Kindle Edition Þ Sure PDF/EPUB Ú

Kindle Edition Þ Sure PDF/EPUB Ú

Sure (Men of the ESRB #3) [PDF / Epub] ★ Sure (Men of the ESRB #3) Author Hollis Shiloh – Pete has a pretty good life these days a job he likes friends and a boyfriend who accepts him as he is But despite all this life isn't without its challenges — and dangers a Men of the ESRB novel ta Pete has a pretty good life these days a job he likes friends and a boyfriend who accepts him as he is But despite all this life isn't without its challenges — and dangers a Men of the ESRB novel takes place after KEEP and contains the same characters gay paranormal fiction words The Extra Sensory Regulatory Bureau rates talented individuals like empaths and clairvoyants They have special gifts — and often some extra burdens that go along with them The ESRB takes care of its own but these guys still have a lot to figure out about life — and love Stay tuned for tales from the men of the ESRB.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 249 pages
  • Sure (Men of the ESRB #3)
  • Hollis Shiloh
  • English
  • 20 December 2016

5 thoughts on “Sure (Men of the ESRB #3)

  1. True Loveislovereview True Loveislovereview says:

    SURE a copy given by the author I'm so grateful thank you so much HollisAfter reading KEEP I wondered if I could step into SURE without looking back in the first oneNope not necessary the first pages told me everything I wanted to know and that was really greatPete and Ellery an empath and a clairvoyant They both work for The Shardwell Group a department of ESRB The Extra Sensory Regulatory BureauThe writing is so clean and straight and so stabile and solid it's a sort of a facilitationYou know it's good even at a few % in the book The story is from Pete's pov He is an analyzer and that is a great part of this journey You will read lots and lots of analizing be aware of thatBecause he knew he knew everything In his own words I always fucking knewThey are absolutely not flawless but o so perfect together Pete is a short guy and Ellery even shorter they had both a very high anxiety level about their circumstances but on the other side they are attractive handsome endearing and strong and blessed and cursed with their ualities and skills Pete always feels the sexual attraction men have to him In the past he made bad decisions Now with Ellery he found his other part You will find no explicit sexual described parts in this book There is a bunch of sex but no detailsEllery is very vulnerable his past was an awful one and the Pete understands himself he's also vulnerable but for each other they move the earth They are always on the edge of tumbling and spiraling downTheir love is strong Ellery's visions of their relationship makes them strong and Pete's empathy is a caretaker Their interaction is one on a high level The characters are very developedThe world inside ESRB is one you can't imagine They are powerful undercover They understand the world of empath and clair They protect to the extreme They create a cocoonBecause of Pete's and Ellery's ualities other firms try to secrete them from their officeWith or without violence Outside there is a powerful dangerous force And on one holiday break in Switzerland there is the force again only when they met it's so different what you would expect The world still want something from Pete and ElleryIt's a convincing world they live in For me it was a sort of homecoming I really really enjoyed it very much For others maybe to much analizing for me it was perfect In this category a big 5 star and if you like the blurb and this review I highly recommend it

  2. Midia Midia says:

    This book follows the story of the last book's MC Pete Ellery I felt like too much things were going on view spoilerbetween seeing all of Pete's exesfuck buddies the asshole fuck buddy Damon Jeff's problems the kidnappingS of introduction of Martin it was too much i would have appreciated the book better if Martin would have been introduced because of what happens with Damon same with the kidnappings hide spoiler

  3. Amber Amber says:

    Low three stars for this one The blurb doesn't say too much about what the plot is about which for the most part is a re run of people trying to get at Pete and Ellery with a side of a supped up empathy named Martin What I had a very had time with in the book was Pete's internal dialogue We are treated to a re hash of what felt like EVERYTHING from the last book in detail Pete goes over every relationship and stomps on them in a couple of different ways in his head Then for fun we get to see him go over them again later in the book The obsessive monologues about Kevin not wanting to have sex with him but his love for the man drove me nut eventually This book spends way too much time with Pete mulling things over that I just get tired of it after a while

  4. MrsRae MrsRae says:

    I absolutely loved Keep and couldn't wait to read what happened next Sure didn't disappoint Not only did I get some closure with a few of the other characters from Keep but the lovers kept my interest in Sure The characters are so well developed in these books and I love how much they grow as people and in their relationships I would definitely recommend this series to any of my MM loving friends

  5. Erebia Erebia says:

    Sometimes a bit too much repetitive rambling Apart from that great book in a really good series

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