Hardcover ´ Watching Traffic PDF/EPUB Ú

Hardcover ´ Watching Traffic PDF/EPUB Ú

Watching Traffic [Download] ➵ Watching Traffic By Jane Ozkowski – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Emily has finally finished high school in the small town where she has lived her whole life At last she thinks her adult life can beginBut what if you have no idea what you want your new life to look Emily has finally finished high school in the small town where she has lived her whole life At last she thinks her adult life can beginBut what if you have no idea what you want your new life to look like What thenWhile Lincoln gets ready to go backpacking in Australia Melissa packs for university on the east coast and a new guy named Tyler provides welcome distraction Emily wonders whether she will end up working forever at Pamela’s Country Catering cutting the crusts off party sandwiches and stuffing mushrooms Is this her future Being known forever as the local girl whose mother abandoned her in the worst way possible all those years ago Visiting her spacey grandmother watching nature shows on TV with her dad and hanging out with Robert the grocery clerk Listening to the distant hum of the highway leading out of the town everyone can’t wait to leaveWith poetic prose and a keen eye for the uirks and ironies of small town life Jane Ozkowski captures the bittersweet uncertainty of that weird unreal summer after high school — a time that is full of possibility and completely terrifying at the same time.

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  1. CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian says:

    This is kind of a perfect book; not a book for everyone but a book that does what it sets out to do in a seemingly effortless uietly powerful nearly flawless way Emily lives in small town Ontario haunted by her mother's suicide when she was 3; everyone in the town has a hard time seeing her as anything else It's the end of the summer after her last year of high school and her friends all have plans but she doesn't Ozkowski perfectly captures that late teenage invincibility and the disorientation of arriving at 'adulthood' which you've been waiting for forever but now that it's here you have no idea what to do with Emily is a genuinely weird character not in a mainstream adorkable way but really weird which I loved Also ueer subplotSee my full review on the blog

  2. Michelle (FabBookReviews) Michelle (FabBookReviews) says:

    At just under two hundred pages I am tempted to call Jane Ozkowski's young adult debut a true gem of a book However I feel that 'gem' might not be a potent enough word for the unexpected beauty and depth of this book Watching Traffic is a solid entry into the world of coming of age contemporary YA and an introduction to a great voice in Canadian literatureRecent high school graduate Emily is our narrator in this story and through her sometimes meandering sometimes blunt peculiar yet strangely comforting first person narrative we are taken on a maelstrom of experiences From the possible disintegration of her longest standing friendship to coming to terms with her other best friend leaving town and country to worrying about her forgetful and hoarding grandma Emily has a multitude of problems presenting themselves Entwined in Emily's attempt to confront or avoid these issues is Emily's albatross the reason why Emily lives the life she is in is known in town pitied patted and petted like a fragile yet unknowable pet who may go off unhinged at any momentIn the early pages of the story we learn that Emily's mom committed suicide when Emily was just a few years old The suicide is one factor but it is the grisly public details of the tragedy which have accounted for her somewhat notorious status in her small town At a time when the friends closest to her are attempting to break free of their town and its sameness Emily wonders if her mother's brief yet memorable history will limit or define her While Ozkowski here applies an oft used YA convention of a stalled and uncertain girl meeting a new boy to challenge said girl the author goes against most all convention when navigating their relationship For example when Emily begins spending time with Tyler her complex situations with her best friends and grandma are not ignored or forgotten nor does Emily herself magically transform Ozkowski also tackles well tread themes of small town uirks feelings of post grad hopelessness and wanting to break free but again by strength of writing and detail the author makes it feel new Unmined All in all the seamless nature and pure uality of Ozkowski's writing in tandem with the story's core uncompromising nature wonderful oddness and great characters is what makes this story stand outOverall Watching Traffic is a literary young adult novel that I highly recommend Any readers interesting in searching for Canadian lit; finely tuned beautifully and intriguingly written YA; something that can make you laugh pause and ache all in a short space of page this could be just the right read for you Readers who enjoy the work of authors such as Miriam Toews Lisa Moore Susin Nielsen or AS King might especially love reading Ozkowski's splendid debutI received a copy of this title courtesy of Groundwood BooksHouse of Anansi Press in exchange for an honest review All opinions and comments are my own

