The Books of Magic Vol 5 Girl in the Box Epub Ò of

The Books of Magic Vol 5 Girl in the Box Epub Ò of

The Books of Magic Vol 5 Girl in the Box ❰PDF❯ ✅ The Books of Magic Vol 5 Girl in the Box Author John Ney Rieber – The saga of Timothy Hunter master Mage in training continues in this sixth collection of the popular series Originally created by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton the Eisner award nominated The Books of Ma of Magic PDF ↠ The saga of Timothy Hunter master Mage in training continues in this sixth collection of the popular series originally created by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton the Eisner award nominated The books of Magic continue to unlock new books of Magic Vol 5 PDF or previously unexplored realms of fantasy and mysticism It's the beginning of a new chapter in Tim's life as he bids farewell to rainy England and sets out on an odyssey of discovery in the United States Prepare yourself for a mermaid in the desert Molly in the Faerie ghosts in The books Kindle - a ghost town and Zatana in a whole heap of trouble A story that will appeal to all lovers of magic and mystery.

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  1. C. C. says:

    14 year old magician in training Timothy Hunter is in America Having left home in hopes of drawing all the craziness that’s surrounded his life the past two years away from his friends and family Tim Hunter met a man who gave him the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world he wanted Tim chose America More specifically he chose to visit Zatanna one of the DC Universe’s most powerful magicians and former member of the Justice LeagueWhat he didn’t expect when he got to the States was to meet Leah the former succubus who used to live next door to Tim in EnglandHe decides to travel with Leah because well she’s got transportation and it beats being 14 and alone in a foreign country Along the way they have some small adventures like being confronted by Cupid in a new ghetto incarnation packing automatic weapons that shoot chocolates and threaten to make people fall in loveThey camp out in the desert one night where they find a dying mermaid and then Tim and Leah are both sent on spiritual journeys that will determine their fates in life as well as in Tim’s case re write part of the past in order to help him get to his futureMeanwhile Tim’s girlfriend Molly is still in Faerie awaiting her contest with the fool Amadan The fairy folk begin to grow enchanted with Molly as the days go by and the ueen getting jealous of the attention being shown Molly instead of to the ueen attempts to humble the girl But those attempts backfire and Molly charges into court seething to the point that everything she touches bursts into flameOf all the collected BOOKS OF MAGIC volumes so far I think Book 5 “Girl in the Box” is the most surreal I don’t know if something got lost in the translation from script to art to page or if there was an editing glitch somewhere along the way but the last two chapters of this book issues 31 32 of the series read like a hallucinatory drug trip than a comic book series that’s supposed to make sense I know the status uo for the Vertigo line of books was insanity and trippiness but in this case it felt like there was going on than what writer John Ney Rieber had anticipated and he wasn’t sure how to work in his subplots so he just kind of made it crazy and then crapped out on the climax and resolution; we get to a point in Tim’s adventure where instead of seeing what’s next we suddenly jump ahead to Tim and one of the subplot characters sitting in the desert and Tim telling her basically “So me and this magical creature went back in time and changed a couple things and”What? I didn’t see that part What are you talking about? How long did this take? Why wasn’t it included in the story? You’re gonna flash forward past THAT?I call foulOverall the collection just felt packed with too much going on but too little payoff in the end I attribute this to its being a SERIES and not necessarily having been written for easy trade paperback packaging So instead of a complete story with beginning middle and end we’re only shown a 7 part piece of a larger wholeIt’s a GOOD 7 parts no doubt about that THE BOOKS OF MAGIC is a really good series when you can read it all in one shot but as far as trade collections go there’s just a sense of cohesion and completeness this one lacksThe Peters Gross and Snejbjerg share art duties with Gross working the first couple issues then both collaborating for the middle few then Snejbjerg taking over for the last two Gross is still definitely the solid of the two with Snejbjerg’s final issue looking way too cartoonyWith THE BOOKS OF MAGIC 5 “Girl in the Box” John Ney Rieber is definitely taking his book in some bold new directions and upping the weird factor sevenfold I’m not entirely convinced it works not just yet and certainly not when this collection contains only the prologue and first 6 chapters of a much larger story “Rites of Passage” leaving the reader with about a dozen uestions at the end But as a series I’m still enjoying it and looking forward once again to what’s next

  2. Lisa Feld Lisa Feld says:

    This is mostly setup for things to come; the only part I enjoyed on its own merits was Molly gardening

  3. Lea Taranto Lea Taranto says:

    Enjoyed the focus on Molly

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    You did that hungry I loved it every twist and turn caught me by surprise I can’t wait to read of your books

  5. Bevaha Bevaha says:

    The book was certainly fantastic

  6. Agroca AWOL Agroca AWOL says:

    This book is totally amanzing

  7. Jeremy Stephens Jeremy Stephens says:

    Compared to other volumes in this series this book is of a coming of age story In this book he deals with his nervous feelings regarding sex his own timid nature in general and to some extent what it means to be a man

  8. Chris Westin Chris Westin says:

    A little heavier than usual on Tim's metaphorical mental dreamscape And we still haven't resolved the storyline where Molly appears to be trapped in Faerie

  9. Eryn Eryn says:

    This is supposed to be really hard to find out of print I hope to get a copy and check out the magic

  10. M.i. M.i. says:

    This particular version felt like an X files story which doesn't sound too far off considering they were trying to incorporate American lore into Tim's world

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