44 Chapters about 4 Men Kindle  about 4 eBook

44 Chapters about 4 Men Kindle  about 4 eBook

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  1. Colleen Hoover Colleen Hoover says:

    This book was good I've only had sex with my husband since I was a teenager Is this how reviews work? Refrigerator

  2. Jilly Jilly says:

    Super funny book that is supposedly autobiographical about a woman basically manipulating her husband for a wilder sexHuh Didn't even know Godzilla was married Or a female But I guess it makes sense I've had pms episodes where I've wanted to take out a cityBB writes a journal entry complaining about her husband being a dud in the sack and a few days later realizes that he read it because he suddenly came to life This gave her the idea to keep writing to see if she could plant further sexy thoughts into his head The results were hilarious and smutty SmutlariousWhen her hubs asks if she wants to try anything new As in new to him obviously For a sex act to be new to me it would reuire a stolen mascot uniform twelve yards of rappelling cable a handful of gerbils and thirty CCs of vampire blood To prove her statement we get to read stories of BB's past boyfriends and if it wasn't so funny it would be pretty tragic and sad This girl was one of those lost teen girls who is desperate for attention and love She dresses outrageously and acts promiscuously in order to get it And if she hadn't met her very stable husband she would have probably ended up a crack whore in an alley somewhereThe funny thing is that later in the book she acts like having sex on the beach is the craziest thing ever And she realizes sand will make you its bitch if you dare to try itEach grain of sand is a little ninja that finds an uncomfortable place to hide in your bodySo I wasn't sure just how close to true her stories were sometimesStill she made me laugh and it was very entertaining

  3. Bibi Bibi says:

    Is there a point to this? Why do I need to know who you dated in high school or why your husband feels inadeuate? Don't misunderstand it's funny and all but I'm just not excited nor do I care

  4. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    45 STARS image error

  5. Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover Sher❤ The Fabulous BookLover says:

    5 Entertaining Stars ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI was so excited to receive an arc from BB It was not what I was expecting When I first read the blurb I knew I was in for an amazing ride 44 Chapters is a memoir about a married woman BB who writes about her past boyfriends in her journal She loves her husband Ken buttheir sex life sucks Ken happened to sneak upon said journal and their sex life started to take on a whole new meaning I really liked this story It was funny and it really reminded me of one of my favorite memoirs by Chelsea Handler Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea BB was so open and honest I found myself literally laughing out loud on than one occasion Whether you're married or not it's universally acknowledged that the marriage institution is hard work And it was so nice reading about her struggles with her husband and how her journaling helped them get to a new level in their relationshipI definitely would recommend this book This was a light hearted funny read but it was interesting to see how BB and Ken's relationship would play out especially with his knowledge of her exes and she does not sugarcoat what happened sexually with her exes Every time I picked this book up to read it I felt like BB and I were besties like she was sitting right next to me and I was right in on the action Her writing is great especially for a first time author and I cannot wait for the other books in the series

  6. warhawke warhawke says:

    Genre Romantic ComedyMemoir Type Standalone Book 1 of 5 from 44 Chapters seriesPOV First Person FemaleRating Being a school psychologist BB was no stranger to behavior modification methods However despite having a hot husband Ken that she truly loved she couldn't change his cold emotionless behavior That was until she had an epiphany after discovering Ken was reading her journal Thus came about the Subliminal Spousal Bibliotherapy influencing Ken's behavior by feeding him embellished journal entries I've been seeing authors loving this book so I was intrigued And I haven't read a light funny book for a while so the timing was perfect and I really did enjoy it Ken only tells me he loves me whenever one of us is about to leave the house and even then I think he’s just doing it to cover his bases in case one of us dies in a horrible car accident or something The writing was entertaining and I like how the author was not afraid to make fun of herself I have to say though it kind of make me feel bad I wasn't that crazy ass when I was younger lol Knight and I weren’t friends We were just predator and prey He’d been hunting me for over a year and my dumb ass just fell right into his trap Each one of BB's ex had their own charm but my favorite is definitely Knight I love him from the beginning and I'm both excited and scared to read his book considering what I already know from this book I just want him to not well you know if you read the book p44 Chapters About 4 Men is a highly entertaining memoir of a woman's dating life when she was younger and how it led to the love of her life It would appeal to readers looking for a fresh light fun readStandalone books in the series For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

