The Owl Thief MOBI Ê The Owl PDF \

The Owl Thief MOBI Ê The Owl PDF \

The Owl Thief (Utah OBrien Mystery #1) ❰Reading❯ ➸ The Owl Thief (Utah OBrien Mystery #1) Author Jonni Good – Gossip blackmail and murder in a small Minnesota town When the body of a local real estate agent is found at City Hall wearing one of Utah O'Brien's hand made masks it's obvious that someone is trying Gossip blackmail and murder in a small Minnesota town When the body of a local real estate agent is found at City Hall wearing one of Utah O'Brien's hand made masks it's obvious that someone is trying to frame her for the murder—but is it the same person who killed Larry WebbThe timing for this crisis couldn't be worse There's a local election coming up in three days Utah is running in that election and The Owl PDF \ she hoped to winThe scene of the murder couldn't be worse either—only six people have a key to City Hall and Utah O'Brien happens to be one of themThe sheriff is out of town on a important case If she's going to clear her name regain her reputation and hopefully win that election Utah and her friends need to unmask the real killer before the voting starts—and before anyone else gets killedYou'll like this book if you enjoy character driven mysteries that include dogs who take an active realistic role in the plot It's filled with likable small town characters and plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing This is the first Utah O'Brien Minnesota Mystery Almost non stop drama and a fast moving plot kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish Really enjoyed the mix of the small town charm and the fun cast of characters loved Jocko too The Owl Thief has an unpredictable plot and a sassy and smart heroine in Utah infused with a compelling storyline felt really believable Megan King—Goodreads.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 164 pages
  • The Owl Thief (Utah OBrien Mystery #1)
  • Jonni Good
  • 10 May 2016

10 thoughts on “The Owl Thief (Utah OBrien Mystery #1)

  1. Jan Jan says:

    This was uirky in a good way I will give the next one a try

  2. Barbara Hackel Barbara Hackel says:

    The Owl Thief was a fascinating cozy mystery that had many interesting characters and several unusual side stories I was enthralled with Utah's career of making life sized animal sculptures as well as masks I could picture the museum and almost ducking to cut underneath a saber tooth cat I found the politics and procedures of a small town both amusing a mayoral race between two middle age women and enlightening an emergency preparedness committee The top news story locally was a murder that Utah was getting some credit for doing while a national crisis about a worm in the bank computers was setting off panic nation wide Ms Good made the events all seem real and totally believable I almost wondered how I missed this national panic when I remembered it wasn't true crime The resolution of all the details and side situations and there were many was than satisfactory it was excellent If you like mysteries you will love this one and all the details included Take advantage of the bargain price and get your copy now You will be glad you did

  3. Judy Judy says:

    This is a cozy mystery set in Minnesota with a protagonist who makes masks and life size extinct animals which she displays in her museum in which she also lives She is also running for mayor of the town of 400 When a local developer is found dead with one of her masks over his smashed face her opponent tries to implicate her for the murder Since the sheriff is out of town due to a crisis in the computer systems of banks throughout the world she and her mother´s boyfriend a retired sheriff´s deputy decide to investigate It was a fun story with interesting characters including the reuisite dog and cat I liked it well enough to go on to the second book in this series which should probably earn it 35 stars

  4. Lela Cottrell Lela Cottrell says:

    Great readI predominantly read mysteries and often enjoy the cozy genre This book is a wonderful addition to to all mysteries not just the cozy I read this book in one day and not because it was short I couldn't put it down The main character Utah is very engaging as are her friends and family and I love the fact that she is middle aged Two of her family members are her pets and her collie is especially likeable The plot of this novel grabbed me right away and kept me guessing right to the end I am really looking forward to the next book in this series Well done Jonni Good This book was a gift in exchange for a review

  5. Gina Smith Gina Smith says:

    A very interesting mystery Utah O'Brien is dragged into a murder case when one of the expensive masks that she makes is found on the body of Larry Webb Along the way other clues show up and solving whether they have been planted by someone else proves to be confusing Meanwhile Utah is running for mayor of the town Should she back out while she is a suspect and does that have anything to do with her mask being planted This story has great characters with real personalities I especially enjoyed the Border Collie I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  6. Natalie Bachiri Natalie Bachiri says:

    This was a very interesting take on a mystery Two mysteries at once all while Utah is running for mayor of a small town and trying to show the town she was not guilty of murder Nice characters of a small Minnesota town Very realistic

  7. Amy Lynch Amy Lynch says:

    Kept me readingAnyone who enjoys to a mystery than many 'cozy' reads will enjoy this book Lots of uestions have to be resolved before the story is complete The way theyre answered is extremely interesting I'm getting Good's next Utah adventure immediately

  8. JoAnn Stearns JoAnn Stearns says:

    A simple fast readI've read much better mysteries but overall it was a pleasant diversion I will probably read another Utah O'Brien mystery when I want to read something light and fast

  9. Deborah Kesner Deborah Kesner says:

    I love a good cosy and this one was a doosy I didn't stop until the end The characters are real and the dog Jacko was a hero Give this cosy a read I can't wait until the next one

  10. Cindi Cindi says:

    Just ok

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