The Hallelujah Diet Workbook: Experience the Optimal

The Hallelujah Diet Workbook: Experience the Optimal

The Hallelujah Diet Workbook: Experience the Optimal Health You Were Meant to Have ❰Download❯ ➸ The Hallelujah Diet Workbook: Experience the Optimal Health You Were Meant to Have Author George Malkmus – Biblically based Scientifically validated Personally evidenced The Hallelujah Diet is whole person health at its God given best When you feed your body the nutrients it needs through The Hallelujah Di Biblically based Scientifically validated Personally evidenced The Hallelujah Diet Workbook: eBook ☆ Diet is whole person health at its God given best When you feed your body the nutrients it needs through The Hallelujah Diet and nurture your mind and spirit through the Hallelujah lifestyle every part of you will know and experience the optimal health we were all meant to have.

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    A Lot to Sift Through to Find a Little BenefitThis is a workbook to accompany the The Hallelujah Diet See my review of that book as wellMy father was an elite Health Minister of this organization which he sought out after he was diagnosed with 4th Stage Kidney Cancer in October of 1999My concerns with regard to this book are not with a vegan diet which I understand and observe many to be on and to do just fine My concerns are with the philosophy and teachings underpinning the book and how it is used to profit the author and the organization of Hallelujah Acres which seeks not just to have you change your diet but importantly from their perspective to buy their productsThe entire premise of this book theologically is based upon George Malkmus' interpretation of Gen 129 which he takes to mean that God created mankind to eat only fruits and vegetables Based upon this interpretation which is not accepted by a majority of Biblical Scholars Malkmus suggests that meat entered the human diet at the fall of Adam and Eve While he does not suggest that eating meat itself is necessarily sinful he does strongly push the idea that this was God's original plan for diet and therefore anyone seeking to eat optimally should consider this as the first choice and reject any meat or animal products in their dietHe goes further to teach that illness is caused andor escalated by what he deems the Standard American Diet conveniently acronymed as SAD for emphasisChielf culprits are any and all meat products dairy products and then sugar flour saltIt would be one thing if he left it here and invited you to join him with his diet planHe doesn't howeverBased on this rather shaky premise of uestionable theology and some pretty uestionable science and nutrition teaching witness for example his discourses on Glucose and Fructose that refers to them as complex carbohydrates that suggests there is an esoteric life giving uality to eating live food as opposed to dead food he goes on to teach that there are things he has come up with to go above and beyond eating natural raw foodThis is the real point of the book in my opinionHe wants you to buy BarleyMax a product he sells through his traditional multi level marketing business for a profitThis is important enough to repeatHallelujah Acres is not a ministry in a formal sense at all They are a business and they sell products Malkmus through his weekly newsletter often appeals to what he does as a ministry He justifies that title and calls ministry such actions as giving free seminars free electronic newsletters counselors etc and holds that up as proof of his ministry Other companies call this marketingNutritionally their featured product BarleyMax before this they used an AMA product named BarleyGreen which received a warning from the FDA for excessive claims beyond what science could substantiate is sold by them and their Health Ministers often serve as financial marketing partners who in turn profit from their ministryRecent developments in their teachings include now supplimenting their diet with vitamin B12 which often is a common deficiency in Vegans the lack of which can lead to irreversible nerve damage They resisted this recommendation for years despite overwhelming evidence of the need for this suppliment and then conveniently began to offer it for sale themselves; another cash flowFollowers often frame their support of this diet in spiritual terms implying or outright claiming that this is God's diet plan and any who oppose their teaching or uestion theirs and Malmus' claims are thereby attacking GodThe primary method of support relied upon are an overwhelming number of testimonies regularly put out from people who are on the diet A consistent theme that even a casual observer can note in these testimonies is that many are on the front end of the diet and very excited about the weight loss and energy they have Updates on these people is rare There are always new people coming on who are caught up in the excitement and willing to claim healings and health improvement regardless of the medical substantiation of the claim which is usually lacking or general in natureGeorge Malkmus' own personal testimony of healing from cancer is based upon examinations by chiropractors and there is no pathology or medical records to substantiate his claimTied into this teaching is a very strong negative assessment of the medical profession and the outright implication that they are profiteers seeking to perpetuate illness for their own gain in many instances This is unless of course a doctor gives a person a frame of time to live due to cancer or some other illness Then if that time frame is exceeded the doctor was right and the diet is responsible for a miracle They will pick and chose what to accept and what to reject from the medical community based upon whatever is needed to promote the dietIronically in recent years Malkmus has suffered a stroke and had high blood pressure which his diet and herb treatments could not control He now sees a doctor and is on medications to control this condition There is some uestion as to the nature of the stroke itself and whether it might not have been caused or exacerbated by his diet's deficienciesIn closing this is the how the story of my father ended He was diagnosed in October of 1999 with kidney cancer in the 4th stage He went on the Hallelujah Diet when the medical prognosis offered little hope He did make remarkable progress although it was never medically verified as he refused to see a doctor for almost 5 years after his initial diagnosisHe dropped 70 pounds exercised and did seem to do very well and went beyond the 2 year outside window he was given as an estimate by the doctors He was convinced he was healed and gave a great deal of credit to the Hallelujah Diet for his progressIn July of 2004 he travelled to Shelby North Carolina to become an elite Health Minister to step up his promoting of this diet to the many people that were encouraged by his testimonyHe submitted a testimony to Hallelujah Acres and they published it in their Health Tips Newsletter in August of 2004 emphasising his claim of healing and his praise of their diet despite the fact that in the testimony itself he acknowledged it was not verified medicallyMy dad finally began to go to see 2 doctors when he began to have serious health issues and pain In October of 2004 just 3 months after his testimony of healing was published it was confirmed that his cancer had furhter metasticized and spread to 6 other organsDad refused further medical treatment refusing to go to the hospital and resiting as strongly as he could anything for pain management He died on Christmas morning of 2004 5 months after his testimony was published in Hallelujah Acre's Health Tips proclaiming his healingIn fairness to Hallelujah Acres I sent them an update of his story recently asking them to publish the update in their newsletter They did so but only after considerable pressure on my part to get an answer from them and when they did publish the e mail they edited out the date of death as well as the extent of the spread of the cancer and allowed people to think by implcation that Dad lived longer than he did They also stated without any medical support that Dad was in remission and then inferred that he came out of remission due to some actions of his own rather than any shortcomings of the dietI'm grateful they had the integrity to print something Their manipulation of the material in this manner is indicative of their general mode of operation in masking the whole truth when it does not generate praise for their diet plan and marketing their productsI think there are many good elements to a vegan diet and that managed carefully it leads to weight loss a correction of some medical conditions and a sense of energy and well being for many people There is no uestion in my mind that short term a diet of this nature can accomplish positive things as a change in lifestyle and bring amazing resultsLong term there are serious uestions as to the benefits versus the risks and there is a cadre of former adherants to this diet plan who often times are afraid to speak up for fear they will be personally criticized for their lack of will power to remain upon this rigid diet plan that was euated with their spiritual commitmentI am not against veganism or diet in the pursuit of homeopathic healingI am skeptical of the Hallelujah Diet's inner teachings workings and their personal profiting from their diet plan which they entwine with uestionable theology uestionable science and less than honest representations of their for profit status and all the while manapulating their testimonies and claimsPlease read this book with this in mind do some additional research on your own Don't accept the claims of this organization without checking their teachings and science from other sources as well You can learn a lot by Googling and reading the material that activity will yield

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