  3. Ameema Saeed Ameema Saeed says:

    I just finished the ARC for this book I was really attracted to the description of it it just seemed really interesting To be honest I only found it okay it was kind of cool and edgy but at the same time kind of predictable I feel like it was kind of just missing something and I don't know what I feel like it will definitely have a niche though for people who like slightly darker reads with messed up characters

  4. Alex Alex says:

    As a 'small town ontario 18 year old girl starting the summer after high school' I am the definition of this book's target demographic so I was pumpedUntil I wasn't Watching Traffic just felt like it was trying a tad too hard There were some beautiful metaphors and while I'm sure out of this book I would have loved it it was so bogged down that they all ended up feeling forced Same goes for teen talk It's just that little bit into the uncanny valley of do I sound like a teenager yet Watching Traffic was a very middle of the range read for me which was upsetting because Jane Ozkowski's writing is so wonderful that I was sure I'd love it

  5. Nicole Nicole says:

    uirky but believable characters and themes about finding your path in life make for a pretty good read in Watching Traffic It felt a bit like a Kevin Smith movie with its focus on the small ordinary and sometimes stupid moments in life that build up to shape the main character in unexpected ways It is sort of a small town Mallrats that follows Emily through a few pivotal weeks of the summer after graduation Most readers won't have trouble empathizing with Emily a character who has been defined by a spectacularly lurid event in her early childhood She longs to leave her past behind but struggles to find her first step towards that goal She is joined by a cast of secondary characters who society would consider unworthy of notice but they all manage to contribute something to the making of the glorious weird girl that is Emily From the local bootleggerpothead grocery store worker to the dippy grandmother these characters were given their own brand of dignity as they contributed gems of advice or imparted the gift of acceptance to her This book probably has its flaws and it won't be for everyone simply because it isn't your typical contemporary coming of age story but it sure has its moments Language and situations are most appropriate for grades 10 but NA fans and adults can enjoy it as well I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  6. Laura Laura says:

    This isa a difficult book to judge because the story is about a dull place and a dull time The writing itself is very well done but what can you do when you have that sort of set upFirst thing you should know about this book is the nick name of the town where the action takes place is the armpit of Canada And it goes from thereAs I said the writing is excellent which such lines as the cracks aren't just about the eggs but abut life the universe and something enormous and buried that's been troubling us and all humans for as long as humans have existed or Small Business Managment sounds like something you'd make kids in juvie take as a cruel and unusual form of punishment and Remember this moment and remember how he looks but it feels like I'm grabbing fistfulls of water out of a lake Lines like the above kept me reading but not sure what can be done with the story as a whole So three stars for well written voice but no further stars because you can't shine dullThanks to NetGalley for making this book available for an honest review

  7. Jake M. Jake M. says:

    This is one of those books that hits so many notes despite so few plot points Watching Traffic is about the twilight weeks of summer from the perspective of Emily a recent high school graduate She narrates her experiences with friends moving away a new relationship her troubled past and the current struggles of her best friend The non descript location of her hometown somewhere within a two hour vicinity of Toronto serves as the mundane yet relatable setting for most middle class suburban young adults This beige framework is coloured beautifully by Ozkowski's prose that bring you deep into Emily's realistic world The writing is highly sensory but it not only makes you see but feel as the characters do The story does not shy away from sex drugs and alcohol making this a good pick for anybody familiar or unsure of the cultures surrounding each topic Great pick all around Read it

  8. Ampersand Inc. Ampersand Inc. says:

    I loved this little YA book At 192 pages it’s a uick read but it packs a punch The entire story takes place in a span of about two weeks the last two weeks of summer before everyone Emily has ever known is leaving town to go off to university The voice of the story is very reminiscent of The Perks of Being a Wallflower yet the story is uniuely its own Would definitely recommend

  9. Daniela Ramirez Daniela Ramirez says:

    I usually enjoy book with an open ending cause that gives you the opportunity to write your own but this was too much for me I understand that what this book is trying to say is to found your own way at your own time but all the book is about things that happen but really don't matter ? Honestly is entertaining but doesn't leads you to a point

  10. Pat Pat says:

    Would recommend for someone struggling with what to do after high school when it seems like everyone else is moving on Also would recommend for a young lesbian as it has some some lgbt story lines

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