Kindle Edition ☆ Mistletoe Misconduct Epub Ú

Kindle Edition ☆ Mistletoe Misconduct Epub Ú

Mistletoe Misconduct [KINDLE] ❁ Mistletoe Misconduct Author Catherine Gayle – ASIN B019X6I940 updated version found hereEveryone deserves a second chanceAs general manager of the Portland Storm Jim Sutter knows this all too well And he’s in the perfect position to grant secon ASIN BXI updated version found hereEveryone deserves a second chanceAs general manager of the Portland Storm Jim Sutter knows this all too well And he’s in the perfect position to grant second chances like he’s Santa Claus—even if he never gives himself one When his friends take matters into their own hands Jim might just get the holiday surprise of a lifetimeElaine Sutter is finally ready to forgive her ex husband for his past transgressions and find a future with him again So when she discovers his online dating profile she sets up a secret meeting with the only man she’s really ever loved Her only goal this holiday season is to stuff Jim’s stocking with a Santa sized dose of forgiveness and a sleigh full of love After all a bit of mistletoe could wipe out all of Jim’s previous misconduct and pave the way for a little fun under that holiday sprig.

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  1. Kim Kim says:

    I am a big fan of Catherine Gayle's Portland Storm series so was excited to get Jim Sutter's story He is the Portland Storm hockey team General Manager He is a good guy who takes care of his team treats them like family and often gives people that need them a second chance to succeed or make something out of their life We have seen him do that for his assistant Rachel when she really needed it and for some down on their luck players But Jim has never forgiven himself for a a mistake he made that cost him his family He's built his own pseudo family with his team and their wives and is well loved but he has no relationship with his own son and lost his wifeBut when his ex Elaine sees a profile for Jim on a dating site the years fall away and she decides to take it as her own second chance Jim was always good at giving others another chance but not himself He has a big heart and is kind but he beats himself up with guilt over one bad choice and feels unworthy But Elaine is realizing that she could have fought harder for him too And she has decided to take charge and be brave Can she convince him that he deserves love and his own second chance?This was a short sweet second chance love story It moved pretty fast due to it's short novella length for this anthology and it was light on drama and details But the connection between them was established and was heartfelt The side relationship with their son Dillon also added depth to the story And it was fun to get some cameos by some of the characters from other books and we met a new player Chris Hammond Hammer I really enjoyed getting to know about Jim and seeing others look out for him for a change Additional note This collection offers a variety of authors and types of characters that will make it a fun anthology to have when you need uick holiday pick me ups to make you smile swoon and get you the in the holiday spirit They are of perfect length for fitting in when you have limited time and for trying out new authors ARC provided by Catherine Gayle in exchange for an honest review

  2. LaFleurBleue LaFleurBleue says:

    Short novella which started with a major happenstance 20 years past their divorce Jim was registered to an online dating service by some wives of his players in a attempt to have him date and meet women instead of being lonely with only his job and team as a family substitute Exactly at the same moment his former wife decided to start dating also by the same means and found his profile on top of her potential soul mate That was a bit big and not realisticHowever what I really liked was how she realized she suandered their lives and was as responsible as he was in the failure of their past marriage She didn't however really take responsibility for damaging the relationship between father and son which she certainly played a bigger role in considering the son's age at the time of divorce

  3. blog~ blog~ says:

    I was so happy to read Jim's story I wished it would have been longer

  4. Dali Dali says:

    I’ve read about this man constantly giving second chances and a helping hand to everyone he can except himself Catherine Gayle writes Mistletoe Misconduct a story about the Portland Storm’s general manager Jim Sutter Jim has been a constant in the background throughout the Portland Storm series Everyone loves him from his players the kids and the player’s wives So in a sneaky move from the wives they set out to find him his perfect match as a Christmas gift They didn’t imagine that this would bring back the only woman he’s ever loved but who pushed him out of her life and divorced him 20 years back Elaine has come back to fight for love Even though Jim made a mistake she knows he’s not perfect and now realizes she could have fought for them because he’s not just a good man he’s the only man she’s ever loved Armed with forgiveness and mistletoe she hopes she can convince Jim to move on and give them a second chance This was a lovely story about love and forgiveness that ended too soon for me because I can’t have enough of a good thing But I’m confident we’ll get to see of Jim and Elaine in future Portland stories Hopefully they won’t be in the shadows These and all the stories in this anthology are inspiring heartfelt and perfect for the holidays

  5. Diane Lynch Diane Lynch says:

    I originally read this story in the 12 Christmas Romances To Melt Your Heart Anthology It was one of my favorite stories in the bookI loved hearing Jim’s story Jim is the GM of the Portland Storm hockey team He is a great guy who always gives everyone a second chance because of that some of the players’ wives headed by Laura – surprise surprise decided they wanted to set him up on a date for his Christmas present As faith would have it they end up coming in contact with Jim’s ex wife Elaine The two still love each other and get their second chance in this story The holidays are a time for family and forgiving; therefore this is a great story for a holiday collectionOnce again Catherine Gayle creates an emotional and realistic story Elaine and Jim are both likeable characters that have made mistakes I enjoyed hearing their story and I love that they reunite I adore that Sophie is in this story and I love what she gives Elaine to help win back Jim She is such a sweet character Mistletoe Misconduct is a great addition to the Portland Storm seriesComplimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

  6. Lissa Lissa says:

    Very sweet look into the life of Coach Jim I am sure that many people wanted his story and this was a great telling I love a heartfelt story about forgiveness and love

  7. Isha Coleman Isha Coleman says:

    Mistletoe Misconduct Catherine Gayle shows that anything is possible With a little bit of faith and a whole lot heart And a little push doesn't hurt every now and then

  8. Susan Clark Susan Clark says:

    Gentle book True emotions depicted— it feels as if narrators were honestly telling their own stories I like the respect shown to Down’s Syndrome people AND the presence of CHRISTmas as an actual character is my favorite part This book is something I really needed today

  9. Kate McMurry Kate McMurry says:

    This is a short story It is a reunion romance between two ex spouses in their fifties No sex G rated A heartwarming Christmas tale

  10. Jennifer F Jennifer F says:

    This novella was a real emotional read I had tears and heartache for these two the whole book Loved it though

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