Serena Yates says:

    A good sports based romance is just what I needed and when I came across a whole series well two previous books and a third up for publication in a few weeks I decided to give it a go The blurb alone had my anticipation going up a few notches two stubborn men one rude one social and “hate at first sight” sounded very promising in terms of conflict passion and lots of “interpersonal sparks” all over the place And what a ride it turned out to beDexter is a professional beach volleyball player who desperately wants his first professional Grand Slam title He has a volleyball partner he plays well with and his strongest opponent is a man he already hated in college and who has since risen to “an asshole to the hundredth power” as Dexter puts it What makes it worse is that Finn and his playing partner usually win in a direct confrontationFinn is everything Dexter is not He’s tough unfriendly glowers a lot and is a brutally tough player who will do pretty much anything it takes to win He hates Dexter for his ability to charm people for his friendliness and just – because he is too physically perfect and utterly charming Not ualities Finn has in excess He is also deeply in love with his volleyball partner Tristan whom he is secretly engaged to but he isn’t out and that leads to all kinds of complicationsTold in alternating first person the story is especially tension filled as I was able to see each character’s thoughts and feelings from really really up close and personal Being this close to the proceedings added an extra dimension to my enjoyment I saw both sides to the point that I began to hate Dexter when Finn was talking and vice versa uite an experience But as much hostility as there is between the men there is also some shared history an underlying respect not that they’d ever admit that and uite clearly the potential for a passion as deep as their initial disdainWatching them slowly gravitate toward each other was very entertaining Not that it was an easy process for them to deal with their feelings for each other while Dexter faces work pressure outside volleyball so he can make enough money to survive and Finn tries to deal with the accidental death of his volleyball partnerlover Of course there is also homophobia and fears for their careers if anyone finds out they are together In the end the stubbornness that kept them apart for so long turns out to be their single biggest ally in figuring out how to be loversIf you like stories about athletes if you want to watch two men go from rivalsenemies to forced teammates and then lovers and if you’re looking for a read that is likely to make you grind your teeth in anger as often as it might make you smile eventually then you will probably like this novelNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  9. A.M. Leibowitz A.M. Leibowitz says:

    First I will say this was mainly just not the book for me It wasn't what I was hoping to read and I felt like I was bi baited and then hit with a gay for you I know some people LOVE GFY but I don't and I don't want to read them Ever I think authors need to be upfront that there's GFY content because I want to be able to pass on things instead of giving crappy reviews because I didn't like that aspect Authors don't deserve that and neither do I as a readerThat said the reason I'm even bothering to write anything at all is that this book contains some incredibly triggering content which I was also not aware of or I'd have passed this one by For one thing the book's GFY comes with a big side order of constant homophobia Dex repeats that he's not gay can't be gay isn't gay will never be gayit's endless And then he realizes he's interested in Finn and all of a sudden he's gay He entertains the notion he's bi then says he's never been attracted to anyone but Finn then jumps to best thing ever sex with Finn This is classic bi baiting It's a way to acknowledge bi people still exist but then make it very clear THIS book has no bisexuality And it's done in such an exceptionally homophobic way too the Gay Denial for pages and pages and pages as though the very thought of being attracted to another man is weird and gross Even the people I know all two of them who identified as bi before coming out as gay weren't grossed out by their attraction to other men This is tropey and inappropriateThat brings up the next triggering thing Dex's reason for hating his gayness is that his mother's pimp threatened to sell him for sex and Dex's mother considered agreeing for her own survival Because yes let's paint survival prostitution as horrible selfish and probably drug addicted women selling their gay sons to other men That's pretty vile sex negative and misogynistic Not only that this one single instance is probably not enough to make Dex so grossed out by his own attraction to men that he needs to act horrified for half the book NopeSpeaking of which Dex makes reference to his past being homeless Homelessness is a very serious problem for LGBT youth and this glosses over it Not to mention that survival sex of exactly the type Dex is running away from is how a lot of these youth manage to find food and shelter But somehow Dex magically manages to go to college and become and Olympic volleyball player? That's about the least likely scenario I can think of after his background But this is supposedly why he is always fussing about money and trying to hide being gay for his sponsorsThen there's Finn He's sour sullen and nasty but he starts the story with this absolute sweetheart of a fiance who gets horrifically and violently killed in a car accident thus leaving Finn free to have a dysfunctional relationship with Dex I don't mind when someone's lover has died but please don't introduce us to them show us how awesome they are and then kill them without any sort of warning It's not even in the blurb This would be highly upsetting for a lot of people so it definitely needs to be clear from the beginning We really don't even see Finn's healing process we see him go from depressed and constantly drunk because that's apparently the only way people grieve? to sober and crushing on Dex who he apparently had a thing for even when he was with his fianceThere's a scene which is not particularly graphic but needs a warning anyway where Finn is attacked by his homophobic brother in law The surprise plot twist is that Finn comes out to his family long after his fiance is dead and they all accept him other than his BIL Said BIL refuses to allow Finn near his kids and neither Finn's parents nor the sister married to the jerk stand up for him I guess that's supposed to set up the scenario where BIL gay bashes him The bashing is upsetting; the rest is not particularly realisticFinally the relationship between Dex and Finn is awful Just awful They literally punch each other and find it sexy That's not romantic it's abusive For people who have been with a partner who hits them this would also probably be triggering especially as played for romantic tensionAs an aside this is also full of sports inaccuracies including missing the fact that real male beach volleyball players play fully clothed Watch the Olympics They don't even wear skimpytight shorts That would be the women you're thinking of The men all wear ordinary t shirts and athletic shorts Also there's a reason why they train hard for months you can't pull a Finn and be constantly drunk and doing no exercise at all for a year then all of a sudden go back to competingI'm really over the idea that we need to prove gay men aren't all drag ueens and femmes and twinks by having stereotypes of masculinity get it on with each other while at least one of them openly deniesis suicked by being gay Enough already Find a new tuneMy advice? Give this one a pass unless you can get past the stuff I've warned for If you can tolerate that underneath it is a fun and sexy couple But the plot surrounding the sex? No thanks

