Kindle Edition ↠ Emily Epub Ú

Kindle Edition ↠ Emily Epub Ú

10 thoughts on “Emily

  1. Julia Handley Julia Handley says:

    Well for starters I love stories like this serial killer hot FBI agent and the psychic heroine Emily did annoy me a bit when she repeatedly didn't tell anyone after something happened It was frustrating and half expecting Reece to go all alpha male and give her a earful lol I like the first sex scene so intimate I loved the story and looking forward to the next one

  2. Sparkymom Sparkymom says:

    Editing issuesThis wasn't bad nor was it great It left me feeling a bit ambivalent because I liked the heroine but parts of the storyline especially toward the end were not even close to believable It was kind of like those crazy commercials where they are running from the masked killer but chose to skip the running car for escape and instead hide behind the chainsaw collection There was also very little development of any characters outside of the main couple and even Reece fell a little flat for me The concept behind the story was good and one I have liked before in other books it just needed to be fleshed out a bit and edited better There were several issues with pronouns like saying a figure singular had their plural back turned and also problems with verb tenses That may not matter to some people but it gets distracting to me Overall it was an easy escape read and was free on Kindle Unlimited but I don't plan to continue the series despite the sight cliffhanger lead in to the next book

  3. Teresa Teresa says:

    Our story begins with Emily the heroine of our story dreaming about being killed She vacillates is it just a dream or is it a warning? If it is a foretelling then she must have psychic abilities More dreams follow a reality of terror in a reliving of her dream Reese is an FBI Agent He is working on a case involving the murder of women in dark alleys I enjoyed reading the first book of this series which reads as a standalone It also has ends with an interesting cliffhanger that points us to book 2 I am looking forward to reading the next mystery for Emily and Reese to solveI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

  4. REM012 REM012 says:

    No common sense can ruin a storyTwo stars strictly because of the stupid pathetic and completely unrelatable heroine SPOILER ALERTWho wouldn't call the police after she is attacked in an alley by a guy with a knife? Who wouldn't call the police after seeing that another woman was killed in that same alley? Who meets with the FBI to help catch a murderer gets a creepy text as she's leaving the FBI building and doesn't mention the text to the FBI? I can only handle so much dumb dumb before I start writing a bad review I just can't relate to someone who doesn't know how to dial 911

  5. Willie Willie says:

    Suspense is generally good Good characters and dialogue However author jumps from point to point and sometimes the connection in thought process is too adrupt Fast read and I enjoyed it but it wasn't a great read Potential is definitely there and I will most likely keep reading to find out what happens So yeah an okay read

  6. Laura Hampton Laura Hampton says:

    Great suspense filled romance

  7. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Blatant hook ending Needs a bit polish Bad guy POV scene Female MC is an idiot and hides evidence from authorities She had plenty of knowledge apart from dreams and should have contacted police immediately after attack

  8. Jane Jane says:

    Emily moved to Chicago to start living her life independently from her mother Little did she know that she would become the target for a serial killer attacking women in Chicago's alleyways It really scared her when she started to dream about the killer when he killed other women Sleep and her dreams made her feel like she was crazy when she could see what was happening but not stop itFBI Special Agent Reece Knight is assigned to the case and stumped like all the other law enforcement agents on how the killer lures women into alleyways and then kills them in a ritualistic manner Through her friend Hannah Emily reaches out for help and Reece comes to hear her story and slowly to believe what she is telling him as she reveals cluesIf you are looking for a great mystery book laced with a hot love story between a beautiful and special woman and a great FBI agent this one is just what you want to read next

  9. Maria Dodd Maria Dodd says:

    WOW I don't know what I was expecting from this book but it wasn't what I got This is the type of book that once reading you avoid everything else to continue reading Sadly real life got in my way and I had to put it down but every time I picked it back up I was instantly back in it no need to check the last page or two or to ponder for for a momentThis was totally gripping and yet had a back story that I'd love to learn about and a gentle love story emerging through the horror Plus the hot and steamy moments were exactly that and wonderfully writtenThe characters were well written and realistic with believable dialogue in believable circumstances I only had one moment where I thought 'hang on a minute would he have'Not a cliffhanger I hate those but a glimpse into the next book that adds to my To Be Read listI was given this book by the author in exhange for an honest review Easily done and with thanks

  10. Michele Michele says:

    I absolutely loved this book It was very past paced and the suspense throughout the story line was great I like how well the characters were developed and how Reece was so protective over Emily I love how Jamie writes and keeps you engaged in the book I will now be going to find the rest of her books to read

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Emily [BOOKS] ✯ Emily By Jamie Garrett – An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereThings haven't been easy for Emily West She's just moved out of her mother's home and out from under her thumb to a new city across the country Sure s An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereThings haven't been easy for Emily West She's just moved out of her mother's home and out from under her thumb to a new city across the country Sure she loves her family but it was definitely better when they loved each other from a distance For the first time in her life she's all alone but she’s also happy Special Agent Reece Knight’s latest case has him completely stumped He's been an FBI agent for four years but he'd never had one like this There are no leads and no witnesses At least none that have ever survived Someone out there is killing women in his town and Reece is going to bring him down Then Emily's peaceful night is interrupted in a way that scares her half to death and shakes the foundations of her entire world This isn't something she can go to the police about but if she doesn't do something she'll be left to face a killer alone In desperation she reaches out to an old friend Hannah Mitchell and her US Marshal boyfriend Luke What she tells them sounds familiar to Luke too familiar His buddy Reece has been chasing a killer with the same MO for months No one knows just how he manages to lure and kill his victims in major cities without being seen and now Emily might just be the only person to ever escape with her life A life she might not have for long if Reece can’t protect her from a serial killer a man that’s tasted her fear once and doesn't intend to fail again.