Pretty Deadly Vol 2 PDF/EPUB ¸ Pretty Deadly eBook

Pretty Deadly Vol 2 PDF/EPUB ¸ Pretty Deadly eBook

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  1. Chad Chad says:

    Pretty Deadly travels to the trenches of World War I as Sarah is dying while her son Cyrus is fighting in France The story uickly shifts to Cyrus as he's trapped overseas by the Reaper of War Big Alice and Ginny fight him is a mass of swirling reds where I didn't really know what was happening Once the fighting starts and it goes on for multiple issues this might as well be a Jackson Pollock painting For all the talk of how great an artist Emma Rios is I couldn't make heads or tails out of what was happening in over half the book If I'm not explaining this well blame the creative team because neither did they And the pretentious nonsense with the bunny skeleton and the butterfly returns as well

  2. Artemy Artemy says:

    Kelly Sue Demonic Emma Ríos and Jordie Bellaire have done it again The second volume of Pretty Deadly just like the first one is a masterpiece of visual storytellingIn this second book the story jumps ahead a couple of decades and we are in the middle of World War I Sissy is the new Death Cyrus has grown up and is a soldier fighting in France His mother Sarah the woman who pulled Sissy out from the sea of blood in the first book is dying but thanks to one of the reapers she was given time until the next full moon so that Cyrus could come to her and say goodbye That's the premise and I don't want to spoil anything than that but I will say that the story in this book is much simpler and straightforward compared to the first one And that is actually a good thing because volume one was a bit hard to follow sometimes Still the story has that signature melancholic feeling and Kelly Sue's narrative is beautiful philosophic and touching as alwaysBut the real stars of the show again are Emma Ríos and Jordie Bellaire and their incredible gorgeous artwork Ríos's layouts are mind bending and insanely imaginative She is an artist in a league of her own and the only comparison I can make is maybe to the great J H Williams III and specifically his work on Sandman Overture And Bellaire's colours as always are genius She is one of the greatest colourists in the industry and if for some insane reason you don't believe that just look at Pretty Deadly Together they create one of the most gorgeous comics in the history of comicsSo what else is there to say? I love Pretty Deadly and I am very happy that the series lives on This second volume has been a long time coming and now I am very interested to see what comes next It seems like they're going to use the American Vampire esue concept of exploring different time periods in every volume which I think is a great idea for this series I only hope it won't take uite as much time to get there although with the artwork like this the delays are completely understandable

  3. Alice Lippart Alice Lippart says:

    Felt very much the same about this as the first volume

  4. Rory Wilding Rory Wilding says:

    MINOR SPOILERS INCLUDEDHaving enjoyed the splatter tastic villainy of Osborn I was curious to see whatever glorious conception writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Emma Ríos came up with Under the publication of Image Comics the first volume of Pretty Deadly had a uniue presentation on how it mashed up the Western genre with the fairy tale and as a combination of muddled storytelling and luscious art there was enough interest to see where the story will take usOnce again told by a skeleton bunny to a butterfly years after Ginny’s road of vengeance the children of a dying Sarah Fields beg Sissy now assuming the mantle of Death for one full moon so she may say goodbye to her youngest son Cyrus who is fighting for the French in the First World WarAlthough you do get reprisals from the Reapers they are somewhat sidelined by Cyrus’ ordeal in the trenches With this human story taking centre stage this is a step up for DeConnick who crammed so many ideas in the first volume it was hard to keep up Despite a few uibbles such as a number of characters’ vague participation as well as once again another generic villain in the form of the Reaper of War this is a coherent story which uestions humanity’s need of war through the folkloric storytelling from its fantasy charactersFollowing the spaghetti western landscapes of Volume 1 the setting of World War I is even unsettling as Emma Ríos doesn’t strike that same chord of beauty as her art is murkier and abstract than before which at times looks great on splash pages but less so with action filled panels As for Jordie Bellaire who previously applied a European colour palette that you don’t associate with the Western genre her choice of colours here is a very dark palette contrasting with bright red which is oddly appropriate to the grim nature of the bookFollowing the jam packed storytelling of the previous volume Kelly Sue DeConnick steps up her game with a touching human story set in the midst of war whilst Emma Ríos’ art is good but isn’t as visually striking as before Things still remain weird though and I look forward to Volume 3

