The Transgender Teen PDF Ý The Transgender Epub /

The Transgender Teen PDF Ý The Transgender Epub /

The Transgender Teen ✯ The Transgender Teen Books ✴ Author Stephanie A. Brill – Is it just a phase a fad or a real issue with your teen This comprehensive guidebook explores the uniue challenges that thousands of families face every day raising a teenager who may be transgender g Is it just a phase a fad or a real issue with your teen This comprehensive guidebook explores the uniue challenges that thousands of The Transgender Epub / families face every day raising a teenager who may be transgender gender variant or gender fluid Covering extensive research and with many personal interviews as well as years of experience working in the field the author covers pressing concerns relating to physical and emotional development social and school pressures medical options and family communications Learn how parents can advocate for their children find acceptable colleges and career paths and raise their gender variant or transgender adolescent with love and compassion.

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • The Transgender Teen
  • Stephanie A. Brill
  • 14 April 2016
  • 9781627781749

10 thoughts on “The Transgender Teen

  1. Sally Sally says:

    The only thing tougher than being the parent of a teenager is being the parent of a transgender teenager You still have to deal with the same challenges that came with your teenage years but now you also have to understand support and encourage an entirely new facet of your child’s lifeWhile The Transgender Teen can be very dry and clinical in places sometimes catering a little too much to the professionals it is also separated into easily digestible sections that are perfect for parents complete with Dummies style call outs uestions and bullets that break down the ‘big’ issues It is a very well organized book that can and should be read cover to cover but which is also useful for uick reference needsI loved that the book never looks at being transgender as a problem to be solved and never criticizes parents for their struggle to understand It is a book that directly addresses the fears and concerns of parents understanding that they themselves need help coping with the changes in their child’s life so that they can take an active role in being a supportive influenceIt is not just about mere acceptance either although that of course is a key beginning it is also a book that deals with adolescent development finding proper medical care stress and resilience and overall acceptance Brill and Kenney talk openly about the challenges of family school church and the community in general I like that their approach is very non confrontational never attacking an idea or an institution but also never excusing them I also like the way they provide concrete examples of damaging practices and affirming activities giving parents something to work fromAlthough I would have like a chapter that talks to the teens directly that is hardly a deal breaker The Transgender Teen is written for parents and professionals and I think any teenager fortunate enough to have it in their home will benefit from its presenceOriginally reviewed for Frock Magazine

  2. Dar Dar says:

    I wanted to like this book It has one message love and accept your teen repeated about 50000 times They use the phrase transgender non binary or gender expansive to refer to the teens which is both inclusive and cumbersome It would have been helpful to include separate sections on the struggles that are common within each of those identities Really generalizing a bit would have been OK For example the authors say some teens may experience gender dysphoria while others love and accept their bodies So if you have a child with gender dysphoria how can you help? The authors speak too much about your teen could experience this or that without providing any specific help except to love your child I get it we should love our kids There is a good chapter about intersectionality and oppression and a chapter about fears entitled What Keeps You Up at Night Practical parenting tips start in chapter 10 out of 12; I would start there Even so it is full of platitudes such as spend time listening than talking and your teen needs to know that you believe in themStartlingly the book doesn't address parents' feelings at all it tells you to mask your feelings get help outside the home and be strong for your child Although all parents have to fake it till they make it I think it's OK to learn together and be vulnerable as long as you are still in a parental role and can keep your family life functioning The book needed much acknowledgement of parents' own pain grief and uncertainty in addition to focusing on good outcomes for the teenThere weren't enough uotes and examples of real families and their experiences in the book; instead everything was explained Siblings school sports hobbies church and other aspects of life were barely mentioned except as possible locales for discrimination There was almost nothing on healthy friendships or dating The biggest omission in the book was medical terminology and information It includes no definitions or options for parents to think about As a result if you read this book and your teen starts up a conversation about hormones or surgery you will be completely unprepared The authors could easily have provided some information without going into advice for particular situationsAn issue for many families is that one parent supports the child while another refuses to; this is not addressedI like that the book has a positive tone and encourages acceptance and advocacy But I think parents need much specific help and advice for themselves as well as their teensThe authors' previous book The Transgender Child was much better and I still recommend it although it came out in 2008Note I am a parent of a young adult who is genderueer and transmasculine