  10. K K says:

    Phenomenal Leigh Carman has kept me glued to the pages of her latest novel Match Point from the minute I started on the first page until I landed on the very last This is her first MM novel but it's definitely not her first published book and that is evident with every page I think I have had every emotion pulled up from my gut today but the one I had the most and the one I am left with is a huge ass smile that I can't seem to wipe off my face Finn Callahan and Dex Savage hate each others gutsor so it appears but as the story unfolds and we learn about these two opposing teammates we begin to understand what is at the surface of such potent outbursts of hostility and hate Finn has been harboring feelings of animosity for years towards Dex but when they are forced to be teammates he may have to admit that Dex is not the person he made him out to be all of these years And Dex doesn't understand what is going on with him at all He just knows that Finn Callahan makes him feel things that he has never felt with a woman or anyone before but in order to admit what he fears he will have to dredge back through some horrible childhoodteenage memories that he would rather keep buried The author does a great job of establishing the back history of the characters so that by the time they are left with no choice other than to become teammates if they want to compete we already have an emotional attachment to themIn the beginning Finn goes through some really tough and heartbreaking months so by this time I've cried with him several times and I'm feeling really close to him He was really tugging on my heartstrings At the same time I've watched Dex struggle through his memories and fight the over suffocating feelings of an anxiety attack coming on So sometimes he may act irrational or irate but he has his reasons for why he does Watching these two come together knowing what I know was both titillating and nerve wracking as they took two steps forward and ten steps back But my oh mywhen they get it right they are game on These two men could not have been perfect for each other In the bedroom on the sand or just cuddled up on the couch There are so many amazing things that take place in this story and I'm being kind of vague intentionally so I don't spoil it for other readers and it makes it hard to say what I really want to say but Leigh Carman has just became an auto buy author for me based off this story alone That's how good it was and how much I enjoyed itThe dialogue between Finn and Dex flowed so smoothly and so naturally that you honestly felt like you were sitting there watching it take place right in front of you I caught myself laughing aloud at the same time they were laughing and I know I often say in reviews I held my breath through the whole thing well I held my breath through the whole thing and that is no lie and I'm referring to their hot as hell sexy mind melting bedroom scenes that were holy moly freaking HOT Go get this book It's amazing it's emotional it's funny the plot is angsty with so much lust and underlying desire running rampant that when they finally cave and take what they want you also will have a huge ass smile across your face I LOVED IT I hope there are books in the works Thank you to the author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review

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