Bear Fursuits Bundle MOBI ☆ Bear Fursuits PDF or

Bear Fursuits Bundle MOBI ☆ Bear Fursuits PDF or

Bear Fursuits Bundle (Bear Fursuits, #1-4) ❴Reading❵ ➺ Bear Fursuits Bundle (Bear Fursuits, #1-4) Author Isadora Montrose – Four bears Four servicemen One super rich clan Five stories Isadora Montrose’s patriotic honorable bearshifters adore their passionate BBW mates but sometimes serving your country has to come before Four bears Four servicemen One super rich clan Five stories Isadora Montrose’s patriotic honorable bearshifters adore their passionate BBW mates but sometimes serving your country has to come before love Will these hot Alpha Male bearshifters find that duty has eroded the bear bonds they forged with their destined brides Bear Fursuits Bundle the first four books in Isadora Montrose’s Bear Fursuits Series plus a bonus short Bear Necessities Bear Possibilities Bear Affinities Bear Infinities Bearcubs for Christmas Book in this series is exclusive to this bundle Marine Jack abandoned his curvy Hannah Bear Fursuits PDF or in order to complete his top secret undercover mission in Uzbekistan Can she forgive him for disappearing and lying to her in the service of his country Navy Seal Will had to lead his Joint Forces team instead of pursuing his terrified mate Four years on can they sort out their mistakes and have a second chance at love Col Doug Enright isn’t looking for love He and his wife married right out of West Point but she died in Afghanistan leaving him grief stricken Beautiful built for bear Madeline needs a protector Can Maddie’s sophisticated wiles awaken this stoic shifter’s frozen libido Air Force Pilot Roman has been lost — presumed dead — for three years But his fiancée still feels their bond as strongly as the day they met Can Gabriella locate amnesiac Roman in the deep woods Will the feral shifter she tracks down love her or eat her for lunchBonus Short Bearcubs for Christmas Babies at Christmas What could be cozier Or terrifying When the bridge to town washes out it will take Jack’s entire clan to make sure his Hannah is delivered safely of their premature tripletsTake note Hard bodied bears and insatiable BBW’s ahead books contain the racy details of bearshifters’ primal lusts If earthy spicy lovemaking doesn’t fulfill your desires keep away.

10 thoughts on “Bear Fursuits Bundle (Bear Fursuits, #1-4)

  1. Denise Denise says:

    I finally got a chance to read these great bear shifter books and loved every one of them I am not going to tell the stories as you will want to read them for yourselves Lots of hot bear sex included There is a new box set on the way with even great stories and I can hardly wait to binge read them all

  2. Christina L. Smith Christina L. Smith says:

    Good ReadsReally good can't wait to read from this author Loved every one of these books Was really interested in themThank you for a really great read


    Love 💘💘 this series can't wait to read the next book

  4. Susan Otto Susan Otto says:

    A Fantastic humorous books about billionaires bearsBear Necessities a she bear shifter who doesn't know her heritage falls for a bear shifter who's in the military When he retires from the military keep bringing danger to her and his familyBear possibilities Navy SEAL bear shifter meets his made online She is from a broken home and the daughter of a drug dealer went to find her mate fighting another shifter and holding her little cousin who given to him by her step brother She takes her little cousin and runs away It takes the bear shifter four years to find herBear affinities stiff necked Military Academy bear shifter fines his mate his Academy brother's sister is the owner and operator of Gorgeous She a gym Her ex husband is trying to have her mate killedBear Infinities an Air Force bear shifter is on a sealth mission and his plane was destroyed and he was ejected He remained in Bear form for three years looking for his mate She comes searching for him alsoBear cubs for Christmas Hannah is pregnant with triplets and she's a month away from giving birth When she and her mate traveled to her in laws for Christmas during a rainstorm Then drama happensThe characters in the all the stories are relatable dramatic sometimes funny and always sexy The plots are uniue and interesting It's like being in a family and peeking in on everything that is happening to them and their children and their children's childrenI would highly recommend this bundle a bear shifter stories for an enjoyable and suspenseful readbookwormsuzy

  5. Jamoz23 Jamoz23 says:

    Likeable but not loveablePushed through book one which I thought was the worst of the box setEnjoyable enough but a really simple read with little depth and not the best connections between the main H’sNot sure if I will read the rest of this series even though I liked the charactersFound the actions uite unbelievable at times

  6. Dawn Dawn says:

    So much funI just love Isadora's bear books All the books are well written with humor drama and heart felt passion and always tied up with with a sweet HEA

  7. Anita M Egloff Anita M Egloff says:

    Great series

  8. Frances Law Frances Law says:

    Furry heroesA nice collection of bear shifter stories Each book is a standalone with a HEA but they all share a background There was too much sex for my taste but I'm sure that many readers will be happy with this The main characters are all very likeable and the back story is very well written so that you come to know the families very well Montrose makes 'being bear's seem very normal I would have liked to know of Gabby and Roman's story and I thought that book 45 should have been 35 On the whole I liked it

  9. Jane Elizabeth Jane Elizabeth says:

    A collection of the first four stories in the Bear Fursuits series Wonderful stories filled with deception adventure suspense and lots of romance Including a uick Christmas time update on the Enrights Storms floods family and special deliveries together they can deal with everything

  10. KDL editing KDL editing says:

    CozyThe first 4 in the series plus a bonus novella was the best idea ever This is a cozy read with just enough drama to stay interesting but not enough to be too much for your heart to take

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