From the Mouth of Ma Kindle æ Mouth of Kindle Ï

From the Mouth of Ma Kindle æ Mouth of Kindle Ï

From the Mouth of Ma ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ From the Mouth of Ma By Robynne Elizabeth Miller ⚣ – There’s not a whole lot written about Caroline uiner Ingalls the mother of famed Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder And I always wondered whySo I set about looking for herin fam There’s not a whole lot written Mouth of Kindle Ï about Caroline uiner Ingalls the mother of famed Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder And I always wondered whySo I set about looking for herin family letters bits of biography and mostly through the words she spoke From the PDF/EPUB ² throughout the Little House seriesThe Ma I thought I’d find wasn’t the one I discovered Would you like to meet her I think you’ll be happy that you did.

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  1. ``Laurie Henderson ``Laurie Henderson says:

    Ma Ingalls was a saint This excellent book tells what little bit is known about Caroline Lake uiner Ingalls the mother of Laura Ingalls WilderFrom the age of 6 her life was marked by one tragedy after another following the death of her fatherHer mother was suddenly thrust into the role of bread winner for her 5 young children while in her 20's Caroline experienced poverty and hunger and no doubt her mother didn't have a lot of time to give her the love and attention a young child needs Looking at the picture of a 20 year old Caroline on the book cover her large brown eyes are mesmerizing In them I see a young woman who has experienced much sadness and grief but I also see a young woman that has stoically faced all life's travails and will have the strength to face many in the following years of her lifeSo you think you have problems? Read this book and try to imagine yourself in Caroline's place It would be a hellish experience I'm afraid All I can do is shake my head and wonder how she was able to surviveBut the lesson the Little House books repeatedly shows the reader was that even though the Ingalls endured dire poverty during their travels across America their deep and abiding love for each other made all their suffering bearable They were actually a very happy and loving family which is hard to believe in our materialistic era

  2. Loralee Hensel Loralee Hensel says:

    This author put Ma in of a context for me writing about her background before she met Pa Since Ma wasn’t uoted a lot in the Little House Series the wisdoms she did express the author goes into detail on their origins As a childhood and adult reader of the Little House books I found Ma’s character to be drawn very clearly even helped me in raising my daughters when they were little “If Laura had wanted to do that Ma would’ve said” It is now a family joke but based on how clearly I thought I could “read” her in the Little House books the premise of this book that Ma was vague and not drawn out in the books makes perfect sense as this was the author’s experience it wasn’t mine so this kept me from relating to some of this text Definitely a read mostly for those who are very interested in the Little House books I gave it 3 stars mainly because it is big print and very short is really the length of a very long blog post

  3. Alicia Bayer Alicia Bayer says:

    This is a very short book and not a thorough biography of Caroline Ingalls but a very interesting one nonetheless The author tries to tease out of Ma's personality and character through the sayings she says in the books since she points out that Laura very rarely had Ma actually say anything personal She tended to speak in bible verses and popular sayings not with actual dialog the way others in the books did and the author also shows that one of the only things that was attributed to Ma in the books a saying she supposedly wrote was actually from a teacher's book Laura would have read years laterIt's long been known that Laura and her mother had a distant relationship she didn't even attend Ma's funeral Ma's character in the books is presented as strong and admirable but a closer look shows that she was probably a fairly cold person in real life The author talks about some of Ma's words and actions in the books that back this up and makes a good case along with some of the less pleasant sides of Ma like her racism She also talks about Ma's tragic childhood and her many virtues and she does do her best to try to paint Ma as ultimately caring strong and admirable for other reasonsI would have loved to get of who Caroline really was besides just dissecting these uotes and what they might show about her I know there really aren't any other ways to really know at this time though so the book does a good job of trying to put the pieces together in a very uniue wayThis is a great read for anybody who enjoys the historic side of the Little House books

  4. Cheryl Malandrinos Cheryl Malandrinos says:

    In From the Mouth of Ma Miller indicates that readers didn't get a chance to know Caroline Ingalls very well Much of the close relationship Laura Ingalls Wilder had with her Pa Charles is written into the pages of her Little House series but Ma remained a bit elusiveEach chapter except the first two which are dedicated to outlining the purpose of the book and providing a bit of background on Caroline uiner Ingalls shares a little piece of Ma with readers how practical and traditional Ma was in her daily life her matter of fact opinions how she valued honesty and forthrightness what a devout Christian she was how pragmatic she was while holding onto a dose of optimism and Miller discusses some things that bothered her about Ma from the Little House books like her seeming lack of compassion for her children after the prairie fire that threatened their home in Kansas She also dives into the many platitudes that Ma's character used in the books to help her and readers understand about who Ma wasWe end up with a well rounded portrait of Ma with her unwavering love and devotion to her family and her desire to teach her children important and valuable lessons Caroline uiner Ingalls did not live an easy life out on the prairie but as the author states she navigated through it with grace and strength For me this book served to grow my admiration for a woman who embodied those characteristics and a pioneering spirit that helped create the country we know today

  5. Kathy Kathy says:

    Fans of the Little House books will enjoy this short thought provoking consideration of Ma's character

  6. Abby Drinen Abby Drinen says:

    This little book is delightful Well written developed and solid writing A fascinating look at the historical Caroline uiner Ingalls or Ma from the Little House books I am not a rabid fan of the series although I did enjoy it but I found Miller's idea to explore who this woman was through the sayings her daughter put in her mouth a creative and solid idea If you are a fan of the Little House books I highly recommend you pick it up

  7. Connie Connie says:

    The author takes a look at the sayings or platitudes that are spoken by Caroline Ma Ingalls as portrayed in the Little House books She occasionally uses other references like the Wisconsin History letter from Caroline to Martha uiner and many garnered from online articles and websites like Phrase Finder There is no reference to Pioneer Girl or any of LIW's writings beyond the fictional Little House series I liked the book but it's not a full biography

  8. Heather Mores Heather Mores says:

    A delightful easy read for anyone who fell in love with the Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a child

  9. Jen Jen says:

    Interesting concept but the writing reminded me of a high school or college essay Not as engaging as I’d hoped Too many exclamation points too

  10. Candy Candy says:

    Very disappointing Poorly written

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