Big Brown: The Untold Story of UPS Epub Ç The Untold

Big Brown: The Untold Story of UPS Epub Ç The Untold

7 thoughts on “Big Brown: The Untold Story of UPS

  1. Larry Hostetler Larry Hostetler says:

    This panegyric was interesting and readable but when even the unavoidable negatives in any organization are presented as being positives it detracts valueI would have much preferred a honest recounting of brown’s history and development But the book was well organized well written and broad in its scopeThere is undoubtedly much to replicate from reading about the history and the development of UPS but I came away with but two ideas beyond the very general By the end it seemed the book must be a product of the PR department primarily aimed at building organizational pride and support rather than a scholarly history of a wonderful corporation As a result I wondered whether UPS is cult than company You won’t get an answer from this book

  2. Ice Ice says:

    UPS founder Jim Casey did than overcome humble beginnings to achieve the American Dream—he inspired all of his employees to come along for the ride The continuous success of a company founded on a hundred dollars determination and integrity is a story of inspiration Big Brown is a must read for anyone who's ever held a job or had a dream—Paul Casey nephew of UPS founder Jim Casey UPS began life in Seattle a century ago Greg Niemann captures that moment—and the spirit of Seattle—perfectly—Mayor Greg Nickels City of Seattle Big Brown offers a rare insider's glimpse into a corporate culture cloaked in secrecy Learn how a corporation can get its drivers to hold their keys in a specific hand on a specific finger in a specific manner Also learn how they attempt to use this obsessive attention to detail to conuer their industry—Steven J Christensen first vice presidentChristensen Wealth Management Group Wachovia Securities This well written solidly researched history details how one man's vision and the inexorable march of events led to the evolution of a Seattle messenger service into a worldwide icon In Big Brown Niemann successfully delivers the goods—just as UPS has been doing for 100 years—Norm Leaper former presidentInternational Association of Business Communicators As a career UPSer I thought I knew almost everything about my company's history worth knowing until I read Greg Niemann's book Big Brown Today's UPSers will not only appreciate the wealth of historical tidbits as I did but also gain a greater understanding about why the company holds to its own uniue way of doing business That perspective should also appeal to any student of business Great work—Steve Maxwell retired UPS manager

  3. Brian Brian says:

    This book provides a very close and insightful look at the development and current operations of UPS The author is intimately acuainted with the company and uses that knowledge to give one of the best overviews of the company to date From the early days with founder Jim Casey to the expansion of the air service all the way to current models I was a little disappointed to not see related to the advent of UPS stores but otherwise there is little I could imagine not covered here One of the problems with the book is that the author gets caught up in the details and the chapters do not flow well together It is hard to sometimes keep track of the topics since the author jumps around while not remaining chronological Despite these organization issues this is still an invaluable book to understanding how UPS developed and a general look at some of the issues facing supply chain managers today Very interesting read

  4. Hannah Hannah says:

    Really enjoyed this book the economics geek in me is mostly to blame Excellent explanation of how UPS grew through principles of decentralization and capitalizing on outsourcing in the context of core values set by the founder Jim Casey Written by a 30 year employee of UPS it does have a bit of a rose colored glasses perspective but not terribly so The only subject not addressed by the author in the explanation of why UPS has succeeded is that of pricing He failed to mention how expensive shipping through UPS can be especially on the individual to individual basis I know from experience that it can cost an arm and a leg to ship a snowboard from MS to CO cost 145 I suspect this is a result of UPS' present dedication to business shipping and global supply chain offerings instead of to the individual customer as was the company's original focus though I could be wrong Overall I have a greater appreciation and understanding of UPS

  5. Joyce Joyce says:

    This book caught my eye as it sat on the New Hardcovers shelf at the local library I guess I didn't realize that UPS had a previously untold story to tellI enjoyed the story telling and I'm glad that I chose it to occupy me during train rides on two days I had to attend a work related seminar an hour away

  6. EZ EZ says:

    This book is a very informative and well written The author explains the history of UPS very well and goes into great detail explaining their expansion across the US and the globe Good book but maybe to long winded for some

  7. Lori Grant Lori Grant says:

    A should read autobiograpy on leadership for knowledge workers managers directors C levels and entrepreneurs

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Big Brown: The Untold Story of UPS [BOOKS] ✴ Big Brown: The Untold Story of UPS ✻ Greg Niemann – Although its brown vans are on every block and its delivery service reaches than 200 countries UPS is among the world's most underestimated and misunderstood companies For the first time a UPS lifer t Although its brown The Untold MOBI ó vans are on every block and its delivery service reaches than countries UPS is among the world's most underestimated and misunderstood companies For the first time a UPS lifer tells the behind the scenes story of how a small messenger service became a business giant Big Brown reveals the remarkable year history of UPS and the life of its Big Brown: PDF \ founder Jim Casey one of the greatest unknown capitalists of the twentieth century Casey pursued a Spartan business philosophy that emphasized military discipline drab uniforms and reliability over flash a model that is still reflected in UPS culture today Big Brown examines all the seeming paradoxes about UPS from its traditional management style and strict policies coupled with high employee loyalty and strong labor relations; Brown: The Untold Epub Ý from its Brown: The Untold Story of Epub / historical anti marketing bias why brown to its sterling brand loyalty and reputation for uality.