A Gracious Space Kindle Ù A Gracious Epub /

A Gracious Space Kindle Ù A Gracious Epub /

A Gracious Space [BOOKS] ✫ A Gracious Space ✵ Julie Bogart – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A Gracious Space Spring Edition is designed to offer support encouragement and guidance to home educators who take on the daunting challenge to educate their children themselves Daily readings are pro A Gracious Space Spring Edition is designed to offer support encouragement and guidance to home educators who A Gracious Epub / take on the daunting challenge to educate their children themselves Daily readings are provided to give you support and encouragement in your homeschool adventure These essays are designed to offer you new ways to think about homeschooling comfort for when you run up against your limitations and energy for tackling your highest aspirations Each day's reading includes a uote from a parent or notable individual as well as a sustaining thought to take with you through the day These essays originally appeared on the Brave Writer Facebook page and blog shared hundreds of times Julie Bogart creator of Brave Writer shares insight gleaned from working with thousands of families over years and her own homeschooling experiences five kids years.

  • Paperback
  • 196 pages
  • A Gracious Space
  • Julie Bogart
  • English
  • 04 March 2016
  • 9780996242707

About the Author: Julie Bogart

The Homeschool Alliance her podcast.

9 thoughts on “A Gracious Space

  1. Marita Marita says:

    There are many good and useful books podcasts and resources available to homeschoolers these days and that’s a good thing Many cover useful systems and methods and those have their place What makes Julie my favorite though is that she deals with matters of the heart and relationship and is so inspiring and affirming for the mom who just needs someone to lift her up and help her keep going Julie has had a huge impact on my parenting and the way I homeschool She is pure gold and I couldn’t do any of it without her This book is like having her encouraging me and cheering me on every day right in my living room

  2. Lisa Gardner Wilson Lisa Gardner Wilson says:

    I just can’t get past the “uote of the day” which is basically comments on how great Julie is over and over So weird to me that these are included

  3. Jennifer Fertig Jennifer Fertig says:

    This is not a life changing book or anything but it’s good If you are a homeschooling mom and need a bit of encouragement now and then as we all do then take a dose of it here and there It may give you the inspiration you need I took my time picked it up when I wanted and that was nice Some phrasesideas that jumped out at me were 1 Snapshot Joy just like counting your blessings in pictures though whatever they may be And 2 Inhabit Your Happiness this is basically a bit on contentment no other place to be moments choosing gladness that kind of thing Anyway whether you’re a Charlotte Mason er a strict classical stylist an “unschool er” or like me a glean from them all and do your own thing type gal this could be a handy book

  4. Candice Walton Candice Walton says:

    I REALLY wanted to enjoy this but I feel like it’s a little impractical We would never get anything done if we were this loosie goosie; many of her suggestions lack any sort of discipline or expectation for our kids to do their best without uitting Many good practices she seems to dismiss as unnecessary or overkill my words not hers I don’t know how else to explain how I feel when I read her books or listen to her podcasts maybe just that there is MORE to life than constantly seeking personal happiness and hard work is ok sometimes

  5. Charity Charity says:

    Primarily good daily reminders and suggestions for how to keep homeschooling when it's tough or even when it's not but you just need some extra motivation I believe these are collections of blog posts and it shows sometimes it's obvious that it was written to sell one of her products While that's fine as part of a blog even expected it's odd as part of a book Same for the included uote of the Day though the Winter version I felt was less self congratulating for the author than Spring By the end it seemed of the uotes were concurring with Julie or affirming what she said rather than praising her directly It's an odd and unnecessary addition though The advice and the writing hold up well on their own and I appreciate having the daily reminders so I'm willing to overlook those two oddities

  6. Lacey Michael Lacey Michael says:

    I always walk away from Julie's writing feeling refreshed She talks about and models the homeschool life that I myself am trying to implement She emphasizes compassion perseverance and depth through such diverse educational tools I'll probably reread this in the future for encouragement

  7. Stephanie Testa Stephanie Testa says:

    This was the third Gracious Space I’ve read from Julie Bogart and loved them all Julie’s advice is just what I need to keep me going I plan to re read them each season Every homeschool parent should own and read these

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    This entire series is like a daily warm hug and my favorite way to start off the homeschool day Each morning before school I make a cup of tea and read the days entry I have been doing this routine for YEARS and Julie has a way of building me up keeping me centered and ready to start the day I highly recommend the A Gracious Space series for all homeschooling parents

  9. Alex DK Alex DK says:

    The Spring Edition is a collection of 50 daily reflections to sustain your homeschooling commitment As the previous editions each reflection is different with a different thought and theme Read the rest of my review

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