Legal First Time #1 PDF ↠ Legal First ePUB Ò

Legal First Time #1 PDF ↠ Legal First ePUB Ò

Legal First Time #1 ☄ Legal First Time #1 PDF / Epub ✓ Author Madison Faye – She's way off limits and I know it The problem is I don't give a fck if she is Somehow that innocent girl next door that girl I had no business thinking about like that grew up And I HAVE to have her She's way off limits and I know it The problem is I don't give a fck if she is Somehow Legal First ePUB Ò that innocent girl next door that girl I had no business thinking about like that grew up And I HAVE to have her I've never felt this way about anyone even in my Navy days obsessed and crazy to the point of madness It's like something primal; a beast inside of me that roars whenever she's near She might be my buddy's little girl and my next door neighbor and damn near half my age But she's legal and I'm going to be her first; I'm going to claim and breed her I don't care what the conseuences are because I'm going to make her mine if it's the last thing I do.

10 thoughts on “Legal First Time #1

  1. Mindy Lou& Mindy Lou& says:

    I love a good older manyounger girl story and this one was pretty hot There is no cheating even though the hero is married in the beginning The wife cheated on him and left him before anything happens between the hero and heroine

  2. Deserie williams Deserie williams says:

    self note hero is married in the beginning and h sees him having sex with his wife but hero is thinking of h hmmm yeah definitely not for me I know there is to the story but I wouldn't be able to get Over that just my personal preference

  3. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    First off if you don't like insta love breeding books this ISNT for youBut if you doDAYUMMMThis was seriously a HOT read The scenes especially in the dining table and bathroom were insane I didn't even mind the voyeur sceneHowever there was a lot of mention of being young and fertile and cum and reminder of him being old with some typos but overall it was a yummy hot readTotal 45 stars for hotness5 taken away for grammar HOT HOT HOT HOT Choo choo train to the super breeding tropeSafe with exceptions455

  4. Alaina Alaina says:

    I freaking love Madison Faye but Legal was a toss up for me It had so many cringy moments like the MC Chelsea giving Jake her bathing suit bottom after they had sex I wont dive into details about why that scene made me cringe but it didIt didn't just stop there though no somehow she just kept leaving her underwear around there Like hot damn women keep the freaking underwear and go wash that shit Legal was a dual POV from Chelsea and Jake Jake is the next door neighbor and her dad's best friend Chelsea is the girl who dreams naughty things about her married neighbor God sheds his light on them both because Jake ends up separating from his horrible cheating wife Then of course these two magically end up together and having all kinds of wild and unprotected sex Shockingly she ends up super pregnant and they all live happily ever view spoilerIf you don't understand how much sarcasm is in this review I can't help you hide spoiler

  5. Tink Magoo is bad at reviews Tink Magoo is bad at reviews says:

    Let me start this by saying that YES this needs a good edit to correct some silly grammatical errors and there were 3 or 4 occasions were Mr Harding's date was mistakenly referred to as his wife BUT I still thought this was one steamy read I'm serious here when I say that if Mr Harding had lived next door to me I would have forced myself upon himHe had me all Seriously fuck the silly mistakes it doesn't make this book unreadable This was such a hot book and what's not to like older man forbidden massive cock I don't need to say YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT TAKE IT YOU DIRTY GIRL

  6. Kim Kim says:

    I cringed a lot while reading this The word “young” gets mentioned so much I think it must be going out of style and the same goes for exclamation points If you want me to take it somewhat seriously then don’t use them every time somebody says a line It was just way too rudiculous for my taste

  7. Darlene I read WAY to many books Darlene I read WAY to many books says:

    This is madison old work and i gotta say i didnt really enjoy it Kinda glad Madison changed how she writes now So blessed for that Maybe the fact that Chelsea h saw Jake fuck his wife at the start of the book he was married in the beginningand got off but Jake was thinking about Chelsea when doing his wife So thats emotional cheating for me but his now wife is his ex wife because she cheated on him So yeah i didnt really enjoy the book Beside that they have wild sex And ifk i wasnt feeling it i skimmed alot of the book It was just to eh maybe if we didnt see the sex with the wife Atleast the sex between hH was hot 🤣🤣🤣No om drama slight ow drama ex wife no cheating between them drama sexy times virgin gal and not a manwhore been months since he gotten laid since he divorced his ex wifeSlowish insta Olderyounger couple Tiny push away from HLong distance Pinning20h40HForbidden Voyeurism Sorta public sex Masturbation HeaEpilogue

  8. Raine Raine says:

    Too Many ErrorsThis is the 2nd book I've read by Madison Faye and I did give the first book I read a 5 star rating However in all good conscience I couldn't give this one the same rating even though I like this book too but there was just toooooooooo many editing errors I'm going to continue reading her books because I think she will be one of my favorite authors similar to Jordan Silver Alexa Riley CM Steele etc I am just hoping she will have others read her books to edit or at the very least use the spell check of whatever application she is using to write UPDATED REVIEW OF 2ND EDITIONI re read this book and it seems that all of the errors that I read from the first book has now been fix yay and though I haven't reviewed the differences there seems to be MUCH steamy sex in this book or at least expanded than there was in the first edition I like I like VERY much Thank you Madison FayeARC of updated2nd edition provided by author for an honest review

  9. Nicole Nicole says:

    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review A naughty yet very enjoyable and a little bit taboo always makes my day Once again the author created a hotmouth drooling story where our heroine is younginnocent and have a crush for her older neighbor for years now as an adult and he is single she takes an opportunity and gives in her attraction for himPage after page my anticipation for what is going to happen or to finally happen between them was growing their explicit scenes were very hot and primal also it had fast pace and read it without a pause The dialogues were also enjoyable and both characters were very lovable i liked how Chelsea became his world and devoured his mindbody and heart the whole uniue slightly taboo romance story won me from the beginning i can't wait for the next beauty the author will write

  10. ♡ diasreads ♡ ♡ diasreads ♡ says:

    friend this book is not for everyoneme sIGN ME UPheard this is a low key ddlg smut so yeah

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