  3. Seana Seana says:

    I understand why the author addresses the reader as a parent caregiver or youth worker who is unfamiliar with genders outside the boygirl binary and who may be struggling with understanding and acceptance It felt like too much time was spent telling the reader how much catching up they have to do with their teen and how hard it might be but important to accept their child My guess is if someone has picked this book up to read they are already on board with supporting their child and advocating forwith them and are looking for the best ways to do that Having said that about halfway through the book when the author gets around to addressing how parents can and should support their trans and non binary children the book did deliver on solid practical actions I particularly appreciated the emphasis on finding a supportive community of like peers This made a huge difference for my kiddo in their continued exploration of who they are Also the kind but firm approach outlined about sharing the news with family was very helpful Finally the book was effective in refreshing reader on typical teen development as well as how going through a gender transition may impact a youth's development This is great for perspective Overall this book is a wonderful resource for parents of trans non binary and gender uestioning youth If you are fairly open and supportive already the beginning chapters may be worth skimming but don't feel the need to read cover to cover If you are genuinely new to all the terminology and are struggling with the idea of your child not fitting the binary a thorough read may be of greater value

  4. Shannon Wyss Shannon Wyss says:

    An outstanding guide for parents raising trans gender non conforming and non binary teens It explains trans specific identity development within the context of adolescence and is clear on why parents must support their young people Also contains an extensive glossary The subtitle implies that the book is also for others but it really is 98% geared toward parents Not that non parents can't get something out of this There's just not much here directed at teachers social workers therapists friends etc This is a very parent focused bookI could also uibble about their use of preferred pronouns as opposed to just pronouns and transboys and transgirls as opposed to splitting those words so that trans functions as an adjective Hopefully the authors will get with the program on those vocabulary changes in the future A highly recommended book for any parent raising a TGNC or uestioning teen If you want to support your young person so they survive and thrive this book offers critical tools to do so

  5. Sol Smith Sol Smith says:

    A handbook for parents educators and anyone else who might encounter teenagers Dude if you think you understand the socio construction of gender and how it relates to modern people you ESPECIALLY need to read this because you probably don’t know what you don’t know Be teachable Be an ally Be woke y’all

  6. Mark Syron Mark Syron says:

    This is an informative book about trans teens Yet there is an issue I have with the book It went into teen development That is nice and all but it also seems to drop the trans focus in this part I get that there is still being research in trans teens But what I would have liked is focus on the teen navigating trans life while at the same time navigating teen life The rest of the book went in depth of the teen who happens to be trans It would also help if it also focused on men who come out as trans as a teen to be a little bit of the focus

  7. Kit Kit says:

    This book reads like a solid first draft While it's certainly not terrible and has potential it desperately needs to visit an editor or three There are typos galore and the organizational flow is all over the place Further outside of the first couple chapters it's not really about transgender teens at all it's just about teenagers and adolescent development with an occasional reminder that trans folks experience discrimination and plenty of advertisements for Gender SpectrumIf you can get a copy for free and are curious about all the new language today's teens have invented to talk about gender I'd recommend reading the first two chapters Anything else is not really worth it thoughAlso this is about GoodReads and not The Transgender Teen but it's curious that they are only allowing me to rate the Kindle version I don't even own a Kindle I read the paperback version Don't think it really matters though

  8. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I read this book because as a facilitator of our local PFLAG support group for parents allies and others of trans and gender non conforming TGnC youth I have not had the experience of raising such children Even though I myself am trans I learned a great deal Some of the information such as loving and supporting ones children unconditionally seemed intuitively obvious but the parenting parts of how to best engage and provide support children was new to me This book was well written without being highly technical and in my mind is especially good not only for parents but also other family members teachers clergy and other community members I also think that older teens might also find ideas and comfort in reading this bookThe glossary at the end is very helpful in helping us learn about current terminology

  9. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    This book was a little dry and hard to get through but there was some really great information and ideas It dispelled several myths about trans and non binary teens that I had heard from others after they found out that one of my children is non binary Some of the ideas about helping trans and non binary teens can be used for cisgender teens as well This book would probably be useful for people who are totally new to the idea of people who are transgender and non binary I would recommend this to any adult who works with teenagers professionally or who has a trans or non binary teen in their life

  10. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    My only complaint about this book is that it's repetitive Otherwise it's a very complete and detailed manual for any parent or adult with a transgender or gender nonconforming young person in their lives I recommend this to everyone who wants a firmer grasp on understanding gender and how to support young people's journey of self discovery and affirmation

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