  7. Natalie ✩★ The Biblioholic ★✩ Natalie ✩★ The Biblioholic ★✩ says:

    I haven't laughed this hard in Gosh I don't remember the last time I laughed so much while reading a romance novel This ish was freaking hilariousI knew I was going to love this story from its introduction If you've followed this author on any of her social media you'll uickly realize that she writes the way she talks It's real it's honest and it's incredibly endearing I've come to adore this woman so much just from reading and hearing her words Despite its embellishments 44 Chapters was a memoir about the 4 most memorable men of BB's life This story was pretty fatalistic in that we already know how it ends up But the journey y'all Worth itObviously I loved Ken's character the most He was the unlikely hero in BB's story after a short lifetime of picking toads Ken was the complete opposite of everyone and everything that BB took a shining too He was clean cut intelligent ambitious reserved and responsible Where were his tattoos? Piercings? Prior delinuencies? He was a 'good guy' In fact compared to those who preceded him he was an absolutely awesome guyFirst there was the skinhead who was nothing like any skinhead I've ever met or heard of Bullied into a relationship BB unfortunately learned the hard way the ugliness that was hiding inside him Love turned to obsession violence begat violence and she let him go before he could do real damage Then there was the rebound He was basically a handsome vagrant with bad teeth and ridiculous tattoos The way BB described those tattoos had me doing everything possible not to piss my pants Too freaking funny Then there was the metal rock star Now I was totally infatuated with this guy Who could resist the emotional sensitive manly beautiful soul of an artist this man turned out to be? I was a bit sorry to see him go But nothing and no one outshone Ken Regardless of the fact that he acted like a robot than the human he appeared to be he was perfection I couldn't blame BB for wanting because a woman wants what she wants but I did think that she got one of the best men out there from what I've read Lucky womanI loved how this was phrased by journal entries and emails It was different and I'm always a fan of the uniue I appreciated the honesty that bled from these pages even though the story was fictionalized BB didn't color herself with an airbrush hiding her flaws or mistakes She embraced her humanity split herself open and allowed the reader to witness her misadventures and swim in her truth The good the bad and the ugly were all laid bare and I don't think I could adore her Find me hereBlog | FB | Twitter | IG | Tumblr | Pinterest | BookBub

  8. Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦ Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦ says:

    uirky and uniue Great writing Entertaining and yes even a bit smutty D lol Or a lot smutty?

  9. Rachel Rachel says:

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This book was simply a breath of fresh air 44 chapters of pure entertainment I absolutely could not put it down; it’s completely uniue totally hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable44 Chapters About 4 Men is a definite favourite if you’re on the fence about reading it I seriously recommend you take the jumphttpsraesxreviewsblogspotcom201

  10. Kandi Steiner Kandi Steiner says:

    I am 1000% positive that no other books has EVER made me laugh as hard as 44 Chapters About 4 Men did This Book Is BRILLIANT I mean WOW First of all Easton's writing style blew me away I was HOOKED from the very first word sucked in by the very first paragraph and by the end of the first chapter? Forget about getting anything else done in my life because all I could do was INHALE this book The premise of this book is already fascinating in and of itself here's this woman happily married but bored out of her mind because her husband or husbot as she likes to call him lacks any inkling of passion andor romance His idea of a date is falling asleep together on the couch after renting a movie and Easton does all the work including initiation when it comes to sex I'm pretty sure at least 50% of married women can relate to the struggles depicted in Easton's memoir So what does she do? Well she's happy so she decides to just use her free time to write about some of her exes to kind of live vicariously through those passionate times All is fine and dandy until the husbot finds her journal But does he get mad? Does he throw her out and demand a divorce? No Instead he LEARNS from it He emulates what she loved about her first boyfriend gives her some sexy time she's never had from him and suddenly the idea clicks into placeUse the journal to get Husbot to transformSo yes the premise was amazing I was SO on board because I knew hilarity and probably failure would ensue But it wasn't the premise that made this story as amazing as it was it was 100% the writing Easton's prose was absolutely hypnotizing It was smart witty HILARIOUS and at times packed a punch with so many feels I had to stop and just hold my Kindle for a second Any woman who was a teenage girl in the 90s2000s will identify with Easton's horrendous yet hilarious dating spells Any mother will identify with her battle of guilt when getting busy in a non traditional way once you've popped kids into the world Any married woman will identify with her struggles and successes when it comes to dating after being with someone for a long long time And honestly any woman or man with a taste for smart humor will absolutely devour every word of Easton's like delicious little gummy bears of fun This books is just outstanding An absolute must read I want to take him with me everywhere I want us to live a hundred years and die at the same time I want them to mix our cremated remains together dump us into a river and watch our mingled ashes swirl like coffee creamer all the way to the ocean I want our souls okay my soul and his whatever he has operating system? to find each other on the other side as soon as possible just so that we can fall in love and make babies and do it all over again This is my first time reading a book like this a memoirfictional piece of romance and it's got me dying for Luckily there are four other books in this series from BB Easton I cannot WAIT to dive into the next one

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