  5. Victoria ♡ Victoria ♡ says:

    I really loved this The art in this volume was so amazing The story was a little hard to follow again but I still really enjoyed reading it

  6. Crystal Starr Light Crystal Starr Light says:

    Bullet ReviewArtwork is stunning as hell; I wish the story wasn't so inscrutable but it IS much clearer than volume 1I'd be down with reading volume 3 I've read far worse

  7. Becky Becky says:

    Pretty Deadly epitomizes the dark folklore that is inherent to a desert it is that tear in the veil that happens just as the sun sets and the barren ground rapidly loses its day time heat The instant sweeping change of desert night is inherently different than nightfall in a forest or in the mountains or in a wind whipped valley Sit alone and listen the night rushing in around you or the trickle in behind mountain peaks or encompass you like a blanket see how it changes your perspective in different settings Pretty Deadly is a desert full of death and beauty and naked mysticism and its utterly gorgeousThe story line is maze the script is gorgeous and the art work is breathtaking I just spent two days in the National Gallery of Art staring at my favorite paintings and I find myself as eually mesmerized by the artwork in both Pretty Deadly Volumes5 out of 5 stars no uestion about it

  8. Kaitlin Kaitlin says:

    I had already read a few of the issues from this volume so I kind of knew what I thought about it as a whole but being able to see the images in larger format rather than on the tiny phone screen meant that they came out a lot clearer and I was able to pick up on some of the subtle nuances easier such as figures hidden in swirls of smoke This story still keeps in theme with the first volume but the tone of this one is much darker and sinister We are once following Sissy Reaper of Death but here she's in a war against various other Immortal beings such as War Cruelty and Vengeance This story claims that war comes about because of these beings and this is not something Sissy will sit back and watch needlessly so the battle between them begins We also follow the story of Sarah who is an old woman and is dying Her son Cyrus is far away fighting in the trenches and his family want him home to say a fond farewell to Sarah before she dies Sarah is given until the next full moon for Cyrus to come home by one of the Immortal Reapers This volume felt easier to understand than the first one and I think it's a little simpler overall The artwork is just as complex and filled with hidden meanings and silhouettes which have relevance as the story goes on but the actual text is a little directWhat I liked most was as always the artwork particularly for issue #6 which is the first in this volume as I think that made the whole story come to life Emma Rios did a great job of recreating the Reapers and the different landscapes in various colours and sometimes we would have blood red dominating the war pages sometimes lurid green to indicate the presence of Reapers and so on I believe that this series is a good one overall I did enjoy volume #1 than volume #2 personally but I will still continue onto volume #3 when that comes out as I just adore the art and the story does come second for me I would have liked the story to be a little whimsical overall and have less emphasis on trivialising the war as though it's just an Immortal's playground I think there was room to give a lot meaning and depth to the plot than just that but I felt the mark was slightly missed so I ended up giving it a 35s overall

  9. Anthony Anthony says:

    Well drawn and written but I'd be lying if I said I understood it

  10. Get X Serious Get X Serious says:

    Oh gosh Maybe jumping straight into this second volume without any refresher on the first isn't the best ideaSo we've got most of the same characters but jump ahead a few decades into World War I Confusion ensues There's some narrative confusion but also I just had a really hard time deciphering some of the art And honestly I couldn't care less It's just beautiful It's kind of the same feeling I had when I was reading Sandman Overture Even though the art is entirely different Ya know it's like dude not meant to be fully understood maannnSo I guess that's what I want to say about this series It's beautiful The storytelling the illustrations the concepts the dialogue It's just beautiful So it's a worthy trade off for a little bit of confusionOn another note I gotta stop reading so many comics with the personification of Death it's getting to be a bit much

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