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  1. Ms_prue Ms_prue says:

    This morning I thought of a story that I actually want to tell and I wrote the general concept down in my Pink Notebook of Happiness and mentally filed it away to work on Some Other Day You know the day; that great day where I've finally uit my job bought that house in the countryside in northern NSW set up a beautifully appointed study with just enough light coming through the window that overlooks the little orchard the previous owners thoughtfully planted 25 years ago that grows tropical fruits I can pick straight from the tree while I take a stroll whenever I need a little break from writing And then when the library opened I went down to pick up the book I had on hold and because I had the time and the inclination I browsed almost all of the shelves my local is a very small library and recognised this one by the cover as on my to read shelf So I picked it up along with 3 others and my reserve and read it this afternoon almost all in one sitting I would have sat for longer but my washing machine hose came out of the socket and there was a lot of emergency mopping all of a sudden It resonated very strongly with me and now I have to go write a story Northern NSW and the fruit orchard will still be there for me eventually but according to Dev and I believe her I can have the writing now

  2. Luke Luke says:

    Catherine Deveny is a writer comic and general shit stirrer She's a dyslexic atheist who sees CAPS LOCK as COCK SLAP and is by her own admission pretty lazy She's also authored a bunch of books shows and columns and manages to get shit done with alarming regularity Use Your Words is an excellent distillation of her work ethic and a rarity in the world of writing help books something that's useful without being bone dry or coming across as some kind of pan pipe backed recruitment ad for a writing cult Big admission first I bought this book from the author at one of her Gunnas Masterclasses That's where you get to eat nice food hear some of the stuff that's in here write a bit and get jokes and profanity than you normally would in other artist workshops It's now some weeks later and I've just finished the book I hoovered it up It's broken into four sections includes a FA and a challenge and even closes with the exhortation by the author that you don't have to listen to any of what's written if you don't really want to The book deals with preconceptions pretty early on procrastination effort and whether you're really someone who wants to write at all This last is very important as there's lots of people agonising with the idea that they should write and beating themselves up for not doing so It's something not often addressed in creative advice books the fact that hey maybe you don't need to do this thing Maybe you'd be happier doing something else? For some people being told it's ok to go do something else to do with books other than writing them may be worth the price alone I certainly found some of the writing in here made me uestion or reevaluate my motivations The rest of the book gives principles which will help with writing tools to keep in your back pocket and advice on overcoming obstacles It's all simply written funny and useful You'll probably end up taking notes; I did because there's a lot of stuff here that rings true Yes there's some justification to other reviewers' suggestions that the book is repetitive It is occasionally But that's kind of the point the repetition is to bed down the key ideas It's so your brain brains are fairly dumb regardless of what we might think can be fooled by repetition into if not believing something into tolerating it until we believe it Over Under Through Motivation follows action Inspiration is for amateursThese are all simple almost trite nuggets but Deveny provides enough background to show that they're applicable She's willing to make herself look silly to get the point across and herein lies part of the book's appeal this isn't some Strunk White fetishist tome It's written by someone who recognises that you'd rather surf eBay or wank or rearrange the vase cupboard than write It's written by someone who has the same struggles you do That's the real gold of the book I'm a writer and editor by trade I know a bunch of the tools that are provided But where this book excels is in reminding you that writing is basically shit It's awful It's not fun It's the cooking before you get to eat the meal It's incredibly liberating to read that no writing isn't angelic trumpets and perfectly typewritten pages in a neat box on a leather desk it's constipation of the soul and it can be obnoxious as fuck to get through At its heart this is a book that speaks to people who need to write Who don't feel right if they don't It skewers the ideas of what you're meant to do and gives you tools for surviving what you want to do even when you don't want to do it For me it's up there with Stephen King's On Writing in terms of being a book that makes the reader want to write The difference is that Use Your Words is practically useful It's a uick read by someone who knows how shit it can be and who can help you get through it It's changed my approach to writing It could change yours Thanks Dev

  3. Cherry Bob*omb Cherry Bob*omb says:

    The entire gist of this book can be summed up in two words just writeThat's it Just write Because the only thing that's stopping you from being a writer is that you're not currently writingDev takes her own advice she just writes There is both some brilliant advice in this book and a bunch of nonsense about nothing The library app just deleted the copy I read but a few things that stood out her analogy that creativity is like a vending machine that's been painted black Feeding time into it is what gives us rewards but we can't ever know if we're going to get something brilliant or something rubbish out of it so we just have to keep trying until that something great comes out if you put as much energy into doing the thing you want to do as you do procrastinating or avoiding it or thinking up reasons not to do it you will probably be able to do the thing either write or realise it's okay to admit that you don't actually want to write don't worry about what other people think or want Just write because you have to write

  4. Renee Renee says:

    Honest truths with a side of humourA motivational book for writers to help battle the writing blocks of fear and procrastination Whether you're an established or aspiring author fear of failure fear of judgment and procrastination can hold you back Catherine takes a blunt and humorous approach to help guide you through these obstacles This guide has a this is what worked for me attitude rather than my way is the only way that works I found this refreshing and will happily cherry pick the advice that suits me best

  5. John Marius John Marius says:

    I found this book really confronting I've had ideas both fiction and non fiction and really I have no excuse for not having written them What I found most confronting about this book is how much of her analysis relates to everyday life; living with purpose and integrity I walked away genuinely changed after this book A good read to start the year with

  6. Marie McLean Marie McLean says:

    I saw this book appear in my Instagram feed and on the person's recommendation I ordered it immediately I devoured it in three days it was exactly the advice I needed to hear at that moment in timeThe book provides humorous no nonsense common sense advice on how to approach your writing deal with social media trolls and negative feedback beat writers' block and so much The number of times the author calls 'bullish#t' on 'time honoured' writing advice is refreshing Catherine uses great metaphors to express her ideas and shares plenty of personal storiesIt is uite different to any other writing craft books I've read so far It doesn't deal with the technical aspects so much how to plot POV's themes etc but is about attitude and giving yourself the permission and freedom to writeI recommend this book to anyone struggling with calling themselves a 'writer' or wondering why they can't just get on with writing that book

  7. Erica Wheadon Erica Wheadon says:

    Forget Brande King and Lamott this is the only book about writing that you will ever need to read

  8. Tina Tran Tina Tran says:

    Catherine has such a wonderful tone full of practical tips i wish i had this book growing up Can be applied to any creative field

  9. Terri Terri says:

    After a few long distracted months off I'm well and truly feeling the itch to start writing again and picking up Use Your Words as a kick up the bum was a very good idea I really responded to Deveny's tough love wisdom It's pretty much exactly what I need right now My copy of this book is littered with purple Post It notes because of all of the beautiful little mantras I want to remember One of my favourites An artist is simply someone who starts stuff and finishes it

  10. Jessica Jessica says:

    Comes with some great tips and many truths Cuts the crap out Get over yourself and write

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